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‘Win It’ Wednesday: PETA’s 30th Anniversary Coffee Mug

Written by PETA | August 11, 2010

PETA’s 30th Anniversary Gala is right around the corner, and you can be the first to proudly walk around your office carrying one of our classy commemorative coffee mugs—sure to be an instant collector’s item!


30th anniversary mug


How has PETA changed your heart and mind about how animals are treated? Was it a copy of our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit that started you on the road to cruelty-free living? Did you adopt instead of shop? Tell us how PETA has opened your eyes to how our choices affect animals, and the three people who post the most inspirational comments will be drinking their coffee in style.

The contest ends on August 25, 2010, and we’ll select the winners on August 27, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. And don’t forget to order your gala ticket today—they’re going fast!

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Miranda says:

    PETA opened my heart. 3

  • Cristi says:

    PETA changed how I view everything. I had always thought it’s just how it was. I watched a PETA video on factory farming when I was 16 and have been vegetarian for going on 11 years now. I’ve fought hard to keep both my 3 year old and 7 year old vegetarian their entire lives. They have never had meat. My children have never been to a circus we won’t go near pet stores and the one time they went to the zoo on a trip my 3 year old kept saying to everyone “They’re in a cage they’re sad they miss their mommy”. I think the empathy in my children is the number one testament to how PETA has helped me shape my views and my life. I still have work to do and I will always have work to do but I am glad to live my life in a way where I know I am constantly taking animals into consideration and int my heart.

  • Alexa says:

    well before my transition i was a huge carnivore. i was raised eating a lot of food most of which was meateggsdairy etc. and from that life i had become overweight and unhealthy and at that time in life i had very very few memories eating veggies and actual healthy foods! anyways on June 26th 2009 i went to Vans Warped Tour and got a free DVD. On it said that it had clips from a bunch of my favorite bands so i just HAD to watch it! so a few days later on the 1st i actually watched it. and since it was summer with no school i became completely nocturnal! and i watched the whole DVD i think it was really long!!! but i stayed up ALL night watching as much as i could. and once i turned off my TV i said to myself “That’s it I’m vegan!” i actually said it out loud haha. anyways i finished that DVD at like 6 in the morning so i then went to bed. and the next morning i saw a little milk chocolate carmel on the counter so i ate that and that was the last of it! my very last real milk chocolate. so from July 1st and on i was a vegan. become even more committed as each day past. now knowing myself i was completely surprised at how easy it was because honestly i have like NO willpower. but i still did it. so now 14 years old i attended Vans Warped Tour with some friends and one friend got a PETA pamphlet and she is now a vegetarian with me helping her of course. anyways becoming vegan is and always will be the best decicsion of my life!

  • Alexis Carrillo says:

    Becoming a vegetarian as really changed my life. I have a whole new view on the treatment of animals and I help to spread that positive view to others. My first dog was rescued from the side of the road where he was abandoned as a puppy. Now he is my best friend! Thank you PETA for doing what you do….I wish more people could stand up for the rights of animals like you guys do. Thank you!

  • Grace says:

    25 years ago my mom’s friend offered her a copy of PETA’s magazine because it was sent to her by mistake. After she read it my mom immediately cut out meat from her diet. When she had kids she raised me vegetarian. It wasn’t until I visited PETA’s website and watched the videos of cows and chickens being tortured for their milk and eggs that I took it a step further and went vegan. I convinced my mom to go vegan with me. Thanks PETA for creating awareness. If it weren’t for you I’m sure many people would still be eating animal products not having a clue where they came from.

  • Brittany says:

    I think most of us become fans of PETA by watching cruel animal videos that you guys share. Though it is horrid to watch it has opened my eyes completely. Not only have I gone Vegan but i’ve been a foster mommy for about 2 years now. I go to my local animal shelter ask which dogs have been there the longest which will most likely be put down. I adopt two dogs at a time until I find a forever home for both dogs. Then I go back to the pound and do the same thing over again. Saving dogs is something that I really love doing. Right now i’m fostering a 3yearold poodle mix a 7yearold pug mix. They’ve been here for about two weeks will be ready to go home after they’ve had their shots. I will continue doing this for as long as I can. D

  • Julie Wheeler says:

    I have always been an animal lover but it wasn’t until I became a fan of PETA on facebook and started reading the posts and watching the horrifying videos that I truly became aware of the violence against animals. Since then I have become a vegetarian and an advocate for animals everywhere. I speak to anyone who will listen try to buy only cruelty free products and will be going to my first circus protest next week. Keep up the good work PETA and thank you for opening my eyes!

  • Rini says:

    In my 8th grade i was asked to create posters about animal cruelty that’s when I discovered PETA organization and their efforts. I read many articles on animal cruelty how fur is made lab testing etc and it completely changed my outlook on society itself. I realized how much we have stooped down in the name of fashion and research. The articles not only inspired me to do my posters but also made me stay away from leather fur and any product that doesn’t say not tested on animals. I was a vegetarian since birth and so are my parents thus i can proudly say i’m doing my part in respecting the animalbird kingdom.

  • Cassie says:

    PETA is literally the sole foundational influence for my vegan lifestyle. It is also the starting grounds for my advocacy in not buying animals or better yet adopting the abandoned animals. It was the undercover investigations that tugged at me to go deeper and spend a term in school reporting on facts of factory farms. And I could not believe my Mom would raise me to be oblivious to what she was feeding me. I will learn from her mistakes and raise a vegan family. I still 3 you Mom!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    A few years ago I ordered a video through PETA. That video was entitled “A Cow At My Table.” That video forced me to sit up pay attention and take action…especially the part featuring an anonymous trucker relating how a crippled bull was unloaded from his truck…how the animal fought to get to his feet but simply could not because his hips had given out. How the slaughterhouse crew finally attached him to a winch and attempted to drag out of the truck and how the poor creature fell 20 feet from the truck to the slaughterhouse floor and about how when the trucker asked why the animal was not euthanized one of the slaughterhouse crew stated “I never shoot. Why would I shoot when there’s still good meat there?” I still have this video and I show it to people every chance I get usually at my house now that most people have DVD players and not VCRs.

  • JASPAL SINGH says:

    I was a vegen…but some times think of eating nonveg. After watching videos and going through the articles on peta website I got to know that what is a value of a life..Its equal to all whether animals or humans. Everyone has a basic God gifted right of “To live their life” Who I am to kill any body…GOD may kill as and when he wants. I am not God. Also this earth also belongs to animals as it belongs to us. They are equal owners of this land. Jaspal

  • Sheila says:

    I have been rescuing animal friends since I was a little girl. It was always instinctual to be as kind to four legged friends as two. Unlike other children I cried at the circus watching the animals penned up or performing their ’rounds’ with sad eyes. As I grew older and was able to make my own choices I easily gave up meat leather and animal based products products not cruelty free etc. I always adopt from the SPCA or local shelter two years ago bringing home the most precious little doggie who bonded with my parents and changed their lives. The joy and love he’s brought to their home can’t be measured. There is no price tag on happiness. What I’ve tried to put out there may have come back exponentially in the form of a little white PomAmerican Eskimo cross named Lucas Napoleon! It’s easy to be kind remember its something we can all do for free.

  • Aneliese says:

    Beautiful cup! PETA has shown me how to action for animals I can actually do something about the abuse I can call people write email sign petitions and actually matter. That is an amazing feeling.

  • AAG says:

    I subscribed to Cat Fancy. Soon after that I got your newsletter. I looked at Cleocatra and decided to go veg soon after I became vegan. I have been vegan for 20 years. Thanks for sending me a newsletter with so much info!!!

  • Cassie says:

    To be honest i was already a vegetarian before visiting PETA. However I had no idea about puppy mills factory farms and chinese fur farms. It wasn’t until I watched whose skin are you in and chinas cruel fur industry. I was SHOCKED to say the least when I saw dogs and cats getting skinned alive getting electrocuted through their anal parts and bashed in the head to death. I then realized that snakes and lizards were skinned alive as well. The night I watched these videos I had nightmares of my dogs getting skinned alive while I watched. PETA has changed my mind about wearing any type of fur. Whether it’s jackets shoes shirts hats or jeans. PETA has opened my eyes to see how millions of animals suffer tragic deaths. If I were to buy these products I would be condoning animal abuse which I would never do. I read all my clothing labels and do NOT buy anything that I cannot recognize. I would never treat my animals in such a manner so I won’t condone other people who do. I have PETA to thank for that. Not only do I save animals life but I save money as well. Faux thing are always cheaper.

  • christine wind says:

    My mom called me from Canada and said she was checking her closets for fur and “fake fur” that comes from animals she has several fur coats. She told me animals were skinned alive in China. I couldn’t imagine this and googled it. I found the video on PETA’s website never heard of you before but like the concept. I had just adopted an abused dog and as I watched the video I balled and sobbed with such deep pain and grieving. My dog heard the other animals in the video and came and sat close to me putting his paw on my leg. He searched my face for the length of the video with such compassion and concern. Since then I have been donating monthly to PETA I write letters several times every week I have read books by Temple Grandin gone to grocery stores and requested “Certified Humane” meat I think this is a good first step as most Americans are not likely to be vegan. I have introduced many people to PETA since. I was so deeply affected by that video. It traumatized me for over a year but I would rather be traumatized and motivated than numb. I spoke with a psychologist about what kind of human can do cruelty to animals one explanation was that about 7 of humans are literally incapable they are missing the hardware to feel empathy for anyoneanything. I feel lucky to feel empathy love and motivation to connect with and improve the lives of animals and humans. We are all connected.

  • Zee Belle says:

    I went Vegan four months ago and have never felt better!My skin is flawlwss my energy levels have skyrocketed and I’ve dropped 22 pounds! Watching Peta’s Meet Your Meat Video and viewing the documentary Earthling’s changed my life.And for the better! I have two cats that are rescues who bring me joy every day. I am currently working as a C.N.A and had planned to go into Nursing. But after some thought I’ve decided to go into a Vet Tech program and eventually apply to Vet school at my local university. A few weeks ago I donated to PETA and became a member. I love the work they do. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Christian Webb says:

    I have to admit until about a month ago I agreed with all the closeminded crap about how “PETA is a bunch of radical wackjobs” i grew up with. Regardless of that though i have always loved animals and the idea of animal cruelty has always really angered me. To harm something innocent like a child or animal is sickening. Now I live in Utah and animal cruelty is pretty much a dropped felony. The more I read from PETA’s website the more aggravated I get at how ignorant people can get. Now i regret to say that I am not a vegan yet but i am definitally getting there. Never really liked meat but i give myself about a month or two before I am a full blown vegitarian despite the ridicule I may get living in a small town in Utah. This may not have been the most inspirational comment but I feel like it was genuine.

  • Kirsten says:

    Dear Peta When I was 17 I stumbled upon an advertisement you made with Pamela Anderson against KFC and the amazing cruelty the inflict upon animals. Immediately I refused to ever eat from KFC McDonalds or any other huge meatloving company again. Of course my family being people who eat from fast food places like these at the very LEAST once a week thought I’d never make it. After about a month my boyfriend and I were vegetarian. And now we are both vegan. The best decision I ever made! This has had an amazing effect on me and even those around me. My two tiny sisters are now aware of what they eat and are definitely future vegos! When I was a young girl I loved pigs so much that I couldn’t bare eating them. And refused to eat ham. Unfortunately my mother would tell me that what I was eating was “pretend” ham. Gee thanks mum… It wouldn’t have killed me not to eat that greasy ham and pinaple pizza! Haha It is thanks to Peta and the information you give to the world that I can live a healthy moral and fullfilling life. I owe so much of who I am today and my guiltfree life to you. knowledge is power! I thank you from the depths of my heart.

  • Heini says:

    I origally saw footage many years ago that was from another animal rights group in Europe and it really opened my eyes. That eventually lead me to Peta and I became a member. Peta makes me feel like I’m fighting a good cause with people I might not see or ever meet but we are still together raising awareness of the suffering of all gods creatures.

  • Lisa Brown says:

    I work for Animal Control and have always been an advocate for the ones who can not speak for themselves. Receiving the starter kit from P.E.T.A opened my eyes to a different reality and my life has not been the same since. I have watched several movies and read articles to educate myself on the horrible acts that are committed to helpless animals. whether it is through my job or just in my daily life I am now a true advocate! I am a raw vegan and will not support any company that uses animal products!

  • Christina Iannelli says:

    Yes some of Peta’s videos are graphic and disturbing but what is more disturbing is the fact that these horrible things happen to innocent animals. Watching and reading up about what is actually happening to these creatures has opened my eyes to the real cruelty out there. The point of these articles videos is to make you stop and think about what where and how products are actually made so that you choose to boycott companies and re analyze living habits. Working together we can make a change in the world! and that is what PETA has taught me! 3 I have now been vegetarian for 2 years and have converted some of my friends I also encouraged my family to only buy products from companies that don’t test on animals. My family who still hasn’t turned full vegetarian only eats white meat its a start!.. PETA has changed my life and how I view the world.

  • Dominique Francoeur says:

    I’ve followed PETA for years. I finally got 12 vaccinations to be immune to cat and dog allergens and became a foster home to help them live a life of love cleanliness friendship and health. Go Pam A. Keep the media’s attention!

  • Michelle says:

    I don’t have some “make you cry your eyes out” story. I was a vegetarian to start then while on PETA watched all videos and read all stories. I then realized it was ridiculous for me to not eat meat but keep eating animals so I went vegan. Best decision I made. No one has to suffer for my being selfish. I can eat healthy yummy food and no one gets hurt! LOVE IT

  • Barb Swisher says:

    Peta helped me turn my vegetarian lifestyle of many years into a vegan lifestyle around October 2009. I had been thinking about doing so for years really but just ‘knew’ I couldn’t break the dairy kick. WHAT?! No CHEESE or MILK? Then I saw a posting on PETA’s site about dairy farming. Images of the absolutely cruel and inhumane environment gave me that final shove. Thank you. My husband is now also a vegan. We recently married in December 09. He has lost a slow and steady 30 lbs. And losing more. He too is glad he made the switch. We will not look back on this death filled diet. But look forward to exploring a new path a path that walks away from a world gone crazy with cruelty. Keep up the GREAT work! Sincerely Barb Swisher

  • Sophie M. Angela says:

    In our brethren’s struggle for survival as they are under our rein I know I only have little to offer in the fight against our cruel ways according to my age and small importance to the world. Alas this will not hold me back from doing the most I can from which I will explain. Being only 12 I have researched our food industry and have been appalled from the disgusting rituals of the factory farms. Then I realized if this food was made it has to be given to someone. And those people are in the fast food chains like Mcdonalds and KFC. Once I knew this I realized why my parents didn’t enjoy going to such places. We have all been boycotting these fast food chains and even though I am not vegetarian we strive to only get Organic free ranged meat eggs and dairy products and support the family farmers. I personally have even been trying to convert and teach my piers about the awful Fur and Meat companies torturing our furry friends and more. I strived to make sure it is known that the oil company BP did not make safety regulations for the oil spill and now have thousands of animals grieving in the ocean being smothered in crude oil. We have owned several cats in our past and still now and all of them have been adopted instead of bought so that we wouldn’t be supporting large breeding companies and suppliers that treat the animals with the devil’s hand. Our one cat who has diseased was about to be euthanized since he wasn’t adopted yet so we lunged to save him and his brother. To this day we have done this and recently adopted ferrets from a fostercare system of which one was neglected before we got her. These are only a few ways I try to help animals through their struggles and I still have goals to soon become a vegetarian and still support free range farms. Thankyou.

  • Shanon says:

    PETA has put the pain of the animals out there in the public eye. As horrifying as it is to look at I am inspired and uplifted every time I see PETA making it’s mark by unflinchingly showing the truth to the people of this world and asking them to take a stand against animal cruelty and a step up into a new kinder way of life.

  • Catlyn L says:

    PETA has shown me the truth about our society and the lies people will tell you just for profit. I will never go back to eating any kind of animal product. My life has always been about saving animals and PETA will always be there for support! Thank you PETA for changing my life forever!

  • Dana Smith says:

    I became a vegetarian 14 years ago. It wasn’t until I joined facebook and “became a fan” of PETA that I became even more proud and aware of my lifestyle. Reading stats and posts has opened my eyes to the ongoing problem of animal abuse. Because of this it has changed my life even more as I make strides in becoming a better person and continue the support of animal life and crueltyfree living.

  • c.l. says:

    getting computer and discovering peta has given me more options but confirmed rather than changed my views

  • sylvia says:

    To me animals have always interested me looking at their loving faces and realizing they need your support to care for them and to keep them alive. I lived in the country so i was around animals most of the time my neighbors owned a few pigs i never really fancied them until i saw the one pig all alone it broke my heart to see that so I’d go over but I had to make sure no one was home the neighbors were not the most pleasant people to be around. I pet him but noticed he was very scrawny I went back to my home to get him some turkey. He ate that up like he was starving. So I’d go over every now and then and play with him and feed him. It was just that one day I forgot to check if the neighbors were home they caught me and scowled at me. I felt so bad. The next day I noticed the pig was caged up in the cold. The way it helplessly looked at me I felt like it was all my fault. I tried to forget about him until one day i noticed he wasn’t in his cage filled with happiness i thought they let him roam around. Their cars weren’t their so I thought I would go play with him I searched and searched but no where then I saw traces of blood I looked over and a pigs hoof was there. I shrieked with horror and ran back to my home and did research I found out about peta and read about the farms and noticed how cruel people treated their animals. I became vegetarian at an early age i never cared about the taste ever. When ever I see a dead animal I think about the one pig that touched my heart. Today i work for animal rights and am honored to be a member of peta.

  • Andreea says:

    I did order your vegetarianvegan starter kit a few days after I made the pledge to go veg. I was nervous to break the news to my parents and my friends because I knew their immediate reaction would not be supportive and I was right but having the starter kit and all of the resources on your website helped me gain confidence in my life style choice and also convince my parents that my change was for the better. PETA is my home page and whenever I have a spare moment I always browse around. Whether it’s on the recipe page or the online store I use peta as my 1 resource to better inform myself about the vegan life style. ps in September it’ll be six months since I’ve been veg!

  • Deepa khare says:

    Well to start with PETA’s efforts have been really aplaudable as much as i have seen being the youth of the nation… firstly hats off for that…. n im an animal lover too…. so my association with PETA just had to happen…. i have an adopted labrador puppy n if my parents allow i’d like to have all street dogs get cozy on my own bed!!! Just love the idea tht there’s some1 to look after those speechless but heartmelting beings who make our world so lovely n enjoyable… THANKS for ur eforts guys…. U PPL ROCK !!!!!!!

  • Kirsten says:

    I was just a kid growing up in Iowa when my Mom joined a crazy new group called PETA became a gasp chuckle snort VEGETARIAN?! Naturally I made fun of her endlessly. What a bunch of wackos!!!!!! Then I came across some of her PETA literature and was horrified by what I saw. By 15 I was vegetarian and for several years now I have been vegan the vegan change was prompted by Alicia Silverstone’s add urging me to ‘join her’ in her beautiful peaceful way of life. I realized that I wanted some of that peace for myself so I made the decision to go vegan have never looked back. It was everything she promised more I now tell anyone who will listen that it is by far the BEST thing I have ever done for myself. Thank you PETA for offering me a guiding hand into a more beautiful peaceful way of life!

  • Christina Matos says:

    I started on my path to become a vegan by suddenly realizing how hypocritical I was being in living my life. I would cry at the site or sound by way of stories of animals being hurt yet I would go and eat lunch or dinner including meat. I started looking into vegetarianism and quickly realized by the plethora of information on that vegan was the only way to go to avoid harming animals. I ordered the starter kit and quickly began gathering materials to gain information. I have since read making Kind Choices” and “Eating Animals”. Although I cry myself through the stories I feel that it better prepares me for the many questions people have about my choice to become vegan. I feel better armed for anything that “meateaters” have to throw at me. I have purchased many cookbooks and found thousands of recipes on sites such and I tell everyone I know about the health benefits of veganism because that is how I have found I can best get through to people then later explain the cruelty involved. PETA has changed my life and the lives of many of my family and friends. THANK YOU PETA!

  • Courtney Whittington says:

    I became vegetarian about a month ago when I visited PETA’s website for the vegan starter kit to prepare for an all vegan boat journey I would soon be going on. After snooping around the website a little and seeing the pictures of all the poor sicklooking animals I thought ‘Wow I wouldn’t even want to pet these animals much less eat them!’ Since that day I have given up meat and eggs completely. It has been an adjustment but I finally feel like I am in a place where I can transition to vegan with few issues and that is exactly what I am doing. The work that PETA has done has truly changed my life in a way that I never thought I would ever change. I feel so much healthier and alive now. Thank you PETA!

  • Audrey says:

    PETA opened my eyes with their simple yet powerful message of BE KIND LIVE KIND. Living briefly in the states of North and South Carolina showed me the heartache of so many mistreated animals that we just left on the roadside after meeting their unfortunate fate. It was NO BIG DEAL to most of the locals. I couldn’t take this attitude and came back to live in CA. Please keep up the fantastic work. Venture into the Carolina’s FOLKS NEED PETA THERE!!

  • Chelsea says:

    During the Michael Vick scandal I was curious as to what side most people were on being for him still or against. I was on my Blackberry googling information and a few PETA articles came up. I had always known what PETA was and stood for but never really delve into it. All of the educational literature videos testimonies articles pictures and member feedback absolutely blew my mind. I’ve been an “animal lover” since birth but I quickly started to develop a deeper sense of being an animal lover and realized that they need A LOT more than just love they need us our voice our help. I visited the site everyday there after looking at and learning all that I could. Not long after the Pledge to be Veg pledge gave me the motivation to completely go vegetarian cold turkey and I haven’t looked back. I think PETA is phenomenal and I highly admire anyone associated with them. I don’t know what I’d do without the support of PETA through just their site and members alone my new vegetarian diet or magnified compassion for animals.

  • Darlene Howe says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 20+ years and since discovering PETA at almost the same time I’ve been committed to spreading the word about animal cruelty. I admire and appreciate the hard work that PETA does!

  • Deborah Goodwin says:

    In the battle of animal rights’ and the enlightenment of human beings’ attitudes towards animals and vegetarianism we have to believe that every little thing we do and say will help.

  • Jessica Knapik says:

    PETA changed the way I look at fast food places… I’ve been veg for a long time but PETA pointed out to me that even if I don’t eat meat at these places I’m still contributing to their success if I go there now I stay away thanks PETA! 3

  • Sharnell Reid says:

    The Meet your Meat Video That video was what made me choose to be vegetarian The sheer shock of the cruelty was enough and im now a happy healthy vegetarian

  • Deanna says:

    I admit that I watch many more depressing videos since I have joined PETA but there aren’t many “happy endings” as I would call it for these animals. Animals suffer everyday and we don’t see it in our own lives because we don’t care enough to search for it or learn about it. I don’t want to be ignorant of what’s going on in the world around me or say “I don’t want to hear about it.” when people tell me how animals are treated in the meat industry. I would rather be a change for the good and push people in that direction as well. I know if I was living an unhealthy and cruel lifestyle I would want someone to inform me on what I’m doing wrong and how to help change it. Basically PETA has changed the way I see the world and react to things. I realize we specialize on compassion towards animals but I believe if we have compassion towards all living organisms we will in turn be more compassionate and understanding to the people around us. Animals currently have no defense or rights in this world but hopefully if enough people will care we can help stop abuse to animals and the fellow human.