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National S’mores Day

The following article was written by Keegan Baur.

Think that going vegan means you have to give up s’mores for life? Think again! On National S’mores Day, not only can vegans enjoy this sinful summer snack, they can choose from several options when it comes to how to make it and which products to use. Check out the following ideas:

  1. For the ambitious cook: Make your own marshmallows. (Apparently, this is a tricky process!)
  2. For the health nut: Make your own graham crackers.
  3. For the young at heart: Make little animal sandwiches using your homemade graham crackers.
  4. For the fancy-pants foodie: Buy decadent mallows from Sweet & Sara. This marshmallow treat maker offers items such as toasted coconut marshmallows, cinnamon pecan marshmallows, graham crackers with scalloped edges, and even premade peanut butter s’mores.
  5. For the no-fuss traditionalist: Buy light and fluffy Dandies marshmallows.

Being short on time this week, I went with option number five. Dandies are my favorite vegan marshmallow, and in my opinion, they taste almost exactly like classic mallows—if not better! I picked mine up at the local health-food store (although they’re also sold at some Whole Foods Markets locations and on and used Nabisco Grahams Original graham crackers from a regular grocery store. As for vegan chocolate, most health-food stores carry a variety of nondairy chocolate bars. I opted for an almond Dark Chocolate Dream bar, which gave my sammiches a hint of nutty flavor.

For each s’mores sandwich, I toasted three mini mallows at a time on the stove, and then placed two rows (six mini mallows total) on a graham cracker. I dropped one square of chocolate on the other graham cracker and popped that in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time, until the chocolate was melted and soft to the touch. I slapped the two crackers together, and voilà! Vegan s’mores in a pinch.

How will you make your vegan s’mores sandwiches?

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  • Thestarlitrose says:

    Where do you buy the Chocolate? I don’t think I’ve seen that brand at Whole Foods?

  • Tim says:

    Make sure your s’mores use Fair Trade Certified chocolate too! Child labor, forced labor and trafficking are widespread abuses in the cocoa industry. Fair Trade helps to reduce labor rights abuses and support sustainability in cocoa growing communities.

  • savetheworld says:

    Yes! Thanks! I’ve missed the taste of good s’mores! 🙂

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