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Vivisectors’ Magic Pill

Written by PETA | August 15, 2008
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You know those commercials we all laugh at? The ones for whatever weight-loss pill, claiming something to the effect of “It’s SO easy! You don’t have to exercise OR change your diet”? The ones that you laugh at with your friends and that make you say, “Yeah, right”?

Get this—the vivisectors at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences have announced a new wonder drug, a magical pill that would, they say, mimic the effects of exercise. Just swallow a little pill, their report says, and experience increased muscle endurance and doubled fat-burning muscle. It’s SO easy!

The mice who were subjected to the drug apparently showed a decrease in fat and an increase in oxygen consumption—but not any of the other benefits from exercise. People are asking serious questions about the “just like exercise” claim.

It seems to me that the vivisectors at Salk got vaguely promising results from the mice and decided to cash in on America’s fascination with weight loss and reluctance to exercise—not to mention all the Olympics-related fitness hubbub that’s going on right now!

But come on, we really shouldn’t be surprised that these “scientists” are grossly exaggerating their lab results in order to make headlines—think about all the other “scientific breakthroughs” that have been “proven” by mouse vivisection. As Yale University’s Dr. David Katz writes, “Extrapolation from rodent research to outcomes in people is notoriously uncertain and fraught with danger. Basic science studies and animal experiments have resulted over the years in headlines about cures for cancer, a definitive obesity gene and effective AIDS vaccines, to name a few. None of these has yet to materialize, and early hyperbole in each case gave way to disappointment.”

Well, I’m sure people will be disappointed—disappointed that animal testing is still going on, despite its cruelty, its inaccuracies, and the better alternatives that exist.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Michele says:

    Go to for a better response to the issue of animal testing and whether or not it actually helps humans it doesn’t.

  • bbr says:

    Well whether tested on an animal or not anyone who believes in such a silly pill needs to have their brain checked. Like I have said before why don’t they test this crap on humans. Trust me there are people out there who will take the least amount of money for an experiement. There is always someone stupid enough willing to try anything once.

  • Jessie says:

    Ian that is a really good point. It doesn’t stretch the truth. That is probably the best defense against animal testing I’ve ever heard.

  • vegancoin says:

    What we need is a miracle cure for the dopey propaganda the thick disinformation the expedient buzzwords the marketplace hype and all the false promises that is pseudoscience. What a hoax.

  • Saucy says:

    Go stem cell research!

  • Ricky says:

    It is such an uphill battle to convince the NIH to end animal testing. It is all for legal purposes that the NIH requires animal testing…so pressure the legislature to change the laws. And this stupid tests for weight loss and nicotene and all the rest…just a waste of life and money. Again pressure your legislators…make them see by sending pictures of vivisection.

  • Soliel says:

    This industry is highly unethical IMO. They routinely disregard safe natural effective and affordable remedies for drugs…so they have something to sell. Can’t make much money off of herbs…so they create pills. Does everyone know that over 100000 people die each year from properly proscribed drugs? That number is doubled when you get the number who die in hospitals. Truly amazing…vivisection is often for dumb pills like this..that give promises they cannot give and give us liver failure in the process.

  • Holly says:

    In the news… Animal Lover Finds Painted Purple Pigeon on NYC Playground Saturday August 16 2008 EMail Print Share NEW YORK Pigeons come in many shades in New York City but purple is typically not one of them. That’s why animal lover Joe Mora was stunned when he saw a pigeon at a Queens playground that had been painted a violet hue. The pigeon was taken Friday to licensed wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath. He said the bird is unable to fly because the feathers are completely rigid from the paint. But he says the animal is lucky its mouth or eyes didn’t get stained. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesman Joseph Pentangelo says if the bird was intentionally painted it “certainly” qualifies as animal cruelty.

  • Phill says:

    I just watched Legally Blonde 2 on ABC. If only animal testing really WAS illegal in the US. One day!

  • r says:

    Cut off the funding from taxpayers and you will cut off the experiments the vivsectors the lies the falacies the hype the miralcles pills that are still waiting to be put on the market…by these charletons that call themselves doctors professors lab technicians and on and on…cut off the $$$$$ and the experiments and the fake drugs will stop and animals will live the way they should free and safe from these barbarians

  • ian says:

    I was having a discussion about this with a friend not the exercise pill but vivisection as a whole. This isn’t a new debate I know that. But how do you convince people that the tests they conduct on a monkey or hundreds of thousands of monkeys is wrong even though it will possibly save your life. Most people I talk to immediately say it’s worth it. I guess it may be harder when you are in the position but I can’t agree that my life my single life is worth that much torture and cruelty. We’re all going to die at some point so why torture innocent beings for your own selfish existence? Anyone have any experience combating this argument with a fool proof response? I hate to think people are this evil. I want to continue liking my friends.