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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Earth Goddess Cosmetics

Written by PETA | September 21, 2011

Were you one of those kids who, like me, was always getting caught playing in your mom’s makeup? Fortunately for us, cruelty-free cosmetics company Earth Goddess Minerals encourages playing in makeup, and it’s giving away two mineral eye shadows to bathroom-mirror cosmetologists.

Two lucky PETA Files readers will win an eye shadow in either Emerald Green or Palomba Pink. All Earth Goddess Minerals cosmetics are vegan, and the company has signed our cruelty-free statement of assurance because it never tests its products on animals. To enter, just post a comment about why you’re head over heels for products that don’t hurt animals, and two winners will be chosen at random*.

If you don’t win this time, that’s OK—head on over to Earth Goddess Minerals’ Facebook page for a chance to win (and play with!) free makeup every Friday. Good luck!


Written by Michelle Sherrow

*The winners will be chosen at random from submitted animal-friendly comments telling us why the commenter uses cruelty-free products. The contest ends September 28, 2011, and the winners will be notified October 12. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

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  • Yamilla says:

    There are so many choices nowadays for cruelty-free cosmetics that is completely unnecessary to sacrifice animals in the name of beauty. Cruelty free cosmetics are many times less expensive and better quality than those companies that do animal testing. Let’s use common sense and educate the corporate world that to use alternative methods to test their products. Companies do have choices, if they continue to do animal testing, they are not being morally responsible.

  • Pitirroja Mockingjay says:

    Looking good in make up it’s no related to animal cruelty, that’s simple as this 🙂

  • Dee says:

    Let’s make world beautiful in a beautiful way!

  • Dee says:

    Let’s make world beautiful in a beautiful way!

  • Becky McWilliams says:

    I don’t believe that vegans should have less choice when it comes to make up! I like to look pretty and be ethical at the same time!

  • Amala says:

    Finally, I can start to use make up and no animal on this planet will be tortured for that! I love your concept!

  • Bloodonourknees says:

    Simply sensibility. Anyone with a bit of judgement should prefer a cruelty-free life, don’t you think ? Well, I do. And I think of myself as a sensible person. Indeed, I try to be a sensible person, because it’s important not to hurt other living species. I’m an atheist, but I still think life deserves to be respected and protected. So I’m a vegan. But I always find it hard to find cruelty-free make-up (even if I always manage to). So, I think this would be a great occasion to get some new cruelty-free stuff, and to change my usual make-up a bit… PS : Sorry if my comment is full of mistakes. I’m a native French-speaker, and I’m conscious my English isn’t so good…

  • Crystal says:

    Animals are of the purest forms. They are here to remind us, that we need to be good people. I HATE anyone who harms them for fun or science.

  • indumini says:

    Brilliant! <3 it!May there be more and more brands like this one!

  • Liz says:

    Because no creature should have to suffer for our benefit! Make up is about celebrating our beauty and there is nothing beautiful about torturing animals!

  • alexandra vargas says:

    I’m a proud vegetarian and animal lover, I always try to buy vegan products and make sure my buying choices do not support companies that hurt animals or the environment 😉

  • catie says:

    with the kind a technology we have today, there is no need for animal testing, nor has there ever been. Their lives are just as important as a humans’

  • Faeleia says:

    Using animal cruelty free cosmetic products is great because we should all deserve to benefit from products meant to beautify. Where is the peace of mind wearing a fur jacket knowing that hundreds of lives have been spent on making 1 person feel good? Same with cosmetics that are tested on animals! True beauty is what brings harmony and joy, and is beyond skin deep. I just won’t feel beautiful in knowing these lovely pets exchanged their health for my artificial beauty.

  • Gothchars13 says:

    My name is Charity and I must say that I use as much makeup as a dragqueen on a daily basis. Cruelty-free makeup is the only type of makeup to wear, and I recommend it for anyone out there… because it’s good for you, the environment, and critters!

  • Janneal says:

    I’m head over heels for cruelty-free cosmetics because beauty should not painful for anyone! I’m always looking for new products to try so that I can continue to spread the word about cruelty-free beauty, and I would love to try the Earth Goddess Minerals Emerald Green eye shadow!

  • uma says:

    Coming from a family that takes care of seven stray kittens and their mom, and from a full vegetarian family, I definitely would love using Earth Goddess Minerals as I would like to keep my face pure and compasionate.

  • Holly says:

    I love products that don’t harm animals because it absolutely breaks my heart to see animals being in pain for no reason!

  • Stacy says:

    I use cruelty free because I have a brain and a soul and know to do the right thing.

  • Rachel1066 says:

    Cruelty free is the only way to be, and it’s always nice to welcome a company to the ethical, humane fold!

  • saraminda says:

    Animal lover here, and no animal should be used to testing <3

  • heather0913 says:

    I wear make up nearly every day to make me feel beatiful. I am head over heels for products that don’t hurt animals because I would rather feel ugly everyday than risk hurting animals for my beauty.

  • LInda F says:

    Being an animal lover I always want cruelty free products! I never want to use things tested on animals

  • Em says:

    I’m head over heels for animal-free products because animals feel pain and loneliness just like I do. Just as I avoid products created through human suffering, I avoid products created through animal suffering. Doing nothing is tacit approval!

  • Sue Boggs says:

    I like to support any company that doesn’t test on animals and this would also make it possible for me to look my best while feeling good about doing it, thank you for making this possible!! Some people think that just because they’re animals, it doesn’t matter what you do to them, but they have feelings and can hurt just like us, so thanks again and I’m looking forward to this product…

  • aukandortolan says:

    No blood for vanity 😉

  • Amanda says:

    I choose to buy products that are cruelty free because I respect and love animals way too much to contribute to their suffering.

  • katy p says:

    I love cruelty free products because there are so many other options for testing products. Animals are just too darn cute to test product on. Everyone should strive to be more like these people!

  • Maris Bennett says:

    I don’t believe we need to abuse animals in order to satisfy our vain desire to be attractive.

  • Maris Bennett says:

    I don’t believe we need to abuse animals in order to satisfy our vain desire to be attractive.

  • Katie Hanneman says:

    Thank you for caring do much about animals. My 2 year old, Gracie said that’s cool and you have pretty colors!

  • Janna says:

    Harming animals in the production of beauty products is senseless and wrong. I know this for certain. I do whatever I can to support cruelty-free companies!

  • Anika says:

    I love animals, and the idea of animal testing disgusts and horrifies me. As a vegan, I avoid products tested on animals whenever possible. The thing I love about vegan and cruelty free products is not only no animals were harmed, the products are usually better quality then what I would have otherwise bought (if I didn’t know better).

  • L&#250;cia says:

    I love OCC make up products. But I’ve been wanting to try Beauty from the earth for a while 😀