PETA Launches Spotify Channel With Playlists for the Animal Rights Revolution

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Researchers found that, on average, Americans now spend roughly 32 hours a week listening to music—that’s a whole lot of time for animal rights advocacy! Whether you’re protesting SeaWorld or boycotting companies that mutilate animals for their fur and skin, PETA has created multiple playlists for you, and they’re all available right now on our Spotify channel.

We’ve Curated Soundtracks for Uprooting Animal Oppression

From classics like “Meat Is Murder” by The Smiths, included in “AR Songs You’ll Love,” to more obscure reggae jams like “Health Is Wealth” by Macka B, featured in “Veggies Have ROOTS,” our playlists transcend cultures and genres. No matter your musical taste, there’s something to inspire the activist in you.

Find out what the PETA team listens to in the Bob Barker Building—our West Coast headquarters in Los Angeles—by following the “What We’re Listening To” playlist. Get hyped for a run or workout with up-tempo animal rights–themed music featured in our “PETA Pack” playlist. Or listen to classic songs from icons such as Moby and Bryan Adams in our “Animal Rights Legends” playlist. We’ve also gathered the best from the vegan punk scene in “PETA ♥ Punk.”

Just Like Music, Compassion for Animals Is Universal

If there’s one thing hip-hop heads, punks, and pop enthusiasts can agree on, it’s that animals everywhere need us to be loud and taking action. Animals value their lives just as much as we value ours. They have loved ones they want to protect, and they do their best to live free from torment and pain. But in circuses, roadside zoos, and laboratories and on farms, human supremacy has taken away everything important from these conscious, feeling individuals.

Are there songs that hype you up to save animals? Send them our way.

Whatever moves you to save animals from being slaughtered for food, mutilated inside cruel laboratories, or beaten into performing senseless tricks at the circus, we want to hear it! We recently updated our “AR Songs You’ll Love” playlist with the help of Swedish artist Vystopia, and you could help us, too. Share your favorite animal rights anthems with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Be sure to follow us on Spotify, as we constantly add music to our channel, and share our playlists with your friends and family, too.

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