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‘Win it’ Wednesday: PETA Porcelain Bowls

Written by PETA | April 14, 2010

OK, we know that your animal companions already have you eating out of their hand (er, paw), but wouldn’t it be nice if they could eat their kibble out of a cool new bowl from Daisy Dog Studio?




Almost as cute as your animal companion, these handcrafted porcelain bowls offer some serious fine dining for Fido. Speaking of the name “Fido” (does anyone really name their dog “Fido” anymore?), let’s play the name game. To win this prize, leave a comment telling us the story behind your dog or cat’s name. The most compelling name and story will score one lucky dog or cat lover a set of these must-have dishes. Personally, the best dog name I’ve ever heard is “Lunch Box.” Not only is the big guy shaped just like one of those old-school metal lunch boxes, but he also has a habit of stealing your peanut butter sandwich when you’re not looking.

Before you try to top that, here’s what you need to know: The contest ends on April 28, 2010, and we’ll pick the winner on April 30, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Gianna says:

    I named my dog and cat after the pets on the simpsons.. santa’s little helper and snowball II

  • Elizabeth Ray says:

    The best name we ever had for a cat was Charles Dickens. When we got him he was a very frisky little thing. My mother said “What a Dickens!” and the name stuck. At a close second we had another cat named Mandy short for Amanda Blake who played Miss Kitty on “Gunsmoke.”

  • Janis Kracht says:

    We kept the names the rescue gave our 4 feral kittens.. simply because each name fit each kitty so well Leo is a beautiful yellow long hair tabby complete with the M on his forehead of a Main Coon cat and royal looking long Maine Coon tail. Lola is a smaller short haired calico who just looks “sexy” Lizzie with a deceptively innocent black and white coat is the terror of the litter sure to win any battle she has with siblings… and finally Lulu is the biggest kitten and heaviest of the litter weighing in now at over 20 lbs. The kittens are now about 9 mos. old are busy training my yellow lab mix pups some decent behavior.

  • Heather M says:

    Our pug is named Boog. When he was born we thought he looked like a little bear so we wanted a bear name for him and we had an almost 2 year old at the time. So we wanted something easy for her to say. We thought about Kenai from Brother Bear but decided it was too hard. So we went with Boog from Open Season. We regret it a little bit now because nobody understands where his name came from but he is our Boogie Bear!! And we have a St. Bernard puppy named Bella but her name was just cute no story behind it!

  • Heather says:

    I have so many animal companions it’s hard to choose just one! However I think I am going to tell you about one of my older cats Gideon Freaktoe or “Freaks” for short. He was a kitten born to a stray neighborhood cat. I took him in and named him Gideon after a character on one of my favorite tv shows. Later I discovered that my beautiful long haired boy had paws the size of oven mitts! He is a polydactyl cat which means he has extra toes on his paws. Somewhere along the line we started calling him Gideon Freaktoe and later it was shortened to Freaks. It’s a silly name for such a sweet beautiful boy! Other cats that currently live with me Tibet Camille Cricket Giles and Freya. Dogs Sadie Zoe and Lola. Skunk Marigold.

  • Timothy Sternberg says:

    Our cat’s name is Blackie. We found her on Halloween and we thought that was a perfect name for her.

  • susan smoaks says:

    our dog samantha was named clementine when we got her. then we decided to name her a person’s name so we talked it over and chose samantha.

  • Chrysa says:

    My youngest cat is named Lucky. She got that name because we found her as a poor hungry kitten in the woods near my mom’s house. We named her Lucky because she was Lucky to be rescued and WE are Lucky to have such a sweet cute and loving cat!

  • Lorena Keech says:

    We lived on a property we managed in rural Missouri and we had a feral mama cat and her kitten that we fed. We could never catch Mama but we convinced the baby to live with us. I think he missed mom because he would sit on my hubby’s lap and butt his head against my husband’s beard when we first “tamed” him thus my husband’s choice of Butthead for the cat’s name. He comes when he’s called BH too!

  • Shellie says:

    I rescued a 4 year old basenji mix named Buddy. He was scraed of everything and everyone but loved me on the spot and stuck by me like glue. I didn’t like his name and he never responded to it. One day I was downloading tunes and started playing Desi Arnaz singing Babalu. My dog started smiling and yapping and did a dance on my kitchen floor! So ever since he has been BabbaLoo!

  • Vicki Andrew says:

    my daughters ragdoll is named Shadow we found her at about 5 weeks hiding under the hood of my car. Shadow was covered in oil and dirt and she looked like a gray shadow. We brought her upstairs and fed her let her get over her fear she spent about 2 days running and hiding and slowly began to clean her up to reveal a beautiful white long furred beauty. years later she is the Queen of the household

  • Daniel M says:

    we got our cat from a local shelter run by the humane society they make you go through a few hoops to actually adopt a pet we didn’t know his name until a week later when THEY called US to check up on him and overheard from a relative of where they took him from his name was George he came immediately when we spoke it!

  • amanda says:

    My dogs are Sassy Sam and Dean. I am a member of Peta2 street team and love animals so much.

  • Bambi M says:

    Our cat is named Rassilon after the leader of the Time Lords in Dr Who. He’s as cute as Timothy Dalton but fortunately spits less and isn’t quite as intent on destroying the Earth!

  • Tim says:

    We have 2 dogs. The Boston is named Abbey after the Beatles album ….Abbey Road ..our last name is Rhodes. The other is a mixed breed named Chesney after the singer Kenny Chesney. Animals and music are crucial to having a good home. A house is not a home without them! We also have 2 cats.

  • Deb K says:

    We have a cat and a bird. The bird is another story altogether! My kids named him after a neighborhood cat. We lived at Castle AFB in California at the time and we were getting ready to move to a new base. I was cleaning out the fridge when this “cat” came running into the house thru the living room. into the kitchen and then jumped right into the refridgerator. He ended up sitting on a pie on the second shelf! He just sat there looking at us. One of my girls said “Will you just look at that KipperKat!” When we got to our new base we went straight to the animal shelter and adopted a kitten. We named him “Kipper” and he will be 16 years old in June.

  • Stephanie Ragland says:

    Well it all started out one day…and like sands through the hour glass so are the “Days of Our Lives”! That’s it! I started out with Belle because I just love that name. After we got Belle Jack came along. So we have 2 characters. That wasn’t enough for me! Maggie was the third on the set. The other 3 dogs already came to me named and I didn’t want to change them. But the ones I did name came from the characters on Days of our Lives.

  • Charlene says:

    I named my dog “Cujo” but she isn’t a St. Bernard she’s a chihuahua lol. Everyone laughs when they see my man eating “Cujo”.

  • Rhonda Holt says:

    My dog’s name is Bristol. He was rehomed to me by a woman who’s husband had died and already had his name.

  • Ellice says:

    A coworker and neighbor adopted a new kitten who didn’t get along with her older cat. My husband and I ended up adopting the older cat who was then named Mattie. The name didn’t really suit her thoughit was too preppy too precious for the laidback blackandgray striped kitty that came with it. She was and is still! very chatty and we would mimic her meow “mowf mowf mowf.” Over time this stuck and she is now permanently known as Mowf. She doesn’t answer to Mattie anymore!

  • Erica says:

    It was my one year anniversary and my boyfriend wanted to get a dog. We went to Petland and I instantly fell in love with this yorkie who was “getting it on” with another poochie. I played with him but he didn’t seem well. He was losing his hair underweight and always tired. So we took him home to save his life. His hair was INSANE so we named him Kozmo like Kozmo Kramer from “Seinfeld”.

  • Elizabeth says:

    When I got my dog I then realized I didn’t want to have children anymore so I named her Chloe Marie which was a name that I’d picked out when I was little … Now chloe is my baby she’s the cutest…So now I have a little girl

  • Sneaks says:

    Our dog was a rescue who comes from a long line of ‘police’ dogs and working dogs. She came to us as “Meisha” but it was pretty obvious that her name was Mushy the way she turned our hearts to mush and with her totally laid back disposition. She’s dog friendly people cat friendly and has never met another fur person she didn’t love.

  • Beverly says:

    I have a dobie named Zeus and a cat Fritz and two ferrets named Phobee and Casey.

  • Janice Wright says:

    Oscar de la Hoya is my neutered male cat. He is Oscar of the Day because he is the alpha male at my house!

  • Megan says:

    My cat’s name is Lucy. She is my little princess. How she came to us is how she got her name. One night when myself and my boyfriend were returning from a late night shopping trip we turned into the drive way and suddenly saw a striped tail run into the shed. Thinking it was a racoon we went to shoo it away only to find it was a wide eyed and terrified cat. We coaxed her to us scooped her up and brought her inside. She was wearing an id tag on her collar which was so tight on her the fur had stopped growing. We called and found out that her owners lived just 2 streets away. We decided to feed her and call them in the morning. I spent most of the night listening to her calling out and got up early to sit with her. She was a doll. She sat on my lap and purred away. We thought she had possibly been wandering out in the country side for months because of the collar and the fact she was so underweight all of her bones were poking through. When we called the owners they told us she had only been missing a few days and that she had runaway many times before a definite red flag but we told them to come over and get her trying to give them the benefit of a doubt. The second she saw them her hair stood on end she arched her back dug her claws in my leg and just looked scared. I felt bad returning her but I knew it was the right thing to do. We even told them if she ranaway again to call us because we had fed her and she would probably come back to us. I could tell these people didn’t care about their animals they didn’t even have a proper carrier they put her in a cardboard box in the back seat. As they drove off I had a feeling I would be seeing that beautiful little girl again and this time she was staying put with us. Well not two days later did we hear that wonderful meow at the back door and from that moment on she has been our princess. We decided to name her Lucy like Lucille Ball because just like Ricky always said “Lucy I’m home” our Little Lucy Loo came home to us. We are now pretty much inseparable and she has yet to even try running outside. In fact every time the door opens and shuts she runs in the other direction I think she is still a little traumatized and is afraid those other people are coming to get her. Her fur has finally grown back where her collar was and she is no longer 4 pounds but a whopping 10. She is our Lucille Ball and now she has the loving home our little lady deserves.

  • Kristen says:

    My cat is named “Skippy.” She was at first named “Kitty” but then my dad decided “Skippy” would better suit her because she seemed to skip around all the time from place to place. She still does “skip” every once in awhile but not as often. And no she wasn’t named after the peanut butter…