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Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Written by PETA | April 25, 2007

So I walked into my local Taco Bell today, psyched to order my usual lunch, the always delicious and satisfying combo of a bean and rice burrito and a beef and potato burrito (substitute beans for beef and salsa for sour cream). The cashier was excited to see me (yes, all the employees know me and my pal Joel Bartlett, we eat there that much) and point out that, lo and behold, the new specialty item they’re pushing is vegetarian. It’s called a 7-Layer Crunchwrap, and it’s basically like a double bean tostada thing wrapped in a tortilla and grilled. Of course, they’ll gladly make it vegan by nixing the cheese and sour cream, which I guess makes the vegan version a 5-Layer Crunchwrap, huh?

Taco Bell.jpg

Anyway, just wanted to share my newfound favorite menu item at the ultimate purveyor of Mexican fast food goodness, and holler at my favorite girl at the register. See you tomorrow, Kim.

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  • kary says:

    Yes..those are chains that their mainly products are meat…but going there and ordering a vegoptionmakes a diference..and by demand now me…later another veg we make a statement on those chains and they might make a veg menu in a future…or stop treating animals like objects.

  • Palm says:

    Well did any of you think of the workers? They need money too so why not support them? You’d all rather complain about the food and the animals but no one considered the workers and the bils they have to pay.

  • Madeline L says:

    I was also recently in a taco bell and while i was waiting fro my food to be ready i looked at there application for a job there and discovered that taco bell and Kentucky fried chicken are owned by the same company shouldn’t we not eat taco bell as well?

  • JH says:

    Laura YUM! foods has publicly stated that the beans no longer use lard and the rice no longer uses chicken seasoning. The rice does contain casein though.

  • laura says:

    Just an fyi although I totally love that your trying the rice is not vegan. I worked there when I was a teenager… they fry everything in lard I’ve watched them melt it down in the morning and add a big ol heaping spoonful to the rice when they make it. The beans are dehydrated when they come in and they just add water to them. I don’t know what else is dehydrated with them though… better safe then sorry…. taco bell is not vegan friendly…

  • Mel says:

    As a person who has worked in the food industry for 10 years all I can say is when you are out boycotting these companies families like mine suffer. How can my husband and I feed our family without income? What would happen to the economy if fast foods closed? I know a lot of people turning to these fast food companies for financial support now that times have gotten tough. I understand the animal rights. However think of farmers slaughterhouse workers the people who process these foods and not to mention the unrealistic animal population if all animals lived a “full” life. If you can tell me that you would let your own child die of starvation because you will not do a job to make money regardless what that job may be then I will agree with you but until then I’m sorry but I have to continue slinging the beef to feed my son.

  • Carol says:

    You know they dump chicken flavoring on the rice right? That’s not very vegan now is it?

  • Jon says:

    I think what we all need to realize here is that yes America is a sea of corporateproduced animal products. They may be CONVENIENT and easy to consume without much thought but they are nothing more than CORPORATE PRODUCTS off the assembly line with little else in mind than making YUM! “foods” more money to expand and conquer our dietary choices when dining out even further. As vegans we should not become comfortable trusting the same industries we are rebelling against. I’ll admit in my ignorant past I’ve eaten “vegetarian” items at Tbell not really thinking about the implications. BUT PLEASE people you all know better. Don’t think for a second that there is ANY nutritional value in anything from a fast junk”food” assembly line.

  • Stephanie says:

    The ‘veggie’ food is prepared on the same surfaces and cooked on the same grillstove as the other food. But as others have said it is good at least to have a choice if fast food is what you have to eat.

  • colleen says:

    for god’s sake people leave the man alone and thank him for helping us live for a day in the unfortunate real world having to eat craptastic fast food because we forgot our lunch or are simply stuck in the middle of the boonies. and doug do you think jack wants taco bell over your roasted tahini lunch? of course not but we do what we can.

  • Gypsy says:

    To all Vegetarianvegan OXYMORONS… Are your choices to not eat meat for moral reasons?So why the hell would you consiously support the K.F.CTaco Bell chain knowing that their main attraction are meat products that come from Factory Farms?Although your not directly eating the meatyou still support the franchise…who will use the money you gave them to expand!Expansion for them means more animals lives will be slaughtered.Either way you still have blood on your hands.Think about itotherwise continue on with your ignorant existance?

  • Billie K says:

    It’s fast food. Please dont kid yourself into believing that it’s anything more than the cheapest crap they can cram down your throat then why bother being a vegetarian. For the love of anything edible eat a decent meal for once!

  • Courtney says:

    7 layer crunch wraps are amazing. It’s sad that they’ve stopped having them on the menu in some places most recently I’ve noticed in California and Texas. However in Indiana where I go to school I can still order one despite its absense on the menu.

  • Anonymous says:

    you are all crazy and should kill yourselves… scary vegans and veggie nutcases. “let’s all become weak stupid morons because we don’t have a nanogram of protein from meat in our diets! wahoo!” stupid… it’s not healthy physically or mentally. all of you should seek psychiatric evaluation. kthxbyelol

  • Savannah says:

    I think taco bell has great food and so does my boy friendbut i m curious what all they use to make some of there food….

  • Fran says:

    glad ya’ll think you’re doing good and eating vegan at taco bell… but pretty sure there is nothing there that is actually vegan… You might I stress might be able to get a vegetarian meal. No there isn’t actually meat on your burrito or wrap or whatever but it probably got animal in it somehow.

  • Kaci says:

    I for one LOVE the new 7 layer crunchwrap! I had one the other night and thought that it was delicious!! I also understand why one would not approve of eating at a resturaunt that serves meat and make s 99 of it’s profits from it. But I appreciate and respect the fact that fast food places like Taco Bell and BK are making an effort to accomodate vegetarians and will also substitute in order to make your meal vegan. Thanx Taco Bell!! XO Kaci

  • Eric says:

    Red Dye Number 40 is not derived from the cochineal insect but carmine crimson conchineal extract duh and carminic acid are. Most modern dyes are synthetic and derived from petroleum and coal tar sources. Just thought I’d clear that up. I’m proud that more places are offering vegetarian options to their menussuddenly it’s not so hard to fake being a meat eater when we go out to eat.

  • roberta says:

    You might want to research what Taco Bell puts in its beans.

  • Brandon says:

    The flour tortilla shells used at Taco Bell are NOT vegan. I believed this myself until I did further research. It contains “datem” which is not vegan.

  • drew says:

    Yeah I totally went out and bought 7 with a bunch of friends. They’re good thanks for the recommendation! Dude they look really funny. They should call it ‘el UFO vegano’. JoelI don’t blame the lady I’d ID you too. You’ve got shifty eyes… jk

  • Alice says:

    KFC and Taco Bell share the same cruelties. When I was still a vegetarian I used to eat the 7layer burrito all of the time until I realized the tortures the these companies put the animals though. I am now a vegan and try to only support places that either only serve organic foods or atleast do not widely support the evil industries of cruel treatment.

  • Julia says:

    Thank you Brandon! I can’t believe all you vegans out there who are actually supporting ANY fast food company. They all make 99.9 of their money off of dead animals. I wouldn’t even buy a soda at Taco Bell.

  • Tessa says:

    I agree with Tessa! I heard they were made of beatles too and beatles have feelings therefore I don’t get it.

  • nico says:

    i always loved taco bell it was always my favorite but i recently been 6mths now and proud became a vegitarian after realizing the horrors the animals suffer from factory farms and worse yet the slaughter houses not to mention transport suffering on the way to slaughterbut im gald to know taco bell now has a vegitarian food available thanks for the info!! i know some don’t support the idea of eating at taco bell but look we at least quit eating meat didn’t we i can’t solve everything ok? but i do love all animals and their suffering does need to stop.

  • Brandon says:

    I would never eat Taco Bell. They make most of their money selling animal corpses. Vegans should support ethical companies!

  • dw says:

    Mmm. That sounds really good. I might even bike out to a Taco Bell tonight to grab a snack… Thanks for the heads up dude

  • doug says:

    I still can never imagine nourishing my body with Taco Bell? You are what you Eat!

  • Canaduck says:

    Aliciaunless you are eating organic chicken meaning it’s raised in a natural environment you are eating KFCstyle meat. The entire industry is a nightmare for chickens. The reason we focus on KFC is because they sell more chickens than anyone in the world and if they require change from the slaughterhouses which supply them pretty much EVERY slaughterhouse will have to change.

  • Alicia says:

    personally i do avoid Pepsi product but admitedly there is such a wide range of there products from orange juice to athletic drinks it’s hard to track exactly what they have their hands in

  • lindsey says:

    If you don’t eat at the other Yum! Brand Inc. restaurants because you are boycotting KFC you also shouldn’t be drinking any Pepsi CO. products or attending any events that Pepsi CO. sponsors. I don’t know if the other restaurants in YUM! AW Pizza Hut and Long John Silvers get their chicken from the same places. It would be good research to figure that out.

  • alicia says:

    Jack It has been a long time question of mine…Is it ok to eat at taco bell since they are a sister company of the evil KFC? Doesn’t the money all go to the same place? And if I am eating a chicken soft taco does that mean that I am eating KFC style killed meat. I don’t mean to ruin your expreriance because i share you passion for the Bell. What do you think

  • Andrew Z says:

    Jack Taco Bell is owned by the same company Yum! Brands Inc. that owns KFC which PETA has been campaigning against for years! In fact the KFC locations where I organize protests at on behalf of PETA are combo KFCTaco Bells. Though one of my favorite fast food places on the rare occasion I’m inclined to eat such food I no longer eat there because of KFC. It’s good that they are promoting a vegetarian special though.

  • starza says:

    You can make it a 6layer burrito by adding potatoes! The boyfriend used to work there so we have tons of fun ideas on how to make foods vegan at Taco Bell.

  • Chris says:

    Apparently Nick didn’t hear that the campaign to get Taco Bell to pay it’s farmers a little better was won almost 10 maybe more years ago. Thanks for the tip Jack. Let’s free the animals and the market. O

  • Joel Bartlett says:

    Dude i just got back from TacoBell and the old lady there asked where my friend meaning you was. She went on to say something like “If you guys didn’t come i wouldn’t know what was up…”. And she told me three times to “have a nice day honey”. Yet still she ID’d me when using my credit card…

  • Nick says:

    If you support justice and equality for all that doesn’t just stop with animals. I am a vegan and support animal rights but I support human rights to an equal degree. Taco Bell is known to violate the basic rights of poor mostly illegal laborers who pick their tomatoes. Tomatoes from Taco Bell are essentially the result of slave labor. So while I applaud you for opposing speciesism please take into consideration the welfare and rights of members of your own species as well.

  • lindsey says:

    Hi again Jack I had two 7layer crunchwraps for dinner and wished I ordered a third. They’re my new favorite food!

  • doug says:

    I guess the thing is I just cant imagine putting anything from Taco Bell in my body. A typical lunch for me is steamed Kale under Tamari Roasted Tofu with a light Tahini Cream Sauce. Why give Taco Bell the money when you can eat like that? Don’t you have any local Veggie places that you can support instead? This boogles my mind especially because of all the defending of PETA I have had to do as of late because of the Abolitionist vs. Welfare people fighting. Eat local and healthy not taco bell Jack I still like you though…

  • leslie says:

    Hi! thanks for the information but isn’t TACO BELL owned by YUM foods who owns KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN? Why give your money to that company anyway? To give your cash to TACO BELL means you’re giving it to KFC as well as it’s all the same?

  • zodiac says:

    I bet the vegan thing is quite yummy! the veggie burger from aw is great tooits my favorite burger now!

  • Cuckoo4tofu (Chelsea D.) says:

    I love their 7layered burritos and was glad when I was at my local Taco Bell and noticed that the 7layered crunchwraps were back but then remembered that they have those little red crunchy corn chips in them that might contain red dye 40 crushed up beetles. I suppose that along with subtracting the dairy I could omit the red chips just in case but it’s frustrating that I have to worry about beetles being in my food in the first place. Apparently insects are only allowed in a restaurant if they are an ingredient.

  • Tessa says:

    This is perfect timing because I’m going on a road trip to Chicago this weekend with my class and when we take rest stops we’ve got to go to fast food. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • lindsey says:

    Jack I can’t thank you enough for this information. I am sooooooooooo excited about this. I love the 7layer burrito but always wish they would make a vegetarian crunchwrap because they always seemed so delicious. THANK YOU THANK YOU to Jack and Taco Bell I know where I am going for dinner tonight!!!