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Lombard Firefighters Receive PETA Award for Rescuing Ducklings

First Responders Retrieve Baby Birds From Storm Drain, Reuniting Feathered Siblings

For Immediate Release:
May 22, 2013

Kaitlynn Kelly 202-483-7382

Lombard, Ill. – On Friday evening, Lombard resident Ginger Frey contacted PETA with concerns about ducklings who were trapped in a storm drain. Although she had managed to get two of the ducklings out on her own, the others were too far down for her to reach. PETA contacted local rescue workers, and on Sunday evening, the Lombard Fire Department rescued the remaining two ducklings who were still trapped in the drain. All the rescued ducklings were taken to a wildlife rehabilitator and are doing fine. 

For taking action to save the duckling siblings, the Lombard Fire Department will receive PETA’s Compassionate Fire Department Award.

“Thanks to these firefighters—and to a concerned resident’s determination—these ducklings will recover completely from their frightening experience in the storm drain,” says PETA Associate Director of Cruelty Investigations Stephanie Bell. “PETA urges everyone to contact local officials right away if an animal is in need.”

The fire department will receive a framed certificate, a letter of appreciation, and a box of vegan chocolates from PETA.

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