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‘Win It’ Wednesday: BP-Related T-Shirt and Coffee Mug

Written by PETA | June 16, 2010

We’ve spoken out against BP, and suggested ways in which each one of us can help save the waterways and the environment. Now, by special request, we’ve created a new, fun, and in-your-face line of BP-related merchandise that will help fund PETA’s work to save wildlife. Now we’re giving away our BP T-shirt and coffee mug to two lucky winners (you can also buy the shirt for yourself and all your friends):


Give BP the Bird


Ready to sport this compassionate gear? Tell us what you are doing to reduce your dependency on oil as well as what you would like to say to BP’s big wigs if you could sit down and have coffee* with them. The two readers with the most inspiring comments will each score a T-shirt and a coffee mug. The contest ends on June 30, 2010, and we’ll pick the winners on July 2, 2010. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms of conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting.

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

*Here’s a little something to get you in the mood to tell us all about your imaginary coffee date with BP.

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  • Shalysa says:

    To reduce my use of fossil fuels I am vegan I have convinced some friends to be vegan or vegetarianI care pool always and encourage friends and family to do the same. I generally try to raise more awareness about the effects on the wildlife IN DETAIL so people understand just how serious it really is Definitely sent the “Charge BP with animal cruelty” link to EVERYBODY I know thanks facebook. As far as what I would say to BP… I think I would just dump oil on them and ask them how they like it. As they’re covered in oil maybe say “hmm I don’t have anything to clean this up I guess I didn’t think this through sorry”.

  • ali m. says:

    well lets see if i could have little talk with BP would just sit look at them directly in the eyes and ask how? how do you not cry youself to sleep as i do how do you not bust your butt and do all that you possibly can to stop these gracceful beautiful creatures from having they life as if meant nothing taken away…you did not do this purposely we all know that but now bp you know what you have caused years and years of something that seems impossible to fix and trust me if it does not eat your concience alive bp you can rest assured it does to me andd probly alot more..but without a raise in tone or any range i would say all this i would also add yes we all know money is an enjoyable thing but at what cost would you go to to keep it im 15 years old tthis oil spill has had an effect on me one i do not lik thank you for your time.

  • Cindy Le says:

    In Australia almost all the beaches are destroyed. Plastic Bags soda cans and chip packets float in the water. Whats annoying is that noone seems to care. Its the ”Thats not my rubbish why should I pick it up?” attitude that some of the locals have. Since I live far from the city its impossible for my family to stop driving. But in the future its all public transport for me. I’m going to start eat vegetarian now. I’ve read PETA’s newsletters for a while now and I feel like the world would be better if we all made the switch I have read about oil spills in the news. It makes me sad that animals are suffering for the mistakes that we human beings made. They can hardly survive under all that oil. It is inspirational to see that there are people in the world who care about our oceans. THANK YOU PETA 3 If I were to sit with the BP big wigs I would yell at them ‘TELLING THEM THAT THEY CANT POLLUTE OUR WORLD LIKE THIS! MOTHER NATURE WOULD BE FURIOUS IF SHE WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME!’ If that doesnt work I’ll pester them until they realise 3. Whenever I go shopping I try to buy the little products therefore I dont have to use the plastic bags. Some shops are helping though each plastic bag is 20 cents. I hope everyone realises how corporations like BP are wrong and hurtful to our environment.

  • Kayla Ritchie says:

    Well I just signed up for a program that will take anyone down to the Florida and help clean up the ocean and the animals.

  • cora says:

    to reduse oil i am vegetarian i love being one to help animals and the enviroment. BP realy needs to pull their act together i feel so terible being an american during this terible time of tragedy that bp is so terible that all these animals are dying

  • Amanda says:

    I carpool with my husband to work and rarely drive my car on the weekend unless its for cat litter and groceries! We usually rollerblade for exercise so we dont have to drive to the gym. I live in south FL so if I had the opprotunity to have coffee with any of the BP big wigs I would toss the scolding beverage in their face and tell them realize the insane damage they are turning a blind eye to. The Gulf of Mexico is known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and all of that ecosystem is being destroyed. My husband and I snorkel every moment we can and this past Saturday we discovered this beautiful reef alongside our favorite beach and all I could think about when we were leaving was the beauty we were fortunate to expereince and those poor innocent fish coral sting rays plant life etc may not be around. Our kids and grand kids may not have the opprotunity to physically visit and observe this natural beauty. People need to stop making excuses and fix this. This is a tragedy that could have been prevented.

  • Maite says:

    I never take the car I bougth a longboard and I board to go everywhere i need to go if i have to go a place thats too far i take the bus the metro or the train And when my friend and I go out we take one car for everyone. And I would like to say to Bp Stop blaming and start the action

  • AAG says:

    I do a LOT of walking and use public transportation.

  • Melinda Chedid says:

    To reduce dependence on fossil fuels I’m vegan have reduced my driving and started repurposing items that I’ve used such as glass jars. If I were to sit down with BP execs and talk with them I’d ask them what kind of insurance policy could pay them enough to be okay with a loved one dying. None of course. Well those animals out there are my loved ones and to me this catastrophe isn’t about profits like it is for them it’s about my animal family. They can’t restore the wildlife and animals who have suffered and died as a result of their greed.

  • Mischa says:

    I do not have to reduce my dependency on oil because I have no car and I do everything by bike by foot and sometimes I will take a bus tram or train. If I could sit down with BP’s big wigs and have coffee with them I would not tell them anything…Instead of telling them anything I would show them by throwing a cup of coffee onto a stuffed animal bird what they did to all of those animals!! And then I would just walk out of the room without having said one word. ‘Hopefully my message would be clear by then!’. I hope that I wrote in good Engelish because I life in Holland…

  • eva says:

    I use public transport for shopping getting to University and so on. Short distances are great to walk a bit of healthy exercise and time to think things over. Much less stressful than driving with the car. I would give the BP people a piece of my mind. They bear responsibility for all those oil platforms and can’t allow themselves to make such big mistakes as this one. Safety first didn’t seem to be their mindset just to save a few dollars they skimped on the valves. Such grave mistakes are never to be forgiven.

  • Tanmoy Ghosh says:

    i would like to use low cholestrol oil boil meal as well as doing exercise regularly…