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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Fight Breedism’ Shirt

Written by PETA | June 10, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the ‘Fight Breedism’ shirt are Emily, Kelli, and S. Phillips. Congratulations!

We all have our favorite celebrities, and Charlize Theron has topped my list since she narrated PETA’s puppy mill investigation. When she was spotted wearing our new “Fight Breedism” shirt on the beach with her rescue pups, I was pretty much over the moon. She’s beautiful, talented, and funny, and she jumps at every chance she can to speak up for animals. What more could you ask for?

Her awesome T-shirt, for starters.

For this week’s “Win It” Wednesday, we’re giving away three “Fight Breedism” shirts so that you can rock Charlize’s style. They’re super-stylish, soft, and a great way to spread the word about adoption.


Fight Breedism


How do you win? Help Charlize give a voice to the millions of animals abandoned at animal shelters every year and tell us about the shelter animal(s) you have rescued. Leave us a comment below, then take our quiz to find out how well you know your ABCs (as in “animal birth control”).

The contest ends on June 24, 2009, and we’ll choose the three people who submit the most touching comments as the winners on June 26, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Amanda Goodwin says:

    I have 1 dog 2 cat 3 ferrets and 6 rats all have been adopted at shelters… Ok now i will go take that quiz im sure i will get an A+ lol

  • Ivy says:

    I adopted my first dog from a shelter my two cats from a shelter and I’ve taken in strays. All my catsdogs have been rescues whether from a shelter or someone we knew who needed a home.

  • Kristen says:

    I have three cats and they are all named AngelBooboo and pearl. They are all awesome animals. Angel was saved from the animal shelter she was almost at the end of her time and she had a small cage that she could barely sit up in. She could not even walk in it because it was so small and she was meowing at my grandma and she just had to be saved. I have never seen a animal cry as much as she did when she saw my grandma. we ended up getting angel and we spayed her and she is in a good home. Then we ended up with a little kitten that was born and she has been spayed so she won’t have any kittens. I have a cat named booboo that we adopt instead of buying it from petland. My grandmas dentist had the cat and she wanted give the cat to me because other cat died from being bit by a outside cat. she was also spayed too. My grandma has a cat out side named haley and she is very nice and calm and was saved from the shelter too and she was also spayed. then my grandma has one dog he is a maltese and his name is muffin which is short for stud muffin but he is nutered and his very happy we has all very happy and wonderful pets. I do believe in ABCanimal birth control It is a very good idea. Peace Kristen

  • Viviana says:

    Hi my name is Viviana im 19 year old and i work to stop animal abuse everything is working well in my life i try to save as many animals as i can all my money i earn i give away to the Aniamls in need and even though i have medical problems i still wake up because i think about all the animals i could be saying.One day i was walking and i happen to come upon a shelter and they happen to have this shih tzu who was in very bad condition and i toke it in my care and i stil remmber her how much i miss her out of all the animals i saved she is one of the animals that i will never forget 5609 R.I.P Baby

  • Rebekah Obenauer says:

    I have adopted two animals from my local shelter. They were the most loving and wonderful creatures i have ever been close to. Including people My cat Cuddles and Dog Fawn saved my life so many times emotionally. I have suffered many abuses in my family but my pet family was always by my side. I will never forget them and i will always have a special place for them inside my heart. Even though they have physically passed they have taught me that shelter animals are just as special as the “purebreds”. This week i have arranged to adopt another cat Bubba. I have Cuddles and Fawn to thank for this. Wish me luck on our new adventures together.

  • Pheobe says:

    I have adopted all my dogs from shelters and have convinced all my friends to never buy breeder dogs. EVER! Whenever I hear that anyone I am in contact with had purchased a full bred or designer dog I am disgusted!

  • Karina says:

    My uncle bought a doggy Suzzieand let us take care of her while he was in Mexico. Two years later he comes back and snatches her away from us. we were devastated! A few weeks later he bring her back unannounced along with a male dog and a puppy in one tiny cage. We took them out and took care of them because we couldn’t get a hold of him.he did the same thing again but with 3 more puppies and only 2 of those puppies found good homes. Breeding was the worst thing my uncle could have done to those poor dogs.Suzzie is still alive not in great condition but in the hands of my uncle. One of her puppies is mine and the other is with my cousin both in a great family. The rest of the puppies have been unheard of. fight Breedism!!

  • Melissa says:

    I have adopted two rescue babies. Duke who is the one I have with me now is my best friend. He had his throat slit by the uncaring owner that had him before I got him from rescue and adopted him. He is the most gentle animal I have ever known and have never known a love quite like his nor will I ever. I would strongly urge everyone to adopt a rescued animal. Puppy mills and breeding is unnecessary and is a burden to these poor helpless souls.

  • CN says:

    When I was five my parents decided to take the family to our local shelter and choose a dog. While my brother and I searched the kennels for a puppy my father met with a twoyear old mixed breed female who had just given birth to a litter of puppies. The previous “owner” and kept the puppies and put her in the shelter. We took Lady home and had her for about 11 years until she passed in my brother’s bedroom one afternoon. She left our lives as quietly as she had entered it. She had been our playmate our nanny and the 1st of many shelter animals we would adopt.

  • Chelsea says:

    My very first dog was a dog from an animal rescue organization near the town where I was raised. My parents taught me the importance of giving an animal a home that otherwise would sit in a shelter with countless other animals eager to be adopted. She was a schnauzer type mix and sweet everyday of her life. 13 years later she had to be humanely euthanized as she was getting older and suffered some health problems. I took the entire day to spend with her before taking her to the vet myself. As hard as it was I wanted to be with her until the end.. I wanted the last thing her eyes seen be someone who loved her. I now live on my own and have adopted another dog from a humane society in my new city. She’s a Siberian Husky mix and everyday seems so grateful to have been brought home. I want to rescue animals for the rest of my life. It’s more rewarding than heroic and something you could never forget. Although their time with us is short it’s worth it to make an animal’s life better. ADOPT!

  • katja says:

    The very first companion animal my family ever adopted was my best bud Kimberly Ann an abandoned longcoated retriever who was quite literally the sweetest most intelligent and active dog I have ever encountered. At first my parents who bought her before I was born did not want her because she was a little bit chubby but she quickly became my protector sister and best friend until her long life ended at 17 years old. From this point on my family only adopts from shelters or people giving their animals away. When I see how much money people pay for their ‘pets’ I want to yell at them that shelter animals are as good a companion as any $1000 dollar dog and by adopting them you are giving them a second chance at happiness and life.

  • angelina pantoja says:

    i’ve been adopting pets all my life. i’ve adopted 11 cats sniffles tazz fluffly muffin trex simba oreo boots no name tigger and butterscotch 7 dogs lucky lucy romeo rocky daisy bandit and miley and 3 hamsters peanut chip and sammie even though not all of them are with me anymore i loved them all and they were a big part of my family

  • Amanda says:

    I have been taking in strays for years. As a little girl I would throw a fit and make my parents pull over so I could pick up the dog or cat that I would see on the side of the road. It got to the point that people started picking up dogs and cats and bringing them to my house. I lived on 10 acres so we had plenty of room for them to roam. I am now married and will not let any homeless skinny or stray dog or cat be left behind. When someone decides they no longer want their pet or can no longer take care of it they call me. I am such an animal lover. I have to stop and move turtles off of the road this time of year. My husband and I just purchased 5 acres and I have plans to do a little clearing so I can take in a few larger animals. I also am planning on building a few air conditioned buildings with outside fencing so I will be able to house more dogs.

  • Fiona says:

    My dog Roxy is a Border CollieGerman Sheperd cross and her old owners gave her to a shelter when they realised how much looking after a dog like that takes. They’d kept her shut inside day and night when she was just a puppy. Naturally she kept destroying things. I still don’t see how they could do that especially to a dog like Roxy! She is the most affectionate friendly peopleloving dog you could imagine. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She is now 11 but you wouldn’t know it. She still acts like a puppy chasing other animals and running after her toys. She is a fantastic dog.

  • jamie Bevia says:

    We rescued a German Shepherd from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. Rescue organizations are the same as shelters only they rescue them from high kill shelters and try to rehabilitate them before placing them in a home. Our dog Luna was at the rescue for 3 months we were told because of her coloring black and tan. People associate those colors with Dobermans and Rottweilers. She was also very timid and so scared of our little aggressive small dog. We have a 2 year old toddler in the house and everyone told me I should have chose another breed safer for kids. I decided to give her a chance. She is by far the best dog ever. A great protecter of her family a pony for my son and the best biggest lap dogpillow money can buy. I can’t imagine the life that she had before us but I can only promise her the great life ahead.

  • Renee C. says:

    My grandmother worked as a volunteer for a cat rescue organization and I have been exposed to the horrible issue of abandoned and homeless pets for many years. I now work in a veterinarian’s office and have seen the sad fate of many of these animals. These cats and dogs have the ability to be some of the sweetest most loyal and thankful pets if only we would give them a chance. Please don’t buy a pet for a piece of paper pedigree. There are animals out there that need your help! Please be an animal’s hero!

  • Crystal says:

    I’ve always been a fan of adoption. All of my pets have been rescues and they’ve been the sweetest pets ever. I will never buy from a pet store when there are sweet cats and dogs waiting for homes in shelters.

  • Natasha says:

    I found all of my cats wandering around outside my home so I didn’t have to go to a shelter. I have two boys and one girl.

  • Erin Register says:

    Whenever someone tells me they acquired a new pet I ask where it came from. If it’s not a shelter or rescue pet I inform them that buying a bred animal essentially kills a shelter pet. I have a reputation for taking in strays and animals with medical conditions that preclude them from being adopted by most people. I had a kitten born with mangled back legs and no working excretory system. For a year I bandaged his legs and expressed his bladder and colon three times a day. He eventually got too sick to save and had to be euthanised which was one of the saddest and most difficult things I have had to do. I currently have one healthy cat and I just adopted a six year old blind dog. My husband teases that I like “broken” animals. Every time I see a stray I beg to take it in telling him that I love the animal. He wonders how I can profess love for a creature I don’t even know but I wonder how other people can’t.

  • Aurelie Martins says:

    My husband and I have two shelter dogs. Our boy Sue was adopted from a shelter in Colorado. He’s a mix. Our little girl Mia was adopted from a local shelter in Ohio she’s a jack russell terrier. When my husband and I lived in Ohio we used to volunteer at a local shelter. It breaks your heart to see all of these great loyal animals just waiting to be loved and to love back. I think everyone should take a trip to their local shelter before buying from a breeder it will change your mind. My husband and I will continue to adopt our pets from shelters for the rest of our lives.

  • Kelli says:

    A few months ago I adopted my first shelter dog a wonderful Jack Russell mix who is so unique in looks and personality. He is the most affectionate loving playful little guy you could ever meet and I can’t believe that someone else gave him up but their loss is definitely my gain! He has really completed our family and brightened our lives especially since we were really missing having a dog in our household and in our lives since the passing of our 17yearold Bichon Frise a couple years ago. This experience has been so happy and so positive I would not hesitate to adopt again in the future and encourage everyone who is considering a pet to get one from a shelter rather than buying!!!

  • DJJeffrey says:

    Here’s my thoughts breedism is an “issue” because some people are standing at the pet orphanage and are not adopting because they want a certain breed. Well this reminds me of another more important problem something maybe you ignorant animal lovers may want to think about. It’s called equality and it’s still a problem. Not only have millions of people been killed because of this concept it’s still happening. There are still racist people and there are still sexist people. So here’s my suggestion Why don’t you all start worrying about more important world problems that actually have an effect on things other than a family not getting a dog because it had black spots instead of brown.

  • S. Phillips says:

    NEVER had a purebred animal…not necessarily on purpose. I’d just been blessed with some amazing eclectic incredibly loving rescuesstrays within our family. Let’s start with “Kawi” short for Kawasaki”yes” a motorcycle I was obsessed with…. A 7mth old rescue cat from Toronto Humaine Society. Within months found out she was epileptic…”no sweat” we saidshe’ll just have to come on the honeymoon with us TRUE story. We had her 20 years… Then “Jig” Short for thingamajig…why?He was the last “runt” of a litter from a SERIOUSLY overbred catfriend of a friend and UGLY as sinpoor fella. Grew to a handsomehealthy 35lbs and “no” not overweight said several vets over timejust huge.Had him 9 yrs. Now there’s “Diesel”my son’s obsessed wall things enginea female ferral cat rescue from the back alley my old workplace. 1yr old this past April. She’s gorgeouslovingfriendly to all and the newest addition to our family. Who’s next??Who knows but you can be SURE it won’t include “Breedism”. That’s just not in THIS family’s vocabulary….

  • Laura Ellis says:

    I have been a dog cat fish and rabbit owner all my life. the first cat I rescued was when I was 8 he was called Bob and his owner had thrown him out after he learned that Bob had cancer. Myself and my mother nursed him and tried to give him the best last months until he went to cat heaven. I had my first dog from birth and always enjoyed looking after friends pet. If I knew a friendfamily member was going out of town I would offer to be a dog walker. Since moving to Spain I have lived in a apartment so I don’t have a pet but 2 months ago I found a dog wandering the streets of Miraflores Malaga so we picked it up and took it home until we found the owner I couldn’t leave a dog. Even if that dog is unwell or unkind it deserves a chance. Rescuing Marlon I called him led me to a rescue dog and cat shelter in Fuengirola called PAD this foundation do so much for animals that have been abandoned. I started being a dog walker for them twice a week walking 10 dogs during my time. I know I can do more but this is my way of giving back to the animals that have given me so much comfort and love over the years.

  • Amy says:

    As an adult I have adopted 3 dogs from the shelter my lab mix Carlos who I had to put to sleep last summer and I still think about everyday my chowbulldog Roxie who is as funny looking and cute as yu would imagine and my newest arrival Chaz and 11yr old pitmastiff mix I got for myself at Xmas this year. I love senior dogs they are the best!!! Please adopt older dogs out of the shelters they deserve a good third act!!

  • Ashley Phelps says:

    I have been helping sick and injured animals all my life. I have also fostered many animals as well as adopted a slew of them from local pounds in my life time. The biggest one being my GSlab mix named Tork. When I got her she was 6 years old. She was not fixed and on top of this she had Heartworm. Now I have a modest job I am not rich by any means able to take care of my pets and myself yes but that is wbout it. I spent months going through grueling treatments with her. When it was all said and done I spent close to $2000 dollars to make her healthy. I COULD have brought her back to the pound. When I called them to ask for assistance they had told me she had been tested and was negative…my vet said she had it so long she was showing symptoms which takes about 5 years. They told me I COULD take her back and they would euthanize her for me no cost…I wasn’t going to let that happen. Needless to say after all that I still had to spend about $500 for her to be spayed and to have one of her mammary glands biopsied. In the end she was worth a million times what I spent on her. If I had the chance to go back and pick between her or a purebred many of my friends tried to convince me of this I would pick her every time. Tork recently passed at the age of 10 from bloat. Even as traumatizing as that was I am glad to say that she passed away in my arms where she belonged in a loving home with a dedicated best friend.

  • Suzanne says:

    Last year my neighbor’s brother left two puppies at my neighbor’s house claiming he just needed to keep them there over night. Well he never came to get them and so the two sweet wiggly puppies lived chained in my neighbor’s backyard. The smaller female puppy contracted Parvo and my neighbor couldn’t afford to treat her so we took her to the vet had her treated and brought her to our home. However her brother would bark all day because he missed his sister so we took him in as well as we couldn’t find another home for him. They are now 2 years old and spend their time constantly playing with each other and harrassing our two other rescue dogs. My neighbor comes and visits them and tells them how happy he is that they’ve gotten the “good life”. He has also let it slip that he sneaks treats to them when we aren’t looking.

  • Veronica says:

    Even though I can’t adopt my own pet I have always saw an animal in need in my old neighborhoods. I would grab them and take them home only to hear that they wouldn’t live aother hour. My parents have had pets when they were young but only to see them be in a car crash or in a fire. When I was little I would go to mexico every year and play with the animals in my uncles adoption center. Then one year when I was 6 I went on a night time walk only to realize that the adoption center had burned down and only 5 dogs 3 cats and 4 bunnies survived. Ever since then I had made a promise to adopt my pets and give them the best and healthiest lives they can have.

  • Jayne Steinmetz says:

    I have always adopted or rescued. I give speeches about the importance of spayingneutering and campaigned for CA Prop 2 and AB1634. Just before my 40th birthday after being vegetarian since my teens I went VEGAN. I wish I’d done it earlier. TOTALLY PAINLESS and I look great….I’ve already lost 5 pounds.

  • Jessica says:

    i adopted a mature NOT KITTEN cat this year from the shelter and it is one of the best decisions i’ve made in a long time! ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT! animal activist yours truely

  • Emily says:

    I adopted my dog Babe from a man Dave who took in “out of luck” about to be euthanized dogs from kill shelters. When he got her he was told she was unadoptable. Apparently her prior owners left her in a garage for weeks with no food. The neighbors eventually complained about her incessant barking and local animal control stepped in to see what the problem was. When they arrived she was 35lbs. She’s a dalmatian. To let you know the gravity of her situation she should weigh about 65lbs. She was skin and bones and the animal control officers figured she was close to death. One of her eyes was swollen shut and she had welts all over her body from being repeatedly beaten with a belt. The shelter called Dave told him that they have a dalmatian with multiple health problems and unless he takes her they are just going to put her down. He picked her up immediately and brought her to his vet. The vet determined that she had been starved for weeks and beaten for months. She had several painful cracked ribs and was extremely afraid of people. He brought her home and she immediately hid under his bed and didn’t come out for 3 days. Eventually she learned to trust again but it was a very slow process. Dave handfed her and spoke very softly to let her know he didn’t intend on hurting her. When I adopted her she was still pretty afraid of people. Dave told me that she may never fully recover and learn to trust again. He was willing to keep her forever with her hiding under his bed most of the time but he hoped to find her a home so he could help more dogs in the future. I told him that I wanted to try with her regardless of her fear and I adopted her that day. She closed her eyes like I was about to beat her when I approached but she settled into the car okay for the ride home. When we got home I gave her a peanut butter cookie and she licked my hand. I knew then that we’d be okay. I think she might have been beaten by a man and that is why she was able to trust me much faster than she did Dave. So by the second night she was snuggled up next to me on the couch. She lifted her head off my stomach to look at me and bared her teeth! I WAS HORRIFIED! Was she about to bite me?! ………NOPE! It turns out.. dalmatians SMILE when they’re happy. And I’m happy to say I’ve had her for 7 years and she smiles at me every single day. I can say confidently that adopting her is the best thing I’ve ever done. She is my best friend. To think someone would pay a pet store to adopt a puppy and support breedingpuppymills instead of rescuing a dog from certain death is ludicrous to me. Who wouldn’t want to save a life like this? All dogs deserve a chance please rescue!

  • Nicole says:

    I adopted my cat from a shelter on September 28th 2001 when he was 14 weeks old. Coincidentally today is his 8th birthday and my daughter has planned a very special party for him. We are so in love with him and not a day goes by that I don’t look forward to coming home to play with him and our other cat we rescued from the harsh Washington winter weather. She was 6 weeks old and her mama had abandoned by it’s owners.

  • Lauren says:

    I love my shelter kitties!!!

  • Alicia says:

    I volunteer for a rescue group in PR and also activley rescue from our local kill shelter. I have helped get a deaf lab a new home and always watch out for dobes and boxers. Dobes in general have a bad rep not as bad as a pit and yet the are a wonderful family dog. As are ALL dogs. You can find the perfect pet in a shelter just be patient and keep looking. As with breed specific problems and overpopulation both are a man made problem. You CAN NOT fault a dog since they had a lazy uneducated owner that did not spaynueter train or socialize them well. I do want to also point out that China is now doing their very cruel and inhumane dog cull. They would save money save face and save lives if they would just adopt spaynueter laws as well as vaccination laws. But instead they are as we speak taking family pets and brutaly clubbing them to death.

  • Samantha Wessner says:

    We have 4 pets all adopted from our local shelter all of our pets are special needs one dog has a blind eye because the previous owner burned his eye and kicked him to the curb our other dog has a lot of injuries that are costing us a lot of money but I would NOT let them put this cute dog down she is too sweet and just wants someone to love her! They don’t expect her to live long but we have had her for 3months now! shes a fighter and I am NOT giving up on her! We also have a cat with three legs because the previous owner hated cats his daughter owned the cat but the cat had kittens had he put them in a garbage bag and left them at the side of the road and the daughter got rid of the mother cat with them we took the one legged cat and convinced my dads friend to take the other 3 cats including the mother cat our last cat was the runt in the litter so he is really small and is on special food because his body didn’t grow properly. All our pets have speical needs but i love them just the same and would NEVER EVER hurt an animal! they have feelings just like you and me!

  • Jill says:

    We’ve rescued 2 pitbulls one who was shy and obviously abuse and another puppy who’s mom was rescued from a horrific situation just in time. I volunteer at animal control and nearly 80 of their dogs are pitbulls soooo sweet but sadly put down becuz someone really wanted them for the wrong reasons and then just discarded them. Disgraceful. ADOPT TODAY….and adopt a bully if you’re up to it!

  • kayla says:

    we rescued two cats one dog from animal shelters. the cats are brother and sister who have been together all their lives. as soon as we saw them we knew we had to take them home. our dog Lilla was very afraid of people when we adopted her. she had been abused by her previous owners. now she is happy loved

  • Kimberly Boyd says:

    I love animals and have been a volunteer at a shelter

  • Christine Pickett says:

    When my boyfriend and I were looking to get a cat to live with us I immediately knew that I wanted to rescue one from a shelter rather than get one from a breeder or pet shop. I went to the Sacramento SPCA and found an adorable 8 wk old grey kitten that was found abandoned with the rest of his litter of brothers sisters. I could tell right away that he had the cutest personality and that we would both love him. We named him Weasel and he has grown up to be the most beautiful grey cat I’ve ever seen and the most loving. Sometimes I think he thinks I am his biological mother because he is so attached to me. Adopting Weasel has been the most rewarding decision and I’m sure he will live a long life with us. Sincerely Christine Pickett

  • Vanja says:

    I’m from Slovenia and i’m 14 years old. At the beggining i’m sorry if i’m gonna make any spelling or vocabulary mistakes. As u can see i still go to school. Our school is one of the rare schools in Slovenia that is called Eco School. And because we recycle and everything i thought that we can make an organization to tell all the people in my school how to help animals. So i made a lot of posters like yours i wrote a song and then posted it all over the school i got many grades from writing seminars and making power points how to help animals. If u want i can send one to you to see. Now as the school is ending i got a praise from the principal of helping the animals and our school to be better. I must say that i’m really proud of myself even if i don’t get the price. I don’t think i’m gonna get this tshirt i don’t live in USA but i just wanted you to know that somebody is helping the animals and loving them from the bottom of my heart. with love Vanja

  • amanda arias says:

    I think this is a fun and playful way to get a serious message out

  • Katie Smith says:

    About a year ago I moved to a new house with my family. We had a dog that we let run free in our old yard. When we let her run free in our new yard she ran away and got lost. We searched everywhere and couldn’t find her. It broke our hearts that she was gone. 2 months later we decided to look for a new dog for the family to help keep our minds busy. My mom wanted to buy a new puppy but i told her we should adopt. We went to the shelter and looked around. In the very las cage there was a dog just sitting there. It was ours. My mom started crying and that made me cry and then everyone was crying. We couldn’t believe it. Someone found her and brought her to the shelter. So i guess that my point is good things happen when you adopt.

  • Christina Batten says:

    I rescued my first kitty Isabelin 2005 from a lady who took in cats…and my 2nd kitty Lilbit was rescued on her DDAY last day b4 euthanization…and she hasn’t stopped talking since the day we rescued her…they’re both very special to us!!

  • Monica List says:

    Today human beings in general think that racism is one of the most cruel and unfair ways of excluding people. It is sadly amazing to see how these same people talk about this while excluding loving pets for the same reasons they claim to be so cruel. Pets are not an accessory to match your shoes or your lifestyle. They are creatures who love and give unconditionally regardless of the way they look. Let’s give that back to them.

  • skyler weinberg says:

    Thank you for everything you do! I recently became vegan I was vegetarian my whole life and at 16 I decided to go full vegan and it is amazing!

  • Aneliese says:

    My family cat lived for 18 years before he passed away and we got another one. Our kitten Lola is from one of the many shelter’s in my city. She’s adorable loves belly rubs and playing fetch. She’s the sweetest cat I have ever known. Adopt never buy!

  • Pepsi One is Fun says:

    There was a cat across from where I live that was essentially abandoned by the dks that treated it as a toy and took it from some beach. We gave it some tuna and after awhile just took it into the family. And before we could get it a kitty cat abortionfixing it gave birth so now we have 3 furballs running around the house being all cute and not in a shelter.

  • Elda Muniz says:

    the other day I saw on one of the new station news how they were killing pets one by one it was so sad thats because many overcrowded pets.. that sorry broke my heart

  • Rene says:

    I’ve been adopting and taking in stray pets for years. It breaks my heart to see so many stray pets while people are greedily breeding for money andor animal fighting purposes. My heart breaks every time I see animals roaming the streets especially when I know there are so many wonderful homes that they could be living in.

  • Amanda Westrheim says: