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‘Win It’ Wednesday: OPI ‘Shrek Forever After’ Brights Collection

Written by PETA | June 9, 2010

Shrek may not be the first one who comes to mind when you think of style (or hygiene), but you’ve got to admit, the ogre’s one cool color. And even if green’s not your shade, with OPI’s limited-edition Shrek-inspired shades such as “Rumple’s Wiggin’,” “What’s With the Cattitude,” “Fiercely Fiona,” “Ogre-the-Top Blue,” “Funky Dunkey,” and “Who the Shrek Are You,” you’re sure to find the fairytale color of your dreams.


OPI Shrek Nail Polish


For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we have two of these cruelty-free nail polish sets to give away. To win, leave a comment about an animal-friendly fantasy character you root for or an evil villain you’d like to slay. My favorite animal-friendly character is Pete from Pete’s Dragon. Use a character that already exists, or be creative and write your own tale. The two comments that best spin a character we want to root for or cast a villain we want destroyed will win the nail polishes.

The contest ends on June 23, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on June 25, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good Luck!

Written by Heather Moore

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  • Lisa says:

    As a young’un on here I grew up with Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Not only were her best friends a fish and a seagull which living near a beach I of course started leaving seed at the oceanfront for but does anybody else remember the scene with Sebastian? She almost had to eat him! Cue my sevenyearold self refusing to eat meat ever again hahah.

  • Saucy says:

    Jonah definitely Jonah of Jonah a Veggie Tales Movie with it’s message of mercy and compassion. A splash of color Jonah is played by an asparagus his sidekick a tomato and four youngsters a pea a baby carrot baby broccoli and a green bean all take to the road on an adventure promoting tofu along the way. Wonderful tale but the hidden meaning like the elephant in the room that no one sees that our Christian brothers and sisters are so willing to ignore is right there in front of them. The messenger does not always know what the message is that they have been instructed to deliver. Jonah is a shining example of this. You can’t run away from the truth of violence and hideous cruelty. You can try but you just might wind up in THE BELLY OF THE BEAST.

  • Ron Miller says:

    Batman IS a friend to animals!LOL my favorite Batman scene from the old original movie 60’s where he’s running around the dock with a bomb he turns to throw the bomb in the water and sees a duck with it’s ducklings and doesn’t want to explode them so turns to throw the bomb elsewhere. Villain has to be Cruella making coats from dalmation’s.

  • Jennifer says:

    One of my faves is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. She sang to danced w ur animal friends!

  • Kayla says:

    Hubie in The Pebble and The Penguin

  • Melissa Roberge says:

    the fantasy character i root for is puss in boots from shrek

  • Nicole Olsen says:

    I love Nausicaa from Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind. It was the first anime that tought eviromental safety. And my Villan would have to be in the Fox and the Hound the hounds owner that tought him how to be a hunting dog I cry all the time when I watch that.

  • Krista Miller says:

    Lisa Simpson. My favorite cartoon character from my favorite show. She was vegetarian before it was “cool” and stuck to her beliefs even though others thought she was crazy a parallel that I’m sure many of us have experienced for our choice of fighting cruelty.

  • elaine elizabeth donnigan says:

    I love Rico from The Penguins Of Madagascar. It shows any animal no matter what problems it has deserves LOVE!

  • Amanda Halloran says:

    How about the hunter from “Bambi”? He shot his mom right in front of him. Evil.

  • AAG says:

    I love Bugs Bunny because he ridicules hunters. Hunters are both stupid and cruel! Go vegan!!!

  • Melissa says:

    I’ve always loved Snow White. Guess I was born to be vegan.

  • katherine says:

    my hero would be Lisa Simpson because it was watching the episode where she became a vegetarian that made me one at 7 years old. I also love Fern from Charlottes Web. They would make a good team. As for villains? I have to be cliche again and say Cruella. She was the first to come to mind. lol Everyone has such good answers I have to agree with all of them.

  • Olivia says:

    No one has said Princess Jasmine yet? o.0 what kind of website is this?! Okie Dokie I adore princess Jasmine maybe its because Im a vegan middle eastern dancer with 6 YES I SAID 6 VEGAN not easy to find dance costumes that look like her trademark outfit maybe its bc I named my rescue dog ‘Jasmine’ maybe its because honestly ever since I was a little girl i DO remember her love for her tiger Raj. Ok the whole keeping a tiger in captivity tends to raise eyebrows around these here parts but lest we not forget its a cartoon so lets all just remember her gentle love for her animal that she obsiously took care of. If I could creat a animal friendly characterooooh goody nongelitan gumdrops my fantasy of a 7 year old girl is coming true! Well of course she would be a Princess named Pamela after Pam Anderson who has done such amazing things for animal rights. Now Princess Pamela lives in Petatopia and stunning land across the sea of Silk vanilla soy milk past the mountians of SweetSara’s vegan marshmallows and behind the frosty land of “Amy’s Kichen frozen meals”. Princess Pamela’s land is a place of sanctuary for abused animals she sits up and declares “no longer shall kittens go homeless no longer shall farm animals suffer and die and no longer shall intelligent whales bare the pain of the harpoon” All is not good Petatopia the brave night Paul Watson has come to Princess Pamela with fear that the whales he is so desperate to save will all be wiped out…what will happen next? well we must wait until the next story Shazaam! hows that for a character I hope I win PETA because I really should be doing my math homework instead of creating characters but it was fun! xpeace for all animals Olivia


    FLIPPER THE AWESOME DOLPHIN FROM THE TV SHOW in 1964!! he was sharp intelligent and brought to the tube how smart animals are in sea and land! also BABE the adorable lil sweet piggie!!! he was a sweetheart!

  • Kimmy says:

    My favorite friend to the forest is Snow White. I love the way she respects all living beings. heart The most despicable character is Cruella DeVille. Grrrrrr!

  • Anu says:

    My favorite animalfriendly cartoon character is definitely The Mad Hatter. He is nice enough to fix the White Rabbit’s clock using only jam sugar and other condiments found at a tea party!

  • Carrie says:

    I love the white rabbit from Alice and Wonderland.

  • Jessica says:

    My favourite is Bruce the vegetarian shark from finding nemo! “Fish are friends not food!”

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have to say that my favorite animal loving character would have to be Gisele from enchanted! I go around my house singing the songs but my animals don’t seem to react the way i want them to. they usually howl and run away! My villian that i would like to thwart would have to be Jafar. I love that movie but I don’t like that man. he just exudes evil.

  • SALLY says:

    well in the uk the care bears had forest friend and sea friend bear. every bear bought was a contribution to animal charities those are beautiful also for sheer attitude gotta be MUSHU from mulan! xD

  • Jenny Geng says:

    Reasons to Kill Cruella de Vil 1. That giant carpet of a cloak that she wears. It’s mink coat . 2. Look at her hair. Must I say any more? 3. Anyone who’s that obsessed with fur isn’t mentally stable. 4. The disgusting way she cuddles the dead tiger fur in the movie. 5. She wears dead animals. And finally… 6. She’s willing to wear dead puppies! Thank goodness she’s only a fictional character!

  • Alexa says:

    I wish that Scar would be slayed from the lion king. He kills his own brother and tries to kill his nephew. He goes behind his friends back and doesn’t have a conscience. He uses people just to get what he wants. I think Scar should be slayed because he is a lier and a minipulator.

  • Bethany Bebik says:

    Jane the Fur Coat creator. She is an evil vilian who makes fur coats obviously and her enemy is her twin brother Jake the Animal Saver. He sneaks in looking like Jane he has to wear a wig and saves all the animals. Go Jake!!

  • Anna Cole says:

    Tinkerbell would def. be my pick. such a small tiny little thing who makes such a big difference to the plants and animals around her. Every person who trys to make a difference feels like they are so tiny and insignificant but like Tinkerbell every little choice matters.

  • Amber says:

    When I was a kid my favorite movie was “The Bear.” I used to fiercely hate the hunters that were after the little baby bear and I also hated how little they cared about their dogs. My friend just bought me the DVD last year and it was exciting to show it to him!

  • Addie H says:

    I definitely have to say Fluffy the giant three headed dog from Harry Potter. It would guard products tested on animals so no one could buy them.

  • Jessica says:

    Count Duckula would have to be my favorite. He was one of the first vegetarian cartoon characters ever in the mid 80s. Despite scorn and ridicule from his cohorts Count Duckula was a vegetarian vampire who was more interested in drinking tomato juice and eating celery than finding victims like a normal vampire would.

  • Chloe Caswell says:

    well sharon spitz from braceface would have to be my favorite. when i was younger she was basically my idol.

  • Jessie says:

    I would have to say figment the dragon. Hes not a hero nor villain but that mischievous little dragon is soooo cute!!!

  • Theda says:

    i’m rooting for hiccup in how to train your dragon! lol

  • Nicole T. says:

    Evil villain I want to slay? Let’s go with Jennifer Lopez. It’s almost like she challenges herself to not leave the house without at least 5 dead animals on her body including her eyelashes for f sake.

  • Shawna says:

    My favorite animalfriendly character is Farmer Hoggett from the movie “Babe.” Instead of killing and eating the pig he becomes friends with him. The actor who portrays Hoggett James Cromwell is a vegetarian in real life. He is not only a great actor but he speaks out for animals too!

  • Lorean says:

    The EVIL Villain anyone would want to slay is THE QUEEN OF HEARTS3 from Alice and Wonderland! She uses poor animals for her croque games!! Thats abuse most definitely! But I do love Alice for being so gentle and kind and speaks to the animals like they are her friends!!!!! SLAY QUEEN OF HEARTS!!!!! OFF WITH HER HEAD!!!!!!

  • Misha'el Shabrami says:

    Elmira is the evil villain I would like to slay. She did NOT learn how to be gentle with animals.

  • Caitlin says:

    Penny from Oliver and Company! She takes in little Oliver and eventually welcomes the rest of the rag tag dogs into her home it’s such a sweet story. It always makes me cry to see Oliver in that box in the rain at the beginning of the movie but he ends up getting a great life with his human friend Penny!

  • carole wilson says:

    Hum…there’s a lot…Charlemagne the dog who laughed.

  • Ashley B says:

    My favorite animated story was always the Little Mermaid but I despised Louis the chef who tried to cook Sebastian. Throwing live crabs into a hot pot of boiling water is sooo cruel! As a little girl that always disturbed me…evil evil Louis!

  • Alana Green says:

    Disney’s Robin Hood had the gnarliest villains ever! I can’t even choose between Prince John the lion the Sheriff of Nottingham the bear and Sir Hiss the snake. They were so comical and secretly were nice inside i just know it. Id never want them destroyed just maybe get a little taste of nice from maid marian!

  • ariana says:

    My favourite animal loving character has to be Arial The Little Mermaid. I think she’d be perfect considering all the whaling issues currently…

  • Rachel Cordell says:

    My heroine is called Linda the Light Queen named after Linda McCartney. She rides on a white Lipizzan Stallion and carries a crystal light sword. She fights for animals everywhere. She defeats her enemies by opening up their minds and “enlightens” them to choose a better way! There is always a heppy ending where ever she goes. I always think of Linda on a horse with her long blond hair full of life and love for all animals. She is always my inspiration and the reason I became a Vegan.

  • Jennifer says:

    I would like to slay the villian in Up Charles Muntz. He was very ruthless in order to obtain the tropical bird Kevin that he goes as far as to attempt at killing Russell among other things. Although he was an avid dog lover he still went way too far in catching the Kevin.

  • Angie Hanson says:

    My favorite animal friendly fantasy hero is Arthur from Sword in the Stone Directeed by Wolfgang Reitherman in 1963. He was able to see from many different animal perspectives and became compassionate towards their previously unknown feelings.

  • Kelli says:

    The evil villain I loathe most is the hunter that kills Bambi’s mother.

  • Hannah says:

    My favourite character is Wonderpig! He describes himself as a vegan superhero his mission is to free all living creatures from violence suffering persecution slavery capture and abuse. The best bit is he does it through nonviolent methods!! I was privileged to meet Wonderpig at the Bristol Vegan Fayre in 2008! His webpage is here httpwww.myspace.comphiltutton . Vegan love to you all xxx

  • Lindsay Klatt says:

    I have created a new character that I can live vicareously through because of all of the times I wished I could do something! Her real name is Lindsay Jean Vanderkean and she is a politician by day fighting for animals via legislation. But by night she acts out all of the things I have daydreamed about. She and her sidekicks sneak into the Petco processing plants and rescue the animals and in the meantime “detain” the wrongdoers however she sees fit. She wears a disguise and works for her local circus show while they’re in town and is able to free the animals from the horrible life they endure. She sneaks into local pet shops and takes the animals to a better life. She is able to rescue all of these animals because she owns a ranch hidden in the mountains of Colorado where she can care for them until they are healthy. She then gives them to applicants that prove they can provide a better life for them or she responsibly releases them into their natural habitat when they are ready. She remains undercover and no one ever knows who is committing these covert rescue operations! Ahhh I already feel better just by thinking about it!

  • stephanie martino says:

    Sorry! I meant Smokey the Bear! LOL He tries to prevent forest fires!!