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Welcome to PETA’s New Website

Written by PETA | September 16, 2010

PETA has always been ahead of the curve in the online world. We launched three years before YouTube was created. And back in 2001 (the stone age of the Internet), PETA won a precedent-setting legal case to assert ownership over—a case that’s still studied in Internet law.

Over the years, as PETA continued to push our new online strategies, we created more than 100 websites. Thanks to our aggressive strategy—and support from people like you—we reach more than 45 million people on our sites each year. But we’ve also made a mess of things.

With more than 100 websites, information becomes pretty hard to find. That’s been the number one comment from visitors to our sites in recent years. So I’m extremely happy to announce that we’ve completed our website overhaul in order to integrate content in a user-friendly format.

All the resources you need are now available in one easy-to-navigate location. Content and resources that had been found on sites such as,,, and are now on However, we still have some campaign sites such as and (The list of what’s sticking around can be found here.)

Other new features include improvements to our video players, Facebook sharing on every page, user comments on more pages, and—my favorite—a section for all our games.

So please browse around and get familiar with our new online home.

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  • mary lukowski says:

    I did read about Lady Gaga and what PETA felt about her wearing that dumb meat constume…they asked her to pose nude too…..we’ll see if she is woman enough to do that…

  • mary lukowski says:

    I like this forum…mainly because its not tomcomplicated or pushed together…simple and forward and I can see others the make their comment…pretty nice…I only wish that people who do comment wouldnt use offensive language and bad mouth those who support PETA and Other animal groups…

  • gary martin says:

    i began my animal rights cable show in 1999. it’s called “I speak for animals” go to then to video on demand. check it out. i do my show every 3-4 weeks and it airs in attleboro mass, three times a week. i cover all subjects and have show many videos provided by peta.

  • Ebony says:

    What is PETA going to do regarding Lady Gaga wearing meat on stage. Are you not outraged??

  • Prosseco says:

    Well for me a Website has to be simple and not so stuffed up with much links. But the Design it is for me a Copy of Techrepublic Page.The biggest problems of Webpage’s is that they are so stuffed up, that you need 1 – 2 Day’s to read all links. How many Webpages are in this World what is important to read. Sincereley Sascha Ablass

  • Amanda says:

    I really had no trouble navigating the other websites because I’ve been using the PETA site for about 6 years and I came to understand it. However, I’m not afraid of change and I do find the new site more convenient. And it will probably be much easier for new users to understand!

  • Kathryn says:

    I like the PETA website.

  • James says:

    Respect for all of the opinions voiced here. Even though agreement may not be the consensus. To be honest, Ditto’s remark of “WTF?” was the first thing that came to mind when happening upon the “new” site yesterday. Agreed that change is not always easy to accept. If we’re unable to tolerate each others differences, there is little hope for progress. A differing point of view is both welcome and cherished. For those who don’t support a particular viewpoint but feel comfortable and willing to share their views here is a blessing.

  • Jan V. says:

    I’m in the IT industry and can attest to the fact that graphics sells. When you have a text based home page (such as this), it become less effective. People are attracted first and foremost to images, followed by headlines. I know the intent is to be informative, but I’m not even remotely enticed to check out some of the topics. It’s Very boring, for lack of a better description.

  • elen says:

    it’s a shame it took this long to unite the content. the visual look is still horrible. did you see the hsus website or what other non-profit organizations are doing? they are ahead of the curve and this web site looks like it’s stuck in the 1990’s. i was expecting much better from PeTA. it is organized but there are loopholes in your menu. many links are not indexed properly and many are missing. i tried to find other PeTA web sites once i clicked away from it and it was nowhere to be found. i had to go back to this blog to get the link again to send it to my husband. there are many other pages we used to go to that are now missing. where is the now? i used to use all the time and now it’s plain and ugly. it used to be my favorite web site. it is so sterile now. it feels like i came to the hospital to get my recipes. two thumbs up for the effort, but two thumbs down for the execution. i still love you PeTA.

  • Kelly-Leigh says:

    Wow, people really cant except change…you know for some people its actually a fear. This is great that we are trying something new(A Change Is As Good As A Holiday). And as for Ditto…i doubt PETA dont put up comments, but honestly i find it very rude that you come on a sight to fight and to swear (WTF?) We are all here for a cause, and if you dont see eye to eye with it, then i think we would all appreciate it if you didn’t come onto, because we are givers not fighters, and your attitude is definatly in the wrong place. Sorry.

  • Bob Spurr says:

    Far easier to navigate for us “older then dirt” subscribers. Care2 did this and my participation went up considerably …as did my contributions due to considerably less site confusion. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • Shae says:

    I’m all for change. But only when it’s for the better. Making the site easier to navigate in one central location doesn’t mean it has to look ‘dry’. Too much copy not enough rich content. I think pull down menus could work nicely for the archives and all the other content on the right that doesn’t need to be shown all the time. Overall it’s lacking a creative eye.

  • Aneliese says:

    I love PETA, but this new site is really bothering me. The old site looked and was a lot better.


    I have coined the term no where found on the global website system: G O V E R N M E A T. Gover”meat” is a newly-formed regulatory body that oversees USDA, FDA, and ANYTHING having to do with meat – born, alive or dead. For those we entrust to care for the global creatures that belong to us all – not as their property, are now subject to scrutiny beyone what is currently in place. Transparency is now a signifant facet of function behind the ability to do this – to more effectively occur when non-disclosure was the norm and accepted as norm i.e. (PRLS) the norm being considered the norm provided all specimans have same condition or disease. How gross to know these individuals are of our species. Education, education education – and more education. Individuals like this must feel similar pain through learning compassion and passion. Granted, we as animal care givers – of a different breed, are elated for the animals saved from PRLS. BOTTOM LINE: I DID NOT “NOT LIKE” THE FORMER SITE. To me, it is more user friendly. BOOM BADA BING!

  • gail says:

    I have found that in the state of NH there are few to no laws about cruelty to animals. I reported a dog in a hot ca to the police and when they came as long as the dog was still alive,they could do nothing about it. I hhave reported emmaciated horses as well and found no one to help. all I ever hear is “there is no laws against that. Having a small roof and water (even tho contaminated was all they needed. That was the ASPCA.

  • Robin says:

    Maybe this will get cleaned up, but it’s taking FOREVER to load. And I can’t get my comment to post!! It keeps telling me to complete the required fields, and I’ve done that . . .

  • barry says:


  • ella says:

    i like the look, but the site is SLOW to load. also, the pdf/doc for companies that do not test on animals is not linked correctly.

  • Dawn Anderson says:

    Too pared down and format just resembles other social networking sites too much.

  • Joel-B says:

    Hi Yasemin, We did get rid of a lot of content during this process. It was a spring cleaning of online content of sorts.

  • yasemin avdan says:

    Hi, Did you remove the ‘meat contamination’ and reduce or change some articles found in Thanks…

  • Carla* says:

    Not digging it!!

  • ditto says:

    I don’t care for the new website. Also, please post comments made by your members whether you agree with them or not. You post comments from people against animal rights and from people who make no sense. Not to mention the ones who can’t spell. WTF?