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The Perfect Thanksgiving Centerpiece: the Veggieducken!

Written by Liam Cronin | November 16, 2012

Vegans have always lamented the mass-grave-on-a-plate known as the “turducken,” a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. But now, thanks to the brilliant chefs at The Sporkful podcast and blog, vegans have the Veggieducken!

A sweet potato inside a leek inside a banana squash and stuffed with (you guessed it) stuffing, the Veggieducken is simple, impressive, and delicious and may just have you quickly adjusting your holiday menu:

The only problem now is running out of room on your holiday table. With PETA’s veritable database of vegan holiday recipes alongside the Veggieducken, there may not be room for elbows this year.

Now get to the store before all the banana squash are sold out! Happy stuffing!

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