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‘Win it’ Wednesday: PETA Porcelain Bowls

Written by PETA | April 14, 2010

OK, we know that your animal companions already have you eating out of their hand (er, paw), but wouldn’t it be nice if they could eat their kibble out of a cool new bowl from Daisy Dog Studio?




Almost as cute as your animal companion, these handcrafted porcelain bowls offer some serious fine dining for Fido. Speaking of the name “Fido” (does anyone really name their dog “Fido” anymore?), let’s play the name game. To win this prize, leave a comment telling us the story behind your dog or cat’s name. The most compelling name and story will score one lucky dog or cat lover a set of these must-have dishes. Personally, the best dog name I’ve ever heard is “Lunch Box.” Not only is the big guy shaped just like one of those old-school metal lunch boxes, but he also has a habit of stealing your peanut butter sandwich when you’re not looking.

Before you try to top that, here’s what you need to know: The contest ends on April 28, 2010, and we’ll pick the winner on April 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Meredith says:

    Honestly I don’t have a dog yet but winning a bowl might convince my man that’s it’s time to adopt!

  • Judith (from Israel) says:

    We named our puppy “Handyman” because he does “jobs” all over the house.

  • Scarlet S says:

    My little dog is named Caleb which in Hebrew means Dog which also means companion.My dog Caleb was named as my companion and he is truly my best buddy.

  • Cindy Merrill says:

    When I was five I adopted a tiny baby black and white kitten. I found him huddled beside a bike tire wheel so I named him “Weeol” wheel I cherish his memory and I just recently adopted a kitten I plan to name her “Wheelette”

  • Lori H says:

    We have two cats Raiser and Bella and we also have an african gray parrot named Bongo. I did not name the cat rescues but Bongo got his name when my husband saw a girl with BOngo on the back side of her jeans. he said she had a cute butt so he named his bird after it lol. This was all before I met him of course

  • cathiem says:

    My siamese cat is named Bill IIafter my tabby “Bill” who was 23 years old. I found “Bill II” under a dumpster as a kitten about 2 months after “Bill I” died of old age. They act alike so much that I find myself thinking about “cat reincarnation”.

  • Tari Lawson says:

    My current pets have names that were preassigned to them when we adopted them. However my husband had a dog named Grunt. He was a beautiful German Shorthair Pointer that he got as a puppy and he would just sit there grunting all the time.

  • Beverly says:

    I adopted my lab from a shelter and Benji has been a great dog. Better than we ever thought. Scared a burger off.

  • Charlotte says:

    I have two cats that I adore. My male cat started out named Tigger but he is also known as “Meow” and PussPuss. My female cat started out as Kitty but she is also known as Little bit and Itty Bitty Kitty. I also call her Kitty Poo. I guess they are pretty confused!

  • Krista says:

    My cat’s name is Tiddles. I named her after a british comedy character’s cat. She is a pretty calico about the size of a large pug.

  • SANDY says:

    all are rescues the oldest well is goldy well because she is gold

  • Pawlla says:

    My husband found two kittens about 6 weeks old abandoned behind his work. We took both kittens in to our home and immediately my kids fell in love with both of them. We gave one to my sister and kept the other one for ourselves. It was my then 2 year oldson Nolan that decided to name her Tofu. Not sure really why he picked that name but it fit her so we kept the name. At the time he really did not know what tofu was but he liked the name. We always get a chuckle at the vets office when her name his called.

  • susan varney says:

    i hav a dog

  • Melissa Becker says:

    My cat’s name is Ginger Kitty. The best part is that her name works in EVERY SONG EVER. Lately I’ve been singing a song to her based on Single Ladies All the Ginger Kitties All the Ginger Kitties Now put your Paws Up! If you liked it then you should have got a Ginger Cat But you didn’t so I guess that is that.

  • Gina says:

    Two dogs have me one is named Cornbread the other is Angel. Both came to me with their names already given to them i firmly believe that we shouldn’t change a dogs name just because we like something else better…so…Cornbread was named by my former brother in law. He used to live with my sister and him until they had their first baby. Little Cornbread who is a mini poodle was not so happy about the new addition and being that we didn’t want him to actually leave the family he came to live with me. This was 8 years ago he now loves my 8 year niece and all other little ones! His name suredoes suit him though he’s silly as can be and every time i take him anywhere he makes everyone laugh just by looking at them. Angel is a retired greyhound her racing name was DNJ Slammin’ Angel so Angel it is. And she sure is an Angel! Angel just melts everyone’s hearts when they meet her she has nothing but love in her! I’ve had her for almost three years now she is my second rescued greyhound and i will continue to rescue greys! they are the sweetest most lovable couch potatoes ever!

  • Paul H. says:

    A few years ago we went to the SPCA to get a kitten. Many of them seemed a little sick but we picked one out anyway. To our dismay there was no manager to review our application so we had to come back the following week. By that time the sick cat we picked had gotten much worse. We took her home but she wouldn’t eat. She was really thin and weak and we had to feed her with a syringe for over a week. That was when thought to call her Gandhi and within a few months she grew into a healthy cat. Our other animals Parvati dog Krishna Priya cow Mata Bindu Nalakuvera sheep Bharat Muchukunda goats Suka macaw parrot Surya Mountain Gandiva Star cats

  • ronda richardson says:

    I make my own dog food and my dog would like this bowl…me and my dqughters are vegan and now we are getting are dog to eat healthy the vegan style

  • Ruby says:

    My two cats are named Leo and Luna. Luna got her name when we had just adopted her and she was all black and had a lot of ‘spunk’. So me being 7 thought that the night sky was dark black and Luna means Moon in Spanish so I called her Luna and it stuck. And for Leo we had thought that the two cats should have the same letter at their first name so the names Leo and Luna had stuck.

  • ron says:

    i liked the novel “emma” and the name seemed to suit my little toy terrior that is a terror. names can be deceiving.

  • Janice Whitaker says:

    Ruby May is a border collie mix my daughter rescued from some mean ass boys. Molly Marie is named for the Metallic song..Whiskey in jar.. Bo Alexander and Penelope Ann the cat are named by my daughter because she likes the names. Notice all have middles


    My new rescue Pug is named Petals because she is smells like flowers. xxoo

  • Ashley says:

    I have two Bichon Frises named Fiona and Killian. We rescued Fiona formerly named China in 2004 after her previous owners had kept her locked in their closet for a month. She’s very lucky to be alive after that so we decided to give her a prettier name. We picked Fiona because in Gaelic it means “fair and white” and that’s exactly what she isa little white cottonball. When we picked Killian’s name we originally thought that in Gaelic it meant “loyal friend” but it turned out to mean “destruction” which is actually more fitting to his personality. He destroys every toy we buy him. If he can’t rip something up then he doesn’t like it but he’s such a sweet and cuddly dog that we don’t care!

  • jesika says:

    My kitty’s name is “ugly Emily” she was appr.3wks old when we found her in a ditch where she was thrown away like garbage. She was missing most of her hair and her rectum was hanging out about three inches. She literally looked like she had been set on fire. Luckily for her it was just severe ringworm causing the hairloss and two stitches fixed her poopoo problems. Its amazing what a little tlc can do for one ugly kitty who is by the way not ugly anymore!And a healthy happily spayed part of a loving family.

  • Caitlin says:

    Hello PETA! About a year ago my boyfriend got me my first puppy the one that I actually got to call my own…not just my my parents dog or brothers or sisters….she was solely mine. I raised her fed her took care of her medical bills etc. etc. etc….So needless to say she’s the most precious and amazing thing in my life. Anyway at first glance of the picture of my little baby Chiweenoe the first name that came to mind was Lucy. However my boyfriend told me that he used to have a dog name Lucy that died due to a hit and run and wasn’t too comfortable with it. He said that I could still name her Lucy if that was what my heart was stuck on but like a sign from God the name Ethel popped out from the “I Love Lucy” show. I seriously could not imagine a better name for this quirky sporadic unpredictable yet most loyal dog imaginable. She is my best friend that keeps me laughing and on my toes at all times. Now I officially have my first baby named Ethel Mertle Smith and we can’t wait to go snatch up a Fred from the local animal shelter!

  • nicole licklider says:

    I have five room mates with fur and four legs one still in diapers whose name is Kizzywho turns 1 on the 26th and one older gentleman whom I lovingly refer to as “Husband…” The furry one who speaks in “Meowish” answers to the name Kitty. Then there’s Baxter Borris Gracie and Charlie. There is meaning behind each name the critters go by. But the one I’m going to tell you about today is Charlie. Charlie is my Husband Craig’s companion. Craig is 33 years old and has never had a companion animal of “his own.” He has never had that special bond that we all are familar with and hold dear to our hearts. When Craig was young he met an older man named Charlie who lived in the neighborhood who needed his lawn cared for. So for pay Craig started cutting his lawn and caring for his garden. This continued for years. Once my Husband hit his mid teens Charlie asked Craig if he would like to work in his orthotics lab manufactoring braces for patients with special needs. Craig already had a job working for his father whom he was not close with at his service stations. Charlie was aware of the relationship Craig had with his father and used the job as a way to take Craig “under his wing.” Craig worked for Charlie for many years. During that time Craig became Charlie’s lead technician and Charlie became a “father figure” for Criag. He taught Craig the importance of hard work and dedication. He also helped mold Craig into a well rounded young man. Eventually Charlie decided to let Craig start seeing patients. He noticed that Craig had a passion for patient care. That’s when my Husbands career path became clear. Soon after Craig passed the state boards and became a Board Certified Orthotist. To this day my husband still works for Charlies company. Around the time we found out we were pregnant with our first and only child Charlie discoved he had spinal cancer. There was talk of naming our baby Charlie if we had a boy. We even considered naming the baby Charlie if we had a girl. Eventually Charlie lost his battle with cancer. It was so painful for all of us. The day after the funeral was a rainy stormy day. Craig was seeing a patient and noticed something pawing at the window of the room the room is ground level. He asked the patient for a minute and walked outside. That’s when Craig met his new companion. There was a cold wet sniffly little Beagle puppy. That day against all rules the lab had a little mascot in the office. We soon found out through contacting the previous owner he was chipped that the beagle was a “dump job.” It was fate…We knew we had a little Charlie. As I type I am warmed by a chubby little dog butt pressed hard against my side. Grateful. Happy. Fat. Craig found a way to honor Charlie’s memory. I found a way to get my daughter named Kizzy. And Charlie the Beagle found his way into our family…FATE…

  • diana says:

    i picked my dog’s namedaisybecause she is close to the color of its golden petals and since daisy is considered the flower of death which she has avoided countless times.she has survived the parvovirus which i would stay outside hours talking to her and telling her that she’ll survive with out special medication just what we could affordswallowing a piece of glass thinking it was a toydodging a car when she got out of the house which gave me and my brother a work out while chasing her since shes as fast as a bullet when it comes to runningand eating a live bee when she saw it hit the over all shes been through alotbut i still love my little chihuahua which seems like a living miricale.

  • ali mccracken says:

    Otto came to us on a icey day in the winter months I had heard his screams through my closed window when I went outside he was in the middle of a battle with a large orange cat. Being stupid I attempted to break them up and got torn appart by the orange boy so not knowing what to do and being concerned about rabies I called animal control. When they arrived the orange cat was long gone and little otto was there. Animal control picked him up. I knew I could not be responsible for sending a perfectly good cat to kitty jail so I called every day to see if his owners claimed him. I posted flyers all over the neighborhood but no one came forward. 10 days later I busted him out of jail. He had frost bitten ears and made noises like a little squealing otter. So we named him Otto. Known to us as Otto man.

  • Alexis says:

    My mom got my dog when I was in the 3rd grade back then Danny Phantom that ghost show on nick was pretty popular. She always loved the name tucker and the guys friends name was tucker and everytime she heard it on the show she’d go “ah I love that name. If I had a little boy I’d name him that.” This is where my multipoo comes in. She gets him from nc out of the blue one day and of course namned him tucker. Now I’m not tryna make her seem like a cat lady or something but she did say she would name a KID that .

  • Sabrina Dutremble says:

    I have 2 cats. My first one is named Jellybean.I found his name in the movie Practical Magic. My second one is named Fluffy.My friend’s son had named her Fluffer but it sounds like a male so I turned Fluffer into a Fluffy.

  • Nina says:

    I knew what I was going to name my dog before I got her. I had the name Izzy picked out and when she was first brought home and I held her little tiny body in my arms I knew that Izzy was definately her name it just seemed like it was meant to be she looks like and Izzy. Then my other dog is named Chewie because he looks like chewbacca from star wars he’s a beagleyorkie mix and he has the yorkie hair. But he has taken his name literally and he chews up everything. He’s chewed up at least one of everybody in the houses shoes so now we all will have to walk around with one shoe.

  • Melanie says:

    My baby is from the SPCA so we know right off the bat hes got a crazy personality.His name is harley and my dads a big Harley Davidson driver and he loves that more than anything in the we decided to name him Harleyhes a pure bread Australian Shephard And my SPCA kitty is named Cleo..short for cleopatrabecause she is is a godesshahah. i love both my girl and boy to pieces! P.s ADOPT your pet FROM ANIMAL SHELTERS

  • Kari Walbert says:

    My two cats are both named after other animals. Why? Because it’s fun. The brothers adopted from an abandoned litter my sister found are named Monkey and Chinchilla. Yes you heard me Monkey and Chinchilla. I named my black longhaired cat Chinchilla after the name of a town near where we lived at the time. I thought it would be a cute name and when I saw him it just seemed to fit. Since then it’s taken on many variations such as Chin ChinChin The Chin Chinners Mr. Chinnerby and Chinnerboo. It’s a long standing tradition in my family to call our pets by names other than their given ones. My other tiger cat is named very aptly Monkey. It started with a joke at work over a commercial for an auto group that spoofs OnStar by utilizing a ‘trunk monkey’ amonkey that lives in your trunk and takes care of your dirty work on the road. From there it turned into ‘punk monkey’ and after 5 minutes with this new kitten I knew it was appropriate! If there is breakable to be knocked down call on the punk monkey. Toilet paper to be shredded? Messes to be made? People to be harassed? Noise to be made? Call on the punk monkey. Since then as tradition calls for it’s taken on other forms including Monk The Monk Monks Monkadee Monkado Monkdabee don’t ask me where these come from! Monka Monkeydo….well you get the idea. He is the most mischievous and most beloved cat that ever lived. He sleeps with his head and paws on my head every night. he even has a predecessor my sister’s cat his stepbrother and lookalike aptly named MiniMonkey!

  • Pamela says:

    On Dec 14th 2009 we found our dog Lydia wandering the streets and saw her almost get hit by a car. We jumped out of our car and started calling to her and when she got close we saw that it was a miracle she didn’t get hit she has no eyes! We scooped her up soaking wet and dirty and took her home. While we were driving home we talked about what to name her if no one claimed her and we ended up keeping her. She was obviously special and is a tricolor rat terrier with some distinctive black markings that look almost like tattoos. Taking this into account we decided to call her Lydia after the tattooed character on the TV show Heroes. Our Lydia’s special power was surviving being lost. We put out ads and called everywhere we could think of but no one claimed her. After she was officially ours I looked up her name on a website that has name meanings. To my surprise I found out that her name is one of those for Dec. 14 in the Czech Republic. My husband is of eastern European descent so it is definitely a fitting name. Our little Lydie is a daily inspiration to me as she faces each day with a wagging stumpy not letting her “disability” slow her down at all! I am very proud to be her “seeing eye person” and share each day with her

  • Sherri Obermark says:

    Well we have two redstripy cat brothers named Gilby Gato and then there is this “other” guy. A stray long haired red guy that we called Kitta for a while. He is a hilarious cat and for some reason his name continues to evolve. Here are some of them Kitta Kittaleeboodlie Kittaboo Bouds The Boodle Boodle Pie and recently just ‘The Pie’. At least that is what we call him today

  • Grant says:

    I live in Kansas and I found my dog half drowned laying in a puddle after the Chapman Tornadoes of 2008. I got him and put him in my car and took him to the vet. He had sores all over his face and broken ribs. The ribs were broken before the tornado though the vet said so I know he was abused with his past owners. I named him Buddy because at that time in our lives we both really needed a buddy. He is now very happy and healthy and never lets me forget to walk him

  • Megan says:

    Our cat’s name is Babs. We live right off a highway and every once in a while over the years we’ve had animals just dumped at our doorstep. We found Babs one winter night cowering in a corner by our house and she didn’t run away when we approached her so we brought her inside to warm up and gave her some food and water. After awhile she started following my mom around and then we heard this “thunk” she had run into the wall! Soon enough we figured out she was blind or “visually impared” as the vet put it…so my mom named her BABS it stands for Blind as a Bat Syndrome.

  • sarah says:

    My kitties names are Ziggy and MowMow. Not very original huh? Ziggy was rescued from the Humane Society and thats the name he had when we got him. MowMow was a young stray kitty pregnant that I took in and has never left. She’s my sweet baby. I just named her mowmow because well I’m not sure. I guess cause cats Meow. lol

  • patsy says:

    my beloved ” gomer” passed away a few weeks ago.he got his name because a supervisor at the resturant where i worked called me gomer. everyone always said he was way to beautiful to be called “gomer’he leaves behind a sister “shiba” and a brother kazi yeah like the pilot

  • Davish says:

    My black DMH kitty is called Newt. She is named after the little girl in “Alien”. She wants to murder people who hurt kitties but so far I have not allowed it.

  • deborah cush says:

    we had a lab mix that found us one Sunday morning. He was my buddy from the start so that’s what I named him. A few years later I found a kitten in the local library. I thought it was very smart of him to go to a library to find a home so I named him Wiser. After a little thought and humor I changed the spelling of his name to Weiser. Hence my pets were now named after my favorite beer Buddyweiser.

  • ditto says:

    I have 6 dogs and love every one of them. But Blazer my miniature pinscher held a special place in my heart. He always wanted to be sitting next to me or laying as close to my neck as he could possibly get. He passed away last July on the 23rd. My heart was broke. In September of last year I found an ad for a min pin puppy. Curious I made an appointment to see her. She was so sweet and gorgeous that I considered taking her. What sealed the deal? She was born on July 23rd! Quite amazing! HenceI now have Ditto.

  • Josh says:

    I can’t top these stories. I don’t even believe a lot of them.. My dog Mister was a rescue and he came with his name. Sorry that I am lacking tearjerker details.

  • Debra Cunningham says:

    My cat’s name is Brocktoon. That should be enough. Named after the hilarious code name for Mr. Belvedere in a SNL skit. Why is it his name? Because it still makes me laugh when I call him and the confused faces of the vet receptionist’s are priceless.

  • Sara Watson says:

    I have two cats. My baby is a black cat named Luther. It was mostly my dad’s idea to name him that for Martin Luther. We are not Lutherans btw… My other cat which is best buddies with my husband is named White Kitty aka Randy. White Kitty because he is white of course. Everyone in line at the spay and neuter clinic was laughing when they called “White Kitty” for me to pick him up after surgery. I nicknamed him Randy after the kid in A Christmas Story because he is always sleeping”Wake up Randy.” Remember the kid passing out under the Christmas tree? Now however Randy has stuck as his main name but I don’t let him forget his name is White KittyWhitey. Our cats have SEVERAL names. My husband’s cat is a girl named Grey Squirrel because she is grey and flicks her bushy tail like a suqirrel. I would also like to mention my parakeet Sylvi that passed away recently. She was my mom’s before my mom passed away so I adopted her. My mom named her. Sylvi worked well when we weren’t sure of her sexcould be Sylvia or Sylvio. We love you miss you girl!

  • Rob says:

    My dog a cockermutt is named Pignitty Elsworth III. We found him crying in an abandoned home. He looked ratty and sad and reminded me of some Victorianera street urchin. My kids and I imagined a Dickensian story in which an aristocrat child is left at an orphanage and grows up poor and unwanted until one day he is told of his exalted pedigree. Hence we invented the faux aristocratic name for Pignitty. My cat is named Pico after the philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola.

  • Khristian says:

    My little dog’s name is Boxie. We actually found her on the side of the street laying in a box. We decided to pick her up and make her a family member of our own! It was raining and she was shaking all muddy and drenched with dirty water. But she is now happy with your family well taken care of with lots of love!

  • Felicia says:

    We got our male border collie when he was a year old and still intact. He starting marking territory right away every couple of yards everywhere we took him so I laughing made the joke that he was Alexander the Great claiming every land he came across as part of his “Empire”. Needless to say we just call him Alex!

  • Jennifer Yaskanich says:

    My cat was a stray cat that I found by my car in my work’s parking lot. When I first rescued him I wasn’t sure what to name him. Originally I wanted to name him Lucky because I felt that he was lucky that he was by my car that day when I left work. When I took him home he was not litterbox trained and he apparantly had worms as well. No one ever took care of him before. He would make messes all over the house. I would always say “eww you stink. You’s a stinky.” Eventually he would come running to me when I’d say that. So his name became Stink. 2 years later he’s happy and healthy. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

  • Kristin says:

    Name game eh? I have one for you from our furry family Chebanse himmy Clifton cat and three doxies named Onarga Buckleyand Paxton. In college my friend and I would drive from Champaign IL to Chicago to shop. We’d pass “Chebanse IL” on I57. I said one day I would name my first pet “Chebanse” since it was so fun to say. My biological clock started purring and Chebanse was adopted. Then 4 years later I met my now husband. My biological clock started barking. He agreed we needed a dog. We rescued Onarga from a puppy farm. How did we name him? My husband was on a road trip with friends and kept seeing the town name Onarga on highway sign. They went there because they thought Onarga HAD to be the party place of Illinois. So when we got our next pup Onarga we got out the map and just as luck would have it the next city on I57 going south from Chebanse IL was Onarga IL. Then we added two more pups to our family we and again resorted to the atlas to find their names Buckley IL and Paxton IL. Chebanse passed so we adopted the next city errrr cat. His name? Clifton IL. PS We had a Loda cat who we found and went to the humane society. Please note Loda is in between Paxton and Buckley on I57 Happy travels!

  • Kim Szymkowski says:

    My cat’s name is Indiana Jones. When he was three days old we heard a kitten crying in our backyard. whenever we went out there he would be quiet but as soon as we left he would start crying again. We finally tricked him and found out he had been abandoned by his mother because he had gotten stuck in a wood pile. once we dismantled the wood pile we rescued him. We later named him Indiana Jones because he explored our backyard as a kitten and still does. We named our other male Boomerang. we found him under our car in the backyard and after a few hisses and failed attempts at trying to hurt me I finally got a hold of the few month old kitten and brought him in. We gave him to our aunt who after naming him Steve decided to give him back. Since we always came back we named him Boomerang.