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‘Win It’ Wednesday: Crazy Rumors Lip Balm Set

Written by PETA | December 1, 2010

It’s December, and you know what that means: an endless stream of holiday parties, too much spiked soy nog, and sloppy kisses under the mistletoe. Or maybe that’s just me.

If you do plan on kissing Santa (or anyone else) this holiday season, you’ll want to make sure that your lips are mistletoe-ready—and what better way to do that than with an all-natural vegan lip balm? To help keep your kisser soft and in shape, we’re giving away one set of Crazy Rumors Candy Cane Lip Balm in four delicious holiday flavors—Peppermint Twist, Pear & Peppermint, Pineapple & Peppermint, and Plum & Peppermint.

How to get it? Just tell us about your favorite animal-friendly holiday tradition. The entry that most makes us feel all warm and fuzzy will win. (If you don’t win, you can still get your smooch on: Crazy Rumors is generously offering PETA Files readers a 15 percent discount on all orders placed by December 31. Just enter coupon code PETA at checkout.)

The contest ends on December 15, and the winner will be chosen on December 17. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Paula Moore


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  • K-lanna says:

    My favorite tradition is to pass on vegan cookies to my friends, knit hand-made vegan wearables for the extra special people, and shower my kitty with catnip, toys, and treats. Oh yeah, and I never forget to leave out seeds for the partridges in peartrees or a bucket of water out for the reindeer. 🙂

  • Catya Donahower says:

    I love being able to include my kitties on Christmas morning, they have their own stocking which gets hung with my husband’s and mine, (and is full of homegrown catnip!) they even get to go on a mini vacation to visit our families, my parents love seeing their “grand-kittens”!!!

  • Latifah says:

    My holiday tradition is going to the animal shelter to hang out with the cuties. I bring them treats and toys as presents for Christmas. Then I like to make vegan treats for myself (no one else in my family is vegan, but I got my mom to go vegetarian though)

  • HelpPeta1234 says:

    every year we go around and find stary cats,dog and other animals and leave them food so they can eat.

  • Jennifer says:

    When all the excitement of Christmas is over, I head to my local kitty shelter and spend time with each cat there (it’s a small rescue organization). Those who want lap time get lap time; those who want play time get play time. I used to find Christmas a pretty boring day after all the gifts were open, but the holiday feels a lot more genuine now that I know I’m making a difference in the lives of these lonely kitties.

  • Cathy says:

    I always pick up a few cans of animal food from the store and bring it to the local animal shelter and help then volunteer with them during afternoon. I also participate in a Holiday Veg cookout, inviting anyone around hte NYC area to come and join in the massive vegan potluck!

  • Cory Martinez says:

    My favorite vegan holiday tradition is the cooking and baking I do for my family and friends!

  • Larry says:

    All of our animals were saved from puppy mills or brought home from the Humane Society. The last dog I brought home was going to be killed as a puppy because another dog got into their breeding area and the puppies were not pedigree. All of the puppies found good homes thanks to a close friend. This dog is so intelligent sometimes I think she may be smarter than me. On Christmas morning we gather together as a family, including our dogs who we consider equal family members, and all open our gifts. The dogs have even learned how to find and open their gifts. We have been blessed with a wonderful family and we spread our love to other animals that were on their way to a cruel end. Thank you PETA for all you do.

  • AAG says:

    For Christmas I wear my vegan clothes with my vegan boots to Church. I cook a vegan lasagna that day. I also go to anti-fur demos days before Christmas. This is my present to the animals.

  • amdarose says:

    Our tradition? Every morning from the day after Thanksgiving until we take the Christmas tree down after the holidays we have to search for the tree skirt! Our kitty loves to slip, slip and flop around on it and the drag it (who knows how?!) to some place in the apartment! If he wasn’t so darn sweet and cuddly!! hehe! Happy Holidays Veggie friends! Vegan pride <3

  • CheniseAshlee says:

    Well, I don’t have a holiday tradition but I do have a weekly one. Usually, unless I am so busy I am drowining in paper, I do something for animals. I love doing this and I have something special in the works for the holidays! Chenise

  • Jennifer Snook says:

    A few years ago a friend and myself decided to check out an animal auction in Ohio.  It was a few days before christmas and we never intended to buy any animals,but just look around, At All the Ponys, Large horses and an old racehorse.. It did’nt take long for us to relize some of the people were kill buyers and it shocked me! The thought that noone wanted these beautiful horses and just days before Christmas, There was a certain Donkey that a kill buyer was bidding on and my friend and I told ourselves,no way are we going to let this man win the bid on any of the donkeys or horses, they all ended up at my farm after several trips with the horse trailer..And we found homes for them all in the end. We ended up saving these animals because its in our hearts. Lovers of Horses and all animals great and small. The wee donkey is now on a farm in central Ohio, and I always get updates on how hes doing. He’s the family watchdog, whenever theres something going on in the barn he hee haws and lets the owners know to come and check it out. If I could save all the horses in this country I would. That was the best Christmas!!

  • Valentina says:

    Every year before Christmas my mom and I save up a lump of cash, and we donate it to the animal shelter. We also bring little toys and play things to the cats so that they don’t have to be lonely and bored. We also volunteer and help the cats and dogs have a better time. That’s where we met our pet. He was timid and always sick with Upper resp. infections in his cage *natural tendency in Persians*. We adopted him, and he’s well and happy today. He’s even developed a slightly spoiled personality. Haha. I plan to become a vet in the near future, and am eager to start helping all the sick animals out there.

  • Deanna says:

    Stringing popcorn and cranberries on thread which is INCREDIBLY tedious but it’s worth it. That and watching Bing Crosby in his holiday musicals, black and white VHS tapes are best for the Holidays 🙂

  • Hirondelle says:

    We make two dinners for the family on christmas. On christmas day all family make tradition lunch and the vegans do theirs, but for dinner we make only vegan food and our family really love it.

  • Kelly G. says:

    My dog-kids are always on my holiday cards. I dress them up as pirates (bribing them with vegan treats, of course!), photograph them in front of the tree, and then design the card around their pictures. Come x-mas morning, they have plenty of presents under the tree to show for it!

  • Sarah Anne Brideaux says:

    When my auntie Joanne was still living, we used to go out to her farm for Christmas, and my sister and I would take presents out for the cows and the goats, and pigs and stuff. It was never anything big, just like a treat, or a pretty bow or something dinky, but we loved it. Just to go and spend time with the animals was the best time for us.

  • Aneliese says:

    My tradition is to get out our kittens stocking and leave it out for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. When the cats come down the stairs on Christmas morning, they freak out when they see all the treats and toys inside!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My favorite animal friendly Christmas tradition is to take my dog Buck to visit all of our animal loving neighbors and give small gifts from him to their animal companions. We give dog bisquits, cat treats, honey sticks for birds, that type of thing. We also bring treats for the humans such as herbal tea in holiday flavors such as cinnamon spice and eggnog. Buck and I began this tradition a few years ago, it has since picked up steam and now just about everyone on the courtyard participates, although no one is obligated to give anything. Another tradition is the Christmas Day Dog Walk on the Santiago Creek Trail which runs alongside our condo complex. What started a few years ago as a pleasant way to fill time between breakfast and all the other Christmas Day events in our families has turned into a non-official, non-sponsored social event for residents, guests and their dogs. About 10 in the morning we all head for the riverbed gate and walk the trail for about 1 hour. Some people don’t even have dogs but they go anyway and of course they are welcome to come.

  • Egra says:

    My roommate and I are starting a new tradition this year. We are eating a vegan Christmas meal, and educating my cousins on the reasoning behind ours, and many other’s choice to become vegan.

  • Mistletoe123 says:

    We own a small animal sanctuary (44 animals) in the beautiful state of Washington. On Christmas Eve we go to our local organic tree farm. They give us (for free!) their leftover cut trees. We bring them home for the goats. It is their favorite treat. I buy the chickens a few tomatoes, the cats get scrambled eggs (layed by our rescued chickens) and the ducks get a big handful of dandelion greens and hopefully a slug. We wish them all a merry Christmas and hang a giant wreath on the barn door. It wouldn’t be Christmas for us without sharing with our animals. They are our true passion.

  • Susan says:

    Donating food and other items to the local shelters so the animals have a nice holiday.

  • Leighanne says:

    Mmmm Peppermint! :)~

  • Treania says:

    I love making my own “turkey” loaf for Christmas dinner, but my favorite animal friendly holiday tradition has to be for my dogs. Christmas eve I try and try to get them to open one present before bed, then I fill their stockings and put out the rest of their presents. Christmas morning they go crazy trying to get at presents, especially if there’s treats inside. Then I make them a very animal friendly Christmas dinner. I think that’s pretty damn animal friendly!

  • Lauren says:

    It’s a tradition every year around Christmas time for our family to take big bags of dog food, blankets and towels to the local animal shelter as a donation. Animal shelters do so much to rescue stray animals and give them loving homes and don’t have very much funds to do it, so it’s one of my favorite holiday traditions to give back to the shelters and to the animals.

  • Lisa says:

    My annual ritual to visit two animal shelters with donations at christmas.Always leave with tears, but I have to do this.Take time to sit on the floor and really share.How hard it is for people to choose just one! :o(

  • Kashmera says:

    I will eat only vegian food and i will work at a place that arrange Christmas for people who is lonely!

  • benji26 says:

    my holiday tradition is setting down at the dinner table for a nice dinner of a morningstar grillers vegan patty, with a nice salad, rolls, and a broccoli rice dish. once dinner is over its off to cuddle on the couch with my furry friends tiger, and keykey to watch a movie.

  • Tara says:

    Every Christmas, I buy all my animals gifts & wrap them. In 2009, we had to put my basset hound, Daisey, down but every Christmas, she would open her own gifts. It was the cutest thing…all you had to do was put the package in front of her, she would hold it down with one foot, then use her other foot and front teeth to pull the paper off the gift. She would literally tear it off with no help. When she was done with one gift, she would move to the next. And if she was out of gifts, she would start opening ours. Only when all gifts were unwrapped would she start to enjoy the bone Santa brought her. It was the funniest thing & I am thankful I still have her doing it on video clips. I miss her so much. We now have another basset, Sophie, who will be two in January. I’m trying to teach her to do the same thing…we shall see :o)

  • Michele Buster says:

    My favorite holiday memory was when I was 10 and my family and went to church for Christmas. There was a dog on the side of the road that someone had beaten and thrown out of the car window. My dad had picked the dog up and took it home with us.We ended up using our Christmas money to get medical car for the dog, so we have to eat a vegetable Christmas dinner. Now I am older and as a Christmas dinner in honor of my little angel (Zeek0, we still have a vegetable dinner for Christmas, since he was the angel sent from Heaven to teach us not eat or treat animals cruel.

  • Kayla says:

    Cuddling and drinking Silk Nog!

  • Megan says:

    My newest tradition is, decorting the potted christmas tree. (its kind of a charlie brown tree). I also love making vegan cookies, and candies. Oh and vegan pet treats! Gotta incluce the “babies”. I am going to be cutting up our pumpkins from halloween and thanksgiving and feeding them to the outdoor critters! 🙂

  • Angel says:

    bunnies! =)

  • Agnes BR says:

    happy holidays 🙂

  • Courtney says:

    Every Christmas my mom and I bake tons of homeade dog treats and we give huge gift bags of them to the humane society and to our neighbores. I attatch a tag to them that reminds people to keep their animals safe and warm during the holidays!