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@peta Tweet Tart

Written by Ashley Palmer | June 30, 2011

In honor of #SMDay, we’re celebrating @peta with this fresh fruit tweet tart.

Our goal is to get 200,000 followers on Twitter so that we can reach even more people with our lifesaving animal rights tweets. If you’re already on Twitter, be sure to tweet @peta with the #200k and #SMDay hashtags to aid in our quest.

Share a pic of your version of the @peta Tweet Tart, and we might retweet you! Follow @peta on Twitter.

@peta Tweet Tart
1 vegan pre-made pie crust
20 oz. soy vanilla yogurt
Sliced fresh fruit of your choice

  • Prepare the pie crust according to package instructions.
  • Pour the soy yogurt into the pie crust.
  • Arrange the fruit in a colorful pattern.

Makes 8 to 10 servings

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  • Peaceful Vegan says:

    If you warm up vegan apricot jam and add a little water to it. Just to thin it down just a touch, then brush it over the fruit, it will add shiny glaze and help protect the fruit so it will last a little longer.