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Woman Nearly Scalped by Leopard

Written by PETA | March 10, 2010

Less than a month after Tilly, an orca at SeaWorld in Orlando, attacked and killed his trainer, yet another story has emerged about captive animals who lash out against their imprisonment. In an upcoming episode of Fatal Attractions, a new Animal Planet miniseries about fatal attacks by exotic “pets,” a woman named Julie Burros talks about how the black leopard she bought for $1,800 through a classified ad in a magazine nearly ripped her scalp off. While Burros escaped with her life, the leopard wasn’t so lucky—he was shot and killed by police officers. Perhaps most shocking of all is that Burros says that she would “love to do it again” (by which we assume she means buying another leopard as opposed to nearly being decapitated).



Couple this with the story of the zoo patron who lost two fingers to a black bear, and this apparently needs to be repeated: There’s a reason why they call wild animals “wild.” That’s where they belong, not locked up in a cage in a zoo, in a concrete swimming pool in a theme park, or in someone’s backyard.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • lucia says:

    FOR JULIE BURROS I am brasilian people and i love leopard IN FLOREST. VOCE É UMA IDIOTA E DEVIA TER MORRIDO PARA APRENDER QUE LEOPARDO DEVE VIVER LIVRE NA FLORESTA E NAO PRESO EM GAIOLA DA CASA DE UMA IDIOTA COMO VOCE. Fiquei triste por que mataram o animal. Correto era ele ter matado voce e fugido para a floresta. Além de ser cruel por ter criado o animal preso e longe dos companheiros da mesma espécie, voce incentivou o TRAFICO DE ANIMAIS SILVESTRES ao comprar esse filhote. Gostei muito do leopardo ter mordido voce, sua louca.

  • PETA says:

    Stephanie- No, she did not have a license since she kept this leopard as as ‘pet’, instead of exhibiting the animal. Strangely in Louisiana, the laws do not prohibit people from keeping exotics as pets and with that being the case, no legal action was taken against her.

  • stephanie says:

    Why did this woman not get punished for this? Or did she? What about jail time? Did she have a license???

  • Jackie says:

    I am so glad that Animal Planet has decided to broadcast Fatal Attractions. I can think of few things more selfish then someone keeping an exotic pet thinking somehow they’re better or more special than other people then like a baby wondering why with big eyes their pet went on attack. It’s disturbing not only that they’re choosing to put other people at risk but other animals as well like family pets. I think people should be able to say they don’t want a person living near them if they’re choosing to own a dangerous animal. The animal should be sent to a sanctuary ideally or the person owning the animal should be ostracized to the point where they’re willing to relenquish custody to a sanctuary. There is no reason this should be tolerated. I feel terrible for the woman who had her face mauled off by an ape but you know there is a point where you have to say she chose to be that woman’s friend. A woman who’s already showing red flags by the fact she’s obsessed with a wild animal calling it her baby. I think there are some people where the only way they’ll understand what they’re doing is wrong is by being shunned en mass. So what I’m saying is the people who own these wild animals as pets really society should humilate them publicly or reference them in a way that is shameful so then people will realize they’re doing something wrong. I know there’s a lot of shame involved in the term Zoophilia but that’s not really what’s happening here. Something that could be seen as I guess dergatory or shocking though. Like suggesting these people are okay I got it wild animal fetishists. Does that work? Well it’s not catchy but we can go from there.

  • Sabrina says:

    In a day and age that people honestly should know better it shames me to see that humans as a whole have not come further than we have. How many stories like these do people need to change? This living breathing animal was killed because of human stupidity.

  • carla says:

    Hello… why are the laws not changing??????

  • lavinia fane says:

    I am constantly sick of hearing that wild animals are being kept as pets. It goes against they’re every instinct as wild creatures to be confined. not in their own natural habitat they are no more than slaves to human greed and narcism. it is not cool to own a wild cat or monkey or bird it is plain and simple outrageous. The government need to inforce laws and make it illegal to own wild animals as pets

  • Rad_Rosa89 says:

    I can’t wait for Fatal Attractions to be on tv. I understand that these people love animals and think that they can raise them as their own. This lady probably figured that she could raise this leopard the same way she would with a house cat but the truth is you just can’t. She probably didn’t know anything about this animal and what it was capable of. It’s a shame really..

  • Charlotte says:

    She is responsable for the death of a perfectly innocent animal. If she had had the common sense to know not to buy a leopard she wouldn’t have been chased and the leopard wouldn’t have been unjustly murdered. I mean come on use you common sense. There’s obviously a reason that most people don’t have wildcats as pets. And now she might buy another just to get it killed off again? In my opinion she might as well just shoot the poor animal now and be done with it.

  • Nick Henry says:

    Ha ha that’s what cha get. What u think that thing was the size of a medlarge dog when it was a cub and it was probably stronger than a dog. The cat was PLAYIN and still RIPPED her face off lookin like skeletor

  • Jessica Smith says:

    The most frustrating thing about these kinds of stories is that they reinforce the scorn that people have for these kinds of animals. People decide that these wild animals are “bad” or “mean” and fail to see the human error in the situation. THESE ANIMALS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE PETS. She bought it from a magazine? Its hard to believe that that is even legal. Hunters had to go out and catch these animals from their natural environments in order to breed and sell them all so that people like her could buy them as pets keep them captive and then have them shot and killed because they go insane from that captivity. Wow.

  • hue says:

    how ignorant of this lady and how selfish! She “wants” to pet him so shell test his “mood” like if he were a kitten or a dog. Does she ever think about the leopards needs? does she think that the leopard is perfectly happy in a cage being petted by her when she feels like it?

  • gloria taylor says:

    Shame on her. He was a wild animal not a play toy. He lost his life because of her..

  • John says:

    Society needs to be protected against insane people who will risk OUTR lives by trying to get attention and have wild animals as pets. These people are sick egomaniacs who enjoy endangering others. If that had been a child that child would now be dead.

  • larin says:

    Imagine that a wild animal acting like a wild animal..

  • Andre Inglis says:

    I think she should be responsible for the death of that animal.

  • MH says:

    Why anyone would want a big cat as a pet is beyond me. You can’t even pet the things.