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Year of the Dog on DVD

Written by PETA | August 28, 2007

If you didn’t happen to catch Year of the Dog in theatres, don’t fret, it’s coming out on DVD today. Written and directed by Mike White—of School of Rock, The Good Girl and Nacho Libre fame—and starring Molly Shannon, Peter Sarsgaard, John C. Reilly, Regina King and Laura Dern, this is a sure thing date night rental. I’ve already added it to my Netflix list, so hopefully it comes soon, though I’ll probably wind up watching it with Joel and Princess Cuteyface. And in the meantime, I’ll just have to fill the time making these amazingly cute e-cards from our feature on the movie here.

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  • Sue says:

    Let me start by saying I am a Vegetarian. Now. Did nobody else get the WRONG message the movie sent? Yes love dogs…animals… BUT if you do… you will lose your mind people will think you’re weird you will commit fraud lose your job attempt murder break and enter obsess live alone abandon family… BUT really!! Commit fraud?!!! Lose your mind?!! Attempt murder?!!! C’mon now! I know a lot of Vegans and Vegetarians like my self who have a job are activists promote healthy living… but the movie was trying to say if you go vegan and care for animals you turn into a maniac!! There is an underlying but clear and wrong message in this film.. I know there is the good part in the movie about loving animals and adopting.. but there is also a CLEAR message that if you go that way you lose everything… Think about and find out who funded this film.

  • arcy says:

    I just watched YOTD. I felt like crying tears of sadness and then tears of laughter and then tears of joy. The movie had a great message and was an all around great film.

  • cappuccino says:

    pilvio your statement is not understandable! please repeat it in a normal way!

  • observer says:

    pilvio some how over time “mr” has lost its true meaning. but don’t you worry about us peta people. we’re not fooled for a second about vick. read our comments under the vick topics.

  • john says:

    YOTD is great and Laura Dern steals the movie. soooooooooo freaking funny.

  • Ana says:

    Beautiful cat on the cover!!!!! I need to look into purchasing the dvd.

  • kelly says:

    This is an incredibly moving film and a great performance by Shannon. Very memorable words by the main character Peggy about her interest in animal rights “If you all didn’t think I was crazy I’m sure you will now. How do I explain the things I’ve said and done? How do I explain the person I’ve become? I know I’ve disappointed everyone and I’m sorry for that. I wish I was a more articulate person. I believe life is magical. It is so precious. And there are so many kinds of life in this life. So many things to love. The love for a husband or a wife a boyfriend or girlfriend. The love for children. The love for yourself. And even material things. This is my love. It is mine. And it fills me and it defines me. And it compels me on.”

  • pilvio says:

    I’m very disappointed with Peta to thing that “mr” vick that how Peta call him “MR” That fould Jesus and call his evil actions “terrible”.is a total change “men”. He is really after his billions of dolars.Dont be so Poliana peta people