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If You Wouldn’t Eat Your Dog …

Written by PETA | August 6, 2007

Sometimes it’s kind of hard for people to make the connection between their pets and the animals they eat, so here are some masks our Production department made to help with that. What do you think?


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  • lexi human says:

    omg….who seriously would eat there dog?? wheather this is china or the usa….dont eat dogspigs

  • Anna says:

    Michele Fair enough animals will be slaughtered when it is time for them to go into the food industry. But the animal wouldn’t have existed in the first place they are all bred specifically for food production. Whether it’s right for us to do this I don’t know. But if many more people decided to become vegetarian not likely! then that’s an awful lot of animals that will be culled in vain. Just a thought.

  • payton says:

    Selena No God does not look down on animals as unworthwhilebut He did constantly require that they be used as a mean of sacrifice in the O.T. Do you view that as torture? Even if you do and others God is God. Unquestionable whether we agree with Him or not. Chris good points the main one being that SADLY most of you who ATTEMPT to even discuss biblical practices are totally off the mark. GodJesus being the ultimate authority over ALL creationcreatures means our little opinions and observations really amount to naught. Freedom for animals it’s NOT about reading the Bible SLOWLY?it’s about understanding the Word of God. Regardless of whether or not God was angry with the people of Israel for complaining and He was IF He had not wanted them to eat MEAT and IF He had been totally against the human comsumption of meat He would not have sent down quail! God is God. You advised Chris to keep reading I would advise you to do the same. God gives a very detailed list of what ANIMALS man couldcould not eat and then Jesus goes on to say in the N.T. that it’s not what a mean put into his body as far as what one eats it’s what comes out of the heart that matters. Yes all that is in the Bible continue reading!!!Please read it if you’re going to use it for support. Jesus had “no other way to make them fishers of men”? You’re kidding right? God! had no other way?! Also all who are truly Christian do NOT believe in St. Francis or any other! It’s God Jesus and the Holy Spirit. That’s it. Praying to saints to Mary is contrary to the Word of God. NO ONE is good enough to be considered a “saint”….Eating meat might not be the BEST choice healthwisebut the bottom line is it IS a choice! If one has chosen not to then so be it but it is not wrong for those who do eat it. Just do what you do without trying to make people feel the same way. Being that God gave that choice which of you is greater than He?

  • Jenny says:

    Shadowfox and Jessica You are correct people do not need another Big Mac or huge portion but do let me clarify a few thing from someone who is not a vegetarian. 1. One could easily consume a few thousand calories at the salad bar. 2. The only people who consider pigs to be filty are these insane Muslims.

  • Kathy says:

    Dear Kathy Yes I do have something to justify. Livestock are slaughtered at a particular time in their live. These animals are used for meat when they reach a particular weight called market weight. If they go past that weight the meat is no good. I do believe that the research done are on those individual who frequent fast food places and people who buy crap at the supermarket. That is definitely not a healthy option. I think we can both agree to that part. Meat is healthy only if its lean and prepared the right way and eaten in moderation. Think about it. Fruit is healthy but if you eat too much and you’ll end up with the Hershey squirts. Another problem too much fruit can lead to problems involving the hormones that regulate your blood sugar insulin glucagon and growth hormone. Don’t go off defending fruit. I’m just using fruit as an example. Fruit is healthy so are vegetables and starch. The key to a well balanced diet is simply that Balanced.

  • Kathy says:

    One more thing. My pigs are castrated WITHOUT anaesthesia. It’s done quickly like circumcising a baby boy. What most people do not realize is that its the anaesthesia that ends up killing the pig.

  • Kathy says:

    Dear freedom for animals In response to your question “Do you raise freerange pigs?” We raise show hogs. My son shows hogs BTW goats as well. Believe you me these animals are more pampered than many pet dogs and cats. They recieve plenty of exercise and socialization top quality feed a personal fan hay or a heat lamp in the winter so they can stay warm daily belly rubs and since it’s getting real hot now a cool bath three times a day. Sometimes I put a bag of ice in each pen and they love the ice. Sometimes a kiddie pool filled with water is given to them. Afterall a happy pig is going to show well. In addition medical problems are taken care of immediately. If they cannot be cured they are put down immediately never left to suffer a slow death. No antibiotics. No hormones. No unapproved drugs. If we get lucky at the show the hog gets auctioned off and most people who purchase these animals do so to help the kids future education. Many times the meat is donated to food banks to feed those less fortunate than us. If our hog gets sifted we keep it we end up with a good year supply of pork VERY lean pork virtually no fat!!! a is a far cry from what is served at McDonalds or other fast food resturants. I personally know the business that processes our hogs and they kill them quickly and humanely. I support PETA but do not agree with every cause. They definitely have their place in supporting the rights of animals. However I do eat meat but make careful choices about what I eat and where it comes from. Factory farms are just plain wrong. I only eat meat from humanely raised animals. P.S. A bit of trivia. A pig is called a pig if they weigh 120 pounds or less. Anything above 120 pounds they are called a hog.

  • Michele says:

    Kathy the key word in your post is “lived”. These cattle sure didn’t get pampered when they were being slaughtered. I would not call it “luxury” knowing that these cattle will have a life expectancy that is just a fraction of what they would have if they were not killed for our consumption. And more and more research is showing that eating meat is not a healthier option. Oh well I am sure you will somehow continue to justify eating meat.

  • Kathy says:

    Factory farming is indeed cruel and I don’t believe in it. However I eat meat. I love meat. Meat is healthy in moderation. Fruits and vegetables along with meat is what makes a healthy diet. Yep eating at McDonalds everyday is a recipe for a heart attack but properly prepared and eaten in moderation is good. I buy my meat from kid’s FFA and 4H projects. The animals are raised without antibiotics and hormones not to mention that these animals lived a life of luxury pampered to no end the best feed best veterinary care opportunities for socialization plenty of water and sunshine and if it’s too hot outside they have a personal fan and perhaps a kiddie pool to roll in. I like meat but I would much rather take from an animal that was treated humanely.

  • Kathy says:

    Ann T. You are soooo correct. Might I also add that God gave us dominion over the Earth and all its creatures. IMO it means we are welcome to use animals for our survival but not to abuse. You’re right people have eaten their pets to avoid starvation. I know because my mother grew up very poor and out of despiration for food they ended up having to eat the dog.

  • cathy says:

    For those who argue that God “gave us animals to eat” that “Jesus was a fisherman” and that “animals eat other animals” please consider this Did God put these animals in factory farms to be held practically immobile for their entire lives and in filthy conditions? No people had to hunt them while the animal lived a natural life. Did Jesus trawl for his fish with a huge net that indiscriminately destroyed all fish life and aquatic vegetation in it’s path destroying marine ecosytems beyond recognition? No he used a small net cast off of his row boat. And do wild animals kill way more than what they need to eat wasting the lives of their prey? No they kill and eat what they need in order to survive. THIS is why I am a vegetarian. Factory farming is unconscionable and the way we have overfished our oceans until the ecosystems are on the verge of collapse or have already collapsed is ridiculous.

  • tmax says:

    Black Kat. Im saying that wars are not solely based on animals andor the way they are consumed or not consumed. Its unfair and incorrect to base the declaration and act of war on animal abuse. I work with animals everyday. I love animals however every major conflict in our history is not a mirrored outcome of animal cruelty. It maybe a shock to you but I do eat meat but at the same time I do believe there are actions that are taken in this world that are totally unfair to the animal kingdom. Does that make me a hypocrite? No. Does that make me a poser. No. That makes me a conscious person who makes a choice to eat meat but care for animals at the same time. It is possible. Same way that it is possible to grow a garden eat it and still care for the ecosystem. Back to my original point I think its unfair to American Soldiers some who happen to be family and very close friends who have fought and died in previous wars to say they went to war because of animal cruelty and because of someones diet. Its comparable to saying that Johnny slapped Billy because he twitched his nose whenever the teacher said a verb. Furthermore as far as my intelligence and “knowing anything” goes I will be glad to answer any questions about anything to suit any derogatory accusations towards myself. Im not trying to pick a fight Im not claiming this is a debate but it is a public forum and Im discussing the topic at hand.

  • rojo says:

    Ana just so mothers aren’t confused breast milk is the best thing they can do for their children. I know you mean cows milk which can cause problems in lactose intolerant people. If kids aren’t allowed to drink cows milk please make sure the diet makes up for the calcium shortfall and remember to allow for the difference in absorption.calcium in milk is more readily absorbed compared to calcium in vegetables

  • Ana says:

    Excessive meat also causes constipation witness all of the remedies on the shelves of your local pharmacy promising instant relief. I have seen many people at hospitals with severe constipation because of a lack of vegetables and fruits in their respective diets. These remedies in pharmacies make billions off of the misery of constipated individuals and being that the American diet is meatbased for all 3 meals it is certainly a lucrative business. Digesting meat is taxing on the intestines even many doctors have admitted that to me. Dr. Spock the late pediatrician who was a wellrespected authority on the wellbeing of children promoted a vegetarianvegan diet for children in his final book. He was particularly careful to point out how detrimental milk is for children.