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Companion Animals

“It’s Me or the Dog” Host Weighs In on Chaining Dogs

Host of Animals Planet’s ‘It’s Me Or The Dog’ writes a column for USA Today.

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Hitting the Road With Rover

Tips for traveling with animals.

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Five Tips for a Fun and Animal-Friendly Vacation

Tips for taking animals on vacation.

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Natural Pet Remedies for Flea and Tick Control

Natural and safe ways to deal with fleas and ticks.

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If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free

Why making the difficult decision to euthanize may be the most humane thing to do.

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Feline Body Language Tips

How to read and understand your cat’s body language.

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Why I Hate Crates

Why crating a dog is not kind.

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Warning: Cocoa Bean Mulch Harmful to Dogs

How cocoa bean mulch can kill your dog.

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Old Age Ain’t for Sissies

Homeopathic and natural remedies for elderly dogs

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Dirty Dogs

Why not to fear dirty dogs and naturally clean your pooch.

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