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GW’s Rapsheet

PETA is not the only one to find serious problems at GW. The USDA has repeatedly cited GW for violating the minimum standards of care set forth in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), and in April 2005 the agency filed a 20-page complaint against GW with numerous charges, including the following:


  • Failure to provide adequate veterinary care
  • Failure to handle animals so that there was minimal risk of harm to the animal and to the public
  • An incident in which a tiger escaped from his enclosure and attacked and seriously wounded a camel
  • Transportation of 15 tigers and lions in a manner that allowed urine, feces, or both to contaminate the animals caged below
  • Lack of potable water for 18 lions, 23 tigers, 15 bears, 20 cougars, three leopards, and a pig
  • Lack of employees present to provide care to 80 large, dangerous cats
  • Lack of knowledge by employees about how often the animals were fed
  • Filthy, wet, unsafe, and dilapidated enclosures
  • Failure to handle animals in a manner that does not cause trauma, behavioral stress, physical harm, or unnecessary discomfort
  • Failure to provide animals with minimum space

To avoid going to court, GW paid a $25,000 fine in January 2006 and was placed on an 18-month probation period with the USDA. Failure to comply with the AWA during the probation period would result in license revocation.

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  • Rowe says:

    I cannot comprehend the reasoning behind allowing this place to continue its operation. This is not a sanctuary for the animals, but a financial cash cow for that unqualified, uneducated piece of detritus that owns the place. Why has this place not been shut down? What more does the US government need to remove the animals and close it permanently? And, the employees! Some of them look high!

  • Vivene says:

    Why isn’t the National Guard or SWAT getting involved in closing down this animal abuse farm? This is animal abuse plain and simple. They killed a horse mercilessly to feed the tigers. These animals are going to die. The owner threatend it is going to turn out like a “small Waco” if anyone tries to take his animals away. There is his threat and the child that was almost mauled to death….. ought to be enough to arrest this psychopath owner.

  • Michaela says:

    This place should be closed down…having just watched Louis Theroux exposing this awful awful place. Why can’t these animals be taken to proper zoos and looked after in an environment more suitable or better still released into private no hunting game reserves where they can lead a more natural life. The American government should ban these places and the animals should be taken on the spot before this stupid thick man can euthanize them. He should be locked u for animal cruelty.