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Wild Horses Need Your Voice Today!

Written by PETA | October 19, 2010
 RoyvanWijk/CC by 2.0


All across the Western U.S., our last remaining herds of wild horses are being violently rounded up by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and forced into government holding pens. The BLM rounds up wild horses and burros to keep millions of acres of public land available for lease to agribusiness for cattle grazing. The horses and burros are captured, housed in barren pens, and separated from their families. These horses are supposedly put up for adoption, but few are actually adopted into long-term homes. Most end up warehoused or shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter.

According to federal officials, the roundups are necessary because the land is overpopulated by wild horses and could become uninhabitable to other wildlife. The truth is that BLM has leased millions of acres of the wild-horse and burro rangelands to cattle interests. The cattle are eating all the forage and drinking up the scarce water supply, and the wild horses are being blamed and forced out of their homes.

The BLM is taking comments today about the latest plan to round up nearly 1,700 horses who are living on land designated for the future Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary, founded by philanthropist and activist Madeleine Pickens. These horses will be directly affected by what the BLM is calling a “gather.”

Please e-mail the BLM and let the agency know that the survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing. The comment period ends today, so take action right now. 

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Elynn Lim says:

    Those who have visited this webiste, please speak up for the Wild Horses.

  • Jon reid says:

    None of these horses or mules end up slaughtered. There is a background investigation before you can adopt but it doesn’t take THAT long.

  • christine daniels says:

    would love to help in anyway i can

  • Mady Malloy says:

    They have no right to do this..

  • Jane says:

    Leave these beautiful and majestic horses on their own land! It is an atrocity to do what you are doing to them so cattle can graze!!! STOP NOW, people are speaking for the horses who can’t! LISTEN!

  • Jenny Brown says:

    Another sad example of animal suffering as we spread cattle farming. Humans in the developed world eat way too much meat anyway. We don’t need more cattle. I am aiming to reduce my families consumption of meat so I am not contributing to the enviromentally damaging farming of livestock……so animals like the horse don’t have to lose their habitat and their lives.

  • Sarah says:

    This is a horse sanctuary which simply means you do not have the right to do this it was made to protect the wild horses of America who are native to that area by removing them you will district the ecosystem and damage the land you have the power to breed less cattle so do so. Also I’m sure some breeding management program could be introduced for the horses which is humane and ethical. Do not male the mistake other countries like south America (refferring to the amazon) have made when will humans learn that removing something even in so called small numbers is detrimental to the ecosystem and balance of nature. Leave them alone they are not hurting anyone and deserve a happy life not the painful horrible slaughter you are sending them too.

  • Debbie says:

    How can people be so cruel!!!!!! Let the horses have their homeland. They wouldn’t like it if the horses rounded up these selfish money-hungry people ( who decided to have cattle there instead) and put them in barren pens and then ship them off to be slaughtered. Use your heads!!!!! Horses were not made to be food but beautiful creatures to be enjoyed!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Please protect these beautiful, sensitive animals. This is their home, allow them to lice in peace!!

  • AM says:

    It’s important to live in harmony with all… All life is a tool of learning, just as we learn from books, we learn from nature…

  • Ilona Blackwell says:

    Humans keep taking and taking from animals…it is time that we start giving back!

  • Vanditta Diwakar says:

    We have no right to interfere with nature, animals were here long before us, we shouldn’t be harming any animals. When will people learn this?

  • Steven bourke says:


  • fastgurrrl says:

    from fastgurrrl <>

    to [email protected]

    date Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 1:05 PM

    subject Re: Round up of 1,700 horses who are living on land designated for the future Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary


    1:05 PM

    BLM, you are behaving shamefully and more and more of us are on to your racket. The number of people becoming aware of what you are doing is growing. Who do you work for? Do you work for the American people? How are you showing this with your actions? You don’t seem accountable to us at all. You seem completely in bed with the cattle ranchers.

    I just posted the following to my Facebook.


    OUR public lands are being leased by the Bureau of Land Management for cattle grazing. WHERE is that money going? What are the ranchers paying? That is OUR land. Just to be absolutely clear, this is being done to the innocent horses & burros so all of the people that have been programmed/like to can eat cows.

    Do you believe that any human life is of more value (I am not talking about personal affections) than any other human life? I do not. My life, your life, my loved ones lives, a strangers life here is of the same universal value as a life in North Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, China, Africa, etc. They all matter and have equal value.

    Then how can we arbitrarily put a higher value on any animal over another? I am going to be getting into this topic deeper shortly.

    Not only are the horses brutally terrorized off of their rightful habitat, they sit in concentration camps separated from their families, and then suffer the final disrespect and indignity of being shipped of to be slaughtered…to then be eaten.


    Lovers of life, lovers of OUR land, lovers of OUR horses will not stop watching you, exposing what you are doing, and trying to stop you. You will be completely exposed and stopped sooner or later. Why don’t you do the right thing and JUST STOP IT NOW.

    Blessings on you to turn from the path you are on and chose the loving path.

    Jodie York

    Ventura, CA, 93006

  • Diana says:

    Just respect life!!! I cannot understand these kinds of thins….

  • tasha says:

    Stop this aweful thing from happenin, the land belongs to the horses and they should not b disturbed for lazy arse farmers who have enough land of their own!!!!

  • Natasha says:

    The horses deserve to be on that land.

  • shann says:


  • Liz Coronella says:

    I live in Nevada and am ashamed of this. These beautiful creatures are treated horribly. I’ve seen the holding pens, full of excrement a foot deep, no shade, and crowded. This life for the horses must not take precedent over cattle. This is wrong.

  • Sunni says:

    Sent an e-mail I hope this works how sad

  • Karen Cassidy says:

    Please leave our American Horses alone, stop sending them out of our country to be slaughtered, this is cruel treatment from OUR OWN GOVERNMENT ” Land of The Free ” for who THE GOVERNMENT to do what they want, dispite alot of American people’s objections ! Our government should be charged with ANIMAL ABUSE! For how the horses get hurtduring transport and the sale of them to the slaughter. God Bless our American Horses, poor poor horses!

  • Elizabeth Marker says:

    We are the ones who overusing the earths resources & overpopulating! We now are faced with wildlife moving into neighborhoods BECAUSE WE are taking over TO MUCH of the wildlifes habitat! The children of tomorrow count on us to preserve what is left of the wildlife and it’s habitat! Don’t mess with the balance of the eco system! Instead find ways that live in harmony with Nature & it’s wildlife, The way “GOD” intended!

  • gina says:

    BLM hate to say it. You suck I wish it was your families that where being torn apart and pulled of Your land!. Its the Horses land.. Not OURS. GO away BLM. Go THe HELL away!You are WRONG!

  • DeLisle says:

    There is more than enough space for cattle grazing, rather than putting up another shopping mall or some other gluttonous useless thing….use that space for cattle grazing. Leave the horses in their natural habitat! How much longer will people destroy our surroundings? At some point Mother Earth will have enough and retaliate. Which side will you be on?

  • S.M. says:

    That’s just terrible. Destroy the whole world… how can you think that’s any where near justified or right? Rounding them up for death on land that will be a sanctuary? are you cracked? Makes me sick.

  • Carolyn Crawford says:

    Let the wild horses roam the land in peace!! They aren’t hurting anybody by just existing!! Rounding up these poor souls shouldn’t be the concern here…seems to me that money is more important than saving the lives of these beautiful creatures…they were there first!!

  • Alexa says:


  • Eileen Young says:

    You don’t own the land, you don’t own the wild horses. So LEAVE THEM ALONE. We all own them, and we want them living the life they were meant to live. We do not need any more cattle ruining our world. There is enough meat for everyone that wants to poison themselves with it. WE DEMAND YOU LEAVE THESE WILD HORSES ALONE ON THEIR OWN LAND. Just who do you think you people are. You are not God, to decide these killings.

  • elaine says:

    omg this never stops, LEAVE THESE ANIMALS ALONE these people need rounding up and throwing down the bigest hole u can find on earth,

  • Kayleigh says:

    These horses should not be round up! they are wild and should be left that way! People need to stop thinking about making money and think more about nature!!

  • Kimberly Newman says:

    If fast food joints were closed 70% of the beef industry would be avaible for other companies to buy and sell and the demand for beef would stay consistant rather than grow therefore leaving the horses with their territory taken from them in order to mass produce cattle for the beef industry. Go veagan. Save our wild horses from slaughter and exstinction.  

  • Joann Leaming says:

    LEAVE THEM ALONG – NOW! You’ve done enough damage for the GREEDY CORPORATE MONSTERS you are patronizing! Stop this foolishness! How would you like it if we MOVED you from your homes – THINK ABOUT IT!

  • paola biancalana says:

    SHAME!!!! the survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing!!!

  • Wendy Hylton says:

    Agribusiness needs to find their own land. Would you evict families from their homes to lease the site to a large business? The principal is the same.

  • Linda Maslin says:

    Please, no round ups on wild lands! Survival of wild horses must take precedence over cattle grazing. Please work with Madeleine Pickens.

  • Colleen Holness says:

    The rights of these horses and the quality of their lives must be protected. Please help!!

  • Rachel says:

    The survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing.

  • bgelpi says:

    Please stop the round up of wild horses to move them off public lands to make those lands available to private ranchers. Leave wild horses on public lands please.

  • mafalda guedes says:

    help them!!

  • A. Courtis says:

    Please stop this practice. Leave the wild horses be…they are a tradition in this country.

  • Nicole says:

    This is not right

  • Chris Gilmer says:

    Haven’t we taken enough land from wildlife? Please allow the horses and burros to remain on their land undisturbed. Thanks.

  • july whitby says:

    Better management for horse population is necessary. Please stop this inhumans pratice. Horses are not food and beautifull creatures.

  • Kimberly Moffatt says:

    The survival of wild horses on their native lands must take precedence over cattle grazing.

  • AliciaLaPolice says:

    How can these horse’s being taking up too much space when it is land that is their own? Stop capturing these beautiful, wild animals. They are not overusing the resources on the land, the animals you seek to replace them with are.

  • Christopher Murphy says:

    Please protect wild horses from cruelty and murder.

  • Cheryl Gnesda says:

    Wow, so we treat them like we did the Indians… If the land is to be theirs and has been theirs for all these years, leave them alone! We do enough harm to the environment every time we interfere.

  • holly says:

    Ranchers can raise and feed the cattle on lands other than public. Horses are public animals ans should take presidence ofver private cattle

  • heyleah says:

    I’m a fifteen year old girl and I know this is wrong. I just sent them an email:)

  • Tamara Abashian says:

    These roundups must stop. They are cruel and unnecessary. How about rounding up the hunters and cattlemen that profit from using public lands instead ??