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Walking With … Whales?

Written by PETA | August 25, 2008

OK, ever since we mentioned our proposal to take over a SeaWorld and turn it into a virtual-reality marine-mammal theme park, some people have been a bit, well, skeptical.

Obviously, these folks aren’t familiar with PETA and our unique blend of determination and outside-the-box thinking. Long story short: Never say “never” to PETA people (and that includes our wonderful members and supporters).

Robotic dinosaurs from “Walking With Dinosaurs”
vertpaleo / CC
Walking With Dinosaurs

Anyone who doubts that we are serious—and, really, we’re a little hurt, Sea World PR man—might want to check out a new animal-friendly show touring the U.S. called “Walking With Dinosaurs.” It features enormous “live” dinosaurs roaring and stomping around the arena, chasing each other, foraging, and protecting their young. Imagine a life-size T. rex towering over you. Using animatronics, lighting, and sound effects, the show is thrilling family-packed audiences.

Unlike the animals currently trapped at SeaWorld, these robotic Barneys voluntarily put on an amazing 90-minute show. Machines don’t get bored and anxious between performances or miss their “natural” environment, but marine mammals—who would naturally swim hundreds of miles per day, eat a diverse diet, and form complex relationships—spend their lives swimming in listless, lonely circles.

If they can already do all that with fake dinosaurs, then our SeaWorld overhaul should be a piece of cake (or maybe a cupcake), right? Like one of those aquarium screensavers—and if you’re jonesing for an aquarium, that’s the way to go—taken to the extreme. It’s win-win: The animals are free to do their thing, and you don’t go home smelling like chlorine.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Jessica Kenny says:

    It is shameful that after so many “accidents” Seaworld continues to remain open and keep such beautiful animals captive. Today I found this perfect example of Seaworld whales swimming listlessly in circles httpwww.seaworld.comsitepage.aspx?PageID375 I would highly recommend watching it and writing to Seaworld!

  • Linda P. says:

    Peta what would we do without you?? The whales should be free where God intended them to be. No animal or mammal should be in zoo’s circus’ or Sea World. Please don’t give up Peta they need you it’s there life we are talking about. We love u Peta we do what we can to help. God bless you Peta…

  • Maya, CVT says:

    This is an important point about zoos using sick or injured animals for displays. It is unethical and illegal to keep wild releaseable animals in zoos if they are able to get better and be put back in the wild. However permanently injured wildlife have 2 choices be kept in captivity or be destroyed. I worked at a zoo which kept only non releaseable animals. For example they had 2 vultures who had deformed wings and could not fly. They also had an unwanted circus bear and a seal from another zoo who did not want him. It would have been incredibly cruel to dump any of these animals into the ocean or forest. They would panic suffer and die. The vultures were at a rehab facility before that confined to a tiny aviary because we rehabbers get calls about injured and sick wildlife and although we get dozens of animals a year we get piddlysquat for money sometimes 20 bucks if we’re lucky. That doesn’t even cover travel expenses much less medication food cleaning supplies etc So the non releaseable animals are forced to live in tiny enclosures unless a good zoo takes them. Unless the public is prepared to give millions to wildlife rehabbers zoos are going to be a better place for these animals to live. That is IF it’s one of the few good zoos out there that only take in non releaseables AND make the animals first priority. SEA WORLD IS NOT ONE OF THESE PLACES. However I hope we’re all on board that 1. Wild animals should never be taken from the wild OR bred in captivity AND 2. Dumping a captive bred animal into the ocean or forest is cruel and idiotic.

  • Samantha says:

    Branide r Are you serious? Why are you on this site if your concern is human employment? I really don’t care about the people who allow this industry to exist ESPECIALLY the people who work there and take such a large part in contributing to the imprisonment of these beautiful animals who above all deserve freedom. Why in the world does PeTA have to concern itself with the jobs of people who make their living training animals to do stupid tricks for the enjoyment of stupid people? Why don’t you go get a job at Seaworld and join a board about lack of employment opportunities. And Katie does it really matter if they only take animals that are sick or dying? I think an animal should have the right to die naturally in it’s home environment rather than being stolen away from it’s familysocial network for our stupid amusement. Don’t think for a second they are doing what they do to benefit the animals. If they were we wouldn’t be watching them do ridiculous unnatural tricks for hours a day in tiny glasses of water compared to their vast ocean home. Bottom line PeTA PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! Get those animals back to where they belong and stop this cruelty from continuing. Thank you PeTA for everything you do every day for the lives of animals. The people of PeTA are the human race’s saving grace.

  • brandie r says:

    I get your idea. But your plan is to put a lot of people out of work basically. That you don’t care about. Which should be somewhat of a concern for you. I honestly don’t think people will go back “Sea” World if you could even still call it that time after time. What is your plan for the animals already there? Why don’t you just do something about the way you say they live? I feel bad for the animals but I also feel bad for the people who make their living working there and also the people who live paycheck to paycheck. I’m kind of on the fence about the whole thing.

  • Daniella says:

    I LOVE this idea. Before becoming educated by PETA about the abuse marine and other animals suffer because of entertainment my husband and I bought 2year passes to seaworld and busch gardens. Now our passes are sitting in our wallets. I have a suggestion for PETA If you want to make ALOT of money in Orlando the trick is rides. Put some crazy mega rollercoasters that boast to be the tallest fastest or scariest. That’s the audience in Orlando. Trust me I’ve been going there for years and unless you are Disney big scary rides are what will get people in the door. Even Disney is considering a new theme park with more rides because of the business they lose to Universal. Then once they are there give them a great education on animal rights and have fabulous vegan food. And don’t listen to haters. Even meateaters will be trying to get in the door. Entertainment is entertainment. Take the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii. It’s owned by Mormons and supports their church but EVERYONE goes there even people who don’t like MormonsI have no problem with Mormons or anyone I’m just proving a point. Please take over I’d buy yearpasses every year.

  • jay says:

    Farah I’m interested to know what that means? Why do you hate humans? All humans? In as much as you hate them for being cruel you should love them for being kind. Of all species humans are the kindest. If you hate humans what is your plan? Are you planning to quit the species and if so what would you choose? Or are you doing something to make humans more lovable? It is being human that gives you the capacity to judge what is right and wrong. If you should choose to give up on the species and walk a nonhuman road you should also be prepared to give up judgement love and hate amongst many other human qualities. So I appreciate that your comment is not intented to be completely precise but we should be more careful with our words they have the ability to build and destroy.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    PETA1 ColinCollette the baby whale is a little bit more down Sea Shepherd’s alley and Captain Paul Watson does an excellent commentary on her. httpwww.seashepherd.orgeditorialseditorial0808222.html

  • kelly says:

    Katie Sea World has had all kinds of issues over the years. Don’t be fooled by their pr httpwww.downbound.comMarineParkss429.htm

  • Amber says:

    go peta!!u help animals in need so much it saddens my heart when i see people hurting animals i mean who wuld hurt such cute animals big or small they diserve to live

  • Siobhan M. says:

    I’ve been spreading the word here in Orlando about the possible PETA SeaWorld takeover and you sure are right about the skeptics. I didn’t know so many people could be so dumb…oh wait.

  • Amanda says:

    Grrr….its frustrating that there’s no PETA stuff here in Vancouver BC Canada. I’d say I would do it but I dont have time to set up a demonstration the funds to make a theme park. I wanna demonstrate and show my support for animals. There needs to be a stronger presence here!!!

  • SASHA says:


  • Katie says:

    Doesn’t SeaWorld only take in injured marine animals that would not have survived in the wild? I’m not saying I’m defending them I’m just a little curious as to why it is sinful to save an animal’s life.

  • Aneliese says:

    Walking with Dinosaur’s toured here in Canada too. I think a PETA theme park would be amazing and really open people’s eyes to the terrible lives of zoo circus and theme park animals. Walking with Dinosaurs is a great point to make to support PETA’s idea. Hope it works!!!

  • Niki says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! I’ve had this thought in my head for a LONG time. I’ve always been an “Anticap” anticaptivity and never liked Sea World! You should provide a link so people can email and constantly pester Sea World to adopt this great idea! Thanks again!

  • PETA #1 says:

    How fun! Will this show come to socal? Slightly off topic why hasn’t PETA talked about Colin the baby whale in Australia who lost his mother and was euthanized last week due to health complications. I’m curious to hear your opinion.