Bulldog Bestiality? PETA Urges Uga’s Breeder to Stop Breeding Dogs

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English bulldogs don’t consent to being sexually abused by breeders in order to produce yet another generation of deformed dogs with pushed-in faces who can barely breathe. That’s why PETA is calling on Charles Seiler—the breeder of the University of Georgia’s (UGA) English bulldog mascot, Uga—to stop breeding these dogs, who can’t breathe easily enough to run, play, chase a ball, or otherwise enjoy a normal life, and we’re asking kind people everywhere not to support this reckless, abusive practice and never to buy a breathing-impaired dog.

English bulldogs are intentionally bred to have deformities that cause labored breathing, snorting, coughing, gagging, vomiting, and collapsing. Uga likely suffers every day of his life—just like his predecessors. Uga VI died of congestive heart failure at 9 years old, Uga VII died of a heart attack at only 4 years old, and Uga VIII died of lymphoma before he reached 17 months of age. Breeding dogs to look a certain way and endure a lifetime of suffering is nothing to celebrate on game day or at any other time.

Is Bulldog Breeding a Form of Bestiality?

As a result of repeated, selective breeding for specific features, most bulldogs’ hips are now too narrow to allow them to mate, so breeding them requires forcible insemination—in other words, they’re being sexually manipulated and assaulted. When a breeder uses their finger or a syringe to force semen into a dog’s vagina or performs sexual acts on dogs to force ejaculation and encourage or facilitate breeding, they’re engaging in what may constitute a form of bestiality—the sexual abuse of animals—in many states.

Urge UGA to Replace Uga With a Willing Human Mascot

Breeding bulldogs and other breathing-impaired breeds has been banned in other countries because their grotesquely flattened faces cause them to struggle to walk, play, and breathe—a leading cause of their deaths. Using Uga as UGA’s mascot drives up the demand for more bulldogs and rewards breeders for continuing to sexually abuse and forcibly impregnate these flat-faced, breathing-impaired animals.

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