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Documented Cruelty inside Labs

While undercover inside the laboratories of the University of Utah (UU), PETA’s investigator documented rampant animal suffering and miserable living conditions, including the following:


  • Some experimenters and their staff discouraged animal caretakers from informing staff veterinarians when animals were suffering.
  • Mice whose back legs were paralyzed, rats suffering epileptic seizures, and mice with huge ulcerated tumors covering their bodies were left to suffer.
  • When veterinarians were informed of the suffering, they would sometimes take as a long as a week even to look at the animals.
  • A rabbit was left in a hallway without food or water for four days.
  • PETA’s investigator routinely found mice who had been allowed to die without any care.
  • Some animals had been dead for days, and their cagemates had to walk around their bodies to get to their food and water.
  • After a homeless cat who was bought from an animal shelter for $15 gave birth at UU’s laboratory, experimenters injected chemicals into her kittens’ brains. They all died.
  • One monkey was kept in solitary confinement, caged alone in a room with no chance to interact with or even see others of his own kind.
  • Experimenters kept some monkeys constantly thirsty so that they would cooperate during experiments just to get a few drops of water.