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How to Win Friends and Influence People Not to Crate Their Dogs

Friends don’t let friends crate their dogs. Here are some tips on how to convince your friends to ditch the crate.

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Olympian Tony Azevedo Adopts Abandoned Kitten

After adopting a kitten who had been tossed into the ocean, Olympian Tony Azevedo is a happy cat dad and animal advocate.

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Four Cats Who Save the World!

Cats are saving us with cuteness, but they’re also saving the world in comic books worldwide! Check out this list of courageous cat heroes!

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You’re a Crazy Cat Lady If …

Think you’re a crazy cat lady? Take a look at this list and find out—then share it with your cat-loving friends!

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No Need to Crate: Simple and Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe When Home Alone

Ditch the crate and use this checklist to help “dog-proof” your home and make sure your pup is safe when left alone.

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5 Easy Tricks for Caring for Your Cats and Dogs ©Kencredible

5 Easy Tricks for Caring for Your Cats and Dogs

Lovable as they are, animals have needs, just like us, and they require a time commitment! Check out these tips on caring for your animal companion.

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A Dog Crate Is a Cage Is a Prison

A new book contains case studies that will move you to tears, but it also clearly lays out the problems with and the solution to excessive crating.

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PETA Picks: 5 Great Toys for Cats, Dogs, and Bunnies

We asked PETA employees to share their fave toys for their four-legged friends. Get ready to play!

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How I Failed as a Rescuer: Lessons From a Sanctuary

All animals deserve love at the end of their lives. Sometimes, the most loving thing we can do is to provide a peaceful death.

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Dog Park Etiquette 101

Taking your pooch to the park? Keep things classy by following these suggestions for good guardian manners.

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