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Select your favorite finalist and fill out the short form below to vote and help us decide who we should choose to name as this year’s Sexiest Vegan Next Door! Click on the images below to get a better look at the finalists and to read their bios!


  • Aisha has been vegan for six years. She has a beautiful, compassionate daughter who tells all the kids at school why they shouldn't eat meat. They enjoy going to the beach and being fearless in their support of animal rights and human health.
    Pembroke Pines, FL
  • A prolific vegan researcher and blogger, Carly also loves to draw, paint, and design graphics. She shares her home with two kitties, Kovu and Boomer.
    Silver Spring, MD
  • Charina is an actor who loves to sing, play piano, cook, and work out. Her favorite treat is a vegan donut.
    Evans, GA
  • Cheryl enjoys working out, painting, and following a cruelty-free lifestyle. When she was young, her dream was to own a giant farm where she could house and protect all the abused animals in the world and let them roam free and happy.
    Oak Ridge, NJ 
  • Dawn has been vegan for 20 years. She loves dancing and raising her child vegan, and her energy has increased since she went vegan.
    Duryea, PA 
  • Vegan for about seven years, Harriet is a board-certified family medicine physician and also a professional bikini athlete.
    Charlotte, NC 
  • Kelly saw many health benefits after going vegan, including losing 75 pounds, and she now advocates a plant-based lifestyle as a nutrition coach.
    Chandler, AZ 
  • Nora is a pinup model and former Peace Corps volunteer who credits her vegan diet with giving her increased energy levels and youthful skin. Her role models include Pamela Anderson and Alicia Silverstone.
    Chicago, IL 
  • Sarah is a yoga teacher in training, a lover of astronomy and quantum mechanics, a voracious reader, a classically trained pianist, a lover of all things avocado, and an amateur blogger with two rescued dogs—her inspiration for being vegan.
    Hartford, CT 
  • Meat-free since the age of 8, Sofia hopes to soon sport a "Vegan" tattoo. She enjoys studying philosophy, reading, playing video games, and using cruelty-free beauty products such as those made by Manic Panic.


  • Just a simple guy who believes that the path to a better world starts with compassion for all living beings, Avi says his hobbies include hunting—for the best vegan restaurants, that is!
    Toluca Lake, CA 
  • Cristian is a Reiki practitioner, Buddhist, and CrossFit coach who loves meditating and practicing yoga.
    Hillsborough, NJ 
  • Dominick, who boasts that he lost 50 pounds after going vegan, volunteers to help animals as often as he can and claims to make the best raw vegan pizza.
    New York, NY 
  • Guy is a doctor who shares his home with three cats, Gretchen, Henry, and Oskar, as well as a rescued beagle, Barnaby. He loves reading, traveling, and being with his family.
    Tucson, AZ
  • Korin enjoys going to the gym, surfing, practicing yoga, and meditating, and he's a personal trainer with an all-vegan competitive muscle team, PlantBuilt.
    Delray Beach, FL 
  • Lloyd enjoys snowboarding, surfing, and being in nature. His favorite meal is nachos—vegan, of course.
    Irvine, CA 
  • Matthew looks up to vegan athlete Brendan Brazier and loves cooking, spinning poi, and mathematics.
    Chesapeake, VA
  • Ryan is a runner who enjoys lifting weights. He's currently writing a short documentary on the history of factory-farmed animals.
    North Hollywood, CA 
  • Shane considers Joaquin Phoenix a role model, and he often writes op-eds to local newspapers to advocate for animals.
    Chicago, IL
  • A frequent volunteer at animal sanctuaries, Victor is currently working on a vegan cookbook. His hobbies include performing with fire and break dancing.
    West Valley City, UT 

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