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Monkey See, Monkey Do

You know, our dogs are much more attuned to our body language than we realize. Believe it or not, they even enjoy copying us sometimes.

Try this: Catch your dog’s gaze and then wink at him or her, while saying, “Wink!” in a perky voice. Do it at least 10 times or so. I would be very surprised if your dog doesn’t quickly learn how to wink right back at you.

All my dogs have learned how to wink and so have most of the other dogs I’ve ever winked at. They’ll also copy you if you make your eyelids very droopy and sleepy as if you can hardly keep them open.

Do this when Max is lying down and looking at you, and I bet you that under relaxing circumstances, his eyes will get droopy, too, and he will probably even yawn and go to sleep. Under the right circumstances, you can actually use this as a technique to quiet down an overly excited dog.

I use it on my three foster Chihuahuas when I bring them to work and they start to bark too much—works like a charm. The beautiful girl in the accompanying photo is my first dog, Koro, winking at me way back in the ’80s.

It was Koro who first taught me that animals have rights—I wonder if she was thinking what a good pupil I was!

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  • Olga Zaric says:

    My parrots used to copy me “being sleepy”! That was so cute!

  • Alice McCulloch says:

    It is really an understatement to say that my pets are the love of my life. When I was ill, I know they saved my life. My dog Brandy comforts me when I am depressed and is so loving. My cat Ginger washes my face. I can’t imagine my life without them. As stated above, they are grossly underestimated, we still have a long way to go in that field, especially in how they are treated.

  • Paola Avila says:

    My lovely “french puddle” Terry always knows when i am going out, in the instant he heard the sound of the keys he starts jumping and runing like crazy all around haha, and also when he heard the sound of a carton bag he knows it means lunch time hehe, he is the cutest dog i ever had!! 🙂

  • Ale' says:

    Try it with cats! Want to say ‘I love you’ to kitty?
    When she looks at you, slowly close your eyes to a squint a couple of times, then lick your lips. She’ll do it back at you! She’s sending you a kiss.

  • eva says:

    I have 8 dogs all different, all equal, they know when I am getting dress to stay home or going out, one of them 1/2 chihuahua 1/2 dashound climbs trees, and must be taken for a ride every day, so when I dont feel like going out, I go around the corner and that is all that is required to make her happy, I can go on with stories from each of them, but it is too long. ah! this dog’s name is puppy/dog and yes, she was rescued from the street. they all make me sooo happy and blessed to be their mom.

  • Sarah says:

    The funny thing about this is that the same holds true for cats. Just last night, my cat was laying in my lap looking at me and I started to close my eyes like I was sleepy and he fell asleep.

  • patricia folliard says:

    my border collie mix sheba and I are learning to sing together and now she can throw her head back and howl long and hard most impressively…I think all else aside it is a good release for her and I always end up laughing…

  • Debra Dephillips says:

    Dogs are smart! Whenever me or my husband go to put our shoes and socks on, our 2 rescues dance and jump around cuz they know we’re leaving and they Think they are going bye-bye, which most of the time they do get to go cuz they beat us to the car.

  • Holly_Page says:

    My long hair chihuahua, Pippin( I found him almost 7 years ago, hit, on the side of the road ) gets excited when I put on my pj’s. He knows then that I won’t be leaving the house. He gets super excited and starts dancing. It’s so cute. He totally knows the difference from my “leaving” or “staying” clothes!

    Both him and my adopted Beagle, Daphne( now 10y/o)know my routines, movements,etc. They are so observant. I wish all people knew & didn’t underestimate just how really smart animals are…AND what a joy they can be!

  • Nirupama says:

    Watch how dogs play with each other. It is no different from how kids play together. They even imitate each other. I can never forget two of my babies doing that. One of them was the more ferocious one. His son would lie close to him and imitate everything that his father did until the dad would come growling at him.It used to be so funny. And the most beautiful daughter of our house she would come into the kitchen and complain in a particular tone that I think only my mother understood that the two males we had at home were in a fight. I could go on forever..