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‘Win It’ Wednesday: ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ Tee

Written by PETA | February 2, 2011

I don’t mean to offend all the other dog parents out there, but I’m fairly certain that I have the coolest dog in the world. I don’t mean to brag (well, OK, maybe I do mean to brag), but my German shepherd-something-something-something-mix, Hannah, is pretty much awesome. And, of course, she’s a rescue. I love it when people ask me about Hannah because then I can tell them how many terrific animals are just hanging out at animal shelters waiting for their forever families to come along. But when you don’t have an adorable rescued dog like Hannah at your side, you can still get people to ask you about animal shelters if you’re wearing PETA’s ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’ T-shirt.

Don’t have one? Well, that’s easy to fix—we’ll give you a chance to win one just for telling us about your awesome rescued animal in the comment section below. The person who does the best job of convincing us that his or her dog or cat is the coolest in the world (the coolest dog or cat besides Hannah, of course) will win a tee that can be used to tell others to always adopt and never buy.

The contest ends on February 16, 2011, and the winner will be chosen on February 18, 2011.

Please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • kaeleighjoy says:

    Both of my dogs are rescues, and both have the zaniest personalities. They really add a lot of character to our family and home. Tucker is a Basenji X and he has taught Maddie my Corgi X how to yodel, while she loves to herd him in the backyard rather than race him for the ball. Tucker will also tap you on the shoulder when he wants something, while Maddie tosses and plays with the fresh fruit and veggies we give her. Tomatoes are the most amusing.

  • Kathryn says:

    I am on #9 Animal Shelter Graduate. My current two dogs rescued me and my kitty too! They picked me out, as I feel that is the best way! They all now serve as Good Will Animal Shelter Amabassodors full time. When ever someone comments or asks about my furry children I tell them where they came from and their background stories. They serve to inspire others to adopt. I always end by saying “Your Best Friend” is waiting for you to come pick them up!”

  • Diane Beelman says:

    My two wonderful dogs are 16 and 17 years old. They have had a wonderful life since being rescued. I’ve had them (almost) since they were puppies. They have always been there for me when I’ve needed them. I can’t stand the thought of being without them. They have been wonderful companions.

  • Deanna says:

    Sabrina has been with my family since we moved into our current house. Almost 13 years, she’s pretty old in cat years but she’s got tons of attitude. She was found in a dumpster in the back of a McDonalds. She doesn’t come to anyone but my mother, and if you try to pet her she stays just out of reach and when you get up to make an effort to pet her she walks away nonchalantly.She likes to take walks around my backyard and likes the smell of body odor, don’t even ask me about that one haha. She’s very obnoxious and spoiled, but I love her.

  • beth bedford says:

    I adopted my kitty Bailey from Maxfund-a no kill shelter here in Denver. She had come from a abusive home before the person before me adopted her. She was just starting to adapt to being in a loving home and having food at her disposal when her owner died unexpectedly. The owners last wishes were for the kitty to go to another good home so Maxfund stepped up. Bailey stayed at Maxfund for 3 years before I qualified to adopt her. They turned others away but felt I was the right person. She is the most loving kitty I have ever encountered and my days would not be complete if she wasn’t here. Now I have gotten 7 of my friends and my mom to go and adopt a pet at Maxfund. Bailey has inspired all of us.

  • RachaelJ says:

    I rescued a 10 yr old, blind, yellow lab with prostate cancer that was found down a sewer drain in Iowa after spending 5 long nights there. I treated his cancer and arthritis, with love-he blossomed. He became the love of my life, so trusting and loyal, he even learned his way around the yard and back to the door at dinnertime! I would encourage others to consider adopting a geriatric/special needs dog, it chnged my life in ways I didn’t think were possible.

  • peakphysique says:

    We had Chanel for 14 years. At around 6 months old we were her 3rd family. Out next door neighbour had a dog, a schnauzer, who had social issues. He had been “raised” in the wild, (he was also a rescue) never really having human contact, so he would snarl and growl if you pet him, show his teeth if you wanted to pick him up and wasn’t all that playfull. This affected my family because we would dog sit him at least 3 times a year for at least a week. We didn’t even think of how the 2 dogs would react together, the first bump we had to deal with was the fact that my father hated dogs, so we got Chanel while he was gone on a business trip for almost a month. He came back and didn’t really have a choice. When Theo, our neighbours’ dog, first met Chanel, he mostly just watched her play and followed her around. he would sit and watch her run for the ball until one day, he ran for it too, but then just stood there staring at it not really knowing what to do next. They became buddies within a year and Theo would walk over to our house on his own looking for Chanel and vice versa. Theo went from being anti social to a dog that would cuddle with us, let us pick him up and well he never really learned to pick up the ball after running towards it. He died a few years ago, but beginning of December I moved back home to my parents place with my new dog Boss (a rescue also). Chanel, being 14 years old had stopped going for walks past the driveway and wasn’t as active as before. I guess having a younger man in the house made her feel young again, because our popoune (her nickname) would go for long walks (30mins), play at the park, and even run! He seemed to revive her with his high energy (mix of jack russell and cocker spaniel, chanel was a lhasa apso and schnauzer mix). Again we didn’t even think of how they would interact but they got along well. After having Chanel for half of my life, she passed away on the 22nd of January. I can’t explain how special she was, it’s hard to without you having met her, but her death brought tears to our neighbours, our friends and families, anybody that had met her felt the loss of Chanel. As long as you pet her, she was your friend for life. Never growled at anybody (aside from playing), showed her teeth or any sign of aggressivity in her 14 years. A little family joke is that if somebody were to break in, she’d welcome them and show them where the goods are, so long as she got a little belly scratch. We miss our Chanel immensely, but are looking forward to rescuing another pooch.

  • Noemi Cantu says:

    My adopted dog Zoe, a toy pomeranian, is the coolest dog in the world because she gives me the love i had never felt before in my 30 yrs of life. She gives me unconditional love and friendship and follows me everywhere. She’s very happy I rescued her from the horrible place she was before and she shows me that appreciation every day. I love her to death!! And she understands me. That’s why my dog Zoe is the best dog in the world!! Thank you!!

  • Serena says:

    I’ve rescued four cats so far but sadly have only been able to keep one. I found trustworthy homes for the other three. My cat is the best because she sleeps by my side each night and we go on nature walks together and she never runs too far. All of my friends adore her and she purrs the loudest out of any cat I know. I found her on the side of a highway on my way home from New Jersey. I’m so glad I stopped, because now she’s my best friend!

  • Samantha Luciano says:

    My dog, Daisy, is the cutest dog in the world. My uncle and his girlfriend adopted her from the shelter because apparently her previous owner used to abuse her. She is, I think 4 now. When she goes over my grandma’s house, she heads straight to the fridge for pork cutlets. She’s so playful. Everyone adores her.

  • kittyzipper says:

    My sister in all of her wisdom chose a tiny, flea infested, big eared, half blind, sniffer broken, confused little kitten to bring home. When I first laid eyes on her she melted my heart and created maternal longings that I never knew I had. 12 years later Teeny Weenie still brightens my day and is the best snuggler I have ever some across in my life.

  • Andrea says:

    We love animals…and especially those in need of a good home. Tucker is our newest love. He came from the Santa Monica Dalmatian rescue. They had rescued him from the bad bad Downey pound. My husband saw him and fell in love immediately! He is the sweetest dog. I can’t believe someone would let him go. Not only is he sweet he is so loving to everyone. And especially our 1 year old who loves to climb and pull on him. He gets a long with our two cats and even wants to play with them. He loves to walk and play with other dogs at the dog beach. He became a part of our family the first time he walked through our door and is completely taking over our hearts.

  • Sam says:

    Our dog Beans is a little Chihuahua that was a stray in Southern California. On a whim I decided I couldn’t live without a dog, and my husband was kind enough to humor me. When we got to the shelter, he totally fell in love with her and 3 days later we brought her home. She had an infection from being spayed, swelling from her rabies shot, and naked spots on her hind end because she had to have PAINT shaved out of her hair, but we still thought she was the cutestes, sweetest dog ever. My husband (did I mention he’s a big, bad Marine?) spends time daily teaching her tricks. She’s so smart! She can cha-cha (aka dance), walk on her hind feet, play dead, roll over, shake, lay down, crawl on her belly, and speak! She’s definately the coolest rescue dog ever!

  • April Lopez says:

    People always ask what kind of dog we have and all I can say is a doggie of love haha He seems to be part Dachshund, but could possibly be part Rotweiler, or maybe part Terrier, or maybe even part poodle who knows. The point is, he is totally cute and our family wouldn’t be complete with out him. I’m at a loss of why people spend loads of money to buy pure bred dogs, it just doesn’t make sense to me when there are so many dogs in shelters that are just as cute and loveable! We adopted Marley from North Shore, they didn’t have much information but what they did tell us is that he was a rescue from Georgia. We just actually discovered today that he had a whole stash under our bed that consisted of about 20 chewed wooden blocks, random papers, a few stuffed animals and a pacifier or two. He’s a run for our money, but he’s our little Georgia peach!

  • Tiffany F says:

    Doug is the most unique-looking dog I’ve ever seen. People say it looks like he has the head of one dog and the body of another. He loves people and is excited about everything. I chose him because he had cute little brown eyebrows, and when I walked up to him, he put his paw in my hand.

  • tanya jodoin says:

    Ok well I have a resued pug mix and 3 rescued cats!! ( The mom left them in winter at my doorstep) anywho, my dogs name is Pooki ( hi-hi ;P) and he a crazy excited dog but we love him ( my bf and I ) I love that he was able to adapt really quickly. He’s a snuggly lil’ boy and I love him!n! My cats on the other hand our all different but wonderfull! 1 is named lynx ( he has hair at the tip of his ears) and he listens like a dog!! The other is named mitsou( after my mitsubishi car haha!!) And she’s a typical fat , lazzy cat who loves to prrrr and whine when she’s hungry. The last but definately no least is jojo a really snuggle puff. Very shy but very sweet. I’m sure my rescued animals are the coolest!!! Tanya

  • Emily Negrete says:

    My little Princess… best choice i ever made.. She proof that adoption is the best choice!

  • Susan says:

    Our Missy was rescued from a shelter. She was so sick. I do believe they would have put her down because it is hard enough to get healthy dogs adopted let alone sick ones. I nursed her back to health after a long 6 months and trips to the er in the middle of the night. She is now the best dog ever. We have had her 6 years. She still wheezes when she breathes as I think her lungs were scarred. We have 2 other dogs and she is our alpha. She is a border terrier mix. I would love a tee shirt.

  • Julie G. says:

    My 14 1/2 year old border collie, “Pepper” had to be put down in June. I was so sad that my boyfriend, who never had a dog of his own pretty much insisted that we get a new dog. He loved Pepper, but she was 13 when we met, she was a senior border collie. My boyfriend really wanted another border collie, but I was affraid that he couldn’t deal with the spunkiness of a border collie puppy. We started looking on-line and decided it might be a good idea to get an adult dog. It was great because you can read about the personalities, their temperment, what they like, what they don’t, their problem area’s. It took us about a month, then we fell in love with the most adorable Aussie/Border Collie mix. We set up a meeting to see Bullseye, named for his adorable black eye patch. We were nervous we wouldn’t all get along, and he might have problems due to his past. When we met Bullseye, he was fabulous. Happy, cute, friendly, smart. The transition into our home was smooth, we’ve NEVER had a problem with him. He’s so well behaved, and so sweet everyone he meets loves him. We laugh, it’s like we went on-line and found the exact right match for us. A laid back Border Collie, how lucky is that? Bullseye seems to have a great appreciation for us, he seems thankful for all the love and treats. He was a stray, then on to a pound, then a foster family. It feels so good to have given this guy a chance. People tell us all the time how lucky Bullseye is, we always say the same thing to them, we feel like we lucked out. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer dog, and new best friend.

  • Irina says:

    Why is my dog the coolest one? First Akiba comes from spain and we adopted her in germany. We heard, that she was hidden there by humans and she didnt get enough food. The last moments in spain she lived on the streets. When she came to germany, Akiba was two years old, two years full of pain an cruel people. Benji, our other dog became a beautiful big brother who helped her learning. In the beginning it was a big fight with her. She destroyed our shoes, ate plants in our house and was aggressive against men, not women. Ten years later, she is the most beautiful dog I can imagine. She loves everybody (even men 😉 ), is still really playfull, like a dog in the age of 2 years. It is amazing to see, how a dog, who was that afraid of everything and so complicated, gets her second youth and gets just full of life, enjoying every single day. I love her and Benji, the big brother, too.

  • Emily Negrete says:

    We rescued our lil Prin over 5 years ago, her previous owners listed her as “unfriendly and unable to be potty trained”. We when saw her she was less then a year old and was skin and bones. Looking at her face that day I couldn’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want her. Right away she became part of our family!! shes well known in our neighborhood as the friendliest little dog and she learned to go potty outside in under a week. She even has a best friend, Larry who is a Guinea Pig.. they love to play outside together. She’s the sweetest little dog around and so smart! she’s definitely got us all wrapped around her little paw but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Jill says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I work at a shelter, and it pains me to see animals for sale in the newpaper. We get in so many purebreeds as well. I will always and forever adopt my furbabies. Spay and Neuter!

  • Cassie Vasquez says:

    My dog milo just turned 4 years old he’s a beautiful jack russell terrier, and my beast of sparta. My mom dad and I rescued him Sunday, March 21st 2010 and it has made everything in our lives so much better. Milo was originally in a home where his owner worked 2 jobs and went to school and had no time for him. The moment I saw him I knew he was going to make the best addition to our family and he did. He was very scared of us at first but after a trip to petsmart, organic dog food and treat and a few toys to play with Milo warmed up to us in no time. He’s gentle loving and so caring and probably the funniest dog I’ve ever seen. He does the funniest things to make us laugh. He loves to snuggle and can run for miles and miles, and my family would be nothing without him. My little brother, not a pet. Milo, you’ve made the biggest impact on my life. I was severely depressed around March of 2010 when we first got Milo and I had attempted suicide, if it wasn’t for the sound of Milo’s nose trying to push my bedroom door open that night, I wouldn’t be here. He cuddled with me for that entire week and would always run to my bedroom every 20 mins or so to see if I was okay. He’s the most intelligent animal I’ve ever met and I’m so glad I rescued him. He’s a momma’s boy and loves my dad to pieces. His affection is felt all throughout the house all day, everyday. We love you my handsome boy!

  • sylvia says:

    Hello All.I would like to say something about my dog who has got funny name- hes name is Bolek- because of his name there is many of crazy stores.Always when I need to go to the vet or for a walk and people ask me what is his name I need to first let them know that they will be laught-because in here his name……can mean one part of the body-men body.Bolek he is always happy when you look at him you can tell that hes smile but also hes teeth are stick out which look so funny.Also He like when I do a pictures- sometime he looks like he pose.Also he is very fussy.when I travel with him he need to sit down….on my shoulder-this is the only place which he likes when we travel.When he walks you can tell that he is a little model.I love my dog so much…..There is so many things which I can tell about my dog but I think I will need to write a book.I can only say that in his eye I see esprit and if I have bad day he comes to me and give me a kiss-like he knows whats going out.LOVE MY DOG!!!!!!

  • Wubzy's Mom says:

    We were lucky enough to be adopted by the greatest dog in 2010. We named her Wubzy…..after the cartoon character Wow Wow Wubbzy. My four year old actually picked the name….lol. Wubzy is an American Bulldog/Pointer Mix. She is all white with a big brown spot on her back, brown floppy ears and this adorable little tiny tail. We drove to the Broward County Humane Society with our four and two year old in tow. We decided that we wanted a family dog (it had been 4 yrs since our beloved Pug passed) so here we were. We had no expectations of finding a dog that day….we were just going to take a look. Well we were there for about 10 minutes, we rounded the corner and there she was. Her little tail wagging….we locked eyes and that was my dog. I hovered over her cage and sent my husband to go get someone so we could meet her. There were some stalkers but I saw her first….lol. They even did a test to see how she would react to a cat (we have a rescue cat at home) she passed with flying colors. She loved our children immediately. We all just clicked. We technically adopted her, but I really feel that she adopted us. She originally came from a shelter in the Bahamas where she was running out of time so by someone’s loving donations she was saved and shipped to the Broward Humane Society for another shot. We couldn’t be more grateful to have her in our lives! I wish I could scream from the roof tops to get people down to the Humane Society first before going to breeders or puppy stores. It’s so important!!!! I say adopt don’t shop!

  • kristin tschirhart says:

    where to start. I have rescued, got fixed and placed over 500 cats and 100 dogs and I am 32 years old thi month. I have 2 beautiful resuces right now. One I recused right from the owner after she was hit by a car on the highway and they tried to put her back in the house and leave her there injured; over my dead body was I going to let that happen. My other precious baby was frozen in a dog house with 3 pups. I heard her while walking my other dog barking and couldn’t find where she was until I went investigating and found a mound of snow and ice where I could hear her barking and the puppies whining burried and frozen in an old dog house. Unnfortunatly 2 of the 3 pups passed away but I kept mom and placed the pup with a close friend who is an amazing owner. I am a natural wildlife rehabilitator in ontario canada and out of my own funding care for, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned wildlife. My last feat was 10 “pinky” opossums. I raised them until they were pigs in opossum suits and released them in a wonderful area with my wildlife side kick who owns land at a place called Possum junction. They are all healthy and happy. I cannot have children. I fight for animals everyday. I have been charged with tresspassing from the spca in london ontario because I went in an saw how they cared for their orphaned lives and their cages and whatnot were discusting so I gave them a piece of my mind and I was charged!! I don’t care how fr I hve to go to see an animal safe and being treated with the respect and dignity they so much deserve!!! I could share stories all day long with you. I know I cn win only 1 tshirt but I’d proally wear one out in a week lol. I’d wear it out on the ccorner downtown with a sign being pelted by snow!!! I am so willing to do that. If I don’t win that’s okay too!!! I’m just one that will make my shirt known and the meaning behind it and HOW important it is to rescue and adopt and care for your animals or any animal in need that graces your presence!!! Much love to you all!!! Each and everyone of you!!!! You are all such a blessing to the genuine souls that don’t have a voice. To be a voive for the voiceless; there is NOTHING more satisfying!!! Much loveb kristin

  • AnnLee0110 says:

    I feel like my adoption experience was something like devine intervention. I had been looking for a dog for a few months, but not in any hurry. One morning I was looking at some pictures that one of the local shelters had posted. I saw this dog whose face looked really sweet. My friend and I looked at each other, and said, “Let’s go check her out.” The shelter was a long way from home, but we went anyway. I went there, spent some time with her, let my little girl play with her, and said, I’ll take her! Her name even just came to me instantly…Maya. This is a name I’ve never even consciously thought of. She is my first shelter dog, although I’ve had lots of rescues in my life. She’s a wonderful addition to our family. Rescued dogs are just a little different. It’s almost like they know they are lucky, and are so appreciative of their second chance. I found out later that the shelter I got her from only keeps dogs for 5-7 days before they are put down. For some reason, she had been there 2 weeks. The shelter director didn’t even know why she slipped through the cracks. The day I went and got her was a Wednesday, THE day she was scheduled to be killed. I don’t know, it was like I was sent there or something. Who knows, but I’m glad she’s here with us!

  • Nicole says:

    We have two dogs and three cats, all adopted from shelters. They are all really cool animals, even my neighbor (who has a purebred Boxer) thinks so, but my cat Gadget is incredible. He is a black and white DSH with tuxedo markings and white “slippers”. When we went to the shelter to look for a cat, the 4 month old kitten was looking at us from the cage and tilted his head very charmingly, giving us a quizzical look. He melted our hearts at once. From them on, that was known as the Gadget look and he knows how to work it to get what he wants. As a kitten, he would wake me up to play with him in the middle of the night by biting my toes. He taught himself to play “catch” by picking up small bouncy balls with his mouth, bouncing them down the basement stairs and chasing after them. He would even do that for our other cats so they could play catch too. One time, my daughters went to an amusement park and came back with a bunch of new balls and he kept me up all night with the sound of the bouncy balls bounce-bounce-bouncing down the stairs. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and is very vocal when he wants to go outside. One day, we came home to a broken glass pane in our back door and my daughter thought someone tried to break into the house, but no, the broken glass was on the outside of the door. Gadget got too impatient for us to come home from work and school and decided to let himself out. Luckily he didn’t have a scratch on him. He is now seven years old and still as playful as a kitten.

  • Jennifer Feltz says:

    I adopted my puppy, Happy, a couple years ago from a breeder here in Oklahoma. She said that if noone would take him, she was going to have him put down. By put down, she meant shot, as they do with any of their kennel/mill dogs that they cant sell or breed. Happy was about 8 weeks when we got him, along with his brother, who died about 2-3 wekks later of some sickness he more that likely recieved form being in a kennel/mill. Happy and his brother were both born with a disfigurement. Neither had back knees, but fortunately, as Happy got older, his knees formed well. He loves to be held up by my chest and sleep. He also loves to play with my brothers palmeranian. (who was also adopted) He is very protective. If I am holding him and anyone comes near me, he will bark and try to get them. Also, if someone knocks on our door, he is sure to let you know! 🙂 Unfortunatly, we are unable to break him from the charging at people and biting. Besides this, he is an awesome little man and we love him so much! I encourage others to adopt from the shelters/kennels.

  • Brittany says:

    I adopted my companion pet, a kitten named Sasuke, 10 mnths ago. He is not your usual cat. He jumps like a gazelle rather than run, he climbs walls and best yet, when my son is upset sasuke thinks its his job to cuddle with him until he cheers up 🙂

  • Gina says:

    While bringing food to the shelter I was interacting with the animals. One particular cat was reaching for me. As I continued to pet her, she spoke to me…after bringing her home, and having her checked by vets, she had a few health problems. Fleas, ringworm, herniated umbiblical cord and large tumor in her ear…she’s had surgery, on steroids, now chronic coughing due to the tumor affecting her respiratory system…we are working to get her all fixed up. She may not be the most awesome rescue animal, God brought me to her for a reason..and I wil continue to care for her at any expense to give her a long, happy, comfortable life! I adopted her in October & she speaks to me every day!

  • thomas mccarthy says:

    my dog milly…well. she was someone elses dog. in my neighborhood…she was in the back yard of this house that is runned by hooligans. tied up all day and night, in a conditions to a clothing line pole with very little decent food and no water. michigan humane society didnt do much after i called..and i wanted a dog so i jumped in the backyard, cut the chain…and now milly is mine. (thats the name i gave her). shots are up to date..worms are gone..and hes a happy dog. i guess i couldve kept bugging the humane society…but i know they are busy and cant be everywhere at once..i really dont feel bad for ‘kidnapping’ him. well, some might call it kidnapping..i call it rescue. 🙂

  • Linda Lomba says:

    I have the sweetest dog Reco. I rescued him from a shelter 2 years ago. He is a shih tzu. When I went to the shelter looking for a dog, he would start barking everytime he would see me and when I would pet him, he would stop. He got my attention for sure. I was worry he might be a barker, but he is the most quiet dog I have every had. He only barks at squirels. He loves my granddaughters so much and is always by my side. It is like he knows I saved his life. He was abused by older people and is afraid of walkers and canes. But now my sweet heart lives like a king. I love him so much. I am glad I got a rescued dog. He is the best. I tell everyone that I adopted him.

  • Mbcb says:

    I have been volunteering to try to make my city ( Austin,TX) a No Kill City – and we’re almost there!! By helping get the word out to adopt, more people will stop buying breeder dogs.

  • CaliforniaDreamin says:

    Darla our 2 year old English Bulldog was rescued from a Puppy Mill situation where she had had a litter of 5 before her first birthday…not show quality and with too many health problems for a second litter the breeders surrendered her. She now lives a happy healthy life upon her Orange futon of sweet dreams.

  • Gill Caven says:

    I got my rescue dog Humbug nearly 5 months ago, she’s a greyhound/whippet with a bit of collie. She has one side of her face black and the other white – hence the name. I thought she was about 5 when i got her, but the vet found a microchip and she’s actually 9 – she lied about her age! But the vet had thought 5 was about right. She was off the lead and coming back to her name by day 2, and she is gorgeous and perfect. I can send a photo and that will prove it!!

  • Nicci says:

    My mother, sister and I were driving around town one day, when we decided to call the Humane Society and ask if they had any husky puppies available. I had always loved huskies, and we had been looking for a while, but no one really caught our eye. That day when we called, they said they had a husky mix, that was about six months old. That was enough to get us to go over to the shelter, and check out our potential dog. Well, he didn’t really look like a husky, rather, he was golden and white with yellow eyes. He was very cute, so we decided to take him on a walk. It wasn’t long before we fell in love. My mother decided to fill out a form and requested they call us if anyone else was interested. That very night, we got a call saying there was a family ready to adopt. They knew we wanted him, so they told us they would talk to the employee in charge at the time, to see what they thought. Well, we were chosen, and though my dad was reluctant, we were able to adopt him. We named him Lupin and found out he was only four months old. A few weeks after we adopted him, we found out that he had kennel cough. That wasn’t too bad, so we got some medicine and started to care for him. Then, when things got worse, we took him back and we were told that our four-month-old puppy had parvo The doctors said the chance of him surviving was about thirty percent. It cost us our Hawaii vacation, as well as three sleepless nights, but it was worth it. He survived. Recently he had another close call. He was running in out backyard at night and stepped on the divider for our garden. Not a big deal if the plastic cover had been on it. However, prior to the incident Lupin had chewed it off, leaving a sharp metal hazard in its place. He came down to the back porch, with a bloody foot. We immediately grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his leg nice and tight, trying to stop the bleeding, when it didn’t work, my father instructed me to pick him up and carry him into his car at the front of the house. He was over sixty pounds, being as big as he was, but something kept me going, and that was my love for my baby. It was a long and emotional ride, but we made it. Later we had found out that he had sliced a tendon and cut two main arteries. Despite being temporarily bandaged, soon blood covered the office floor. Finally it was time. It was close to midnight, and we waited with worried hearts. Then we were told that he would be fine. The next day we took him home, his paw stitched and bandaged, and we were reminded once again that this was our miracle dog. As of now he is fully recovered. At age five, he is still running, and playing like the puppy he was when we adopted him. That’s Lupin for you, loving his life, almost as much as we do.

  • FionasMommy says:

    My rescue half Pitt-Bull, half “terrier” is THE best rescue I could have ever of hoped for!! So what if she is scared of thermometers, flash-lights and toothbrushes?! I knew she was the one for us the second she gently took a treat from my sons hand. I also love shattering peoples uneducated viewpoints/opinions on owning a Pittbull while having a 4 year old running around!!!

  • sally miller says:

    Yes this is great news , I love this tee shirt and it is great advertising for the world so every one should wear when and then maybe we can change the way people look at animals oh what a grand thought

  • Kathy says:

    I adopted our dog Bhodi when he was 8 weeks old. He is a Rotti/shep. mix. My son lost his father and was in need of a good friend. Well as Bhodi grew up he became our best friend and was and is always in our hearts. We lost him 2 years ago at the age of 13 to cancer. They only place I would think of to get another friend would be to adopt. You get animals that are for sure the best because they truly know heart ache. Please adopt and I am looking for that new friend now.

  • imblissful says:

    Animals just seem to find us when we need one. We live in the mountains and people abandon their animals all the time. Many have made our house, home. We even rescued a skunk one time when her mama was run over and killed on the side of the road.

  • Maren says:

    Unfortunately due to my living situation I can’t have my own dog, but my friend has the coolest dog EVER! His name is Oliver and he’s a Westie-Schnauzer-Mix. He is a total people-dog. He doesn’t really care for other animals but he loves being around people. He doesn’t have any teeth (they all fell out), so his tongue always hangs out and it makes him look so adorable. Oh, and he LOVES to eat veggies!

  • amberino7 says:

    I rescued my (purebred) australian cattledog when I was working at a doggie day care and her parents didn’t want her anymore. They just dropped her off for day care and never picked her up. She had one bite on her bite record, they were expecting a child. Not only did they adopt her from a breeder, but once the going got tough they dumped her. Well, it is 4 years after that fateful day and I don’t know how anyone could relinquish such an awesome dog! I look forward to the next 10 years with Tess

  • Ember Caulton says:

    adoting says that that animal is important because they are, and that those who said they weren’t were wrong. that’s why i will always adopt!

  • Katie says:

    I would like this! I love wearing shirts like this to work. I work at a cafe that is owned by a BBQ joint and I wear my “please don’t eat me, I love you” that has a pig on it. I am needing more shirts to wear to work with the same theme or other great things such as this. I have a big wish list right now on the clothing by PETA. Need to save up enough money. It is a great way for me to start a conversation with people to wear shirts like this one.

  • Ceara says:

    I volunteer at my local shelter several times a week. So I have over 200 of the coolest animals ever. I live by adopt don’t buy. These dogs and cats at the shelter get me through life, I love them dearly. I think everyone should either volunteer at a shelter or adopt from one. Because there is some truly terrific animals there <3

  • Jle says:

    Shelter dogs love you more than store bought ones.

  • Wardour1 says:

    I just adopted the cutest little dog from the shelter. He won over my hurting heart and is now the owner of my heart.

  • adrienne says:

    I work at a shelter, I rescue and i work with rescues.. I think this shirt is AWESOME! I want one!

  • Kat says:

    We got our dog Sophie almost 3 years ago. I’m not into breeds but my mom went through a lot of investigating to find a dog she felt had the right personality to mesh with her age and limited mobility. Even though I thought she was being ridiculous about going for a keeshond, I applauded her for not even considering going to a breeder or pet shop. She wouldn’t get a dog unless it was a rescue. She found a group here in Southern California called Keeshond Rescue and they found Sophie in a shelter all the way in Utah. She had been there for 2 years after her elderly owner’s family ‘didn’t feel like taking care of her anymore’. From what we heard, she spent a good amount of her time with them tied up in the backyard. We also think she may have been abused since she is quite fearful of men. When she met us, she was a little timid but they told me that she liked her ears rubbed. As soon as we did that, it was an instant bond. Seeing how wonderful she was, I was shocked that she was in a shelter for so long. All I could do was silently thank all the people who had kept her alive and healthy at the shelter in Utah. From then on I wanted to help dogs like her that were waiting anxioulsy for a forever home. She was my inspiration for volunteering and advocating with shelters. Particularly no kill ones. I got so much out of that, I actually began aligning myself with other animal causes and became a vegan. She has brought so much joy to my life, I haven’t been the same person since we adopted her and she is to thank 🙂