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Companion Animals

‘Starter Pets’ End in Misery: NEVER Buy Betta Fish

Tranquilized, dropped into tiny plastic bags, and stuffed into cardboard boxes: The cruelty hidden in the pet store betta trade will stun you.

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This Dangerous Weed Could Kill Your Dog

Find out what danger may lurk in your own backyard and how to prevent your animal companion from becoming a victim.

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Dogs Suffer From Anxiety, Too

We all have issues. Here’s how to help your furry best friend.

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Could Your Cat or Dog Have Diabetes?

Just like humans, cats and dogs can suffer from diabetes. But what does diabetes “look” like—especially in an animal?

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49 Thoughts You’ll Probably Have When You Adopt Your First Rescue Dog

Adopting a dog is a big decision. It’ll probably be the first time you think, “I’ve never been so proud to pick up poop.”

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WATCH: Soldiers Reunited With Their Dogs ©

WATCH: Soldiers Reunited With Their Dogs

Get your tissues ready: Watch as these American heroes are reunited with their adoring dogs after their tours of duty.

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7 Surprising Foods You Should Never Feed to Dogs or Cats

These foods are probably lying around your house.

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The Key to Internet Fame? Being Hot and Cuddling a Dog

Hot and have a dog? You could find yourself featured on the popular Hot Dudes With Dogs Instagram account created by New York City’s Kaylin Pound.

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12 Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Rats

These insanely adorable pictures may just make you see rats in a whole new light.

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13 Things You May Not Know About Rabbits

Think you’re a rabbit expert? Some of these facts may surprise you. Number eight is the best thing that I’ve ever seen.

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