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Win a PETA Grocery Tote

Written by PETA | April 21, 2009

Thanks for all of your wonderful comments on this Win It Wednesday. The winners of the PETA Grocery Tote are Mariah Lacey, Joel A., and Alyson Paige Warren. Congratulations!

“Win It” Wednesday is coming a day early this week!

One of my favorite things about spring is getting to walk around outside without a jacket. The sun is out, there’s a gentle breeze, and the birds are chirping their hearts out. What better time to leave the car at home and stroll to the grocery store? You can save money on gas, conserve our limited resources, and enjoy the weather while getting a little exercise.

As long as we’re talking groceries, did you know that the easiest and most effective thing you can do to help save the world is to go vegetarian? What’s the second easiest thing? Stuffing all your yummy fruits and veggies into PETA’s canvas grocery tote, of course! So, in honor of “Meat’s Not Green” Week, we’re giving you the chance to win one free!




How do you win? Just tell us what steps you’re taking to show the world that meat’s not green! Whether it’s passing out leaflets, talking to friends, or petitioning your school for vegetarian options, every bit helps. The three most creative comments will win our stylish and eco-friendly PETA grocery tote.

The contest ends on May 6, 2009, and we’ll choose three winners on May 8, 2009. Be sure to read our privacy policy and terms and conditions, as you’re agreeing to both by commenting. Check back every Wednesday for new prizes. Good luck!

Written by Lianne Turner

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  • Emily says:

    I always bring vegetarian alternatives to share at my sons school. The kids who would otherwise eat meat always flock to the different things I bring.

  • Dawn Kessler says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 15 years. I have two young children that have been vegetarian since birth. I’ve done several reports on vegetarianism for college and am currently working on a power point presentation for my final in speech class. Since my children are vegetarian I’ve cooked vegetarian friendly meals for their classes and talked to them about vegetarian diets. At my wedding I served all vegetarian foods prepared by myself so that everyone could have a taste of vegetarian food and realize that it’s not all that bad. I talk about my vegetarianism every chance I get and will debate the benefits to anyone willing to listen. During my presentation in my speech class I will be serving veggie chick nuggets to the class so they too can realize how yummy vegetarian food can be.

  • Teresa says:

    Love itGo green!

  • Meredith Rogen says:

    I pass out your Meat is not Green postersleaflets and wear the Peta button and put stickers on all my mail.

  • M.G. says:

    Hi I was not a vegetarian before 30 min. actually i used to laugh at people who say they are vegetarian. But now after watching the movies on i regret every moment i ordered a chicken or meat from a restaurant. I used to kill poor animals without knowing. These animals should not be treated like that. I have maid my decision to become a vegetarian. I’m not going to lie to anybody i will only eat meat or chicken if i’m the one raising them the way they should be raised. For sure i need a lot of money to do that which i don’t have. So I’m not going to eat meat or chicken at all. Now i can see why some people are vegetarian. I AM A VEGETARIAN AND PROUD TO BE.

  • Cheri Anderson-Albert says:

    I quit eating meat in 1987 and have skin that looks better than every other person near my age so every day that I’m healthy is a day I’m promoting “green” eating. Plus my preschooler wears The Smiths’ Meat is Murder tee to her Montessori!

  • Gary Emes says:

    I Hand out stickers and wear them on my work shirts at the hospital I work at every day.

  • Megan says:

    I have recently switched to being a vegan. Be and my girlfriend use to be crazy meet eaters. And for the past month we have eaten all veggies and fruit. Lost a good amount of inches of our waists! I believe being green really has to do with what you eat and how you live your life. Instead of driving to school or work I have been walking if possible and taking public trasportation. We definately need a change people! But I use SO MANY BAGS when i go grocery shopping…even though what is in the bag is good and green the bag itself is hypocritical and silly. Only good to pick up dog poo!! which my babies produce alot of!! GO GREEN!

  • Brian N. says:

    I am kicking the corpse munchers asses in running races this summer….vegan power baby!

  • Lisa Shaw says:

    As a 20+ year vegetarian going vegan everyone who knows or has eaten with me has heard the watereddown as not to offend reasons why I refuse to eat meatfishchicken etc. I recently emailed out the youtube address for “Earthlings” to almost everyone I know telling them that the documentary fully explained why I was veg. Only one a partial vegetarian acknowledged it. Most people it seems would rather blind themselves to the truth. Anyone with a soul would find it hard to enjoy eating something so tortured and painfully abused as their dinner. If they pretend it had a wonderful life and then died humanely it’s okay so don’t tell them what really happened and definately don’t show them it will spoil their appetite. Those that know and yet don’t care are to be both pitied and feared as they lack a soul. Speciesists are sadists. Many people think that being proanimal means being antipeople and they challenge you with “What about the …” I advocate and volunteer for all marginalized groups. All the weak oppressed and voiceless victims know immeasurable suffering but only the nonhumans know it continually and on such a wide scale. Without a demand for factory farm flesh the moneymaking meat market would die. Dare to care how your dinner is treated he or she wanted food shelter companionship freedom of movement and a painfree life as much as you but he or she was tortured from birth to during death.

  • KATHLEEN W. says:

    The steps I’m taking to show that meat isn’t green are putting bumper stickers on my car using reusable shopping totes with veg slogans wearing message tshirts and leaving veg literature wherever I go. I also put stickers on all my outgoing mail. In addition to these things I manage a veg newsstand in my area with veg starter kits inside that show the real truth about meat dairy. The best way to be green is to be vegan!!

  • Cheryl says:

    I tell all my friends and coworkers about the benefits of being vegan but I also bring in yummy homecooked items that they would never dream could belong to what seems like a ‘restrictive’ diet. Vegan cupcakes are always a winner!

  • Mariah Lacey says:

    Well to keep it honest I really only do a few things to spread the word but I think they are the best things for me at this time. First of all I try very hard not to fall into the cultural trap that meat is OK. As many of us have probably experienced it’s so hard to stay out of the main stream idea when meat and meat eaters are all around us. It’s easy to go to a staff meeting and think “everyone else is having the chicken salad I don’t want to be singled out” and hoping that “maybe this chicken was happy … after all John Doe eats meat and he’s a decent guy.” When I became a vegetarian just under a year ago on May 28th 2008 even my own parents seemed to have a difficult time with it. My mother said “it’s just so frustrating when vegetarians act like they are better than you it hurts peoples feelings…” and I thought “what about the animals? they are getting a lot more than their feelings hurt.” But I didn’t say anything at the time because I wasn’t educated enough yet and I wasn’t prepared. So this brings me to how I DO spread the word in my life. Everyone close to me and all my coworkers know that my husband and I are vegetarians so what I try to do is whenever the subject of animals or vegetarianism or meat comes up I try to model good polite gracious and yet always honest behavior. I keep up with Websites that I feel give me accurate uptodate information so that I am articulate and informed for when any discussion arises on animals this also helps me combat meat culture because visiting websites helps me remember I’m not alone. Then when I engage in a discussion I always consciously listen to the other person’s side both to show that I am not biased and to honestly not be biased I want to learn what others have to say and then I respond with just the facts that I have accumulated and I smile to let the person know that I don’t hate them or fear them and I truly don’t there is just too much hate in the world and often they are simply just uneducated themselves. I believe most people are truly good and if you educate them compassionately they will really want to do the right thing. This is how a PETA member educated me a year ago. Another way that I model for my town positive behavior along with vegetarianism is the attitude I take when I shop. I realize that culturally when I walk around in the grocery store with tofu soy yogurt and freetrade coffee in my cart I am making a statement to other shoppers this is who a vegetarian is. And because of that I want them to also think “vegetarians are nice! I’d like to talk to her” and when someone does talk to me I always welcome them. So far in my vegetarianeducation this is all I have done but as I learn and grow and discover new recipes to share at potlucks I hope to also discover new ways to be involved and spread the love!

  • Pat says:

    As a vegetarian I invite family and friends to my home for delicious vegetarian meals. Those who thought vegetables and grains were only companions to meat often comment on the satisfaction they receive from vegetarian food. Some family and friends now opt for meatless meals several times a week. A few have become vegetarians and even vegans. Thank you for the contest.

  • M.E. says:

    This year is my 25th anniversary of being a vegetarian. I’m a teacher and all my students know that I am a vegetarian and why I have chosen that lifestyle. I regularly include animal ethics animal conservation and animal rights issues in my curriculum and classroom conversations.

  • Mardi says:

    I work at a local SPCA and I often speak with potential adopters and volunteers. When the opportunity arises I will often say how KFC or MacDonalds is cruel or how inhumanely the animals are killed. I voice my opinion and facts about the pain and real fear that animals feel and how we should be bigger than that. I have also been able to show PETA videos to my family and friends and it has had effect!!

  • WENDY HORN says:

    I asked my boyfriend to go vegetarian with me.

  • Amanda says:

    Besides having been a vegetarian for over 2 years I actively campain for PETA at my school. I pass out flyers and speak to others about issues like animal abuse and global warming as well as how they can do their part. I take art and writing classes and often find myself inspiried the most by these topics. I’ve written at least five essays and two monologues which I “acted out” at school assemblies about animal abuse animal testing and nonanimal alternative resources. I’ve also done a linoleum block carving that’s against the use of animals for work such as horses and oxen which was displayed in an art show. I did another piece of a beagle in pencil which was displayed at a local library created to speak up against animal cruelty.

  • Alicia Webster says:

    I am a Vegan as are my three children as well but my husband is a devoted carnivore.I call him Carcass Man I am working on him steadily by reading passages out of my books to him and cooking him yummy Vegan dishes. I really think that he wants to change but is reluctant about appearing less “masculine”. I believe that if I am successful with him then his friends will be open to the idea as well. It may not sound like much but I am firm believer in leading by example and in the positive chain reactions that take place when we choose to live ethically. Alicia Webster

  • Michelle says:

    One of the best ways that I have found to help spread the word about animal cruelty and environmental concerns regarding eating meat is by creating multiple email signatures with a picture of an animal then including a quote about animal cruelty or environmental issues with a “learn more here” link to different pages on PETA’s website. Im a government employee working for the Division of Natural Resources for my county and am in constant contact with other environmental staff throughout my state. Most people I work with inside my county and other outside agencies are big environmental buffs who are curious to read about topics that are environmentally related. I get replies from people quite often letting me know that they clicked on the link and was shocked to hear of some of the facts listed in Petas website. Its a great conversation starter and gives me the chance to express my views in many different ways on almost a daily basis. I change the pictures and quotes often so they can appeal to many different people. Here is an example of one of my email signatures. This is the picture I have just above a quote I copied from PETAs website Here is the quote I have below my signature “According to a 2006 U.N. report the meat industry produces more greenhousegas emissions than all the cars trucks planes and ships in the world combinedproviding further evidence that meat’s not green. These gases worsen climate change and might lead to catastrophic disasterslike droughts floods hurricanes rising sea levels and disease outbreaksunless we drastically reduce the amounts emitted into the atmosphere.” learn more here!

  • Sylwia Borowska says:

    I’ve been talking to friends and people at school about the decision to become vegan and what that means for animals and this planet. I’m also setting a good example for my friends and family and I make sure to feed them yummy vegan meals!

  • Frances Reiss says:

    I have used recycling in grocery shopping for 3 years. Since that time a grocery store clerk has never had to ask me paper or plastic. I have been using the recycling bags I received from becoming a member of the Wildlife Defense Fund. After three years these bags are weakening around the handles They need to be replaced. That’s why this contest is so exciting to me. I thank you for having it. Frances

  • Monkey says:

    At the moment I’m getting the message out at my University Campus at Ourimbah in NSW Australia thought a Vegan club that I’ve started this semester. I bring enough Vegan food for everyone so that everyone can find out how yummy and filling and tasty it is. Then when they are all snoozy and contented and too full to run away I hit em with the pamplets brochures and info about being green and going veg. Oh! and of course I wear my PETA shirt that says “Think green go veg” have a great day everyone!

  • Monika says:

    Last week I took the opportunity to present vegetarianism for my project in my microeconomic class. I explained four of the six microeconomic principles of vegetarianism writing a 7 page essay and did a 15 minute presentation in front of my class! It certainly stirred up some conversations within the class. The teacher said that it was a fresh take on the presentations as everyone else was doing theirs on different businesses. I also explained how meat was a want and not a need how the meat industry is extremely inefficient I focused on telling the class that going vegetarian was the most important step you can take in going “green” and promoted! I got my grade back yesterday and got an A+! D Go Veg!

  • Ashleigh says:

    I’m handing out “Meat’s Not Green” leaflets at my school’s Earth Day festival today.

  • Peggy Rydzewski says:

    I have started eating less or mo meat for the last month and my family is following.. I talk about it at work .So i leading by example…

  • sabita patwardhan says:

    I write papers about how different industries work chicken milk meat fur etc. They are notebook size and written for easy reading in steps. I leave these papers wherever I can 30 week since that is what I can afford to copy. I think inagressive informationspreading is very good for helping animals. I am a vegan.

  • Melissa says:

    I work at Whole Foods Market in my town and a year ago I stopped eating beef hoping to one day stop eating meat all together. I recently cut all meat out of my diet and I feel so great about it. I also always take my own bags wherever I go. Working at Whole Foods has opened my eyes to the vegetarian world. I work in the produce department and constantly interact with people who are also vegetarian. I got a vegetarian started kit from PETA and have been using the recipes in the book. I do vegetarian demos in my department at work and spread my knowledge to all of my customers.

  • Jennie Weer says:

    I like to start off making sure everything i do is ‘green’. then i post on my blog yahoo and everything else why its good to go green. the next thing is tell all my friends and everyone i meet.

  • Brittany says:

    I recently made the pledge to be a vegetarian for 30 days. Thinking that this was going to be the worst 30 days of my life I grew up on meat meat and more meat I went ahead and pledged anyway. I noticed soon afterwards that there are not many restaurants that offer vegetarian friendly foods and my school does not offer much either. Therefore I am going to do my best to convince my school to offer more vegetarian friendly foods. I have also told almost everyone that I talk to about at least pledging to be a vegetarian for 30 days. Truth be told I feel great better then when I was eating meat at every meal and don’t miss meat all that much!

  • Ciara Lanza says:

    Well I’ve been telling people how I’m 40 less likely to get cancer than them and the whole thing about greenhouse gas not to mention all of the other stuff I tell them. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH PETAAA 3 Ciara

  • Brenda says:

    Besides going vegetarian nearly a year now I posted the “Fish are friends not food” leaflet from the peta site at my community recreation center and it has sparked some controversy with parents trying to justify to their children why they eat meat. I overheard one woman telling her children that fish were like broccoli. I doubt that will fly children are not dumb. However some people have picked off the pulltabs for PETA! Also this week I sent to my company’s adminstrative dept that oversees the cafeteria that they should enact “Meatless Mondays” and sent them the information from . The company is on a health kick trying to stave off sick days. One step at a time!

  • Michele says:

    On April 1809 there was a local “EcoFair” for Earth Day instead of getting a booth inside I rented a carrot costume for the day and my friends and I handed out Vegetarian Starter Kits “Meat’s Not Green” leaflets and various veggie stickers for example the PETA Kids stickers like “I am not a nugget” and “Pigs are friends not food”. We stood outside the entrance to the building so we got people coming in or out and ended up handing out about 200 starter kits. Having the giant carrot was an icebreaker as people didn’t see this as a “protest” and we ended up having some great conversations with people who were either considering going veg or those who had almost completely eliminated meatfish from their diets. Also my son is having an event at his school for Earth Day and I had him give his teacher some Vegetarian Starter kits and the leaflets so hopefully his teacher can incorporate some of the ideas into the Earth Day discussions.

  • Deb says:

    I put leaflets in the meat department of food stores. They talk about how meat causes the most pollution and that meat is not green. I also talk to me nutrition class about vegetarianism and explain how it is a better choice for many reasons. In addition I talk to my friends who are earth friendly because they recycle. I explain to them they can give back to the earth if they stop eating meat. And I did get one friend to stop eating meat.

  • shelbie temple says:

    i have done alot of things to help the situation and i think it is great that people help out ive told my freinds and my family and they all want to go veg with me i told them all you realy have to do is just eat healthy they said they didnt want to eat healthy so i told them to look on your website and they did they are all animal lovers including myself i love animals i have three birds MCcawsor however you spell them i also have three dogs and one cat. ive even told my teachers to get on your website though my agriculture teacher dont like me anymore i dont care i still love eating the right things and i beleive by eating animals we are just being cruel i will admit i used to eat them but after i saw this website i felt so badly and i thought to myself its just like eating my freinds family or myself and that isnt right

  • Amy says:

    I bake vegan cupcakes and bring them to the veterinarian office where I work. Set aside the dunkin’ donuts and try some of these! The office favorite has got to be “Fauxstess” Hostess style from Vegan with a Vengeance. I try to convince coworkers that if they really loved animals they’d stop eating them!

  • Cat Kouns Born says:

    I’ve ordered the PETA Vegetarian “starter kit” having been borderline veggie all my life… been talking to lots of folks lately at work and online about living a more healthy lifestyle. Recently bought several vegatarian cookbooks. Even ordered tofu at my fave restuarant today. After 40 you really start thinking abot this stuff!! And it’s NEVER too late to make a change for the better

  • Alyson Paige Warren says:

    I teach and often incorporate PETA into my class discussions andor lectures. I also try to get the word out to the whole of the campus and my fellow faculty as well by wearing PETA buttons on my clothing posting proveg stickers outside the campus McDonalds bringing my veg. lunch to the office in my “No Animals in Here” PETA lunch bag which also reduces waste and decorating my day planner with PETA stickers. It’s amazing how many enlightening conversations you can start just by wearing your ideals on your sleeve literally! Tomorrow to highlight Earth Day I plan to offer my students extra credit if they do a Green service and then write a reflection on it on recycled twiceprinted paper of course. I plan to use many PETA tips as examples of ways they could be helping animals and the Earth. As one person I do what I can to make it Earth Day everyday. However if I can teach even 1 more person to follow my lead or hopefully a whole classroom or three full of people who knows just how much good could grow!

  • Chris says:

    I posted the “Meat’s Not Green!” video on my Facebook page the day before my birthday. That way all the people seeking to wish me a happy birthday received a fresh dose of truth in the process!

  • Gayle says:

    The peta links are very prominent on my facebook. I am a yoga instructor and have had a few workshops on eating mindfully and living sustainably promoting vegetarian and vegan diet. The booklets from peta contain amazing information for going veg and the recipes are valuable to people make the switch. Thanks Peta. Keep informing I’ll keep promoting. Oh my kids love and stick their stickers e v e r y where!

  • Joe L. says:

    When mailing out products that I’ve sold via online auctions I always include PETA information and related articles that I’ve printed off the internet. When checking back with the customer I have found that many of them are receptive to the information although not all of them and have said that they are going to check it out further. At work I bring a new article every week and post it in the lunchroom for others to read. Again some “haters” don’t like it but the response has been overwhelmingly great! Thanks to you guys for providing such awesome information for me to share!

  • Enrique Batista says:

    i am planning on passing out flyers tommorow at school for earth day. i also made a shirt that lists reasons why people should go vegetarian and am planning on passing out stickers. i am also educating others in my school people who say that they are “vegetarians that eat everything but cows and pigs” and people who care for animals but dont think much about where their meat comes from.

  • Donna says:

    Love me some PETA leafleting opportunities!!! GO BETTER THAN GREENGO VEGAN!!!

  • Joel A. says:

    well.. where do i start? now more than ever i’ve been helping out and getting the veg word out there. From constantly posting bulletins on myspace and wall posts on facebook about animalvegetarian issues some even say i post to many but as long as there’s still cruelty abuse etc. it’s not enough. I’ve passed out leaflets at schooltabled at a local KFC attended all the seal slaughter protests in the Los Anegeles area and will be attending the anitvivisection protest at UCLA tomorrow 422 i make tshirts with peta2 stencils and usually give them away constantly suggest people to go to peta’s website and watch the videos or to watch earthlings as well i volunteer at local shelters and i’m studying to be a veterinary technician. I don’t mind speaking up in the name of animals because they don’t have the voice and we need to advocate for them. in addition i’m always looking for ways to go green or cruelty free. I buy my green animal friendly products Method is my personal favorite and tell people about product testing so they can do the same. Anyway this is getting really long but hopefully i got the point across without sounding like i’m just jabbering away. hope i’m considered for this oh btw did i mention i love peta?

  • Amy L. says:

    I have been wearing and passing out stickers and informing people at Disney World when I go every other weekend I live in FL and have a Disney annual pass about factory farming animal cruelty and how much we depend on animals for food clothing science and companionship. A lot of people are shocked to learn just what really goes on with these animals.

  • Lindsey says:

    I have been forwarding the meat’s not green video and talking to people who have questions. Since I’ve become vegan I’ve used this fact many times in debate’s with other’s about the benefits of a vegan diet. I have also passed out leaflets and even posted the meats not green video on my page so that everyone can watch it. I’ve also written to my congressperson about taxing meat and told him why I think meat should be taxed along with all of the other environmentally hazardous things at I think that was the web site. I also had a debate in my online classroom at Axia which I started by giving a little friendly facts about the hazard’s of meat on the environment and your body and of course on animals as well.

  • Michael Coleman says:

    A while ago I read an article about an area restaurant that has greened many of its practices. I was impressed so I took a look at their menu online. There was not a single vegetarian entree. I took the opportunity to write to the restaurant ownermanager and explained that a vegetarian diet is the biggest thing an individual can do for the environment and that at very least as a green restaurant they should offer a few entrees. I never got a response so a month or so later I wrote another message to the restaurant but at the same time I sent similar messages to other local restaurants.

  • Carissa Brito says:

    I would like to nominate my good friend and coworker Ghazal Tajalli. She opened my eyes to everything that Peta stands for. She has also shared with my 10 year old daughter who has now completed the Peta Kids 30 day challenage to go vegetarian. And wishes to continue. Her compassion for animals time spent at protests and daily searches for other groups to offer help has been her goal. With a trunk full of leaflets brochures and posters she is a TRUE example for all of us.

  • Amanda Goodwin says:

    I have done many things to get the word out that not eating meat is the green way to go. First thing is that i stopped eating meat. I also have a few homemade shirts that say “meats not green” “Go Green Stop Meat” and a few more slogans. I also like to wear my peta shirts around a lot because than when people come up to me to ask i can tell them all about not eating meat. I also have tons of stickers all over my folders for class. I carry pamphlets around just in case too. I also do many of my essays about not eating meat. And last but not least i have created a blog about being green and animal rights.. I could really go on and on with all the things i do but i will leave it at that.

  • Courtney says:

    I’ve been putting PETA antimeat and other animal rights stickers in the books I donate to the library’s “Book Nook” used book store as well as in books I donate to libraries. I am sure people will be in for a surprise when they get the book! Hopefully it will change someone’s mind and they’ll go veg for the animal’s and planet’s sake!