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Most KFCs in Canada to Offer Vegan Chicken!

No joke. You read that title right. As a part of our KFC campaign victory in Canada, most Canadian KFCs will start offering a vegetarian chicken sandwich.

The Classic Vegetarian Sandwich, which can easily be made vegan by asking for it in a wrap and with no mayo, should be available some time in July. I don’t have any more details at the moment about which company will be making the vegan chicken. Also, I hope that all of you Canadian readers will try it out as soon as it’s available and let us know how it is. I personally have never found a vegan chicken I don’t like, and I suspect this one will be yummy too.

Read more about PETA’s KFC campaign victory in Canada here.

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  • Louche says:

    ludditerobot, thanks for your comments – I much enjoyed them!

    Me definitely not eating at KFC. The bloody restaurant has “fried chicken” in its name for crying out loud. Not only that, but “fried” is not exactly healthy in the first place, so PETA is also promoting unhealthy eating habits.

    Speaking of solutions, I think PETA would do better to spend its time promoting local food sources that could eventually replace places like KFC.

  • ludditerobot says:

    I’m, again, startled to return here and find the conversation more or less ongoing. I don’t have the time right now to get back into the trenches of this debate — though tangogirl, I’d love to hear how my argument that animal rights groups shouldn’t shill for fast-food restaurants is likely to drive people away from veganism, which I hope is what you mean by “veggie lifestyles.” I mean, my claims are either true or false, correct? If they’re true, well, there you go. If they’re false, point out why. But implying that it’s divisive to make a coherent case for animal rights because it might drive away potential converts strikes me as unfair.

    And (okay, it appears I have some amount of time, after all), for the record: Nowhere have I said people don’t go in stages. I know I did and, aside from a handful of people raised vegan, transitioning in some way is the clear, almost exception-less norm. However, I don’t think this is relevant at all as to whether PETA should essentially provide in-kind advertising donations to animal oppressing corporate conglomerates. And, in fact, I very much wish someone had made a full coherent argument for animal rights earlier in my own journey. I can’t imagine a circumstance in which I — as a young vegetarian or would-be vegetarian — would hear a compelling case for veganism and react with, “Well, that’s really logical, but … whatever. I’m going out for a burger since you said that. Stupid logics.”

    In any case, I’m happy that so many people have engaged in this debate. Some came to my internet house, too, to post responses … though, for some reason, consistently on my “About” page. If you’d like to join that discussion, I moved it here.

    And yet another hat tip to Amy’s great blog.