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Zoos Are the ‘Pitts’ for Animals

Written by PETA | May 11, 2009

Each spring, zoos churn out baby animals like banks churn out big holiday bonuses for executives—but Average Joe and Jane don’t grumble about tiger cubs. They simply coo at the babies.

Leave it to a PETA member wearing a tiger mask and holding a cardboard sign reading, “Pittsburgh Zoo Made Me Homeless,” to bring home the point: Zoos should stop breeding animals and instead reinvent themselves as “rescue zoos.”


This fellow may be sitting, but he’s also standing—standing up for exotic animals, that is. Tens of thousands of tigers, bears, and other exotic animals languish in shoddy roadside attractions, back yards, and basements because the authorities who seize them have no place to put them.
Zoo demo
Our “tiger” welcomed dozens of visitors to learn about how zoos are cruel to animals both inside and outside their facilities. After reading our leaflets, the security guards nodded their heads in agreement.
Zoo demo


Written by Karin Bennett

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  • Dave Wallbracket says:

    A lot of animals in small enclosures at zoos display signs of “stereotyping” which is something Humans also display when feeling deeply distressed or disturbed An example is the a Honey Badger at a famous London zoo that in the Wild would be used to wandering many miles in a day but in its enclosure it can be seen repeating the same task over and over again. If we are really honest with ourselves common sense tells us that a cage is neither a natural or pleasurable environment for any animal. Humans also hate being confined to small spaces for long periods of time so unless we hold the rather narrow minded view that animals are emtionally far inferior to us we can only assume they do not like it either

  • kate says:

    The main zoo in my state does not have the animals “behind bars”. The animals i see are in a pretty big area that resembles their natural habitat the only glass near them is beyond their reach and is only there to keep young children from falling in. Im also a part of my zoos membership program and they only have births maybe 1 or 2 a year.It is rare that they even get any new animals at all.The birds have their on aviary where they are free to fly around as they please. The elephants and other herd animals have several hundred acres to roam around in plus their own natural watering hole. I hate that everyone stereotypes zoos as being a cagelike environment. Go to every zoo then make your generalizations.

  • brandie says:

    i went to a zoo not to long ago. it saddened me. 2 hippos forced to share such a small space and one pool that could only fit one hippo at a time. i guess they had to switch off who was int he pool and who was land. because the space couldn’t support their size at the same time. a bobcat forced to sit in a small glass case. no where to jump can barely turn around can barely scratch itself. other animals seemed as if they just had nothing to do but stand there. or hide. it was sad.

  • karen says:

    Ah man it just embarrases me to know I went to a zoo ones…..

  • Stray says:

    SARAH you are very misinformed. Tigers and other animals go “homeless” because when there is no room for them they end up in horrible conditions that you cannot consider a home. BRIEN If you care so much about zoo animals going extinct than perhaps you should think about supporting wildlife sanctuaries not attractions like zoos which only put animals on display not do what’s in their best interest giving them the land and care they need. Read up people!

  • sean says:

    this is partially a reply to “sarah” first i’ll overlook your spelling errors and refute your obviously well read view of the way zoos work.the animals in the zoo could come from rescue operationsfrom circusesother animal attractions which i also protestboycottbut when they breed them in the zoojust like puppy mills these animals are born into don’t learn about themthey’re not in their natural environment at all and finally they’re bored out of their mindsand their natural instincts are frustrated to no end. they are live pictures of what their relatives are in the wild and because youpeople like youare ignorant of the way the world around you works they will remain enslaved until you can wake up and really see zoos for what they really are. how long until we see a mentally handicapped human in the zoo? when you see my point behind this then you’re half way there.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I know of many zoos that sell their older animals to hunting ranches once the new babies arrive…

  • Kelsey says:

    This is such an awesome visual I LOVE the sign! Zoos are horrific to animals and I’m so glad PETA speaks up for the animals held captive by them!

  • sarah says:

    you know.. if it wasnt for zoos who maby get 2 tiger cubs every 3 years the tiger would go extinct.. no tiger has gone homeless becuse a baby tiger happend to be born. you people are just so assinied…

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    Money be the root of all evil.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Zoos do serve a purpose for many hapless wildlife species that are literally being poached and massacred into extinction in their native homelands.