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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Super-Cute Laptop Sleeve

Written by PETA | August 25, 2010

Alert Cute Overload—we have a code-red cuteness emergency!


PETA laptop cover


This may very well be the cutest new product that the geniuses in PETA’s Merchandise Department have come up with this millennium (with the exception of the legendary Notta Nugget, of course). In fact, it’s possible that it’s actually too much adorableness for one piece of iMachinery to handle.

Nah, not a chance. But you have a chance to have one of these laptop covers for your very own. Just post a comment below explaining why your “other laptop” is so special and you could be one of two lucky people who will be able to turn their laptops into the most huggable hardware on the block. (Winners can choose between a “dog” and “cat” laptop cover.)

The contest ends on September 8, 2010, and we’ll select two comments that warm our heart drives as the winners on September 10, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. May the force of Hello Kitty be with you.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Catya Donahower says:

    I have two rescue “laptops” and they are the most precious little guys to me shh don’t tell my husband! and I haven’t spent a night without them curled up in bed by my head since we adopted them!I love them SO MUCH!

  • AAG says:

    My other laptop is a rescue and such a loving boy. Felix my red tabby is always there with me whether I am sad or happy. Right now he is going through renal disease and he is being cared for by both me and an excellent vet. I treasure all of my time with him.

  • Natalie K says:

    My other “laptops” are my two kitties Sis and Stew. I received Sis from a coworker in 2006. She was stinky and covered in fleas! I cleaned her up and four years later she’s still my best friend! She hops in bed with my husband and I every single night and she always finds the perfect spot in the crook of my arm to snuggle me! She insists on being covered up too! Stew is my baby! She is a skittish little darling and will only be social with my husband and I. I receieved her from a coworker in 2007. She showed up at my friend’s door crying to be fed! Now she’s happy at home with Sis and her mommy and daddy. She lets me know when she’s hungry though that’s for sure!

  • Michelle says:

    My “other laptop” is my orange cat whose name is Muning. He is very special because he keeps our house micefree he affectionately loves to purr and rub his body to my legs and most importantly he loves to sleep on my lap and melt my heart!! He is my one and only “Hello Kitty”!

  • Angela says:

    My other laptop is a Western Hognose snake who curls up on my lap.I love cats and dogs but not everyone appreciates how cute a snake can be. She flicks her tongue in the air and looks around feeling safe and warm. The next time you see snakeskin think about the snake it came from and how a snake can be just as much of a character as a cat or dog.

  • Maisie says:

    About a year and a half ago my family found a beautiful cat without a tag or collar on wandering around the city I live in. We took it home because we thought it was unsafe for a cat to be crossing the busy streets in town. We put up posters all around town hoping someone would claim the cat. Someone did and they came over to pick it up. We figured out the people who came to get it lived in town we knew them a bit. Originally they just had one unspayed cat. But it went roaming around and got pregnant and had kittens. They still didn’t spay their cat. And so the cat kept getting pregnant and have kittens which they let free to roam around the city I live in. The cat we found I named Teddy but it’s real name was Snickers was one of the previous cats the mother gave birth to. Sadly we figured out about a month after we gave the cat back to it’s owner they lost it again and haven’t found it since. I hope it has a good home and is still alive. About 6 months ago the family moved from their house and abandoned some of their cats I’m not sure what happened to all of them. I hope someone has found these cats and given them good homes. I think everyone should go out of their way to help an animal in need like a stray dog or cat by giving them a temporary home or food and water. I once saw a dog that kept crossing a busy highway up north. We pulled over and talked to the houses near it and found it’s home. They seemed to be careless owners. That’s all I have to say. Thank you PETA for fighting for helpless animals!

  • carol gerratana says:

    My other laptops are many….3 katzzz inside and 5 outside feral katzzz that I give love and food to. I also get them all neutered which is the absolute in loving kindness. I sit here and type with one of my kitties in my lap at the moment and most times. Maxx is diabetic scrappy is part manx and always has problems as this causes nerve deadening in the tailbone area and Lil Guy has a shattered back leg. Lil Guy was found by my daughter and me on the side of the entrance to the freeway and though I took him for xrays immediately nothing could be done as the doctor said the bones were shattered not broken. He runs just fine though that leg is a bit shorter. They are all picture perfect laptop katzzz! My outside kitties are Lady Baby Woody and Kong. Baby is very long haired and had to get a ‘lion’ haircut for the summer due to winter knots.

  • Meenal Solanki says:

    i’d like to have this because i love animals but my parents won’t let me get a pet. want to show them that the love and obsession won’t stop. P peace

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My other laptop is a black cat named Ollie who jumps on my lap and skillfully inserts himself between me and whatever book I am attempting to read. He knows that eventually I will put the book down and pay attention to him.

  • Sarah says:

    My new kitten Sweet Heart is so cute and funny she’s loves my whole family! we also have another laptop named Nickey! Nickey is 2 years and the kitten is only weeks old. they both love to annoy each other but they love each other. The night we rescued Sweet Heart she wanted to be best friends with Nickey wasn’t sure about her and man it was funny for the next couple of days! But I can’t live with out either one of them! I 3 Cats!

  • GlitteredCupCakes says:

    My other laptop is very special because he came from Pet Smart before we found out about the atrocity of Pet Smart. He is a guinea pig named Marshmallow. When we brought Marshmallow home he had a cut on one of his eyes and was extremely skiddish. When we learned of the Pet Smart Cruelty campaign I figured he must have had a very difficult life before he came to us and so my little girl and I do everything we can to make him feel loved special and well cared for. I am now a part of PETA’s action team and organize Pet Smart protests in my town..

  • connie robert says:

    My other laptop is a black lab who found me as i was walking down the street. This man came up to me and asked if i wanted this dog as he was going to let him go . I did not really want a dog as i have a cat who might not like me for doing that. But i did it anyways !! . He shows me how grateful he is for me taking him by protecting me giving me love and just the little things he does to show me he loves me and is glad that i took him in . I love this dog like my family he is silly kind and most of all he is my “best friend” .

  • Marge says:

    Well it’s crystal clear. My other laptop has a lot more functionalities than a standard laptop! He wakes me up in the morning with a swift doubleclick in my face. He doesn’t open any window not yet but he opens the doors and drawers extracting ALL the contents. He’s got a wonderful cleaning tool that keeps him clean and gives me nips and kisses. His design is superb and he has no failures. And he is fully compatible with a standard laptop in fact any time that I pick up my laptop my other laptop naps on my laptop. I just love it! My other laptop is a seven year old cat he’s called Barry and I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM! Shame on you Apple and Microsoft!

  • Jewels says:

    Cuuutee! Hello Everybody I am a new Vegetarian..I finally convinced my mom into letting me. Plus! I got a lab top now so that’d be perfect timing ! I read acouple comments Lol I really think them all!

  • Erin says:

    My special laptop is my cat Lupin. It’s funny because I always considered him my “soulmate” since he came to live with me which I thought was a silly comparison until my mom randomly said to me the other night “That cat is your soulmate.” totally out of no where lol. It’s true though. I’ve never had a friend like him. He’s 7 and is honestly my best friend. He’s been seriously ill twice since I’ve known him both times with lifethreatening Feline Lower Urinary Disease. The most recent time was this past January. I was totally beside myself. He might have needed surgery that I couldn’t afford. It would have killed me to have to put him to sleep because of such a silly thing like money. I have severe depression and anxiety and I really couldn’t imagine having my cat die because I couldn’t provide for him. Luckily he didn’t need the surgery but he was at the vet’s for a few weeks. Now pretty much every time he sees me he comes over and rubs his face all over me flops over on his side and licks my face like a kiss. Honestly I could probably write about him all night but I’ll spare you all. On a side note he’s grey just like the kitty on the laptop sleeve! which I happen to need by the way…Lupin tends to sleep on my laptop and scratch it up! So yes I love my friend Lupin and I am so happy to share my home with him. He is for sure my animal soulmate.

  • chantel says:

    OMG that is the cutest laptop cover ever!!!My other “Laptop” is my baby girl Sasha she is an adorable white schnoodle poodle schnauzerwho gives me little woofs when i stop petting her to type on the laptop actually she does it every time you stop looking at her shes so cute. !!!

  • robin alexix powers says:

    o.k. So my other “laptop” is so special to me because the fact that we are both always there for each other. I saved her little precious life from this girl that I used to be friends with until I found out this sad story. It was winter time and my birthday month. Her cat had a litter and I had always wanted a cat I am a cat person I love cats! So for my birthday I got the privilege of getting to care of a cute little creature for the rest of her life! My ex friend took me up to a barn in her back yard and all the kittens were up there. It had not snowed yet but it was very cold and all the kittens were in a metal trash can. I started crying because most of them were dead there was one lone kitten left with a beautiful diamond on her head. with tears streaming down my face I picked her up and she clung on to my chest for dear life shaking. I never talked to that girl again and I am forever traumatized by seeing such a cruel act of torture and irresponsibility. I called the animal services and the police stations near my house but there was nothing they could do. she then a few months later tried to get my baby Scarlett back because she was upset that she did not get a kitten because all of the other ones died crazy because it was her fault i would never even let her near my cat or any other animal or maybe young person for such carelessness!!!! So each time I am working on homework or on my laptop she ALWAYS sits on my lap. and every time I am sick she is right there in my lap or next to me trying to comfort me while i am puking or sick in anyway. She is the best kitty ever. She is always there for me in my time of need and I am and always will be there for hers. She means so much to me I do not know what I will do when she passes. It will just destroy me. I LOVE YOU SCARELTT KITTY 3 YOUR BEST FRIEND ROBIN!