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Report Card Grades: Friends of the Earth

Report Card Grades » Friends of the Earth » Grade: D

PETA wrote to the Friends of the Earth on March 9, 2001, asking for its position on animal testing, and the organization has yet to respond to PETA’s letter or endorse our statement calling on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase its funding and use of non-animal test methods.

PETA wrote to Friends of the Earth to commend the organization for the progressive stance on animal-testing issues adopted by its European branch. Unfortunately, not only has Friends of the Earth U.S. failed to respond to our letter, PETA also learned that it openly advocated for the testing of genetically modified crops on animals. Comments submitted to the EPA by Friends of the Earth stated that “for a higher degree of certainty [in the assessment of genetically modified foods], more extensive analysis is required—for instance, serum screening and tests with animal models.”

What You Can Do

Please send polite letters urging Friends of the Earth to withdraw its support for animal-testing and asking that the organization adopt the same progressive stance as its European branch. Click here for points that you can include in your letter.

Send letters to:

Erich Pica, President
Friends of the Earth
1100 15th St. N.W., 11th Fl.
Washington, DC 20005
202-783-0444 (fax)
[email protected]