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Expectation vs. Reality: Factory Farms

Written by Liam Cronin | July 16, 2013

Animals used for food and clothing don’t live on rolling fields. Take a look at how animals on factory farms really live.









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  • Cathy says:

    We have it in our power to be humane and respect the rights of all other living creatures. As the “highest” life form, why are we the most cruel? It all comes down to the all might dollar. We have more respect for IT than a living thing. How sad is that?

  • anna says:

    want to live in a world where there are no abuses

  • stop animals from suffering says:

    u would think as the years go by things would get better for these poor animals, they should live their lives runnin around being free even if its for a short time it should be a good life!! theres no need for them to be kept in such bad ways i hope in the near future we humans can put rite what missery we have brought to these animal and give them nice lives like they deserve PETA is doin amazing things please never stop and thankyou!!!



  • Conni Buhren says:

    Go vegan.

  • Debra B. Pearson says:

    I spent what could have been a great vacation with a group of people who were meat eaters. We went to the Gulf Coast of Florida. Everyone, particularily the children loved seeing the dolphins as they swam in the beuatiful ocean waters each morning. Yet for dinner, I had to stand by and watch the mother of these children cook and consume beef, turkey, lamb, and chicken for every meal. I decided to use the children’s love for the dolphins in the ocean as a point of advocacy for all animals; especially the animals that they were consumming for their meals. Everytime they delighted over how much they liked the dolphins, I told them how much I loved cows, how peaceful they were, and how they deserved the freedom and compassion that human’s seem to give to animals they perceive as “cute.” Needless to say, the mother did not like the fact that I was educating her children in this way. Unfortunately, most of the time during our vacation was contracted and tense. Yet, the children got the message, and asked the mother if they could skip the portions of their meals that contained the killing of animals. I considered this a victory in the raising of awareness, even though I know the mother and I will move in different directions and will no longer be friends in the future. It comes a time in life when I cannot be silent about the suffering of animals any longer. I will continue to use my voice to advocate for their compassion and respect as living entities on this earth. I know I will continue to be met with disapproval, but I can no longer be silent.

  • Lea Buijsse says:

    I Always thougth that if you do not eat so many meat it would help already the animals. But since I have seen so many cruelty in all kinds of video´s and shown on pictures, I do not eat meat al all anymore. I put the message through on daily basis and I try to reach te tv-world with a production-concept to get the cruelty-messages shown on tv. A lot of people do not know the cruelty behind the advertisment for milk, ,meat and cheese. It is time that the reality of this cruel world will be shown to all people! Some people say that it is natural to keep animals for food. But this is not natural at all. There are no animals in nature that keep other animals for food in this way. They catch and kill. Some, like cats play with their food but did not keep the mouse in cages. They are a lot of human sadists and killers that just kick and kill the animals just for their own frustrations and psychological problems. The animals can not defend themselves and have a life that is called ´hell`. Now, how can you say as a human that it is alright that way! And all the people that are eating meat are many times so tired and feeling sick. I live all my live around and with animals. They think and feel in the same way as humans. Some are intelligent and some are dumb and funny. The grieve, pain and fear in the animals lives kept in these situations are so bad, that can not be right. Do not eat meat anymore, you will live a better and more healthy live and you will be a better human!

  • Shannon says:

    I posted the video of the skins industry on my Facebook page and the backlash that I received served to remind me that there are three kinds of people out there: those who are indifferent and ignore the horrors so that they can continue to consume the products of cruelty guilt-free; those who know it is out there, but tell you they “just can’t hear about that kind of stuff,” and continue to consume the products of cruelty; and lastly, those of us who realize that it is necessary to see the horrors with eyes wide open, because true change ONLY comes from awareness. It would be so easy not to look, but if I do not look, I cannot testify! So I watch. And I scream at the top of my lungs through each video. And my dogs kiss me in concern, and my kitties run for cover, and my parrot screams with me. And I cry and cry, and love up on my precious pets until my heart and mind find a place of peace. And I KNOW THE TRUTH, in all of its ugliness, because I am brave enough to know that I HAVE to know, in order to be a voice for the innocent. And I share what I know whenever the opportunity arises, and I take the backlash, and hold to my truth, and am a better person for it. And I pray each and every day for a time when our world chooses kindness and compassion for God’s creatures over their own selfish wants and desires, and hope that I am here to see it should it ever come. And I thank God for PETA and their good works every single day!

  • Steve says:

    The little rabbit about to die really got to me. That photo has literally made me cry several times. When you really love an animal you become in-tune with it and are able to recognize expressions and other forms of non-verbal communication. The rabbit in the plastic crate is a little girl. From her eyes, I see fear. From the droop of her ears and slight curvature of her spine, I see despair and resignation. She knows that she is to die very soon. Behind her is the line where freshly killed rabbits are hung on hooks in full view of her as they are processed. To me this is such a sad photo. The problem is that they are raised on factory farms as pets, no, just for food. This is one reason that I refuse to buy meat. I will not support this treatment with my money. This photo made me hold mine to me tighter. They sensed that I was upset. Bandit, instinctively, laid her head on my chest. Erik, kind of pulled away and looked at me very closely and then laid his head on my chest too. It was like he realized that I was upset, but did not know why. Bandit just accepted. Rabbits are quite capable of showing love, care and compassion – you just have to let them.

  • Nicholas Gysi says:

    I’m glad a vegetarian.

  • BabyBee says:

    You can see all the fear and pain in the world in their little eyes!

  • Jen Odom says:

    I think these photos should be posted on every meat product in the grocery store. I guarantee you people would be disgusted and think twice about what they are purchasing. That is the only way to get people to understand what they are eating and how the animals are truly being treated and tortured!!!

  • Carina Silva says:

    I became a vegetarian about 4 years ago and i must say its the best decision i have ever made. I have done extensive research on food, clothing, makeup, beauty products and i now only use vegan products for all the above. Everyone i speak to i explain why my choice was made and the pictures above illustrate once again how the demand for meat and animal products is the cause for this horror. Spread the word and make these images as public as possible. I am sure that many multinationals will not like that but hey! That’s life. One thing they cannot stop is people talking and lets talk about this issue. Thanks PETA for all your hard work in making this info available to people



  • Jeff says:

    It’s not just “factory farms” that are the problem. Treating animals as property–raising them for food or other purposes just for our pleasure or convenience–is inherently cruel. There is no such thing as “humane” animal agriculture. See and for more information about what so-called “organic” or “free range” animal agriculture is really like.

  • silvana says:

    Dont be Killer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ronald says:

    I think the sad “reality”pictures here are not even close to how bad it really is.

  • kevin says:

    I’ma VEGAN i refuse to condone cruelty and enslavement of other sentient life froms..

  • caron marie-paul says:

    comment peut-on encore avaler un morceau de viande quand on voit le martyr de ces pauvres êtres!

  • Maureen McHale says:

    I have just travelled back from Leicester after visiting my Daughter and Son-In-Law, I returned by train back to March and as I looked out of the window into the fields and saw the sheep, cows and horses the thoughts that usually go through my mind did so again. Although I love to see them in the fields it upsets me when I do as I think to myself if they only knew what horror lies ahead of them then they wouldn`t bother. I have not eaten meat since I was 4 years old and I am now 61 which goes to prove that we do not need to eat these beautiful animals in order to survive!

  • Ted Trentman says:

    I understand these photos. I understand that many humans like myself eat other animals. Though I battle this thought, I do believe that some animals are created and need the nourishment of other animals to exist. I’m completely humbled by these photos and other photos and videos that PETA puts out there. I beg God to give our planet a way to exist without harming another animal. I just do see anyone convincing the entire planet that we are going to exist without certain types of food. I realize we could be vegans, but now we are also battling with GMOs. It’s not safe or humane to eat? I just don’t know the answer. I pray to God that we treat all animals humanely. Unfortunately, we don’t even treat each other with respect and dignity. Lord help all the planets and the animals. Please. I truly am haunted by the conundrum.

  • jyl brewr says:

    I visited a oouple local ‘farms’ in the french countryside. on the outside they look idyllic- the beauty of the landscape and the kindness of the farmers makes you believe it is all so nice. Inside the walls of the pig farm and then the chicken farm who FAR WORSE than any of the above photos show. It is absolutely horrendous- beyond anything you can imagine. I saw that a few years ago and am still haunted by how those animals are treated worse than they treat their cars. BY FAR. Disease, no natural light, the cage so tight they cannot move a muscle, and the chickens fight each other tearing off the feathers and plucking out their eyes. The food we eat is tortured food and we also feel that.

  • Christine says:

    Everyone who consumes meat or products based on animal constituents should see this pictures and decide by him- or herself if this is ethically justifiable.
    I’m a vegetarian for more than 15 years and I’m trying to reduce all products that are made of animals (e.g. dairy). I know that I can’t prevent every pain and all suffering, but I can try to improve my own practice to reduce harm. I think every one should try to do this on a minimum level and the circumstances we saw above would improve a lot.

  • Yo says:

    Vegan is THE way. Google images ‘male dairy calves’ to know why.

    Lots of great meat subs, milk subs…Boca, Quorn, Morningstar Farms, etc…they’ll say ‘vegan’ if they are…some aren’t.

    Tofu scramble: crumbled tofu (your choice of firmness), sprinkle of turmeric, garilc powder, S & P to taste…my heavily-carny dad served ’em up and ate them, nonethewiser.

    Ener-g egg replacer for baking–better results than meat eggs.
    Tollhouse cookies with vegan-choc chips! The no-guilt BOMB!

    Vegenaise: better, by FAR, than real mayo. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow…an omni who swears by it. Tofu scramble + vegenaise + soft bread = egg sandwich guilt-free heaven!

    Cheese is the caveat…buy & try & make your own decisions. Daiya & Follow Your Heart are the best, I believe. Wegman’s and Whole Foods are two places to look, or, if neither of those are near you…

    Trained on the flavor, I sometimes miss cheese, but less and less as time passes…and I read more articles like this:

    GO vegan!!!

  • Leslie Rice says:

    The truth is animals sense and smell death and are aware of pain and suffering. Most people do not know the misery to animals that are in factory farming and the brutal fur industry. Wish there were more awareness on billboards, television and magazines.

  • Deb Fahey says:


  • Micky says:

    I am glad I stopped to eat meat this year …I had never seen those pictures before and I am sure so many people don’t realize this …I posted on Face book and I will send it by mail …there so many good food with no meat !! now I working on my behavior with cheese …as a French woman cheese is a big part of my life but progressively I cut down …like one soup spoon of gratted cheexe a week …

  • Martha says:

    I agree, these pictures should be on billboards. The public has to be informed on what is going on in the factory farms. It is heart breaking! The public should decide whether the factory farms treatment of animals should continue. It is up to the public to stop the buyig of animal products. I am a vegetarian. Continue the good work of exposing the cruelty on factory farms. The more people that are made aware of the cruelty the better for the animals!!!

  • Peter Baker says:

    The pictures illustrate the disgusting cruelty of Factory Farming; worse even than what was once considered normal, though all animals raised for food endure an horrific future. Civilization cannot be attained until we, the so-called higher species, become Vegan!

  • DAISY says:

    Monstruosité il faut que cela cesse

  • Soco says:

    People everywhere turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the
    reality of slaughterfactories. Animals are abused, tortured, mock, and treated worse than garbage. We ALL
    need to stand up to greatly improve conditions, and
    make people aware of the horrible actions. Some people
    will always eat meat, fish, poultry, and pork but we
    can change the way animals are shipped, boarded, and
    killed. UNITE PEOPLE and support PETA’s efforts.

  • Solveig says:

    I wonder how the US can prohibit the French “Foie gras” and close their eyes on these situations. Politics and lobbies = MAFFIA !

  • sandra hazzard says:

    We all need to make this horror known to everyone so it can be stopped once and for all!!!!!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    very sad and bad.

  • Elvira Trommer Steiner says:

    please stopthe reality!

  • Mary says:

    Our role is to protect animals because we have the power to. There are many people who care and protect, some even save animals and they should be our idols…not this thing…This is mere inhumanity.

  • PETA says:

    @Dee Foster Please look at this page and watch the video about how there is no such thing as ‘humane meat’ The only humane thing to do is go vegan!

  • JG says:

    Thank you very much for showing these pictures. They should be made more public, in newspapers or something like that. I am a vegan for almost 10 months and I wish there would be more becoming vegan. I live in a small town where many people are eating meat and seem not to care that animals had to suffer and die for their “pleasure”. Still awful that many people are treating animals as if they were things. I wish they would be more sensitive and responsible to animals and their environment. Here in Germany there are only 2 vegan restaurants (one in Berlin and another one in Fulda). I wish such vegan restaurants will become more.

  • Dee Foster says:

    We need to put these pictures on billboards! Public needs to demand that their grocery stores and restaurants carry only brands of meat,dairy products, etc. that have humane treatment. And we need to blacklist the companies that are involved in these “reality” pictures.

  • jeannine wietrich says:

    Non au usine de la ferme !

  • Gina says:

    Horrific. I agree these images should be displayed on billboards. I am so pleased I am vegetarian trying to go vegan. We have no right to kill animals for our greed. All the pictures are terrible. But the little white bunny has terror in its eyes. Heartbreaking. All of them.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    cruel reality.

  • bethmason64 says:

    Karl Marx called it “Commodity Fetishism” when consumers (pun intended) neither know nor care how their food, clothing, or other purchases are procured. PETA is countering this by showing people the horror behind bacon and hamburgers, for example. I’m glad these pictures and this information is spreading across the public consciousness!!

  • KJ says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”- Gandhi So many people say “oh I don’t want to know about this” …… reply is it’s easy to go to the grocery and buy something on styrofoam covered with plastic wrap , but if you knew and saw the horror inflicted on these beautiful creatures you would not be able to continue this maddness!

  • Terri Strauser says:

    We can stop this – Go Vegan!!

  • Terry Callow says:

    Heartbreaking! Human race should be ashamed of itself!

  • Jon says:


  • Jam says:

    Very Sad and heart breaking

  • micky says:

    I am happy I stopped to eat meat we need to show those picture more and more everywhere billboards,news medias,tv,magasines etc etc

  • lola says:

    je veux aider, c’est trop injuste……

  • Sara Rabbani says:

    These innocent and beautiful creatures should not suffer for our purpose. This must stop now!