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Walmart Yanks Glue Traps That Snagged Birds

Written by PETA | May 6, 2011

Customers were horrified when they discovered two songbirds stuck to a glue trap at a Walmart store in Indiana. One customer rushed the birds to a wildlife rehabilitator, while another contacted PETA. We alerted law enforcement and Walmart, and Walmart acknowledged that it has a policy against using glue traps for bird control but claimed that the traps had been set for rodents. Glue traps are (obviously) indiscriminate and ensnare any animals who are unfortunate enough to wander across their path, so Walmart removed the traps that had been set in that store.

Many “non-target” animals—including birds, squirrels, gerbils, hamsters, and even kittens—suffer immensely and die in glue traps every year. One tiny kitten in Boston nearly starved to death when she became ensnared in a glue trap. PETA has asked Walmart to stop using these traps in all its stores.

If you know of any local businesses, schools, or property management companies that are using glue traps, urge them remove the traps immediately and contact PETA if they won’t.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Joey86 says:

    I worked at Urban Outfiters for years. They used glue traps, and whenever i came across one i would fold it up and throw it out. They still use them and have no intention on stopping.

  • BreLovesAnimals says:

    it’s just plain WRONG!

  • Catherine says:


  • Evelyn says:

    Mankind is getting more ignorant to FACTS in this World, What is running in the minds of these inhumane idiots anyway!?!?! LACK OF RESPECT FOR LIVING BEINGS, GOD this worls is HELL for all Animals, MAN IS SATANS tool.

  • Jingbo Wang-Tappe says:

    Baned glue-trap. even if it is for rodents, do rodents deserve to die in such a horrifying crucial way? No. rodents evolved years earlier than humans, and they have lived harmonic with other species until we build cities, killed snakes (or eat them), took down owls territory and natural environment. There are no reason and excuses to ever use glue-trap for any species on earth.

  • Jackie says:

    I was wondering what your thoughts were on this film Untraceable from 2008, where they show a kitten being tortured by being stuck to a glue trap by a serial killer. Now, I know you’re against animal torture, but in this case would it be okay because the message is the killer moves on from animals to people? What about how it sends the message that glue traps harm animals? I have never seen the movie, as I nearly puked the minute I heard the killer had caught a kitten and immediately changed the channel. I find the whole trope of cats being harmed in horror films old, tired, and just plain offensive. I noticed they re-released Untraceable on Blu-Ray DVD the last time I was at Best Buy. I wonder if you think the movie should be banned, or at least the scene of the kitten being tortured removed. Every time I hear about animals being harmed in horror films, I wonder why it’s okay to show harm to an animal, yet not to human babies. It’s such hypocrisy, it’s okay to torment a helpless kitten, but oh they could never show a baby suffering. They’re both equally helpless. And…I’ve just gone on a rant about this again, as I typically do on this subject. I’m concerned that the film Untraceable regarding the kitten torture, might inspire copycat incidents, or I don’t know. Frankly, I just don’t like it.

  • Zenna says:

    I was horrified to see that my local Target sells glue traps. I won’t be shopping from them anymore until they stop selling those barbaric contraptions.

  • kel says:

    I had one under my bed for bugs and my yorkie laid down on it. It took forever to get it off from his belly- I had to cut is hair

  • Astros Mom says:

    I work for Walgreens, they sell glue traps. They also use them in their stockrooms.

  • M says:


  • a_bugs_life_1978 says:

    What about the cruelty inflicted upon the cockroaches and other “target” animals? We must urge local businesses, schools, and property management companies to use non-cruelty traps if they choose to not cohabit with their arthropod neighbors.

  • andy says:

    If you put vegetable oil on an animal stuck in a cruel glue trap, it helps it get un-stuck.

  • andy says:

    If you put vegetable oil on an animal stuck in a cruel glue trap, it helps it get un-stuck.