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Cruelty-Free Tea Only, Please!

Written by Ashley Palmer | September 22, 2011

I’m more of a coffee person myself, but I do enjoy the occasional glass of iced tea on a warm day or a hot cup of earl grey when I’m feeling under the weather. Needless to say, I was shocked when I learned that some companies are testing tea on animals.

Nestlé, the maker of Nestea, conducts—and pays others to conduct—painful and deadly tea tests on animals. Animals have been poisoned, electrically shocked, surgically mutilated, and decapitated.

Please take a moment to ask Nestea to stop testing on animals and join other brands—such as Arizona, Lipton, Luzianne Tea, Snapple, Tazo, Twinings, and others—that don’t experiment on animals.

If, like me, hurting animals isn’t your cup of tea, make sure you choose a brand that is cruelty-free. A complete list of tea companies that do not conduct animal experiments is available on PETA’s latest campaign website,

So whether it’s iced tea, hot tea, green tea, or black tea, make sure it’s free of cruelty!

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  • barbara stoner says:

    i wont be drinking nestea. please quit testing on animals would you like to be tested on.

  • Shoop says:

    I’ve been boycotting NESTLE products for ove 2 years now. not only do they test on animals, but they use/force children to work in cocoa plants with high risk dangers and heavy machinery. Nestsle doesn’t care about anything. Choose your warm cup of tea and halloween candy WISELY.

  • Bethany says:

    I’ll NEVER buy that tea again! I’ve told as many people as I could about this. People NEED to stop buying it! It taste like shit anyways! Nastea!!!!!

  • Rodolfo says:

    Stop Cruelty! The real irrational animals are you!

  • Martille says:

    Depuis que j’ai pris connaissance de cette atrocité de plus je n’achète plus de nestea car il m’est impossible de consommer tous ces produits issus de souffrance mis sur le marché. Il y a maintenantt de + en + de produit non testés sur les animaux et je n’achètent que ceux là. Alors je me passe de nestea avec plaisir

  • Martille says:

    Depuis que j’ai pris connaissance de cette atrocité de plus j

  • twixcookie says:

    I am boycotting any and all of their products and related industries.
    I want them to know they can’t do immoral things.

    This is just ridiculous. I think they think they can make some magical claims about green tea. Pfft…just junk science.

    How dare they use living beings in this way.

  • Carol says:

    Why are we so awful to animals it makes no sense at all testing them for something we know is alright to drink this has to stop TODAY and that is a fact.

  • namita dalal says:

    Please stop using mice to experiment. Animal cruelty is not necessary.

  • Bev says:

    Until now I have been buying Nestea Iced Tea. NEVER AGAIN!! Stop animal testing, you cruel creatures!

  • Marianne Ball says:

    Please stop using mice to experiment.

    Animal cruelty is not necessary and because of this practice with Nestea I can no longer purchase your products and will do my best to let others know inhumane treatment of animals is taking place because of your company.

    PETA has printed other tea companies not involving themselves with the torture of animals. Those will be the companies I purchase from.

    Please reconsider your policies and practices.


    Marianne Ball

  • Cookiemonster says:

    As a ‘Greenpeace’ person I boycott Nestle anyway but now I have more of a reason to. Gosh its shocking what people can do? Who on earth could come up with such ideas?

  • CC says:

    I never buy any product that is tested on animals. If I am unsure, I contact the company. Most of the time they will reply that they are cruelty free. The ones that don’t answer, well I guess we know what their answer is.

  • mary jo checketts says:

    didnt think neatea would do this or any other tea company shame on them i will NOT be buying any of there products!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kazia says:

    Please stop testing on animals…N O W !!!!!!!!!

  • Cici says:

    Nestle’ Nestea Iced from the 70’s in the round container used to be one of my favorites, but now screw you! Now I will not buy your product ever again and I will tell all my friends, family and church community and all others I meet and now you have my ill will too. You probably laugh at that, but energy is very real and when you add that to all the cruelity you’ve already done to the Nestle’ milk baby formula propaganda in Africa, who in their righ mind will invest with your company any more? Not, I!

  • TIGRESS says:


  • Donajii says:

    What Nestea do it´s awful,I have spread the word about this, and all of my friends promess not to buy teas that dont know if experiments on animals, we prefer Twinings or Arizona.

  • ALLISON says:

    Stop testing on animals!

  • Dream Weaver says:

    I love tea, but will NEVER Buy a Tea, where a Company that makes it, TESTS on ANIMALS. They are “innocents”, and the people that own, work for, and/or apart of Using Animals have Zero Compassion! HOORAY for PETA…they are Definately the Watch Dog for the Innocent Animals.

  • Ashley-P says:

    turiduri: PETA scored a major victory for animals abused in laboratories when the world’s largest tea maker, Unilever (maker of Lipton and PG tips), agreed to stop experimenting on animals for its tea products! Thanks to more than 40,000 PETA supporters who contacted the company and the hard work of PETA staffers behind the scenes, Lipton’s cruel experiments, such as infecting piglets with E. coli toxin and cutting their intestines apart while they were still alive, will never happen again. You can read more here:

  • Spirulina says:

    What a bizarre claim: can you explain the science behind it?
    what in th emaking of tea harms animals?
    I find it perplexing… or is it just a wind up?
    Regards, David

  • turiduri says:

    Lipton tea is a brand by Unilever, which do test on animals too, I just think you should get them out from the cruelty free tea list.

  • aira says:

    Really? Let’s hear both sides but I’m not saying I don’t believe you. I’m against animal cruelty…

  • Spirulina says:

    What?! This is absolutely shocking! How on earth did you find out about this? I have never heard of this before but appreciate the article.

  • William Reid says:

    Please stop testing on animals.

  • Liz says:

    Who would have thought drinking tea would contribute to the suffering of animals!? I drink tea almost every day (to replace the coffee will not be buying any Nestea products until I know that they are no longer doing any animal testing!

  • monty says:

    I am spreading the word to boycott all nestle products

  • Victoria says:

    Stop testing on animals. What a horrible reputation you are creating with this practice.

  • Viveka Larsson says:

    Stop animal testing now!!

  • craig fine says:

    stop animal cruelty!

  • Adam Sterlace, DO says:

    Please stop testing your products on animals. I know I will no longer buy Nestea products until it stops animal testing. I have no concept as to what a tea company would be testing in the first place, but animal tests are not warranted.

  • Elena Perez de gracia says:

    Please stop testing on animals, I will not drink Nestea until you stop making that horrible thing

  • karen luna says:

    I won´t buy nestea no more! Why do you have to hurt animals? I´ll tell all my friends and relatives about this so they don´t buy nestea ever again.

  • Jatin P Barai says:

    I like Nestle coffee very much but after knowing this fact it would never go for Nestle products again….
    Thank You PETA………..

  • Allyson says:

    I was disgusted when I found out your company tests god knows what on poor, innocent animals. I loved your tea products and bought them weekly but my family will NEVER buy from your company again until you decide to stop the cruelty! This makes me sick!!!! Shame on all of you. There are many other ways other than using animals and hope you come to your senses and stop this. I will be sure to pass this message on to people that you are an awful company!

    Goodbye Nestea, hello Tazo teas.

  • Jason Rosenbloom says:

    I am absolutely shocked at the fact that any company would conduct those types of brutal, dark ages experiments during these enlightened times. I am disgusted at your lack of compassion for life. I am reposting this on my facebook so everyone is aware of your vile practices. I am boycotting all of your products that I know and I will continue to tell everyone of my guests that try to order a Nestea from me exactly what is going on behind closed doors. I feel it will be an interesting conversation piece that I can passionately discuss with thousands of people. I will not sit by and do nothing!

  • Belladonna says:

    Do the right thing!

  • Iman says:

    dont torture innocent animals!!!!

  • Ana maría Sánchez Pel says:


  • Alexandra Vargas says:

    Please stop cruelty to animals, it is never justifiable, much less for business purposes!

  • Filio Tsami says:

    Testing on poor defenseless animals is terrible it should be allowed to continue. What gives Nestle the right to do that. I will boycote all of their products and tell friends and family to do the same!!!

  • Anna Olsson says:

    stop testing on animals!!!