Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Ami James of ‘NY Ink’ Says, ‘Only Cowards Abuse Animals’

Tattoo Artist Stars in PETA’s ‘Never Be Silent’ Campaign

For Immediate Release:
April 9, 2013

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New York – Crouching protectively with his canine pal Bella, celebrated tattoo artist, owner of SoHo’s Wooster Street Social Club, and NY Ink star Ami James appears in a brand-new PETA ad that reads, “Only Cowards Abuse Animals. To Dogs and Cats, People Are Often the Biggest Bullies,” and urges everyone to report animal abuse and neglect to the authorities immediately. The ad, which is part of PETA’s “Never Be Silent” campaign, was shot by top celebrity photographer Kike San Martin and is available here.

In an exclusive PETA interview—also featuring his dog Mochi—James explains what people should do when they witness or suspect animal abuse: “There’s so many things you can do and actually so many things that everybody should do, which is reporting it to PETA, to the authorities …. I think it’s very important that people realize that.”

In the interview, James also explains why animal protection is so important to him. “I grew up with animals,” he says. “There’s nothing more pure in the world than the love that they give you, the unconditional love.” As for industries that abuse animals? “The circus is not a good place, and what they do to animals is not right,” he says. “It’s slavery, by all means.” And hunting is no better: “At the end of the day, you’re just a coward that hides behind the truth that you just enjoy killing an animal.”

James is part of a long list of artists, musicians, and other celebrities—including Iggy Pop, Tommy Lee, Megan Massacre, Mickey Rourke, Dave Navarro, P!nk, and Duff McKagan—who have teamed up with PETA to fight animal abuse.

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