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Win It! PETA Lunch Bag

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 11, 2012

How well do you know your animal facts? Test your knowledge with our quiz, and then tell us how you did for a chance to win a PETA lunch bag.

  1. Which animals are reportedly the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex?
  2. Which animals’ brains are able to fully repair themselves after they have experienced trauma?
  3. Which animals are such great parents that in ancient Rome, it was considered a compliment to be told that you must have been raised by that animal?
  4. Which small animals are so brave that they will fight powerful predators such as eagles and foxes to protect their young?
  5. Which animals were able to find their way through a maze with a speed comparable to that of dogs?
  6. Which animals have more bones in their necks than giraffes do?
  7. Which animals can talk to their mothers from inside their eggshells before they have hatched?
  8. Which animals’ legs can detect vibrations on the ground and in the atmosphere, allowing them to sense when predators are approaching?
  9. Like Paul Reveres of the animal kingdom, which animals use different warning calls when predators are approaching by land rather than approaching by air?
  10. Which animals can remember the faces and social ranks of more than 100 other animals in their group, even after being separated from them for months before being reunited?


Did you guess “chickens” for any of the questions? Did you figure out that “chickens” was the answer to all the questions? Chickens are inquisitive, sensitive, highly social animals whose intellect has been compared to dogs, cats, primates, and human children. For National Chicken Month, please share this contest and encourage everyone you know to stop eating chickens

To enter to win PETA’s “I Am Not a Nugget” lunch bag, leave a comment telling us how you did on the game, and a winner will be chosen at random. (Your score on the game will not affect your chances of winning.)

Good luck!

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  • Annett says:

    I kinda did good. The smallest animal
    I believe that is brave is the dog. They will defend there honor and those around them. They are very brave I feel. Interesting questions I must say. Good luck to all contestants.

  • Satya says:

    I guessed them right!! I knew the Dinosaur one for sure 🙂

  • Rottiedog says:

    OK. I didn’t get any of them right. I don’t eat chickens, though. I don’t eat cows or pigs or sheep or fish or turkeys either. So, maybe I’m not completely stupid.

  • Tonia says:

    Wow, okay, I only got 1 answer correct! I’m going to quiz my daughters with this now 🙂

  • AmyCL says:

    ok, i totally didn’t get the chicken theme… i guessed a different animal for almost every one! i really need to spend some more time with chickens 🙂

  • Victoria says:

    Huh, I got the chicken for a couple. Not bad. Cool facts!!

  • Brenda_G says:

    I did not know that it was the chicken, only the one about communicating before hatching.

  • Brain g says:

    I got them all right!!!! I love my chickens and ducks!!!

  • Lawrence says:

    So very interesting. Google chicken intelligence and other topics – it’s excellent and eye opening reading. There are actually 100’s of breeds of domesticated chickens, and many are known as wonderful intelligent pets. I wonder what the personalities and intelligence of chickens used in the meat farm industries are like. I found this article especially helpful because I have been thinking a lot about my diet and other issues.

  • jocelyn says:

    I knew when I read eggshell but it was interesting to learn all the other facts about chickens 🙂

  • Shelby Burma says:

    I knew it was a chicken 🙂 I remember learning some of those facts from Zoology last year! 🙂

  • Pamela says:

    Wow. I knew answer #1 was chickens but all the other facts just make them so awesome. I already respect chickens but these facts bring another level of respect.

  • Shari says:

    I totally flunk! And then when I saw the answer and it was chickens I was just floored! Peta- that was great! Please continue to educate us like that! It was fun and thought provoking all at the same time!

  • Jake says:

    Here were my answers: 1. Ostrich 2. Frog 3. Chicken 4. Rat 5. Rat 6. Owl 7. Duck 8. Antelope 9. Monkey 10. Pigeon Really, the only one that suprised me was the first. I have chickens, and once you get to know them it gets to be just as offensive seeing people eat them as if it was Kentucky Fried Dog. (While I’m vegetarian, I don’t feel as strongly about cows and pigs and fish, proving that when you know an animal your perspective changes!)

  • lcg says:

    I knew the answer to number 10 was chickens because I had just read it somewhere. Other than that I wasn’t totally sure.

  • Jill Cassity says:

    Wow! I had no idea that every answer was chicken! Thank you for all of the new facts! I have even more respect for chickens!

  • Stephanie says:

    I knew most of them were some sort of bird (since dinosaur).. except the maze one :O very interesting!

  • Amy says:

    Wow, I didnt know all those interesting facts at all!! But now, thanks to Peta I do!! I have learned soooo much from Peta over the yrs that enables me to inform others of all sorts of important animals facts and animal rights issues.

  • Kyla says:

    When I read the first question I had no idea! When t came to question 7 I knew that it was chickens! I love chickens <3 Vegetarian forever!

  • sandra d says:

    only got 3 right, i had no idea that chickens were so smart,this really made me sit back & rethink what im eating.

  • Ida says:

    I looked at the first question and my eyes immediately jumped to the word Tyrannosaurus, and at that moment I knew it was chicken. 🙂

  • Shy says:

    I knew most of them but I would have never guessed that they could detect vibrations with their legs. I thought only fish could do that in the water. I didn’t know they had so many neck bones either. I know humans and giraffes have the same amount but chickens have even more!!

  • jgcalifornia says:

    Chickens are AMAZING! They are the ONLY bird that could match this! People underestimate chickens and somewhere along the way they have gotten a bad rap. I have 4 hens that learned to drink from a touch water nipple faster than my dogs! They put anyone they meet in an incredible mood!

  • jake pierce says:

    whoa! chickens should be as much respected as any human being! ‘McCrulty i’m hatin’ it’ is the best slogen for chickens i think. 🙂 think before your eat! also, well done to every one who is/was going on the PETA march!