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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Drinkwell Pet Fountain

Written by PETA | May 6, 2009

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winner of the Drinkwell Pet Fountain is Taylor Loscialpo, along with Poopy the cat. Congratulations!

As summer approaches, humans aren’t the only ones drinking more water. Our feline friends are sweating too, even if it is only through their paws, and we have a fun way to keep them hydrated and happy: the Drinkwell Pet Fountain.


safepetproducts / CC


In nature, wild cats drink from running streams, so why should their domesticated brothers and sisters have to drink from a stagnating puddle? This water fountain for cats keeps the water moving, which encourages persnickety kitties to drink more and helps them stay healthy.

How do you win? Tell us how your kitty companion changed your life for the better. The most heartfelt comment takes home the prize.

The contest ends on May 20, 2009, and we’ll choose the most touching story as the winner on May 22, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • JR says:

    I was transferred with my job from California to Oregon where I knew no one. Within 9 months of my move on the advice of a friend I adopted my cat PITA Kitty for a companion when she was only 7 weeks old. She sleeps with me every night is there when I go to bed and when I get up. She has always been there especially in the tough times. She was with me in the early morning when I received the call that my father had passed away and she was there to comfort me. She is going on 13 years this month and I don’t know what I would do without her.

  • tiffany pettey says:

    Seriously I am always finding stuff floating in my dog Lucky’s water and I mean this is a clean house so I don’t know where it comes from. Not only that but I know it gives me the heebie jeebies to find anything floating in my water and he is a part of the family so he is treated like that too. He is a family “member” not “just a dog” and he gets clean water and this would be a good idea for him and I would feel better too.

  • Mariah Lacey says:

    I am currently the caretakerfood provideraffection dispenser for two cats owned by my brotherinlaw who is overseas in Afghanistan. We agreed to watch his cat for the year he is gone because he really needed someone too and because I had always thought about getting a cat and wanted to experience it firsthand before committing to one. It is completely different than I thought it would be I heard cats were clean but by clean they meant they lick themselves in plain view while you are trying to eat dinner and then shed on everything that can possibly attract fur. I thought they were social but it turns out that social means they will hiss and scratch whenever the dog happens to be walking by and then hide behind the couch to run outside quickly when the door opens even though they know they are supposed to be indoor cats. I also thought they’d be low maintenance compared to my dogs who I walk every day but the cats will take six hour naps in your clean laundry while you are at work earning money to pay for the detergent that will clean the laundry again. Then they will take a three hour nap on the computer monitor and then suddenly throw up all the expensive organic food you bought for them right onto the computer monitor thus frying it and forcing you to wait five days for the new one to be delivered plus pay for a vet bill to check on the upset tummy. So just to be clear I don’t actually ever want a cat again but I do respect their right to live and I applaud anyone who can live with them but instead of caring for cats myself I will continue to fill up all the space in my house that I can with lovable dogs and donate money to the local nokill shelter so that other people can take care of all the slobbery cats. Also if for some reason you decide to take pity on me and the poor cats who have to live with me for four more months I will actually give the beautiful water dish to my brotherinlaw along with the food dishes scratching post litter box toys string cushions and the remains of my curtains on the glorious day that he returns safely home to claim his beloved family members.

  • Janice Wright says:

    I’m sure Oscar the cat ChiChi dog would like this. Oscar moved into my house when my son decided to get him as a kitten five years ago. He was supposed to be an indoor only kitty but he soon put the kabosh to that idea. He insists on being inside outside on his terms. If a door opens he is anywhere near it be will go in or out of it. It doesn’t matter where it leads he just loves to get people to open doors for him. He’s such a sweet boy.

  • Cassandra says:

    In all honesty when I first got my cat I hated them. I never wanted one because i was purely a dog person. However every night that kitten would crawl into my bed and keep me company. He was my constant companion and would only allow me to hold him and still slept with me every night as we grew older. I had a lot of family problems and he helped me get through them and when he died it was one of the hardest parts of my life. However he did teach me to love cats I now have two and he taught me how to cope with things better than I ever could imagine an animal could.

  • Aaron B from IL says:

    I don’t have a cat but my sister does have a cat that would love to have this. A while back her cat stopped eating and the only way the cat would drink was from a running faucet. The cat ended up having some surgery for some kind of blockage but my sister’s cat probably wouldn’t have even made it if she didn’t like drinking the running water so much.

  • Sherri says:

    This would be great for my 2 cats.

  • Holly B says:

    My kitties are my heart! One day 7 years ago Pootie got out silly thing was in heat and wanted a boyfriend!. I was devastated…I cried for days I had to call off work she’s like my baby. A friend stopped by to console me 4 days later and I was standing outside with her. I heard some mewing and from out of the neighbors garage pops Pootie she’s crying and meowing so loud and I run towards her barefoot through mud and twigs and I pick her up and hold her so tight I thought she was never coming back to me! She was so skinny from being outside and I just held her so tight. I’ll never forget that day miracles really do come true. My friend that was with me at the time said she’s never seen anything like it it was like out of a movie! She’s sitting next to me now and so is her daughter Squeakers..she apparently got that boyfriend cause then we had the blessing of kittens! They light up my life on a daily basis! I think they’d love this fountain they love to stare at water when it comes out of faucets and this would be great for them!

  • leslie long says:

    Smokey adopted me. He showed up at my door hungry and with an attitude that humans are not to be trusted. About a year later he is neutered and loves me as much as I love him. He has changed my life by showing me how trust earns trust!

  • scarlette says:

    I would love this for my 2 puppies!

  • Rose says:

    My cats Ozzy and Pepper have made my life so much better. It is so nice to come home and be greeted by the two of them. They keep me company all evening hardly leaving my side.

  • Loren Palmer says:

    thanks my dog will love u 4 ever!

  • susan murray says:

    this story is about a cat he is about 10 years old but we called it a sewer kitty because he was stuck down in a man hole sewer and someone at work did rescue it and I took it home an nursed it to health because the mommy had died and the kitty did not even have its eyes opened but it is a Healthy Cat it he is about 10 years old so he is a miracle rescue sewer kitty.

  • Adam says:

    My cats are always there for me after a tough day at work. They are sooooooo cute and loving. They would love this gift!!

  • Darlene McGarvey says:

    My little dog would love this he drinks so much water. And also I need to buy a new dish soon because someone stepped on his and it cracked

  • Kat Emerick says:

    I have 2 minature schnauzers and this would be great! Thanks for a chance to win.

  • kim krey says:

    Winstin and Willow are my Bassett Hounds. They drink constantly drool uncontrolably and love you unconditionally. Your DRINKWELL will be fantastic for the front porch so I don’t get their flying drool all over my country home. Willow and Winstin will be so Greatful!!!

  • Linda Chaput says:

    I have two Yorkshire Terriers and they would be fasinated by this.

  • Alan Saxon says:

    Our baby Russian Blue would love to have this.

  • Michelle says:

    After my 18 year old cat passed away in December ’07 I said “never again will I have another pet.” It was just too painful to lose them. My sister fosters rescue kittens mainly ones she finds on the street herself and with every kitten that passed through she would ask me hopefully “is this the one?” I would always answer no. So she finally stopped trying to get me to adopt a new kittencat. When she told me that she found 4 week old Dexter laying in a driveway unable to move skin and bones only able to quietly hiss I never thought he would become my new boy. But after meeting him it was all over for me. He had lost much of his fur and was so thin that touching him made him cry out. Luckily he was diseasefree and with constant care and feeding he became stronger. He is now almost one healthy as a horse. His fur has grown back with a puffyfluffy vengeance and he is ready to tackle the world and me!.

  • michelle says:

    This would be perfect for the litter of kittens I found in my back yard. I’m planning to catch them have them spayedneutered once they are old enough than released.

  • Kelly Jo Jones says:

    Back in September of 2006 our first pet had to be put down. Shortly after that each month I would get more and more depressed. My pet was my companion and kept me company while my husband was at work. Finally he took me to go look at Siberian Husky puppies in February 2007. I was so put off by the uncleanliness of the conditions that the farm home owner kept for these animals. The smell was horrible. I was ready to walk out was very upset and disgusted with the entire matter and just couldn’t fathom anyone keeping these animals the way she did. I gagged several times thinking I was going to get sick. I had to open the door to get whiffs of fresh air. My husband asked me if I was going to hold one. I said no just looking. He ended up holding one. Naturally their puppies and so darn cute. I walked over to him and pet the puppy. The puppy was very timid and shy and I heard to not pick that kind. Then I turned around and one puppy in perticular in his cage came right up to me. Wagging his little tail whining and pawing at me thru the cage. I tried petting him thru the cage then asked to hold him. Wow we did the puppy tests and he passed with flying colors. I ended up falling in love with him and we took him home that day. To this day I believe I saved him from that puppy farm. Shortly after we got him home I immediately called our local vet and we took him for a check up. He had several virus’s from that farm he was at. Over time they all went away. Plus his coat smelled tons better. It took a good week or so to get that smell off him. It was bad. Because he was a puppy so little and helpless….over a period of three months I was totally out of my depression. I was so focused on training him watching him and taking care of him that I really didn’t have time to sit and stew over my depression. So in a way we both saved each other. He’s my best bud. With me all the time. Love him lots and can’t imagine how my life would be right now had he not come into it. I tend to think that someone up there was looking out for me and brought us together. Seriously if it hadn’t been for him I really don’t know if I’d be here right now or not it was that bad?! Eventually I’d come to train him for regular everyday things then I added a couple tricks in there. He likes to entertain me alot and make me laugh. I think he can sense when I’m getting depressed and will do things to help get me out of it. He’s my “therapy” dog. I entered him in a Pet Idol contest and he won it back in 2007. It didn’t really matter to me if he won or not cause for me he’s still a winner no matter what.

  • Yvonne Huff says:

    My kittens really changed our lives. We had lost 2 cats and a dog within a 2 year period and were determined that we wouldn’t have anymore pets until our old age. My daughter brought home 2 kittens that were abandoned by their mother. After getting up every 4 hours and feeding them by a dropper there was no way we could part with them. They are so lovable. One will wake me in the middle of the night so I will rub its tummy. They really changed our lives.

  • Lori Ellis says:

    My cat Samantha just turned 4 years old. She spent 9 the shelter before I adopted her. I call her my guard kitty because she growls when anyone pulls in my driveway or comes on my porch. It took her months before she would even come out from under my bed but now she knows her position in this family and has no problem letting my boys know. I have no doubt that she tries to talk by the way she meows. If she could only speak I think she would have a lot to say. She is my best friend.

  • Julie M says:

    I have 3 cats who love to follow me into the bathroom so I will run the water for them. I would love this fountain so they could have running water all the time.

  • timothy l says:

    this would be great for my dog bailey i have to fill her bowl 3 time a day now i don’t have not worries if i came home late

  • Jen H says:

    We would LOVE to get our paws eh hands on this neat invention. This is the most streamlined version of this idea that I have seen thus far. I think that this item would very much help Haylie our adopted black and white tuxedo cat to keep her paws out of the toilet. Yes our cat is very interested in the large porcelain thing in the bathroom that we don’t want her getting into. So please do help avoid potty mouths and potty paws in our home consider us for this helpful water application device for our curious feline. Thank you!

  • Jenna Hagwood says:

    My cat Sylvester changed my life. When I first saw him he was already getting into trouble he was a newborn kitten and his eyes were not even open yet and he almost fell off the bed that him and the other kittens were sitting on. My mom rescued him from falling off and I knew that was the one I wanted to get when they were old enough to be given away. When the kittens were finally old enough I was allowed to pick the one I wanted. I was looking at a small shy gray kitten when I turned around and saw that same black and white cat that had almost fallen off the bed. “I want that one!” I said and then I was walking to the car with my new pet. I had to decide a name for him and then I came up with the perfect name Sylvester! But every time I would try to pet him he would bite me or scratch me. But When I wasn’t trying to pet him I was able to talk to him about anything. I know it seems silly but Sylvester was like a best friend. I would tell him funny stories and just hang out with him he was my friend when I was lonely and was like the perfect cat. But then it happened. I knew he would bite someone someday but I never thought it would be a little girl. When he bit her we were afraid that they would put him to sleep. I didn’t want my cat to be put to sleep so we sent him to my grandmother’s house. Now he lives out in the Country and he is so fat because they spoil him! Now we call him fat boy and he is my BIG KITTY!!!!!!!!!! So that’s why I want to win this drinkwell fountain for my Sylvester!

  • Kimberlee Schreiber says:

    I would love to have this for my 5 cats!

  • Julia Magrath says:

    This would be awesome for my dog. We live in Nevada it gets pretty hot here in the summer and she gets really thirsty.

  • Brooklyn says:

    Ernie Puffy and Cutie changed my life. Ernie is the nicest cat you can think of. Puffy is best friends with Ernie. Cutie would rather be left alone but shes still an angel. I hope they never die.

  • Charlotte Lapham says:

    Matthias needs this…he keeps wanting to drink from any sink faucet.

  • Renee C. says:

    Cheeto Skittle and Cookie are our companions friends and often comedy. They give us so much and this would seem like a small gift for all of that unconditional love and kindness.

  • Angela J says:

    This looks SO convenient

  • Taylor Loscialpo says:

    I found my kitty when he was 4 weeks old. One day walking to my car after work to go home I passed the office building dumpster. I heard what sounded like little baby kitten or puppy cry’s. Im thinking to myself “Where in the world is that coming from?” So I stood there and listened. I heard more cry’s. I approached the dumpster area as the cry’s got louder. I started to talk to the cry’s. At this point I was right next to the dumpster. The screams and cry’s were loud at that point.I then knew that there was an extremely young animal inside of the dumpster. I peek in. I couldn’t see anything. I knew that I had to get into the dumpster to find the cries and screams.There was no two ways about it. I hoisted myself up onto the dumpster and jumped in. I dug and sifted through the entire dumpster. I couldnt find anything. I dug and sifted more through old rotted food dental bio hazard sticky soda cups and god only knows what else. I looked down and on the very bottom in the corner I saw this old filthy stinky tattered beach towel in a ball at the bottom of the dumpster. I grabbed it ever so carefully… and low and behold… There was the most adorable kitten I had ever seen. Filthy infested with flea’s and tick’s eye’s barley open and covered in goo covered in dirt and grime from the dumpster I swooped him upand took him straight to the local 24 hour vet. He’s been with me ever since. He is 8 now. He has been the most wonderful kitty. He sleeps on my pillow every single night and his nose has to be touching mine. I am so glad I passed the work dumpster when I did. If I hadn’t he very easily could have died or someone else would have found him and I wouldn’t be as lucky as I am to have him in my life right now! His name is “poopy”. He is the most beautiful russian blue you could ever imagine. He’s my little buddy my confidant and my footwarmer. always.

  • bonnie newman says:

    Every time I have moved I seem to wind up taking in a straydog or cat. I have 2 strays that are now 19 years old and one stinker who is 3years old named bingo.This prize would be perfect

  • Cynthia C says:

    I am an emptynester who is missing children in the house. My two cats make me feel that I am never alone and provide the companionship that fills that void in my life. Those sweet eyes looking up from my lap are a real comfort.

  • Shari D says:

    This would be a great ides for my little dog and three cats.

  • Denyse says:

    He’s part of our family and he listend better then anyone and never talks back!

  • Linz says:

    Our cat when still a kitten changed us by teaching us his ways … the ways of a manipulative cat. Now as an adult cat he is or so he thinks he is because we allow thisthe minigod of our home and we bow to his every demand from food choices to giving him threequarters of the bed at night so that he can stretch himself out. But food and sleeping spots is not his top manipulative ploy with us his keepers that one goes to him creeping into our hearts so much so he has traveled the world with us flying from the Middle Eastwhere he was born as a feral cat to live on an Island …. next he flew to Europe … then to Africa and now he lives in America. And if we are to move again for sure it might be in his future … he will be popped into his travel box with many airline stickers from six years of travelling … to move with us once again because we could never leave our “boss” behind.

  • Erin H says:

    my cat max is my best friend. his mother a pregnant stray that wandered into my garage one day rejected him when he was just a day and a half old. i believe now that it was because she knew he had stomache problems he has always had trouble going to the bathroom. anyway i went out to check on the newborn kittens and bring some food for the mother and i found him half dead freezing cold and crying. i immediately swung into action slowly warming him up and feeding him warm infant formula. those long nights getting up every 2 hours or so taught me that i have more patience than i knew of and demonstrated my complete love for animals. now i am a veterinary assistant training to become a vet tech and maybe even eventually a veterinarian. all because of a poor little kitten named max

  • Teresa says:

    My cat would love to have this!

  • Barbara Craig says:

    I have 4 furbabies and all have changed my life for the better they are all rescues 2 who have showed up at my back door 1 tossed out of a car window at 5 weeks old and 1 rescued from the SPCA. Weemer the one tossed from the car is the mommas boy I recently had major surgery that left me with a 7 inch cut on my belly and weemer always needs daily muggles where he climbs on my belly and does squishy paws during my recovery he just knew something was different even though i put a pillow there it was still very painful and he knew this so he decided just for the time being my chest and shoulders were good enough he was the best medicine I could have had. When i was sad he was a clown when i just needed loves he was more than happy to give as much as i needed. All my babies are extremely special but Weemer hes just a big mommas boy

  • Beckie MacLellan says:

    Hi I have two rescue cats who make my life worth living i have had depression and OCD since i was about 14 im now 22. If it wasnt for the animals in my life i might not be here. Missy is a rescued stray who i adopted when i worked at a Shelter she had a terrible skin allergy and the bosses were talking of putting her down she was miserable in the shelter and i bonded with her quirky personality quickly and then took her home. Her skin is much better now and she is so happy. Alfie was adopted from another shelter as a feral kitten and has really come round to love people and other animals he is always rubbing up against our dogs! the cuddliest cat i know! Keep up the great work PETA

  • Vicki Andrew says:

    I have 4 rescued kitties and one of them Shadow found at about 8 weeks old covered in grease and hiding under a car hood she is a beautiful Ragdoll hates water that has stood for any length of time. She reminds me of the little girl in Signs. We live in S. CA and the summers are hot here and this would be a real treat for the kitties

  • maurikelly23 says:

    My cat Scat is sooo funny and cool and awesome. We adopted him as a stray kitten that was hanging out our neighbouhood with his brothers and sisters and adopted mother cat. He is the biggest hearted cat and he goes out looking for kittens that need help and brings them to our garden for feeding and rehoming. He has done that twice with litters of 56!! We call him the Mother Theresa of cats and he becomes very persistent and wont eat until they have all eaten the kittens. He is also very feminine in the way that he acts and meows and he is a lover not a fighter. The coolest thing about him is that once when he was a kitten we brought him to the vet but he got spooked by a dog and ran out the vet’s office into a nearby wood. Everyday we went looking for him and after 3 days we heard him meow and found him again!! He is just cool and loves to greet us with lots of noise when we come home!! He would love to frolick in that fountain. I know i live far but PLS send me one!!! Thanks Kelly

  • Susan Alles says:

    I have a Persian cat named Angel who ws given to me by my daughtter who is dying of lymphoma Iwould do any thing to ensure this cat lives out her legacy.

  • Jazz says:

    My two rescued feline companions Feist and Mazzy are the best friends I could ever have. All they ask for are the bare essentials for life and in turn they give so much. They have changed my life for the better with their unconditional affection and trust. My companions don’t judge me they just offer unwavering patient love. My feline friends would love this fountain! Just playing with an ice cube seems to bring them so much amusement I can only imagine what a big kick they’d get out of a fountain!

  • WENDY HORN says:

    My cats would love this 2!

  • Susan Ladd says:

    My dog would love to win. Thank you !!