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‘Win It’ Wednesday: A Perfume Organic

Written by PETA | July 28, 2010

This week’s “Win It” Wednesday prize just might be our most scentsational ever: The big winner will receive a bottle of fragrance of his or her choice from A Perfume Organic—and sample sets will go to three runners-up. Ah, if ever there were a time for virtual scratch and sniff …


A Perfume Organic


For your chance to win, simply describe the “Sweet Smell of Success”—not the movie—the compassionate action that you took to help an animal, an action that was particularly meaningful to both the animal and you. Here’s my example: Years ago, I became a “nosy neighbor” who helped an old, ailing “backyard dog” out of a miserable, neglectful situation. Sheba found relief, and I realized that it’s not enough to “wish away” an animal’s suffering—one must take action.

The person who describes the most moving “compaction” (compassion + action = compaction) will win a perfume of his or her choice, and three others who offer rousing accounts will each win a sample pack.

The contest ends on August 11, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on August 13, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck!

Written by Karin Bennett

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  • marletta says:

    I made up a poem about, my child that’s 5 1/2 years old, and doesn’t talk either. I want to inspire other families that are going threw the same everyday of there lives. As I walk on the play ground Hearing the other children laughing and talking to there mom’s I turn my head seeing the sun bright in my eyes Looking down at my child, as I push my child on the swing Everything around me was silance as my child looks at me and smiles that is when I here the angles singing to angles children from the lord above

  • Tara says:

    My name is Tara and I am 24 years old. I am from central Florida. My Sweet Smell Of Success is always the liberating feeling I get every time I rescue a stray dog or cat. I get a lot of odd looks from people but yes I do keep a dog leash in my car and yes I am walking up to that poor panting lost dog on the side of the road while you watch me and eat your lunch at the McDonald’s mere feet away from me. I nicknamed her “Mickey” and she bathed me with kisses from the back seat. I knew someone would be missing her and would call to come to her rescue and have her safe back at home. They would never know who I was or be able to thank me. And that’s okay with me as long as I know I can make a difference even one this small. It might mean the world to whichever person or child welcomes “Mickey” back with open arms. My favorite quote is “Be the change you want to see in others.” I know that if I don’t come to aid a lost pet then it could be killed by a car or starvation. Many people probably just figure that’s somebody else’s problem. And they’re right. It’s mine. If I were to see a starving child on the side of the road it would be no different. These animals are put on this earth just as innocent and helpless and it is our given right to fight for their lives when they are unable to. We domesticated them. It is time for us to start taking responsibility for our actions and setting an example for others to follow and our children to learn from. I have successfully removed 2 dogs and 4 cats from danger in the past couple of years and I plan to keep my “rescue kits” available via PETA MALL for a very reasonable price handy for more lost pet situations to come! I take every animal rescued to shelters to be checked for microchips and I make donations for surrendering. I have also in the past 6 years humanely captured with a lot of patience and a roperigged giant pet carrier feral stray cats that were unfit for home placing and had them vaccinated altered then released back into local neighborhoods where I know they are fed and cared for by people who are unable to afford vet visitation bills. Even if I can’t save them from being an outdoor pet or even if I can’t even come close to them to pet them I am still concerned for their health and I want to put a stop to overpopulation. A lot of people have lectured me that I shouldn’t spend so much money on animals but when faced with a decision it is within my character to always at least try to do the right thing. In any given situation I know for a fact if the table was turned that these honest animals would have done the same for me.

  • Eileen says:

    One foggy evening of the summer 2003 I and my grandma decided to take a walk to catch some fresh air. Together with us we took my grandmas dog Mumbles a very inadequate name for a huge German shepherd. Once we were walking down a quite dark alley situated between two apartment blocks we noticed two bright yellow spots gazing at as from the bushes I asked my grandma to hold Mumbles while I check what it was although it was quite unnecessary as I knew exactly that these were unmistakably cats eyes. Suddenly before I even moved a beautiful black cat jumped out of the bushes and we heard silent miau miau miau miau. Mumbles started barking and so my grandma said that we should go before he hurts the cat. We moved but the cat didnt as if asking us for help not caring that the dog could be dangerous. When we came back home I couldnt stop thinking about the cat. I had a feeling that I had to do something to help it. The following morning my parents came to take me back home. Before departing we yet again went for a walk. Purposely I proposed to go the same way I walked with my grandma the day before. As soon as we approached the alley I spotted the black cat. She started meauing again and this time I told my mum that Im not gonna move from there until we find out whats wrong with that cat. My mum walked up to the cat. It got up and started moving towards the bushes as if leading my mum there. When my mum checked what is she trying to show us she made an unbelievable discovery. In the bushes there was an old wornoff cat basket with 4 kittens inside it. Three of them were screaming blindly one wasnt breathing. I couldnt believe that someone was cruel enough to leave them there for death. The black cat quickly entered the basket and looked at us hopefully. Without a glimpse of hesitation we took the basket and rushed back home. The black cat who was later on named Kitty was very hungry. She ate quickly and got back in the basket to feed her babies. The fourth kitten who died and we couldnt help him was buried in my grandmas garden. Few days later my grandma bought some kind of a tombstone for him. On it she wrote R.I.P. The beloved son of Kitty. Im sorry we were too late. After seven years now the tomstone is still ther in my grandmas garden and Kitty and her children Peppy Iris and Suzie are living happily in our house. Peppy always destroying my drawings Dont have a clue why Iris always curling up at my lap as soon as I sit somewhere and Suzie who thinks Im her mum follows me everywhere and whenever I leave for longer refuses to eat that forced us to teach her to wear and walk on a leash. She doesnt really like it but she prefers wearing it than staying at home without me. 3

  • Mindy says:

    I took a hedgehog from owners who didn’t have time for her or pay any attention to her. 6 months later she is getting more sociable healthy and happy! I would do it again in a second!

  • Sherri Obermark says:

    The sweet smell of success is when you give someone a hug and they say “Oh you smell good!”

  • trice rahill says:

    The mo. of December 2009 proved to be particularly cold in okc. I drive around downtown and the lower income neighborhoods and feed any pets that are in need. I had been feeding this particularly ” skittish skinny dog who had obviously been abused and on the streets for quite some time. No matter how much food I put down he would finish it. I pulled a german shepard off him twice and decided then that I had to somehow catch him and find him a home. The problem was he wouldn’t let anyone near him! I borrowed one of those poles that pounds use with a noose on the end and finally brought him home the day after Christmas. He’s had all his shots and he’s been with me for 7 months. He still will not come to me when I call him and he runs if you reach for him but I try to love on him as often as I can. Someone burned him and he has no fur down the center of his back. Needless to say he is now our pet and our Pitt bull Gucci’s constant companion. I think she is his security blanket God Bless you wonderful people for the compassion you show to the neglected of this world!

  • carroll clarke says:

    I worked in a Vet’s office and while there one afternoon and a man brought in this scraggly dirty shepherd mix he said to put her to sleep. You could tell she was greying around her muzzle. He wanted to have her put down because her arthritis was really bad and her owner his son had been deployed to Iraq. Our Vet looked her over and said she still had many good years left. I spoke up and asked the man if he would let me have her and care for her. After bathing and combing her out. We could see her brilliant red coat just like Georgia clay. She was put on arthritis meds and sleep beside my bed every night! I named her clay. When she arrived at the clinic she was 14 years old. She lived out the rest of her life with me and past at the ripe ole age of 18. Best and sweetest dog I EVER had.

  • Aneliese says:

    I can’t speak for the animal only for myself. But when I was young and forced to go to the zoo I stayed in the petting zoo with a small pig the entire time. No one wanted to go near him because he was “ugly” and “fat”. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that pig the look in his eyes. It was the calmest I have ever felt being content with him in my arms. I’ve yet to feel that bond and peaceful again and that was over 11 years ago.

  • Terri Lee Carabillo says:

    I’ve many rescue stories dogs geese squirrels . . . but I’d rather share the story of a remarkable woman Bernie Berlin who founded A Place to Bark in Tennessee. I found her on Facebook she “friended” me and since then I get daily updates of her contributions to rescuing dogs and cats from abuse abanonment hoarding or worse … death row at her local shelter. She spends her day her life her heart and soul saving animals. And she shares her heartfelt experiences with us all daily through FB and her blog at I want no credit I dont know Bernie I just know that the world is a better place because of her part in it. And if you pick this little snippet please send the perfume directly to Bernie from a truly appreciative FB fan. Thanks! TLC

  • Stacy says:

    Today I saw a pitbull with his tongue hanging out unattended in a car in 100 degree heat. The windows were cracked open but it didn’t matter to me. The owner was inside the vet’s office. I rushed in there and announced that if she didn’t get a out here and get this dog out of the hot car that I was going to call the police.

  • Elaine Abdalla says:

    Well back when I was around the age of 7 there was this little trailer park on the way to my house. My road was off the main road so not many people saw the trailer park. But the last trailer there the one closest to the road.. The people had a beautiful pet dog. I never saw anyone out there with him but he was ALWAYS chained to a tree. I noticed that he must have been chained there for quite some time because the chain had dug into the bark and made a ring probably an inch deep maybe deeper I’m not really sure around the tree. I felt so bad for this dog but at my age I didn’t know what could be done and my parents didn’t like getting into people’s business. Eventually they moved I’m not sure if the dog died or if it’s still alive but either way seeing him suffer like that changed my life. I knew that I needed to start taking action when I could. So years later when I was 17 I’m 18 now so it wasn’t too long ago I was living with my boyfriend of 3 years in a little trailer. He was coming in from work and I was getting up for school when he comes in and says “Guess what I found” it was a pure white little kitten. She was so tiny and pure skin and bones. I had never had a cat and never really wanted one but after seeing how in bad shape she was I took her in. Spoiled her to death and loved on her everyday. But when me and my boyfriend broke up I couldn’t take her home because my mom hates cats… So I have her to my sister where she now has 2 other cats to play with and she’s my sister’s husband’s favorite cat However she got abandoned outside of my trailer I’ll never know. But she was so sweet cute and mischievous that I couldn’t just leave her. I remember giving her her first bath. She was covered in fleas! They wouldn’t come off so I had to pick them off individually… It took forever and she hated every minute of it! I know I shouldn’t take up more room and tell another one but the one I’m about to tell is the one that I’m most proud of. I was having a yardsale across the street from where I currently live and that area is known for people to have yardsales at. So while I was there I noticed another person there and they were selling bunnies. The bunnies were in a cage piled on top of each other. Their feet were stained because of all the filth in the cage. I did what I could and bought one immediately… I would have bought more but I didn’t have the room or the money and I thought that if I could at least save one I’d be ok. I didn’t have anything for it for I had to go out and spend over 50 dollars getting everything for him but now he’s a spoiled little bunny and I love him to death! He’s my lil silly bunny! I’m so glad I saved both his life and my kitten’s It puts a smile on my face to know that I’ve done something good for them when others wouldn’t take a second glance.

  • Hailey Yoder says:

    My name is Hailey i am 11 years old and this is my story that is about a baby squirrel that my family and i tried to save.One day me and my cousinmy momand my aunt came back from running errands.As we were getting out of our car we noticed a baby animal.It was born with it’s intestines on the outsidewe knew we had to do something fast.The animal was breathing thoughit’s mother probably kicked it out of it’s nest.So my aunt quickly ran inside the house and got a few wash clothes to cover it upthen my mom picked it up and we hopped in the car and drove to the animal hospital.The vet told us that it was a newborn squirrel.My mom had to have the baby squirrel put to sleepbecause he was suffering.We felt so badwe all started to cry.So the vet took the poor baby squirrel to the back room and was putting him to sleep.I kept crying all day long.Me and my mom love PETAand we are animal lovers.We also found out that Iams is tested on animalsbut we didn’t know they tested on animalsso we stopped feeding our pet cats Iams.

  • christina says:

    After watching a documentary exposing the nasty truth about the relationship between pet stores and puppy mills my best friend and I made informative fliers. We passed the fliers out and posted them outside of pet stores. At the time we were still in elementary school. No matter who you are I believe you can make a difference in an animals life. Despite my age at the time I know in my heart that my friend and I were able to raise necessary awareness. As hard as it may be to handle if you buy animals as opposed to adopting them you are supporting the inhumane conditions that these socalled “pet suppliers” keep their animals in. Animals are not products and should not be handled as such.

  • Amber says:

    My ex was working in a hotel awhile back and one of his coworkers told him that there was an abandoned newborn kitten on the second floor of the rooms. He went up and found a tiny little thing all covered in placenta with its umbilical cord and everything. He called me and asked if there was anything I could do for it so I went and picked him and the kitten up. We took care of that little thing 247 for weeks. Bottle feeding bathing making it go to the bathroom loving it etc. We took her to the vet and they told us not to get our hopes up because it was doubtful she’d survive. This August first our little kitty Tofu is going to be two years old! I can’t imagine my life without her.

  • Misha'el Lucas says:

    I got certified in trap neuter release to deal with the stray cat problem that is so bad in Brooklyn. Whenever there is a kitten that is young enough to not stay feral I find it a home. At work they say that I’m “pushing the fuzz!”

  • Ingrid says:

    I come from a third world country where humans are rarely kind to their own race never mind being kind to a furry friend When I was 8 I witness a horrific scene of 4 men having “fun” with a homeless pregnant dog they tide her mouth and started to kick her 1 at the time until the dog fell on the floor they found a stick and thought it would be fun to introduce the stick through the dog’s behind when they heard me screaming for help they threatened me they will hurt me if i said something and left the dog to die…Until today every time I think of that I can’t stop crying since then I made a promise to help fight against animal cruelty. I’ve been in this country for 10 years I volunteer at my local shelter and I am a member of a few organizations I’m currently going to school to get my degree in veterinary technology and I own a cat that I saved from the street he was attacked by my neighbor’s dog when I took him to the shelter they told me they were going to euthanize him because they didn’t have any Vet available and the cat was going to bleed to death since his ear was bitten off and his face had an open wound I rushed to the animal hospital and they took him in only because I agreed to be responsible for him I found out the next day he tested positive for Feline Aids and they asked me if i was sure I wanted to keep him I thought of the way he purred when I carry him to my car after I saved him from the attack it was like he knew he was being care for and he was getting a second chance I took him home and I am so happy that I made that decision it wasn’t easy making the time to help him heal his body and heart wounds but he has been with me for 6 years now and he is healthy and happy 9 year old cat he is a great companion and a good friend his name is booboo named after his wounds. Ingrid

  • Gina Lopez says:

    I think my most memorable rescue as over the years I have rescued many was Chloe a harlequine great dane. Someone had announced on the local swapshop radio show that she had a dog that had been confiscated from her previous neglectful owner and couldnt keep her. Chloe was in bad shape had been hit by a car and only weighing 80lbs just a skeleton. I agreed to take her in. The progress was slow as she could barely walk we carried her out and held her up to use the bathroom. It was not being hit by the car that made her unable to walk she was week from lack of food and water. 6 months later lots of tlcmassage therapy and good food Chloe was now a healthy 140lbs! Worked on her obediance training manners and she was smart and oh so thankful. We then placed her in a home as a companion to a young man with downs syndrom. She was his constant companion for many years until she passed away at what we believe was 14yrs of age!

  • Ren garay says:

    This week my boyfriend and I rescued a burnt orange six month old husky from a friends family member who abused and neglected her. We are taking her in and going to train her and love her and give her food so she isnt so skinny !

  • Barbara Brauer says:

    While visiting a friend in Oregon we were contacted by her brother who was working on a construction site in the area. They had been operating a backhoe and had found a box of kittens. The kittens were only a couple of weeks old obviously dumped by someone who did not want the responsibility for neuteringspaying their cats. We immediately drove to the area approximately 30 miles away and picked up the box of kittens. Unfortunately one of the kittens was killed by the backhoe but the other three were in perfect health 2 girls 1 boy. We immediately hit the grange and picked up the kitten milk etc. We spent the next three days feeding the kittens morning noon and night they were babies after all. As we know male cats tend to be less popular than female cats. So my friend raised the girls for adoption and I took the boy with me. We traveled hundreds of miles to California stopping and feeding along the way. His crying was music to my ears. He is just one of five rescued animals in our home 4 cats 2 dogs. He is a happy camper and just as scrappy as you might expect. We love our tuxedo Cary Grant.

  • Kirsty Trangmar says:

    I used to work as a courier and saw quite a few stray dogs I would always ring the RSPCA and try and help them in the best way I could. On one particular occasion a dog approached me and sat next to me and walked alongside me whilst I worked I couldn’t bear to leave him and in this time a resident came over and told me he’d been badly abused and neglected and that they’d been trying to help him but as they couldn’t contain him and didn’t have a car they were finding it tough. I rang the dog warden rspca council you name it but all I was told was that I would have to tie him to something and leave him ‘until they got the chance’ to fetch him. Well this wasn’t good enough and I found a vets that would take him in and send for the warden so I quickly went and got some dog food and lured him into my car it wasn’t that hard he was so hungry! I took him to the vets and almost cried when they led him away I couln’t bear the thought of him in the dog pound so went to visit him and took some snacks. It broke my heart to see him in there so I took him home! That was over 2 years ago and my beautiful beautiful boy Bert is now my best friend in the world and though he may still have physical scars from the ‘bad years’ I truly hope he loves the fuss haven I provide and knows how much I adore him xx

  • colleen says:

    I foster for a rescue. Its been a bit tough in the last week as Iwe have lost 3 puppies out of 6 in a litter…all because they were never wormed before they got to us. I spent last night in tears as the 3rd one took his last breath in my hands. I am devoting myself to doing everything I can to ensure that the 3 remaining puppies survive and hoping that they continue to thrive. This is one of the hardest parts of rescue…knowing you cant save them all.

  • Amanda Halloran says:

    When I went on my first road trip we stopped at Canyon De Chelly AZ. When we got to the bottom some natives had this puppy that was all wet and shivering. I asked what had happened and they said that they had pulled her out of the river. They were just going to leave her there. So I scooped her up. That night she got incredibly sick. We took her to the vet and it ended up being that she had parvo. They weren’t sure she was going to make it but I knew I had to try. So $600 later I have an AMAZING dog. She’s the light of my life. Every time I go to Canyon de Chelly I save a dog. There are so many that need help there.

  • Laura S. says:

    On a recent trip to India my tour group visited and helped out at an animal rescue center. This center took in abandoned dogs donkeys cows monkeys etc. We heard stories about why each animal was there from a donkey who’s tale was missing because someone tied a gasoline soaked rag to it and lit it on fire to a cow with two giant holes in its side from being hit by a cars headlights. But the most horrifying moment was when I was petting a baby calf as he was dying and bloody. Humans had tied him just far enough way from his mother that she would still produce milk for them but the calf couldn’t have any. From that moment on I have been vegetarian and am working on the transition to being vegan. My most satisfying moments occur when someone asks me why I am vegetarian and I can show then those horrific bloody immensely sad photos of the rescue. I always make sure that people know exactly what seeing those animals did to me emotionally and I hope that explaining and showing them the photos will convert them as well.

  • Tracey kore says:

    A few winters ago I was living in a small town with an even smaller local restaurant that a friend of mine was working at. She called me one day to let me know that they had caught a little mouse in one of their humane traps he had been lured in by Peanut butter. Because it was an unusually cold winter we didn’t want to just put him back outside. I took him home and took care of him until spring when I released him. I named him Peeb because of his love for peanut butter.

  • tammy crago says:

    I have never personaly seen any cruelty to any animaland i hope i never will. I guess im one of the lucky ones. Hopefully one day there will be no need for pets but for now your doing a wonderful job and we need more people come join us!!

  • Jodie Grant says:

    Almost exactly one year ago I was on my way to a birthday party. We were about to turn on to the main road when I made my husband stop the car. Someone had dumped a french lop rabbit on the side of the busy road. We picked him up and brought him to our house where he would be safe. We tried to find his owner to no avail. We took him to the vet and had his badly overgrown teeth fixed and had him neutered. He went from terrified and abandoned with overgrown teeth to being our happy and beloved pet whose favorite pastimes involve tossing his toys around sitting on the couch with us and eating. I am glad that we were able to find each other. I can’t imagine what kind of a person would do such a thing to such a bright and gentle creature.

  • Jennifer says:

    Since finding a scrawny wormy puppy 10 years ago in a grocery store parking lot my eyes have really been opened to the reality of animal abandonment and homelessness. Java has moved with me all over the country. As I couldn’t adopt every animal I would find I would provide temporary housing or locate someone who could. I donate my plasma and then turn the cash over to the animal shelters a doubly good way to help homeless animals and their community. Until more people realize the necessity of spaying and neutering there will continue to be a glut of animals needing housing and funds for their shelters. Java is such a beautiful example of how special “the unwanted” can be.

  • R.Marques says:

    I found a baby squirrel at the bottom of a huge tree following some tragedy in the canopy that left the other baby squirrels dead on the ground where they crashed from the destroyed nest. The mother was nowhere to be found perhaps dead. Sitting in the palm of my hand the baby continued to squeal so pathetically that it broke my heart. With his eyes still tightly shut he hoped his cries would help his mother find him. I took him in fed him kitten milk from a tiny bottle helped him pee and called him Scrambles. Our process continued regularly through the weekend while I called around for help. To my surprise I learned of a woman fairly close by who had somewhat of a halfway house for abandoned squirrels. She had several others she was caring for and took in my orphan. From there he would go to an official squirrel rehab program that would help him learn to be on his own. Scrambles’ life wasn’t so scrambled anymore…things were really straightening out for him! I’m sure since then he’s happily emptied many a squirrelproof birdfeeder! Goooo Scrambles!

  • Brittany Diaz says:

    The most major thing I have ever done to save an animal was insist my boyfriend at the time stop his car in the middle of the street to save a turtle that was bravely tring to cross the street. I am always on the lookout for animals needing saving though and I suppose I learned this from my mother. Growing up she would always be doing a kind thing by taking in pets that people didn’t want. As a mail carier for the USPS she would always come in contact with people who could no longer take care of their pets or didn’t want them because they were a “nuisance”. She brought home at least three dogs throughout my childhood due to the fact that their original owners didn’t like the fact that they weren’t “lap dogs” and even one of them had parvo and almost didn’t live past a few months old we ended up having him for 9 years before he passed away from a weak heart. Just recently my mom was working her route and noticed a rabbit that was continuously being neglegted i.e. low food and water extremely dirty cage being kept outside in the extreme florida heat. One day she asked the residents of the home if she could take the rabbit off their hands and they admitted to neglecting him and let her take him home with her. Now Mickey the rabbit has a nice home with an attentive guardian. My mother is the first person to really ignite my passion in animal rights which has lead to my vegan lifestyle.

  • Suzanna Maltby-Duggan says:

    My mom and I were coming back from a craft festival when we saw a shape on the side of the road. As we passed we saw that it was a cat lying on the side white lines. I made my mom turn around and we parked on the side of the road right behind the cat. I ran out and we saw that it was still alive but it’s tail was crushed and it was bleeding. It was mewing weakly. I started to go into the road to make sure that the cars wouldn’t hit it. The cars kept coming but they were not being careful and were really close to myself and the cat. One man stopped to see if we needed help but then left once he saw that we were not personally in trouble. Since it was getting dark we had to get flashlight from the car so that the cars could see me. One car came really close to hitting the cat so I screamed. A man came out from his house down the road because he thought someone had gotten hurt. When he saw that we needed help he called the police for us since we didn’t have cellphones. He brought us water and tissues since I was so upset. He told us that the cat was one of the local strays. When the police car came the officer parked his car so that ourselves and the cat would not get hurt. He and my mom used a box that we had in our car and they carefully put the cat in it. It was bleeding a lot more than we expected. The officer said that he would take it to the emergency animal hospital. As the officer drove away I was very upset because I wasn’t sure of the fate of the cat. The next day we called the police station and they said to call back in a few days because they didn’t know anything. When we called later that week they told us that the cat was fine and that the officer was going to adopt it because he became bonded with it through the ordeal. I was completely ecstatic because it was the best case scenario! The kitty didn’t have to go to a shelter or the pound but instead now has a new home with a nice person!!

  • Randi Gray says:

    My sister had found a stray pregnant calico cat. Mama the cats given name was young herself probably not even a year old. She couldn’t really afford to keep Mama as her pet and she had a dog already that didn’t like cats. She still put food and a box out for Mama on the porch because she felt bad for her. Mama went into labor and gave birth on the porch. kitten 1was stillborn. Kitten 2had to be given cpr and kitten 3 was left to die under the mobile home across the street. Don’t ask how I knew but I had a gut feeling the kitten was still alive. I crawled under the mobil home which took about an hour. I found the kitten. We put her with her mama and she accepted her. After 5 weeks she decided to stop nursing and ran away. The little boy easily converted to milk and wet food. The one I rescued from under the mobil home refused to eat. At 3 months my sister gave up. She was skinny malnourished and dying. I decided to give her a chance and took her home with me. I fed her baby food meat kitten formula and slowly worked our way up tpo solid food at 6 months old. That kitten is now 4 12 years old healthy as can be and vibrant. Although she is a little small and still doesn’t have a big appetite. She fit in with our family just perfect with our now 6 year old rescued maine Coon which was flea infested and fed dog food when we took her in. I just love animals. I would probably have a pet cow if they’d let me have one in my condo!

  • Michelle Gurr says:

    This is actually a story about my 10 year old son who has an amazing amount of compassion for animals. He was visiting his Grandparents for the weekend when he spotted a cat stuck high above the ground on some type of electrical pole at the school accross the street from their house. He insisted that his Grandparents call someone to help the cat or for them to climb up themselves to save it. They called animal control who said they did not have the equiptment to rescue the cat. So they called PGE to see if they could help. They said they would bring a truck with a cherry picker and wanted animal control to meet them there. My son and his Grandfather sat at the bottom of this pole until help arrived. The cat was rescued but took off running. In the days to follow the cat showed up at their door they have since adopted him and given him a permanent home with them. The cat now named Scampers and my son have a wonderful bond.

  • Victoria Castagna says:

    I live in staten island which is extremely overpopulated but I happen to live next to a lot of forestlike land where there is a city garbage pale. One day my dad was leaving for work and saw rustling around in the woods near the garbage pale. He went over to look and saw a cardboard box of about 6 kittens whose owner was probably hoping the garbage men would take it as the box was all taped up. Lucky enough the kittens were able to escape through the box. I cant even fathome how any human being could do this to these kittens it was cruel horrible so many words I cant even explain. So we decided to take the kittens they were so young we had to feed them with a thing similar to an eyedropper that we filled with milk. We didnt know what to do because my mom is SEVERELY allergic to cats but not to kittens for some reason. So although she wasnt having symptoms now we knew we could never keep them as they would eventually grow into cats. We made a new box with blankets milk and some food. I called a few of my friends and my sister my friends and myself carried them upto the churchnursery school i work at. There we sat in an unoccupied nursery school room and fed them played with them held them. It was so adorable i wanted to cry partly due to how cute they were but mostly because of their owner who attempted to throw them out. I wanted to keep them in the worste way just being with them for a few hours i got SO attatched to them! They were such adorable kittens they were all different shades of gray some light some very dark with these beautiful piercing blue eyes I knew I couldnt keep them so the best thing we could do was to ensure they found suitable and loving homes. Sure enough by the end of the day they all had great homes. It was sad to see them go but i knew they would be in good hands.

  • Missy Stout says:

    I haven’t done any one thing that stands out over the others saving any animal is important to me. I always have my eye out for any animal in distress I’ve rescued countless wild birds from robins to crows. Babies who had maybe fallen out of the nest prematurely or just couldn’t fly as well as adults who had broken wings. I rescued and found homes for baby bunnies in a construction zone that was schedualed to be landscaped. I try as much as possible to lend a hand to any helpless animal. They deserve it.

  • Mary says:

    As a non driver I have always cycled about a lot it always saddened me to see the amount of death there is on the road that so few care about. If an animal is newly killed I usualy stop and just place it in the undergrowth to prevent scavangers from also becoming roadkill and also as a mark of respect for the poor creature which has lost its life. One evening I was cycling home winter time so it was quite dark I noticed two little lights ahead of me I thought it must have been a cat eye that had been pushed to the side of the road but as I approached and went past I could have sworn the lights went out for a second and back on. I stopped and reversed just to check. At first glance it looked like a large seagull chick but I quickly identified the little bird as a little owl the species not just a cute smal owl although it was. Suddenly being a cyclist wasn’t really the best situation to be in now as I had nowhere I could keep the little thing safe my panniers would squash it and I am ashamed to say I have real difficulty sycling one handed and there were a lot of hills and twists and turns remaining on my journey. Luckily that day I had worn a hoody which conveniently has a front pouch just about the right size to sqeeze a little owl so I popped it in and continued on my journey home. It probably wasnt the most comfortable of rides but at least little owl would have been a little warmer I thought. Once home I emptied out my jewlerry box which I had hand made earlier in the year out of a shoe box and fabric as well as padding it with my brothers hair after he dramatically cut it all off and I kept it in the dark and warm as no vets would be open. I looked up how to care for it water and such was suggested I also tried to ground up a protein mixture using nuts and bread and soya milk but I dont believe the owl ate any probably not meaty enough. As a vegan I dont stock much on the meat front Anyway the next day I had to cycle the little owl all the way back again into town to the vets in my hoody pouch. He had to stay at school until lunchtime as the vets was not open before I had to start work. He seemed comfortable in a quiet room under the stage by a radiator and even started looking a little more perky and flapped his wings. I cycled off to the vets with him at lunch time. Later they informed me that he had been taken to an owl and hawk sanctuary. That was the last I heard about the little owl I saved. He came into one of my dreams after that but I never found out what happened to him.

  • Doreen Gallien says:

    I have three Boston Terriers that found me through BT Rescue. My daughter and I decided to only rescue disabled dogs because they are the dogs left behind and Michelle and I have disabilities ourselves. We have Raven a 5 yo missing her back leg Luca a 4 yo who is deaf and has vision loss and we just adopted Holly Beck a 9 yo missing her front leg. We love them all.

  • Stacey says:

    As a shelter volunteer I come across many animals that have been abandoned abused nelected. As a well known animal lover helper I have found dogs tied to my door handle a box of kittens on my porch on a cold winter morning and even a cat in my house once that did not belong to me went to the store and forgot to lock my door!. My story isn’t about me or any animal in particular…it is about all animal lovers and all the animals who need us. We go through so much heartache sleepness nights. We spend money that we cannot afford to spend we give up space in our homes hearts. We smile when people call us “the crazy cat lady” make sure to educate people when they say how cute it would be to have a litter of puppies. We are on a first name basis with our vets who gives us discounts because we are such frequent visitors and this vet has seen us cry more than anyone else in our life. We have dark circles under our eyes because we have a litter of motherless kittens who need to be fed every 4 hours. We strain our relationships with the people who live with us because they give us that “oh no not again look” when we walk into the house with a carefully carried box. We run out of room in houses to put the strays yet always manage somehow to make room for just one more. We do not take vacations because we cannot afford boarding and there is no one crazy enough to come live in your house for a week as a favor. Sometimes we feel we cannot take anymore and just want a normal life and then we look into the eyes of those that need us and realize how many more of them are out there waiting hungry hurt lonely. Everyone that helps an animal is an angel you do not have to give up your life as some of us do…just do what you can. Every bit of compaction makes a difference!

  • Sienna Forster says:

    I live in a rural area where for the most part cats are considered a nuisance. Two years ago while eating with my family on a local restaurant’s patio a tiny malnourished calico kitten came begging at our table. The owner of the restaurant shooed the kitten away and apologized saying he was tired of it begging and was going to drop it off in the country that night. Appalled by this we said we would take the kitten home. At first she could only eat a teaspoon of food a day with out throwing up. She was so sickly we truly believed she would die and we were hopeful we could at least make her last moments more comfortable. Thankfully she survived and she is now a beautiful affectionate cat though still tiny from being so malnourished as a kitten named Stella. We have since been back to the restaurant to tell the owner how well she is doing and what a lovely cat she has become hoping the next time he will show more compassion.

  • Amy Vander Woude says:

    My mother and I have always been huge animal lovers and i mean huge as in stop on the freeway to catch a stray dog huge. A few months ago someone im my townhouse complex moved out. As the days started to pass i noticed when i walked past i could smell somthing foul and i heard dogs. So i went to the window and saw the house was empty but there was dog fecies everywhere. The people had moved out and left their two cocker spaniels behind. I tried to open all the doors and windows but they were locked so i called the humaine society and they told me the dogs would have to wait till the next evening when someone could come and rescue them. I was not okay with this and i had to do something. I had 2 of my friends come by and we broke in through the sliding door. After 2 hours we got the door off and got the dogs out. They were both dehydrated and starving and i dont think they would have made it through the night. Im so glad my mom raised me to take matters into my own hands!!

  • Julie Wheeler says:

    Five years ago when we moved to Austin Tx. we were living in our motorhome while we were waiting for our house to be built. In the park where we were staying there was a beautiful stray white cat. We fell in love with her but do to severe allergies we could not take her in. We fed her and let her live under our motorhome. However she liked to lay on top of cars and other people in the park started to complain. The parks working campers knew that we were taking care of her. They knocked on our door one day and told us that they were going to have to “get rid of her” unless we could keep her inside. That wasn’t a choice for us unfortunately so I set about finding her a home. After asking anyone I could find I finally found a lady that would take her. To this day she is living the great life of a house cat.

  • John Shaffer says:

    Actually just the other day while I was carpooling to work. My friend and I noticed that maybe the biggest snapping turtle in Wisconsin was attempting to cross the busy 4 lane highway to get to water on the other side. It only took 45 minutes almost getting hit by on coming traffic almost getting beat up for stopping traffic for a turtle and getting wrote up at work for being late with a “poor” excuse. But it was worth it in more ways than I can mention here. Slow and steady wins the race!

  • Ally says:

    I was living in a community with a lot of stray dogs. One of the dogs would visit during meal time at the recovery center I lived by. The residents would feed her and she would run away and not get close to anyone. She was skinny and neglected. A friend of mine called and told me she got run over. I went to the scene and it was a cat that had been hit and killed. At that point I was on a mission to rescue this dog. I finally caught her and took her to the vet. She had two wounds on top of her head. The vet told me she was hit by a b.b gun or pellets and they were infected. I took her in nursed her back to health and got her more and more comfortable around people. Now she “works” at the recovery home and is the best medicine for a lot of the residents. Karma has won the hearts of anyone she meets and brings a smile to my face every day!

  • Kayla says:

    My mom’s best friend recently moved into a new house. While moving into this new house they realized that there was a huge wire cage in the back of their huge yard. They soon came to find that rather than the neighbors letting their four dachshunds run around their overabundant yard that they would put them in this cage.. for days at a time. Heat cold no matter what these dogs were outside with no love and attention. My mom’s friend didn’t know what to do to help. So I called the ASPCA and the neighbors were later prosecuted for neglecting their animals and the dogs were removed and adopted by great families. Now they get to be inside and beloved rather than living their lives behind bars.

  • Kim ODonnell says:

    I remember on a cold rainy October night in 2005. I was sitting up some what late watching TV. I heard a cat meow and I had 2 cats at this time indoors. Was none of them meowing. I heard it from outside so I go and open the door and to my surprise its a kitten. A little yellow tabby kitten soaking wet. I immediately brought him inside to get him warm and fed. I noticed he was skin and bones there was no meat on him at all I checked his gums and they were all WHITE. Poor thing was starving to death. So I got him some food and gave him some protein paste I had from my other cat when he was sick. I didnt think he was going to make it through the night. He made it and I named him Milo from the movie Milo and Otis. So I made an apt at the vet for this poor cat I estimated his age around 8 to 10 weeks old. I got him to the vet to get all his shots and the vet told me the kitten was 4 months old. He was that bad that he stopped growing the vet also said that if I didn’t take the necessary steps with the kitten it probably would have died with in 24 hours. Still have Milo now and he is healthy happy and now a little over weight lol. Thanks for listening

  • Melimelo says:

    6 or 7 years ago when I was in college I was sitting outside on our big green campus. There were many kinds of animals specially birds. A raven landed on the very next chair to where I was sitting. But he got uncomfortable with my presence as soon as he landed. So I tried to leave my place as quiet as I could. The reason that the land were theirs before we put a campus there. So it was my responsibility to adapt there or at least let them space when they needed.

  • Mildred says:

    A few years ago I still lived in the Dominican Republic. Back then I was a meat eater still and didnt know any better I was young. One day I saw my mother killing a chicken and I was super sad I decided then i couldnt eat meat anymore I went on strike. The next time she was about to grab a chicken I stole the chicken and hid it. Her name was “blanquita” and became my first per chicken. After that I would break my mothers traps to get the chicken and would lie about where they had their nest. I couldnt become a vegetarian right away but I did soon after. I also once rescued a pigeon in the Bronx that was injured and took her home then let her free when she was better and I also rescued my cat Mate from a man who was going to throw her away in the streets.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I live in a condo complex where we all live very close together and any unusual noise is immediately noticed. A few years ago on a blistering summer day a neighbor and I heard the sound of kittens desperately crying. We ran around the complex searching for the source of the sound. It was coming from our neighbor’s closed garage. The neighbor was not home but the complex caretaker was so he helped us open the garage door. The heat that blasted from that garage almost knocked us down. Inside the garage we found 3 tiny kittens. We took them into the condo my neighbor shared with her friend soaked washcloths in cold water and started to try to cool the kittens off. We put them in the coolest room in the house and gave them cool water with a medicine dropper. While we were doing this we discussed what a miracle it was that we happened to be home in the middle of the week when we would normally be working to hear them. We worked in retail and our day off was NEVER in the middle of the week. If the kittens had been left in that garage until the neighbor had come home they may have died. My neighbor Liz loved to read the Bible and suggested we name the kittens Meshach Shadrach and Abednigo after the three faithful young Jewish men thrown into a furnace by King Nebuchadnazzer for refusing to worship an Idol. Saved by a miracle they survived the flames. The kittens survived also they became beautiful cats. They were all adopted into good homes in our complex.

  • Holly Cooper says:

    Many years ago I lived out in the country and it was widely known that people would drive out to our old dirt roads and abandon their dogs. One day driving home I got to see this first hand. A driver stopped on the side of the road pushed his dog out of the van and drove off. I pulled up and took the dog in AND reported the driver’s tag to our local code enforcement. I still have Roxy the dog who was abandonded 8 years later.