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14 Ridiculously Cute Animals and Their Human BFFs

Written by PETA | June 4, 2013

Good friends are hard to come by. So once you find someone who is truly loyal and loving, you have to hang on to him or her. Luckily for these people, their best friends come in the form of dogs, cats, and other animals, who are more caring and devoted than any human companion could ever be!

1. Joel and Wesley

These two love to reenact this scene from their favorite movie. They’re just two tramps brought together over love for the same lady.

2. Jewell and Duvel 

Jewell rescued a baby, Duvel, five years ago, and they have been two peas in a pod ever since.

3. Erich and Hildy 

Erich argues that his adorable rescued kitty, Hildy, is the cutest cat who ever lived—and that’s just an undeniable fact.

4. Don and Toffee 

Toffee and Don have been partners in crime since day one. They both love hiking, singing off key, and taking afternoon naps together.

5. Liam and Aiden 

These two bros have been roommates and BFFs for more than five years. Aiden enjoys being held like a human baby and being the little spoon to Liam’s big spoon (but is willing to big-spoon it when necessary).

6. Karen and Ava 

These two enjoy swimming, camping, hiking, and everything outdoors. Both look forward to their nightly walks, on which they love exploring their local trails and enjoy one another’s company.

7. Jamison and Jewel 

These two became inseparable after they met through a rescue back in 2008. Since then, Jewel provides Jamison with nonstop laughter, super-bully cuddles, and never-ending love. I mean—really—how could you not love that face?

8. Cody and Cody

These name-twins became best friends in Miami, Florida, during spring break. They are inseparable, and both tend to ignore Cody’s fiancée, Yennifer, while they watch movies in bed. They enjoy cuddling and eating.

9. Kevin and Henry 

Despite the slight height difference, Kevin and Henry became instant besties when they met in December 2011. Their favorite activity is relaxing and watching TV together after a long day.

10. Derek and Bentley 

It’s fascinating how an animal can help mend a broken heart. Bentley entered Derek’s life soon after the loss of his beloved dog, Max, and they’ve been buddies ever since.

11.  David and Junior 

David won the love of Junior when he was only 8 weeks old. Junior gave David the push he needed to buy a house with his wife and children. Junior and the rest of the family enjoy their new home in California, complete with a front yard and a backyard!

12. Ashley and Gracey 

Nothing can quite compare to the friendship that exists between a girl and her first cat, which was the case with Ashley and her Gracey. Although Gracey has passed on, the friendship that they shared will forever hold a special place in Ashley’s heart.

13. Melinda and Pepper 

Pepper and Melinda have been BFFs for more than six years. His favorite treat is parsley, and he loves giving kisses! Recently, Pepper took a nasty tumble, and Melinda has nursed him back to health, standing by his side every step of the way.

14. Mackenzie and Coco 

Coco was rescued by PETA’s CAP team and was a frequent visitor to the PETA Norfolk office. She and Mackenzie quickly became BFFs because Coco’s favorite place to spend her days was perched in Mackenzie’s cozy lap.

Animals make great companions and friends, so if you’re looking for a new pal, consider adopting an animal! If you think you’re ready to be a guardian, visit your local animal shelter, and find your new best friend.

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  • joey says: amazing to see the bonds between human and animal..found my kitty dying and dehydrated on the street but when he saw me ,he ran up to me and started purring..that was it..he is now the light of my life

  • chander kumar soni says:

    cute and cool pets.

  • Betty says:

    Those are all adorable pics, I wil l have to show you my baby. a two toned gray kitty. she was found on the sidewalk alone. not any more.

  • Erika says:

    Che belle foto!Sono stupende ed è vero:un animale può riparare un cuore spezzato.

  • rszula says:

    heart warming , so sweet. Animals can give so much love and stand beside us no matter what.
    there is so much love and care in each and every picture on both faces. very touching!!!

  • Annie du Preez says:

    This made me soo happy, coz we always just see the cruel and sad stuff, this made me soo very happy…