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World’s Ugliest Profession

Written by PETA | June 30, 2010

When she was found running loose in the streets of Clear Lake, California, the newly crowned “World’s Ugliest Dog,” Princess Abby, was suffering from a variety of ailments, including malnutrition, parasite infestation, and dental disease—but her worst problems were likely caused entirely by humans. Celebrity vet Karen “Doc” Halligan, one of the judges of the contest, says the Chihuahua’s freakishly curved back (caused by hind legs that are nearly twice as long as the front ones), mismatched ears, and missing left eye may be because of inbreeding. “She’s a poster child to spay and neuter your pets,” Halligan said.

One might add that Princess Abby and other previous “World’s Ugliest Dog” contestants such as the one pictured here are also poster children for refusing to patronize pet shops—which are notorious for being fronts for puppy mills (i.e., Inbreeding Central)—as well as “hobby” breeders, whose purebred pups are also prone to genetic defects.

Abby’s defects may make her less than beautiful in some people’s eyes, but the truly ugly ones are the people who churn out puppies just to make a buck.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Mary J says:

    Starlett When dogs and other animals are bred for profit humans choose the parents for mating. Negligence in choice is what caused abbeys problems and so it was the humans fault. Also in the wild most animals only inbreed when there is a lack of suitable mates.

  • Starlett says:

    “but her worst problems were likely caused entirely by humans. ” I’m sorry but no that is not fair to say that. Animals do breed with their brothers or sisters too. because it’s mating to them so you can’t pin it on humans. You have no proof of this what so ever. you shouldn’t post things like that is you have no actual 100 full proof evidence of this

  • sanjuro says:

    Poor poor little dog at the hands of humands playing doctor Frankenstein.

  • Harper says:

    AKC makes money off those puppy mill puppies and they don’t care how genetically troubled these dogs are. AKC works hard to support the puppy mills oppose regulation and keep the breeding of the sick hurting dogs going on so AKC can profit. Many of these dogs never survive for long. httpwww.sourcewatch.orgindex.php?titleAmericanKennelClub

  • Becky says:

    Abby may not be beautiful in the eyes of those who judged her but in the eyes of both myself and her Creator God she is gorgeous and deserves to live life to the fullest no matter what people say. Puppy mills are atrocious and should be stopped. I really dispise the “World’s Ugliest Dog” Contest because who are we to say why a dog is “ugly” or not?

  • martin el rico says:

    “Abby’s defects may make her less than beautiful in some people’s eyes but the truly ugly ones are the people who churn out puppies just to make a buck.” Wonderfully said! It’s just so said such people exist!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Beauty it is said is in the eye of the beholder. I think Abby is adorable.

  • Catlady92071 says:

    I agree with Lady Siberian. The more I hear about what peole do to animals and to each other I love animals more. This dog and others like her are beautiful where it counts on the inside!

  • Karine says:

    there are no ugly dogs only ugly humans.

  • Moo says:

    I used to live in Australia now live in Chile and the number of unloved street dogs here upsets me greatly I am currently trying to purchase some land to start a refuge for these animals. Fortunately they are having a “splay neuter” campaign here at the moment hopefully it will help! Thanks PETA for bringing the needs of animals to the attention of us big dumb animals… sometimes we just need a hint!

  • Tracey says:

    I found both of my Yorkies on Craigslist. They were both under a year old and needed good homes. I love them like my children and feel blessed to have them in my life

  • Lady Siberian says:

    Princess Abby is Beautiful!!! More than the souls and hearths of many “Human Beings” Every minute that I know more about people I LOVE MORE ANIMALS!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    I agree 100…there are plenty of dogs out there that need to be adopted and breeders and puppy mills are still being chosen by people as a place to buy their pets…I will never figure it out…a true animal lover would look for one that needs a home thats in a shelter…To anyone who has adopted a shelter animal THANK YOU!!!

  • Filipe Rodrigues says:

    I totally agree. Poor dog in those filty rich hands. “Abby’s defects may make her less than beautiful in some people’s eyes but the truly ugly ones are the people who churn out puppies just to make a buck.”

  • Jess says:

    Personally I also think that pedigree breeders could be endangering animals’ lives. My dad’s little puppy just went blind and now has a brain problem and the vet says it often occurs in puppies of her breed Miniature Yorkshire Terrier. Perhaps us humans need to put animals’ needs first before we look for the ‘prettiest’ dog or cat.