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‘Win It’ Wednesday: KattySaks Litter Box Cover

Written by PETA | May 19, 2010

A plain-Jane litter pan shoved out of sight? Boring! It’s time to redecorate your cat’s bathroom. But before you call Extreme Makeover: Litter Box Edition, take a look at these snazzy slipcovers from KattySaks.




Fun and functional, these machine-washable fabric slipcovers—which come in three different designs (the Beach Bus, the Surf Shack and Le Dresser)—are guaranteed to take your cat’s litter box from drab to feline fab.

Your cat really wants you to win one, so tell us what makes him or her a purrfect companion. The person whose comment earns the most “awws” around the office will win the slipcover of his or her cat’s choosing.

After you and your cat finish debating which style to choose (my cat has her heart set on the Surf Shack), please read on: The contest ends on June 2, 2010, and we’ll pick the winner on June 4, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Good luck, cat lovers!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Angel Jacklyn says:

    My cat is the purrfect companion because he loves me no matter what mood I’m in how angry I may get regardless of how much attention he gets. He’s the best cat I’ve had yet as he senses when I’m down trys to cheer me up or change my line of thinking. His name is Ashis he’d like the Le Dresser.

  • Kylie Fagerlie says:

    I adopted my cat Micco just over a year ago when my friends cat had kittens. He isn’t a specific type of cat but is a very pretty grayish color with stripes and brilliant blue eyes. My friend and her family were going to give them all to the local animal shelter but one of them was a little shy and they couldn’t catch him. When I went over to look at them he walked right up to me and sat on my shoe. I was so astonished that I had to take him home with me. It’s been over a year April and I love my cat to death. He meows in response when I talk to him and he sleeps in my bed every night. He doesn’t like the dark which I find a little humorous. Whene ver my lights are off he’ll scratch on my pillow with his paw until I let him under the covers with me. He’s my baby and I love him to death.

  • ROMINA says:

    i’ve adopted a kitten2 years agoi liked persian cats but my kitty was in the window of a friend she was hungry but i realized what she really wanted was a familyin that moment i didn’t anything i acted and brought her home she’s the most beautiful gift i’ve ever hadshe’s so grateful!!! i love her

  • JAMES P LYNAM says:


  • Cindy Merrill says:

    Both of my sweet kitten babies Jennie and Jimmy age 10 weeks are a joy and a handful they keep me moving and smiling!

  • Huguette English says:

    My cat Tequila is the sweetest. She ‘talks’ half meow half purr when we talk to her. She plays hide and seek we’ll say ‘where is she?’ she’ll come running trying to find us. She loves cuddling and sleeping under the blankets. She even gets along with our new dog. She sleep cuddled up beside her sometimes. My dog is a black lab so she way bigger. When I’m the computer she lays on my desk when I get up she follows She’s the sweetest

  • Tana says:

    Tomas and Sequoia are the best cats i’ve ever had the pleasure to know. They enjoy doing lovely things like sitting on my face at 500 in the morning I need the wakeup call throwing up hairballs otherwise known as redecorating chasing small rodents around outside at least they don’t kill anyone! and when they get agitated digging their claws into my arm acupuncture!. Even throughout all this though I still love them and think they’re the best friends a kid could have. And I know even with all their loving services they think the same about me.

  • Vicki Andrew says:

    I live with 5 rescued kitties we have chosen each other. One of which is the ruling queen Shadow. we found her when she was about 5 weeks old she was in the alley behind our apartment she got scared and ran and hid up in the motor of my car. We finally got her out and she was covered with oil after we cleaned her up we found a beautiful long hair ragdoll. She has now been part of our family for 6 years now singermagic1atyahoodotcom

  • Danica D. says:

    We adopted Athena from a shelter and from the moment we got her home she has been attached to me. Every morning when I start to wake up she will come cuddle on my chest and start purring. Then at random times during the day she hops up on my lap and curls up into my arms. She also likes to greet ANYONE who walks through the door by rubbing her body on their legs. She is definitely not a timid cat and I love her for it.

  • Carrie says:

    We found our cat Luna on a cold late October evening in a the parking lot of a grocery store. At first I thought she was a pile of trash. I didn’t park in the spot and then I noticed that she was actually a cat and not a plastic bag. I told my husband to get her. He opened the door and she went running to him. It’s like she was waiting for us to show up. That was five years ago. She was sickly but very sweet. She knew she was home immediately and I couldn’t imagine life without her.

  • beth robbins says:

    I’m sorry you don’t have to post this but I laughed so hard at Manic Monkey’s post I had to let you know. Thanks for posting some humor!!

  • WENDY HORN says:

    My cat Madison was adopted from a man who was neglecting her. She lived in a dark room by herself with no water and a dirty bowl of food. She had no socialization and it took a lot of time to earn her trust. Now she is the queen of the house and bosses around my other two cats and the dog. I call her the “queen of the castle.” I love to spoil her and her kitty litter box needs a feminine makeover.

  • randall S says:

    One of our rescue cats is Thomas O’Malley. He is a rather large maine coon mix. We are always trying to find a litter box that will fit his rather nonpetite frame. There have been many occasions that his booty wanders over the side of the box. He thinks he is half the size he really is. This makes for an unpleasant mess! From the looks of the slipcover it would be an excellent fix. Plus the le dresser would fit his feminine style perfectly!

  • Erin says:

    After I moved into a house I was renting I noticed a cat always wondering around outside. She was cute and appeared to be looking for food. I started leaving food out for her but she would only eat it if I wasn’t there. She was so afraid of people. Eventually I moved her bowl closer and closer to my front door and she started to get comfortable with me standing there while she ate. One day while I was sitting on the front stoop she came right up to me and put her paw on my shoe. It shocked me because she never came right up to me like that but I quickly noticed her paw and whole arm were very swollen. She actually let me put her in a kitty crate and take her to the vet. It turns out her paw was infected from a fight with another animal the vet said it was probably a raccoon that bit her. She needed surgery to clean it out and have a drain put in. But she’s been my lovable indoor kitty ever since. It just warms my heart to know that even though she was a stray cat that didn’t trust anyone… she trusted me to help her when she really needed it.

  • Manic Monkey says:

    My cat is a manipulative bitch but I love her none the less. She was abused by the jagoffs across the street from me so essentially its a give and take relationship between me and my cat. I give her a good home and foot to eat and she is just there to purr and be a cat. So there you go. Short and sweet to the point.

  • Tyisha says:

    I couldn’t just leave a comment I had to make a video. The story is in the description Good luck to everybody!

  • sapho says:

    My baby boy Samba is my Champagne Charlie blonde beauty in the AM radiant redhead in the PM. I love my Samba. He is healing my broken heart after my precious angel passed at age 19. Samba came to me when I was grieving traumatized to have watched the decline of my angel. He was a rescue so I give him more special attention spend more time playing with him to make the bonding come smoothly. The best time for hugging Samba is at 4am in the twilight before morning. After that he’s totally caught up in watching the birdies fly past the windowbalcony. I love my Samba as I did my Angel. He heals my heart and soon he will be hugging me back the way she did. He brings me mousies on my pillow sits in the warm spot in my bed. I love him more than life itself. He saved me and makes this life worth living.Because he’s growing to be a big boy with a healthy appetite bowel movements he definitely needs an attractive curtain around his box.

  • Tommi P. says:

    My argh kitty love it. She oh come on! REALLY need one. It will be oh god i’m writing! perfect for her. kitty! kitty! please! ouch my hand! just written! just written! Help me

  • Kathy C. says:

    She loves me unconditionally follows me wherever I go sleeps with me always trusts me like no other and never never has a bad day!

  • Rebecca says:

    My cat Tigger is truly amazing. He was abused before I adopted him and once I got him he came to life. He acts like it never happened. I’m so glad to have him and he deserves the best in the world. He has a keen sense of knowing when I need him. I think he would love the Beach Bus because he loves sand for some odd reason. I hope I win so Tigger can have a more interesting experience in the litter box

  • beth robbins says:

    Our reunion after six days was like that of a feature film. “M” is the love of my life and on one fateful night became scared ran from the house and was lost. Day after day I searched walking riding driving posting flyers visiting animal control talking to people in my neighborhood posting on the internet. I walked until I either had to eat or my feet just couldn’t go any further. There were tips some as far as two miles from my home but each night I’d lay my head on my pillow and feel sorrow. Day six my neighbor called and said she was sure she had seen him a mile and a half away. I raced with all my strength to get there. I was greeted by a concerned neighbor who pointed to the houses that the cat ran between. I called out his name and out popped “M” very slowly and cautiously. I dropped to my knees in the grass and called for him arms stretched hardly able to contain the emotion of seeing him again. He ran to me and jumped into my arms. I cried so loud and so hard that everyone in their homes must have heard me. The joy I felt was indescribable. I was given a second chance to have him in my life and we were both so grateful. He was never a very affectionate cat until that day we found each other again. It is a day I will never forget!

  • Ashley W. says:

    My kitty’s name is Rodent he looked like a drowned rat when we found him under a dumpster when he was a kitten. In his 12 years of life on this earth he has moved with me 6 times and lost 2 best kitty friends along the way. Most recently at the end of March my apartment burned down and both I and Rodent lost everything. His constant companion and friend Tokyo had to be euthanized a week later due to heart and lung damage from smoke inhalation. Rodent himself spent almost 3 weeks at the vets office recovering from 3rd degree burns on all four paws smoke inhalation and burns on his corneas only to come home to a new place with none of his favorite toys or smells or Tokyo. My heart hurts for him and Tokyo more than I can put into words. no humans were harmed but I pulled four cats out from under rubble that day only Tokyo died He has been at our new apartment with me for almost a month and very happy not to have his paws bandaged and to not have to wear the cone collar anymore. His whiskers and foot feathers are all growing back and he is adjusting well. For now he has to use special shredded newspaper litter but in a few weeks will be transitioning back to regular litter. I think he would enjoy a surf shack to potty in. And think of all the awesome picture opportunities when he is getting out!

  • Cristin Ryden says:

    PantouflePawntoofis a mein coon and siamese silver tabby with an orange patch on the back of her head. She will be two years old in the fall and I will have had her for one year next month. Though I have only had her a year I met her when she was no bigger than a small shoe box at the age of about 5 weeks. Even now she’s fairly small. When I put her harness and lead on and take her for a walk people often ask me ‘how old the kitten is’ as she is easily mistaken for a baby cat… and sometimes a monkey. It was way past midnight when I first saw her at a Jack in the Box down town. Sure there were a lot of cats there but she was not like any of them. The other cats were strangely rotund for feral cats and all older as well. But my baby kitten was off on her own sitting at the entrance of the bank adjacent to Jack in the Box. She looked so sad that I felt the need to share with her my food. So I got out of my car and tried to do just that. However she did not like that plan. I proceeded to chase her around the bank and finally just gave up… she was fast… I left in utter defeat. The next week my craving for Jack in the Box arose once more at sometime after midnight and again I went to the same one and again there was that little kitty! ALONE like before! I offered her food again and this time she took it. Nights like these went on for 9 months until I finally got the ‘okay’ from my mom to take her home. Now almost a year later she is the happiest and most spoiled kitty you would ever see. She enjoys bows on the collar and occasionaly on the tail. She eats only the best cat food Wellness. When she is offered a french fry like I used to give her she gives me a look like she is throwing up in her mouth at just the thought of fried food. She enjoys plush blankies and treating my stuffed animals like they are her prey. And though I have lost many tshirts and stuffed animals to her ferocity I let her do so because everytime I think of having to leave her in that awful place and not knowing if I would ever see her again just kills me. To this day she suffers from seperation anxiety and follows me around everywhere because I had to leave her so many times. I love her more then anything and I would do anything for her 3 I love my PawnPawn!

  • Nick Abell says:

    My two kittens 6 and 7 months old are named Precious and Alexis or Lexi. My mom is a hospice nurse and one of her patients was diagnosed with severe cancer. She was very worried that her two kitties would have no one to look after them and they would end up dying in the pound. My mom does not like animals whatsoever but feeling bad she adopted both of them. We got them both spayed and they have never been happier D They are both so much fun to live with I definitely count them as family they sleep in my bed they eat when we eat and I love them with all my heart.

  • Amanda says:

    READ THIS ONE My kitty cat is Bunny. She earned the name bunny cause when we found her in a box in an alley she had gaint ears like a rabbit and she was scared of everything that she would jump sideways like a rabbit hop. It was so adorable. Once I took her to the vet and this little girl maybe 3 yrs old was like “Look Mommy. It’s a bunny! A Bunny!” and Her mom was says “No sweety. That is a kitty cat.” I told the women not to worry but the kitty name was Bunny and the little just look up and went “See I told you!” It was so cute. Now she is a happy healthy less skidish 8 year old we think she was just a baby when we rescued her Calico. She is super freindly and loves everyone. And she has made an amazing journey and she is just an amazing friend to have around.

  • Jennifer says:

    I met my cat four months ago in a cage at a nokill cat shelter. A blind kitty who had never been socialized to humans Brie had sat in that cage for over a year waiting for a home. Despite her good looks no one wanted an unfriendly cat. I can’t say it was love at first sight I reached in her cage and she swatted me but I took her home anyway and gave her lots of time and space. Now Brie is hardly recognizable as the same cat that sat huddled in the corner of her cage. She plays like a kitten talks to me all the time follows me around from room to room and flops over on average fifteen times a day for tummy rubs. It has been absolutely amazing to see her progress and I’m so glad she’s in my life and out of her cage. We’ve turned out to be just right for each other. Perhaps Brie’s biggest flaw is that she loves to shovel litter and boy does it go flying!

  • Brittany says:

    My cat is the best cat in the world she is like my kid. I got her when she was about 4 weeks old from someone that called me and told me there was a stray kitten crying near their apartment and she looked really hungry. I picked her up and brought her to the store with me and got some kitten formula and a bottle. She was so hungry she bit the nipple off the bottle so I put it in a bowl. Later on she came up to me and started eating my veggie dinner omg it was the cutest thing and she still does from time to time. I took her to the vet and they said she would have died if I hadn’t taken her in. She had earmites an eye infection was completely underweight and malnourished and had gravel stuck in her paws from being dragged. I fell in love with her and had to take her in. She is literally the cutest thing in the world. She sleeps with me every night including waking me up in the middle of the night to kiss and purr in my face. She follows me around everywhere and talks to me all the time. I call her name and she comes to me and she wants to play all the time. If I pick her up and put her up to my lips she kisses me. I throw bottle caps and balls and she actually fetches them and brings them back to me to throw for her again. She is the most affectionate adorable cat ever. My boyfriend is so jealous she doesn’t give him the same attention but I am her momma. And to top off her cuteness she is literally in love with my dog. I have so many pictures of them snuggling and kissing it is so cute.

  • madison says:

    my cat whiskers is very sweet.He ony lets me hold him and only will come to me.He always sleeps right on my stomach at night and keeps me warm is really is the best cat.

  • brenda cruz says:

    Hello all the cats story are great well my two cats smokey and zoe I rescued from the streets around two years ago they are both indoor and outdoor cats but last night things took a turn my female zoe left in the morning as usual then my male cat smokey left an hour later but they both always return at night time together not last night smokey came alone without zoe I felt worry but smokey kept scratching the door n crying which he never does so when I went to the door and opened it smokey went to the wall on the hallway near the door and started to scratch the wall and continue his crying but at the same time I hear a meow coming from the wall he was scratching as it turned out somehow the female cat zoe was stuck in the wall and smokey was her hero he meow and meow scratch door wall until he got my attention all to let me know that zoe was stuck inside the wall I got her out the wall took her to vet this morning she is safe and sound godbless from zoe smokey the hero and their mom brenda

  • AAG says:

    What makes Felix a purrfect companion is his unique way of sitting next to me on the sofa while we watch TV and rubbing his cheek against mine in a loving manner. He keeps me company purrs in my ear and waits for me by the door. He loves me!!!!

  • robbii mitchell says:

    I have 10 cats that are all rescues…but the one I’m going to tell you about it Boophelia AKA Bad Girl. I’m an assistant at my father’s vet clinic. One day a stray kitten wasgiven to us. Her belly has 4 lacerations from one side to the other. One eye was hanging out of her face. Her ears ripped and mostly missing. 5 years later she lives inside with her 9 “siblings”. On her belly are 4 long scars. She’s missing one eye but she has long hair and is a torti so you can’t really notice it’s missing. And she has only half an ear on one side and 14 ear on the other side. She’s terrified of everyone but myself and my 16 month old daughter. But she’s happy and healthy now. She’s one of the greatest kitties ever!

  • Cynthia Logan says:

    My cat Rascal is just the best cat. He was diagnosed with diabetes more than a year ago but he’s so good about being tested I prick his ears and being given the insulin. He sits and waits then runs to his spot in the kitchen waiting for his treat. I can pick him up and cuddle him and kiss him but he runs from just about everyone else. He’s orange and white rather like a Dreamsicle!

  • Heather B says:

    My kitty will love this!

  • Douglas says:

    I have 3 lovely cats that deserve a toilet as beautiful as they are.

  • Alondra Rogers says:

    Jonsesy AKA Mr. Jones and Roro AKA Ms. Hercule Poirot are this girls best friends. At ages 4 and 7 my kittens have shared love understanding and the tolerance of unsophisticated dogs with me. They spend a little bit more time sharing the healing powers of the purr with me when my husband is away on deployments. They offer knowing support at the sadness of his separation. Each offers their own opinions and levels of acceptance of our two rescued dogsEmma aged 2 rescued from a neglectful military family and Stormy aged 4 rescued from a creek after being abandoned or possibly worse. They attempt to instruct proper manners by example but are quick to correct inappropriate or unrefined behaviors. Jonesey and Roro bring peace where I find anxiety and acceptance where I need it. In exchange I do everything possible to keep them healthy and happy and I know that I’m getting the better end of the bargain.

  • Ariana says:

    My cat Lavender is the purrfect companion because she’s extremely friendly. If she’s in the car with us she’ll meow at other people in other cars to come pet her and they do!. I’m sure like any other animal she loves unconditionally. It’s nice to have a number one fan bestfriend and sister I’ve never had who doesn’t care what I look like. I love you Lavender! 3

  • Tucker says:


  • Paul Hassall says:

    i think the “le Dresser” is fab my cat Ninj would love it.

  • Kayla says:

    My cat is my perfect companion because she is always excited when I come home and she wakes me up with kisses and love

  • Shanon says:

    My two cats are the greatest. Whenever my son and I go out for a walk or tricycle ride the run after us. They will run on the sidewalks cross the streets walk in the gutters go under cars and EVEN walk past the neighbor’s barking dog just to keep up with us. Of course we never leave the safety of our street but I think they would follow us if we did. I don’t know why they feel compelled to walk with us but I’m glad they do because it’s the highlight of my day!

  • Kristen says:

    I love this. What a brilliant idea. With 3 cats and two litter boxes I’m always looking for ways to make the boxes more inconspicuous. Very creative.

  • Kathy Peterson says:

    When I am feeling sad my cat is there for me jumps on my lap and stays there when I am happy my cat is there being happy with me. My cat is my best friend.

  • Ilea says:

    My Kitten Jynx And Her Sister Roxy Were Originally Feral Living Under A Mans Porch Who Only Fed Them Table Scraps And Sometimes Didn’t Even Remember To At All. Once I Was Informed Of Them Only A Few Months Old At The TimeMy Friend Tried To Catch Them For Me. Jynx Being The Braver Of The Two Ran Over To Be Pet Purring The Whole Way. Roxy Was A Little Harder So I Came Over With A HaveAHeart Trap Knowing It Wasn’t Right To Take One Away From The Other. The Next Day I Was Informed That They Were Both Captured So I Took Them Back To My House. Already Having Six Cats My Parents Were Not Thrilled And Refused To Let Them Out Of My Bedroom Fearing That They Would Love Them And Not Want To Find A New Home For Them. Luckily They Eventually Did Fall In Love With The Two Sweet Hearts Allowing Me To Keep Them. Roxy Now Owns My Mom Watching Over Her Protectively. While Jynx Has Claimed Me And Loves To Sleep With Me At Night. Jynx Also Loves To Climb Into My Arms And Bite At My Lipring Playfully Or Pull Herself Up To My Shoulders To Bite At My Chin Lovingly Of Course When They Are Not With My Mom And I They Enjoy Sleeping On The Couch Entwined With Each Other. Although They Were Feral They Have Both Become A Loving Part Of Our Family And We Have Never Had Any Problems With Them. They Even Learned To Use The Cat Litter Within The First Few Days Of Having Them I Am So Glad We Have Taken Them In And Love Them As Part Of The Family Humans And Nonhumans Alike

  • Amanda Esau says:

    My Spike is 12 years old. He has been through a lot from eye surgery to tail surgery to getting neutered twice because they grew back. He’s a fighter and he’s survived through it all. He helped me survive through an abusive father and broken relationships. If ever I felt all alone I had my spike. I raised him from a baby and feed him milk from droplets on my finger because he didn’t like a bottle. He sleeps with me every night and rests his little head on my pillow. He waits for me at the door when I come home. He is truly a blessing the only thing that isn’t is his litter box. He would be so proud to have a Le Dresser Cover for his bathroom.

  • Nick Oliveri says:

    Ziggy was born in a barn off of my wifes property I was added to the family as his “step dad”. I was never a fan of cats and used to be severely allergic to them but when I met my wife Ziggy came with so I was forced to accept him. Now we are best buds and he is more attached to me than his mumma now. He makes me make room for him on my lap everytime I sit down and shows so much compassion towards me. This little guy really has changed my feelings about felines.

  • Angie says:

    I don’t have a cat but my sister has a few and this is a GREAT alternative to those nasty litter boxes!! Who wants to walk into your house and see kitty poo?? VERY CUTE!!

  • sheryle says:

    i totally want one 3

  • Ellen Marcho says:

    Sheiba is a 25 pound black bundle of attitude. She is 15 years young and is the star of the household. She would love the La Dresser because she is all about style for the fullfigured feline. She would feel so comfortable using this beautiful accessory. Sheiba says “It’s all about the accessories..Meow”

  • Carla Rivera says:

    What makes my cat Mambo the perfect companion is that he ADORES my six year old son Amiri. He’s always next to him on the rug when watching TV doing homework or just playing with toys. They truly have a special bond. And when Amiri devotes attention to Mambo by playing with him or combing his long hair….the cat is truly in heaven.

  • Jessica Matson says:

    My cat’s name is DW.My little brother named him after the character from Arthur.I was there when his mother gave birth to his litter and I picked him immediately.When he was about 2 years old he was an indooroutdoor cat.Then one day he was by the door bleeding someone had shot him in the face.We rushed him to the vet.They told us that there was too much bullet fragment in his brain to operate and that he was going to die.I refused i took him home and just loved on him.And he just turned 9 years old 2 months ago!! I may not have given birth to him but he is the greatest son I could ever ask for!