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Zapping NASA’s Radiation Tests on Monkeys

Written by PETA | January 29, 2010

Victory Update: Following a year of vigorous campaigning, PETA has learned that government officials have grounded plans for a cruel and ineffective radiation experiment on monkeys. Learn more about this victory for monkeys.

Shouldn’t every day be “Bring Your Daughter to the Demo” Day?




This adorable girl joined other proud PETA supporters outside Johnson Space Center in Houston yesterday to urge NASA to ground its misguided plans to torment monkeys in cruel and ineffective radiation experiments. They educated tons of passersby about the more than two dozen monkeys who will be zapped with a large dose of radiation in NASA’s crude experiment at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island, New York. After the experiment, the monkeys will be shipped off to Harvard’s McLean Hospital and forced into years of experiments to assess how the radiation deteriorates their brains and wreaks havoc on their bodies.

Facebook posts speaking out against the cruel experiment have flooded NASA’s page—to the point that NASA created a new discussion board solely dedicated to this issue. And we’re tweeting at astronauts on the International Space Station (retweet, anyone?) asking them to take action:

@Astro_TJ Pls tell @NASA 2 #savethemonkeys from cruel & ineffective radiation experiments & replace ’em w/ humane/modern research methds!

Join the thousands of people signing PETA’s Twitter petition and urging Congress to halt NASA’s cruel plan.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Jeffrey says:

    I am still a huge NASA supporter but I did not agree with this research. The best thing NASA can do for long duration space flight is to create preventative shielding to keep out radiation, not experiment on animals to see the effects of radiation. We know the effects. With that said, long duration spaceflight is not a science fiction fantasy to satisfy playtime for adults. Long duration spaceflight will eventually become crucial for the survival of our species. You cannot pretend that you can start spaceflight in the future because the future is always tomorrow. You start now. Long duration spaceflight missions include finding ways to push a commet off course that could be headed toward earth. This is not some movie fantasy. We use NASA’s climate control satellites to observe the Earth. NASA finds better places to grow crops, the satellites help predict the path of forrest fires, etc. Educate yourself because this is our agency. The tax payers own it. As we have seen with this victory that we can make NASA an agency of responsibility.

  • nadine taylor says:

    i use to look up to nasa and there space ships that i thought would help us for the future. but now that i know the truth & what they do to animals with i think its rediculious. why do such a thing & hurt animals live’s. well nasa i just want to tell you that you suck & i no longer support you & yous studies. & i hope that eveyonr & the goverment realizes that too

  • karoline says:


  • SteeezySea says:

    This needs to stop. I can’t help but feel hisearandw for these poor primate fellows of ours. They don’t deserve to be tested on poor creatures. Let’s build a petition to stop NASA from doing these unspeakable crimes!

  • Jade says:

    Saucy sounds like you’re just trying to downplay my claims but that’s fine. This goes DOUBLE when I mention schools actually teaching both sides of the debate and it actually shows that children vary in their decisions some you disagree with. I still maintain you need a balance of parental guidance and education from other locations to have a wellrounded child. At least you acknowledge that parental guidance is needed for the reason I say that other sources are needed. You don’t have to go into graphic detail no but in the case I gave children are told that animals die for the food they eat BTW all kinds not just meat. They don’t say bolt to the head or such nor do they go to slaughterhouses at such a young age. Same with pedophilia you teach your children that a man or woman touching you in certain places is wrong. You use childlike language. What I just find odd is that people are also 1. Ignoring the facts this photo doesn’t look like it’s where it’s supposedly being and I haven’t had a link to a photo of the protest with harder proof 2. There’s no news articles about this happening Jan. 29 in Houston I’d found a story in the Chronicle if it did and 3. That NASA’s budget is reduced and more than likely this testing will not occur due to that fact. Never mind that the testing is redundant and common sense would dictate that this will be kicked out for that reason to save money.

  • Saucy says:

    OK Jade we get it. But sometimes children are better off being guided by their parents more educated and experienced POV. If there is a convicted pedophile living on a street near your home do you really want to go into graphic detail to a small child of the exact nature of the crimes this person committed? I don’t think so. You would hope that your child trusts and respects you enough to do what you say and stay away. There are many other examples I can think of as well. Children are very capable of discerning good from evil until so many POV’s come into play that they just become confused or they become people pleasers or some other self serving agenda. Children are as close as it gets to being wholly pure and good. We really should take our cues from them with regards to such matters as the mutilation of animals.

  • Jade says:

    Yes Saucy I know the answer to your question of “Show them some slaughterhouse footage and let them decide for themselves what they will eat. Even you surely know the answer to that.” The result is they choose for themselves because they see both sides. Where I live every single kid knows where their food comes from. People here don’t white wash the facts nor do they say it’s right nor wrong. The result? Some decide to go totally vegan some choose to edit their meal to reduce the amount of meat they eat and some think “Cool” or “Gross” and just eat their regular diets please note the third are usually kids who like things like “cooties” and mud pies. Point is at least all of them know the truth about where their food comes from. They’re not told some fanatical “Hamburger Tree” story though that I think a lot of people think that children get told. Reality there is those stories are told by parents who are ignorant of the truth usually those who grew up in the city. Thankfully our town is NOT one of those. Our state requires kids to choose a minimum of three items to eat in the cafeteria line but do not last time I checked mandate one must be meat or dairy. They can’t however just have the toppings for a hamburger they have to at least have the bun which is separate from the meat product. Plus they serve at least half vegan items to eat such as cheese lasagna or hearty side vegetable dishes every day. They can choose to eat three vegan items and juice but a lot choose to at least have dairy. As I’ve said a child needs to be well educated on both sides of the situation. Whatever they choose is their choice and I respect that. I would NEVER tell them that what they chose is wrong as long as it was their choice. I do get concerned however when I hear a kid say they have a certain view not just animal rights because it’s what their parents want. To me that is a worry because if they become dependent on one side or one particular POV and it changes it can simply drive a person crazy. I hate to see a child or anyone end up in that situation no matter my opinion on an issue.

  • Saucy says:

    Jade please explain to your children both sides of the animal food industry. Show them some slaughterhouse footage and let them decide for themselves what they will eat. Even you surely know the answer to that.

  • Jade says:

    Shari “JADE THIS LITTLE GIRL DID MORE ON THIS DAY THAN YOU DID IN YOUR WHOLE LIFE!” OK in just the past year I have 1. Raised money for the people in Haiti 2. Helped catch a bunch of perps who vandalised a school 3. Help out several stray animals some cases similar to the incident that cost a PETA member their life. 4. Written letters speaking my stance on animal testing to several groups 5. Spoken out against the misinformation given out regarding one of our animal industries the fair. This case there was an incident regarding the treatment of an animal. Said person was punished and denied the right to sell their animal. I don’t know if they were allowed to return to competition or not. This is just the beginning of it. In conclusion please don’t dare tell me I’m ignorant of the welfare of animals. BTW shouting is rude so please stop you make me wonder if I hit a sore spot with you. I do care and I do CHALLENGE the testing of monkeys regarding radiation as common sense knows it’ll cause brain tumors. Please don’t go implying that I am against what you stand for just because I dare question if it’s right for a young child to be taught this. I worry about our youth being taught only one side of the story on MANY issues not just animal rights hence my comment to being with.

  • Jade says:

    Shari first off I DO NOT SUPPORT THIS IDEA OF THE TESTING! I have only been questioning the fact the little girl being there because she’s not seeing both sides of the situation. I am curious though if you do have a photo of the protest that is actually from NASA though. Your rant to me makes me more intrigued with your side of the issue. You have your right to your opinion and I respect it even if I disagree. I ask you do the same too. As I’ve said NASA’s budget was severely cut this is found with a simple headline search. If they cut one of the biggest and most popular projects NASA has to offer I have little doubt this will happen with the monkeys. More than likely this testing will NOT occur. Yelling about it and calling me names and such will not do any good. Finally in regard to your last part regarding putting myself up for testing I will if you will. Are you that set in your beliefs that you would sacrifice yourself for the monkeys? If you are then yes I’d volunteer myself for testing. If not you can’t tell me to do something you’re not willing to do.

  • Shari says:


  • Shari says:


  • Ralph says:

    I agree with Jade this girl needs to be able to see both sides and decide for herself. This is what will make her a stronger and smarter woman when she grows up. When exactly was this protest held? I haven’t read any recent articles about there being protests at NASA in Houston or Huntsville’s papers and they usually cover protests like this. It would go double given NASA is a federal agency.

  • Carla says:

    Jade how do you know this little girl is not thinking for herself?? And who are you to judge what she and her mom are doing? And two sides of the story? Are you serious there are no two sides to this story as far as I am concerned.

  • Jade says:

    What I also find funny is that this protest came not too long after the announcement that NASA was going to not be able to go to the moon. They might not get to do this experiment anyway though animals have been used for decades all kinds for testing yet I’ve only read protests over monkeys. To answer Shari Shari “Oh give me a break about the little girl! I was there I was a monkey in the cage and that little girl was having a great time!” 1. I’m surprised then that PETA didn’t focus on you instead of the girl. To me that makes me feel that you’re exploiting the girl to draw attention. 2. So what about having a good time? A kid her age would like simple joys in life and getting to hold a poster like that with the colors on it would make her day she might not know what is written on them too. Shari “Just like any other child who does things. It was a great protestdemo and she has just as much right to be there as a child going to a cruel zoowhich know one seems to think anything about that! I mean should we discuss BOTH SIDE of the zoo issue to the child?” Answer Yes you should teach both sides or let her find out for herself. Slanting a child’s opinion which can be molded at such a young age teaches her to look at things from only one side. Looking at both sides makes for a wellrounded and quite honestly smarter child. Shari “Look this was all a great time that day and yes it was by NASA of course they are not going to let us come on to their property” Please explain to me then why the only information I can find on this online is that it was a NOVEMBER protest and again the photo doesn’t show any Johnson Space Center specifics and even there the only stories I’m reading are papers that are NOT Houston or Huntsville. Something doesn’t add up can you guys show us a photo that has at least the old rockets in the shot? Just something to prove you were there and this not be somewhere else? Shari ” this demo had a great message behind it Do we have to ask a child at a spay and neuter demo if they know all the sides of the issue!” Why should they be at a spayneuter demo? These kids are too young at least the girl in the photo to know what either of those are. I’m not saying they shouldn’t learn when they’re kids just not at the age of this young one. Shari “Now that all being said I am glad this little girl with her caring mom by her side was there that day this demo was age appropriate for her to be at!” No it wasn’t age appropriate and honestly I feel sorry for young ones who are being taught only one side of the story. This makes them grow up to not trust other opinions and that is the greater disappointment. Given the announcement from NASA It would be rather funny if they don’t do this testing anyway due to budget and you guys claim that it was due to your protesting.

  • david says:

    Jade props i totally agree with you. With a view on both sides of the issue a lot of misconceptions will be resolved ie. why we have to have radiation tests. everyone who thinks this is useless we don’t know what radiation does. You can say radiation gives you cancer but chemotherapy which again uses radiation cures cancer. everyone who says this is cruel to monkeys lab monkeys and normal monkeys are different. They differ in a way that lab monkeys will not mate with normal monkeys. Lab monkeys have imprinted on humans making them oddities and unnatural in the first place. Whether they have any cognitive skills is completely unmeasurable because they don’t think like monkeys would anyways.

  • R4u says:

    So you say we start doing these tests on humans since monkeys are that important?

  • Shari says:

    Oh give me a break about the little girl! I was there I was a monkey in the cage and that little girl was having a great time! Just like any other child who does things. It was a great protestdemo and she has just as much right to be there as a child going to a cruel zoowhich know one seems to think anything about that! I mean should we discuss BOTH SIDE of the zoo issue to the child? Look this was all a great time that day and yes it was by NASA of course they are not going to let us come on to their property this demo had a great message behind it Do we have to ask a child at a spay and neuter demo if they know all the sides of the issue! Now that all being said I am glad this little girl with her caring mom by her side was there that day this demo was age appropriate for her to be at!

  • Jade says:

    Carla there’s educating the next generation and then there is this. If the child is being allowed to look at the issue from both sides then more power to her for taking this stance. However if she’s only getting one side of the story then there’s a serious concern because NO ONE knows the whole story on anything except their own selves. All children need to think for themselves otherwise we’ll all go stale or dependent on others to think for us. That’s what happened in the book “1984” any thoughts contrary to Big Brother were quashed and everyone was bored.

  • carla says:

    Derek it’s about educating the next generation. Fool!

  • Jay says:

    This girl doesn’t look abused and children have their opinion and even if it’s only a taught one why not showing it?

  • Any says:

    I agree with Derek and Jade. Encourage children to learn about animals and compassion on their own as they grow up so they’ll be passionate about it their whole lives. Plus there’s less of a chance that they’ll nix the cause when they get older if they get passionate about it on their own and not because their parents forced them.

  • ocean17 says:

    Derek NASA should not be conducting these bogus tests anyway your superficial and irrelevant “complaint” makes precious little sense. it doesn’t matter whom is protesting this stupidity it’s needs to be done.

  • Derek says:

    Now while I am certainly disturbed by this practise by Nasa I’m also disturbed by the idea of involving children in political agendas. At that age the girl isn’t old enough to think for herself. I just don’t like seeing children used.

  • Jade says:

    Couple of facts 1. NASA’s budget is very very tiny now so a test like this may not occur anyway. 2. I don’t think you’re demonstrating at the space center that building doesn’t look anywhere in the vicinity. That said you’re free to protest and if this works more power to you.

  • vaibhav says:

    Hi First of all NASA should stop unnecessary Rocket launching programmes…in which they burn several gallons of oil. Since world is facing ‘Global Warming’…then how can the responsible and leading country like USA behave like this…They should set a benchmark by lowering their fuel emmision into atmosphere. I am sure other countries will follow them as a good example.!!! Thanks Vaibhav

  • Shari says:

    This little girl is smarter that the NASA Sciencetist! I think she should work for PETA someday! Great protest little girl!

  • Newt Dobbs says:

    I feed my horses daily. i cannot stand anyone who doesn’t care for their animals!

  • Poor Monkeys says:

    Brien Comerford The government wastes so much money I doubt it would go to anywhere useful if NASA wasn’t around so lets $ around in space while we are at it.

  • Poor Monkeys says:

    My grandpa used to handle the radioactive waste that they had an active reactor at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Between that and smoking he died of cancer. This is the one time I agree with PETA. Don’t we already know what radiation does?

  • Sarah says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all parents were like the parents of this little girl and taught their children to have compassion for all animals?

  • DARLENE says:


  • vegancoin says:

    what Marnie said. what Kelley said. these tests sound extremely ridiculous and unnecessary. surely NASA could use computer modelling of some sort for this research.

  • Kelley says:

    Don’t we already know what radiation does to people? We have been studying the effects of this for over 70 years now.

  • Raichu says:

    That little girl is supah kawaii yo 3 desu desu desu also I likes the little primates

  • Sandera says:

    I am just appauled that NASA would even consider doing such a thing! We already know what radiation does to the human body…we know that the men and women going to space for long periods of time canwill develop bone and other health problems. Duh! Wake up NASA!!! Leave those poor defenseless monkeys alone!!

  • Marnie says:

    Radiation harms awfully everyone knows it by reason of uncounted cruel experiments for what the tests? Needless to repeat them again and again. It’s only the evolution which made us humans to an upper species. But we are not a better species we only defined ourselves to be superior in rank because we took it literally. Respect please it could have been different and we were the “dummies”. Stop the tests !!! Be human i.e. compassionate !!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    NASA is inhumane to animals and a massive waste of billions of dollars. Their monies should be used to feed the poor and to protect endangered species. NASA is laden with space cadets.

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    NASA can not looking into the eyes of this darling little girl and still hurt monkeys!! They just can’t!!