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Accidentally Vegan Food List

Have you been wondering what snacks are vegan? Grocery stores carry an array of great-tasting vegan options, including some items that you might not know are vegan. “Accidentally vegan” foods are those that were not created intentionally to be marketed to vegan* eaters.

Please note that this list is just for U.S.-based products, as ingredients can vary by region. Companies frequently change their formulations, so read labels prior to purchasing. We are constantly updating this list, so if you know of a vegan product that isn’t currently listed or if you find a product here that isn’t vegan, please contact PETA.

Thank you, and happy munching!

Vegan Snacks


Breakfast (Dry)
Baked Goods
Refrigerated and Frozen Foods

*Items listed may contain trace amounts of animal-derived ingredients. While PETA supports a strict adherence to veganism, we put the task of vigorously reducing animal suffering ahead of personal purity. Boycotting products that are 99.9 percent vegan sends the message to manufacturers that there is no market for this food, which ends up hurting more animals. For a more detailed explanation of PETA’s position, please click here.

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  • Smiles says:

    Jello is not considered to be vegan because it contains gelatin, which is obtained from animal cartilage, bones and other discarded parts.

  • Kim says:

    Cocoa butter doesn’t contain any butter or dairy ingredients whatsoever, which is quite misleading. If you have the No Name brand, their semi-sweet chocolate chips are completely vegan and are very cheap. Hope I helped (:

  • jorg says:

    What about cheerios?

  • jorg says:

    What about cheerios?

  • Chloe says:

    Clear American Flavored sparkling waters are vegan and great for vegans, diebetics, and people on diets. They’re so good!

  • nanci says:

    Lots of Annie Chun’s stuff is vegan. I love that because there is a spot right on front that indicates it. I hate having to look at all the ingredients and appreciate the fact that Annie Chun’s is pro-active.

  • Vegan says:

    This is an excellent list which helped me a lot when I was transitioning into veganism. I’m very glad to see that it continues to be a resource for so many people.

  • Verity says:

    Thank you for the super list. I couldn’t find any information on your site though for vegan skin care products. I use vegan skin care products by Mama Nature but I’m sure there must be plenty of other great vegan skin care companies out there. Your site is still super though.

  • Caroline says:

    does anyone know of a dairy free chocolate chip that doesnt contain cocoa butter or a carob chip that doesnt contain palm oil?

  • ginny says:

    I want some information about hot breakfast. especially eggs. i have been a great lover of eggs an now i am trying to go vegan i will like to have a similar product to substitute eggs.

  • Tierney says:

    Thanks for putting together such a great list! I linked to this on my new website designed to help people transition into a vegan diet because it fit so perfectly with the topic.

  • Sweetness says:

    Fred Meyers has organic semi sweet chocolate chips that are all vegan ingredients:) yum!

  • hell says:

    ANYTHING that does not contain pure/ organic forms of sugar (white sugar doesn’t count), needs to come off the list.

  • M.M. says:

    Are you sure this list is vegan? I thought Jell-O was made of animal fat and sugar uses bone char? It’s junk food, and it’s probably manufactured under un-vegan-friendly conditions. The companies who make this don’t care about the animals, support a companie that does. I think etsy is a good place for TRULY vegan treats, and it allows for more transparency. It’s more expensive, but sweetes are a luxury. This is like trying to find loopholes out of true veganism.

  • S says:

    What happened? There were a lot of cereals on here just the other day that are not on here now? Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs and others.

  • Meghan the Veghan says:

    I just blogged about my Top 10 from this list! Swedish Fish definitely makes the cut:

  • C. Scarley says:

    This list shows that it isn’t really that outrageous or difficult to follow a vegan diet. However, most vegans probably wouldn’t eat a lot of these things, because vegan or not they are crap. These foods are full of high fructose corn syrup, dyes and additives. There are vegan-marketed versions of most of these things that are actually healthy- like Newman-O’s instead of Oreo’s. But for the sake of information, and to show skeptics that it isn’t that far fetched to be vegan, this list serves its purpose. Eating vegan is as simple as pasta and sauce.

  • H. says:

    Does this mean mono- and diglycerides used in the Jell-o pistachio pudding for instance comes from vegetable (or artificial) sources and not animal ones? And what about other Jell-o pudding flavors? Thanks a lot.

  • Brittany B says:

    Veganism is one of the healthiest diets an individual can consume. Being a vegan (or vegetarian even) not only lowers a person’s risk of heart disease, hypertension and high cholesterol, but it has been known to reverse diabetes.
    When done right, veganism is most certainly nutritious and delicious. It is whole, natural, filling and nutrient rich.
    If more people did a bit of research, they too would see and understand these facts.

  • Amanda says:

    WOW. I love the fact that the ppl who trashed this page weren’t bright enough to know that the mainstays of the vegan diet – vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, beans, and lentils – are all obviously at the grocery and generally do not have ‘mainstream’ brands as they *are* mainstream in the fact they are available at every grocery across the U.S…This is a list of things ppl wouldn’t necessarily suspect they could have on a vegan diet or that is not at a ‘specialty’ store, it is to show that it is not so extreme or restricted and that one can enjoy these things on occasion. The sadest thing is that this would have to be explained to anyone lol!!

  • Your Mama says:

    LOVE THIS LIST!!! Great variety of things I never would of thought of. Of course all these aren’t “healthy” but moderation is key. Your not going to load your day with a bunch of sugars every meal. Pick and choice items and add veggies and fruits during the day.

  • Jenn says:

    Those who are not vegan see this list and think all vegans must eat is junk food. But that is simply not the case. Anyone who is a vegan and reads this list, feels a sense of relief, especially new vegans. We eat such healthy things on a constant basis that YES! seeing a list with Oreos on it is a tremendous relief. Those who criticize only do so because they are seeing only one aspect! but come on!!! EVERYONE LOVES TO SNACK HERE AND THERE. Go do some research and see what we regularly eat and then go criticize your own diet.

  • Nate says:

    It doesn’t say these are healthy. So shove it, Jon. I think they should add cigarettes to the list as well. They are vegan.

  • Jon Francis says:

    More proof that being vegan is not always healthy or smart. Nearly all of this food is super high in sodium and sugar. Whether you’re vegan for ethical or health reasons, no person alive should be consuming this garbage.

  • Unbelievable says:

    Vegan??? I guess if you call processed fast foods loaded with sugars, chemicals, artificial sweeteners vegan, then go for it. Me? I eat real food. . .

  • Carla says:

    Nice i love cracker jacks… no more quilt

  • Milly Yap says:

    Thank you very much and it is very useful for me . PEACE

  • mj says:

    It wasn’t until I learned about veal that I learned the connection to milk products. They make the cows pregnant as much as possible so they produce as much milk as possible. The babies are removed after 1 or 2 days. The males are either sent to auction to be killed or to be kept anemic in a tiny crate until their death. If you don’t support veal, you cannot drink milk or eat cheese. I wish someone had told me this truth ages ago. Fortunately, daiya cheese, made from tapioca, does very well as a cheese alternative.

  • Struggling Dieter says:

    Is Gatorade or Powerade ok for vegans to drink? I work out a lot and I need a way to replace my electrolytes and Gatorade and Powerade are cheaper to buy in bulk than Vitamin/Smart Water.

  • Tanya says:

    Thanks for the list…My New Year’s resolution is to become vegan and this list will make my grocery trips so much more easier.

  • Patricia says:

    Yes … there is such a thing as a junk food vegan. Processed foods are dead foods and cause acidity and inflammation in the body. Disease thrives in an acidic/inflamed state. If you want the health benefits from going vegan stay with raw fruits and vegetables and soaked nuts and seeds. Check out Dr. Morse N.D. on YouTube. ~Peace~

  • Aurora<3 says:

    very useful information thanks

  • LuzMaria Gomez G says:

    Thank you for this amazing information. Living a Guilt Free Life is Fabulous! I never in my wildest dreams felt so connected to all living creatures… I am so grateful for this emotions that can’t never being understood unless you are a Vegan! I am proud to be a Vegan 🙂

  • Healthy Vegetarian Pregnancy says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this! This is invaluable information that makes me being proud. Couple of days back we were guests at a Thanksgiving dinner and barring two items everything was vegetarian. The two items of course, were the bird and the gravy. Our hosts certainly saw the value of a vegetarian lifestyle and passing on lists like these will make like better for all. Once again, Thanks!

  • Rocky says:

    RE: Mary. I just recently tried making the instant vanilla pudding with almond milk and it came out liquidy. So I decided to add another box of the pudding powder to see if it would thicken and it did and was very much more like pudding! so the way I see it is only use half of the liquid amount it says for one box and it should come out since i used 2 boxes of pudding for the amount of liquid in one. Hope this helps you out, bcuz i know i was excited when it got thick. 🙂

  • Mission Tara Vishal says:

    Hi !

    Thank You very much PeTA for supporting vegans and saving animals from violence !

  • keegan-b says:

    Re: Mary, not sure which flavor you tried but I have Chocolate Fudge Jell-O pudding in my pantry right now and it doesn’t say anything about not using soy milk. I’ve always used soy milk, and while it IS slightly more liquid-y than with dairy milk, it’s definitely still edible. Also, I love adding swirls of vanilla and chocolate pudding to popsicle molds and making my own Jell-o pudding pops! Those are vegan and they’re definitely not too runny to eat 🙂

  • Mary says:

    It is nice that instant Jello pudding is vegan. However the pudding needs to be prepared and it needs to be done with dairy milk making it non-vegan. The box says do not use soy milk. I used almond and it came out thin like a drink not like pudding at all. There are many people who said this one the internet and I had to try it for myself. Therefore unless people would want to eat the pudding powder ( which I think they would not) this product should be taken off your vegan list. Thanks Mary

  • DianeE says:

    Thanks for providing this list, while my daughter and I do not live an entirely vegan lifestyle, she is very lactose intolerant and we have found that vegan baked goods are much friendlier on her stomache. I have been looking for a good vegan frosting and never knew there was one right on my grocery store shelf!

  • Faye says:

    Awesome list! Thanks guys. I look forward to making the switch soon. I always knew it was meant to be when I would go “accidentally” vegan for a week or two and notice my body suddenly feeling much happier! (More energy and less tummy aches!)

  • Nico says:

    I really appreciate what you guys are doing. This list is going to make being vegan a lot more accessible to a lot more people. But some of these comments seriously make me cringe. The most important thing I have to say is this: just because you are vegan doesn’t mean that you don’t eat living things. We don’t eat ANIMALS. Plants are living things as well. They live, breathe, reproduce, and even have emotions (ever wonder why plants grow better when exposed to music?). Not putting down the lifestyle or saying anything about you. Just please be informed and do not try to make such claims that you are this little angel that would never harm a speck of life. Not going to name anyone. I just needed to vent. Please think about what you say.

  • FelineGrace says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for the past two weeks and I LOVE it. I thought it would be impossible for me to give up chicken and sausage. But I feel so healthy and HAPPY that I’m never going back.Then I watched Earthlings and it changed my selfish reasons for being a vegetarian(health) into bring selfless (animals don’t deserve the cruelty). So now I’m convincing my family and friends to become vegetarians. 😀 Don’t worry, I’m working on giving up cheese and milk chocolate ^_^

  • jackie bianchini says:

    Which olive brands green/black are vegan?

  • Gemma says:

    “Whoever wrote this needs to check his or her research, because I’m pretty sure Monster energy drinks have taurine taken from either the blood or semen of bull cows, in which case they aren’t even acceptable in a vegetarian diet, let alone a vegan diet.”

    That’s a myth. Taurine is found in most mammal tissue/urine/etc. including humans. However, nearly all commercial uses of taurine use synthetic taurine. I know that Red Bull is definitely vegan and it’s very, very, very safe to assume that any other energy drinks with taurine are too. 🙂

  • Matt Dickow says:

    Re: taurine — if it’s synthetic it may very well be vegan. You’d have to contact the manufacturer of the product. Check out the Wikipedia entry on taurine.

  • KC says:


    Some Bisquick pancake mix does not require any eggs. Just add water.

  • Stuart says:

    Whoever wrote this needs to check his or her research, because I’m pretty sure Monster energy drinks have taurine taken from either the blood or semen of bull cows, in which case they aren’t even acceptable in a vegetarian diet, let alone a vegan diet.

  • Karen says:

    I’ve been meaning to thank Peta for a few years now for helping me go vegan, and this right here is the type of entry that enabled me to finally go for it.

    Since I was a teen (42 now), I hypothetically wanted to stop eating animals, but I felt absolutely powerless due to my hatred of most vegetables, and ALL the images of vegetarians/vegans I would see – they would be proudly standing in front of a bunch of disgusting looking vegetables that I could never get past my tongue!

    Sure, those people looked proud. But did they know they were actively discouraging tons and tons of people with their pride of finally being able to choke down vegetables themselves! (or so it seemed at least, and I think many do have this hubris)

    But at one particular time a few years ago, I ran across a few cruelty videos by Peta, and again the flood of helplessness poured over me again until I read the “vegan starter pack” (more like leaflet), and my options suddenly opened up – “plain strawberry poptarts, frozen french fries, etc..” suddenly it appeared that these guys were speaking my language – not just patting themselves on their back. I could do this I thought.

    I didn’t go vegan for my health. I didn’t do it for ethics (because ethics are stale rules IMO). I did it out of compassion pure and simple – got sick and tired of being a graveyard for animals and contributing to the industrial cruelty of factory farming.

    So I wend “junk food vegan” for a year (you cannot learn anything good in 30 days IMO – I’m looking at you Oprah!). My reasoning was that I had to prove to myself – deep down at the unconscious/subconscious levels that I could be plopped down anywhere in America and survive, even thrive with only just a hotel vending machine if need be!

    After a year I evaluated whether I would add anything back like dairy. I couldn’t see how I could do so without supporting the cruelty industry, and since I was no longer habituated to eat the stuff – I nixed the idea.

    Early this year I bought a blendtech and have been doing the green smoothies every day – at least one full supermarket bunch of greens plus fruits. I just added these to my junk food diet, but slowly whole foods seems to be displacing the junk foods now. At this time, I’m now only eating junk food on the road, and stick to my smoothies and fruits when I’m at home.

    I’ve often speculated if there was a debate within Peta about whether they ought to be promoting such unhealthy foods such as poptarts; “they should be promoting a Mc Dougal style diet” I imagine the debater stressing, and the laser-like focus of animal-welfare that Peta has winning out.

    Regardless, I thank you for helping me open my eyes to the options that surround me at all times to choose the cruelty-free ones!

  • Reed says:

    While this is good for trying to raise a child as a vegan, so they can indulge in the sweets all their friends can have, but they should really be promoting good health. They have many vegan substitutes for the dishes and snacks that we have becomed hooked on due to the Western diet, but in all honesty, we should be avoiding these foods all together, especially the snacks that contain high fructose corn syrup. Basically, we should avoid eating all the really sweet foods in addition to all animal products to achieve maximum health

  • Dog says:

    I am vegan. I make my own food, veg. soup, beans, except for the cornmeal chips for salsa which don’t appear to contain milk or any animal products. I used to be vegetarian but changed with the realization no matter what that the animal products will always contain some animal cruelty. Now I feel better than when I was vegetarian. It gets better and better. “Man lives not by bread alone”
    Pure Advantage B12 spray is vegan and works great.