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Victory! Verizon Pulls Chained-Dog Ad

Written by PETA | July 29, 2008

After more than 7,000 e-mails of complaint from our wonderful members and supporters, Verizon has pulled an ad depicting two chained pit bulls who were straining at their chains in a junkyard. They may now realize that the sight of miserable, lonely, aggressive dogs just doesn’t help them hawk cell phones.

Pit bulls are by far the most abused of breeds, and this ad certainly didn’t help boost their image. Since they’re seen as the “tough guy’s” breed, they all too often end up neglected and chained outside, left to lie amid their own waste through all weather extremes and without adequate shelter, food, or water. If that wasn’t enough, even less fortunate ones end up in the hands of dogfighters.

Many thanks to all who participated in our action alert—your pressure helped get this ridiculous ad pulled. Further proof that it’s worth it to ruffle a few feathers!

Posted by Sean Conner

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  • Sherry Warjonen says:

    Hi I just wanted to point out that ANY dog can be aggressive depending on the dogs ownerprevious owner and how they handle the dog I have 3 pit bulls and they are my babies. Anytime you have a dog you are responsible for that dog and its behavior and you are meant to control that behavior in a non abusive way its not hard in fact is so simple that most people cant grasp how to not treat their dogs like humans and to understand that dogs do not have all the emotions that humans do. Most of the time incorrect behavior from a dog of any breed is encouraged by the owners without them even knowing they are creating an aggressive situation I could go on and on but the point I wanted to make was that the pit bull breed is not at fault in any case of maulings or attacks it is 100 the peoples fault the parents of those innocent children who have been on news as victims of a pit bull attack should have the common sense of how to act around animals and to pass that information on to their children as early as possible dogs are ANIMALS they act instinctively and if you are able to recognize that and take lessons if you dont know then a lot of these attacks can be prevented. You dont hear about the chihuahuas that bite people matter of fact I was bitten twice on 2 different occasions by my mothers chihuahua that used to be mine all because she has been acustomed to not having any discipline and being praised for behavior that is not balanced for a dog. This chihuahua is actually suffering from seperation anxiety and was acting out in frusteration that she would be left behind and I was holding her when she bit me. I dont blame the dog I blame the way she is being allowed to act that way and is not being given any boundaries. I know that pitbulls have the capability to seriously injure someone and that is why when I take them in public I am in full control of them. Other dog owners should seriously consider taking lessons on how to stay in control of your dog it would help reconstruct societies idea that these vicious breeds should not be allowed and to realize its never the dog its people. People are supposed to be smart enough to figure things out thats why we are the human race but the issue is laziness it takes time and effort to train a dog and to learn their behaviors and what is right and wrong and most people are too lazy to even attemp it.

  • PattyS says:

    I agree regarding the movie Untraceable. What I want to know is how a scene like that is possibly made without animal cruelty despite any disclaimer at the end of the movie about ASPCA supervision. That’s baloney. Just a rubber stamp. You can tell by looking that an animal is suffering. What do we do about it? I wrote IFC when they showed the sick movie Gummo and thanked Sundance for NOT showing it just to have Sundance start showing it soon thereafter. Maybe aggressive teenage boys looking for sick fun aren’t watching Sundance or IFC but they sure would be watching Untraceable. The last thing kids need are novel ideas. I hate the movie industry.

  • yanetsy ramirez says:

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  • Barbara says:

    Hi everyone. This is the first I knew of this message board. I love animals they’re basically innocent. Pit Bulls really are lovers. My sister had one. Several years ago we took him to the veterinarian and the veterinarian didn’t want him in the waiting area with the other dogs so we were brought into the exam room first. We tried to tell the vet that he is a sweet dog and would only want to play with the others. The vet didn’t really believe us and was afraid to let us prove it. Besides the vet said that if one of the other dogs was aggressive our dog might get out of control. Maybe the vet has or will learn. Being first is nice though it just isn’t beneficial for Pit Bulls. Thanks and keep working for the good of Pit Bulls and all of the innocent animals.

  • Tracy says:

    As a pit bull lover thank you peta for helping them.My parents have a pit bull he is a big baby.We treat him like our child he has been around my childern and has never showed any signs other than LOVE. Keep up the GREAT work helping our animals.

  • Amy Wells says:

    It’s so great that we have all come together to not only protect all animals but to speak for them. I know they are very thankful… and so am I

  • Ronda Dietzler says:

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

  • MAple Ridge says:

    I think people who treat animals like that should be shot does not matter what type of dog you have or bread yOu love them like your children they behave accordingly if a dog bites the OWNER should be put down.

  • Tabitha says:

    I think they’re lumping it all in with the “violence” label.

  • Shana says:

    I have written a letter to the CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America because I had the exteme misfortune of seeing the very beginning of the opening scene of a horrific movie called “Untraceable”. The movie opens with what the brutalization of an innocent kitten. Needless to say I didn’t get past the first minute. I was so thoroughly disgusted and upset that I wrote the letter the very next day. WHY IS THERE NO WARNING LABEL ON MOVIES ABOUT ANIMAL CRUELTY???? I am asking the CEO of the MPAA to place a label on all moviesshows that contain animal cruelty. If they can label for foul language why not label for such awful scenes? I encourage you to write also please our voices need to be heard and maybe if enough people voice this idea we can get the garbage out of the movies and off of our televisions. His address is Mr. Dan Glickman Chairman and CEO Motion Picture Association of America 1600 Eye St. NW Washington DC 20006

  • roxanne says:

    why isn’t peta doing an action alert for the carriage horses in Rome which is now under legislative review? what the deal? i am really disappointed in PETA right now

  • Green Mile says:

    Dr. Breen what is your reasonable proposition for animal protection? i suggest that you got none because you start fretting my nerves!

  • Ken says:

    I worked for Verizon Wireless for 3 years in their stores. I was constantly disappointed that most of the phone cases they shill are made out of leather or lambskin. Whenever they offered a product out of manmade materials I always tried my hardest to sell them instead. PETA may have the same degree of success convincing Verizon Wireless to move away from leather and lambskin. I can say from my own personal experiences that upper the upper management of Verizon tend to be more in touch and empathetic than your run of the mill soulless corporate bot.

  • Daniella says:

    I wrote this letter to Univision. Thanks for letting everyone know Rosey Saucedo! To Whom It May Concern I have just read a comment posted on the PETA website concerning a statement made by Ana Vicky Arriesta on the QUIEN TIENE LA RAZON Tv show yesterday. The statement was concerning some homeless kittens and her suggestion was to poison them. Let me make my sentiments known to you. If you have any common sense you will terminate this hideous excuse for a human being immedietly. I don’t want to hear that this is a show about different opinions. Killing innocent kittens is not an opinion it is the murder of helpless animals. Period. I am from Miami and I have family members that watch or used to watch Univision. I can tell you right now that my family and friends will be boycotting your station until that woman is terminated. Fire her immedietly. Even without a job she will at least be alive and not poisoned so I have no compassion for her. She is a nasty disgusting person. Get rid of scum within your company. Like it or not the animal rights movement isn’t going anywhere. We are a growing movement and we will succeed eventually. Get with the program. FIRE THAT MONSTER. Sincerelyyou bet your ass Daniella

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Hi Tera Your post is absolutely inspiring. And your words truly ring loud and clear. Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • alyssaaa(: says:

    hoorah! waytago PETA. and thanx to all the other people that wrote emails to verizon. its great that so many people are now taking interest in animal rights.

  • John Carmody says:

    This is good news and thanks to Verizon for pulling the ads! I will send them an email to say thank you for making a positive step for the animals it’s always important to say ‘thank you’ when something positive is done for animals too. From Animal Rights Action Network ARAN in Ireland.

  • Tera says:

    Everyone always says what can I do about it I’m only one person. This shows exactly what you can do. It shows how a bunch of “one persons” can make a difference if they all join together for one purpose. It shows that yes our voice is heard and yes we can make a difference. This might be only one small battle that we have won but it’s a stepping stone in winning the war. Thanks to everyone who spoke up and let their voices be heard. We need to continue banning together to make it known that animals do have rights too.

  • Nicola Grobe says:

    Thank you all for having this Verizon ad removed. I saw a comment from someone who did not understand the importance of not showing cruelty in public media. Just as the “artists” Abdessemed and Vargas showed cruelty to animals as “art” an advertisement is often seen as something that people look up to mostly subconsciously. Advertisements have the power to influence people. That’s why it is so important to show things in ads or art that speak for peace and not violence. We must protect the animals and we must not tolerate the wrong messages to the public.

  • nicole says:

    dr breen if you have such a problem with peta why the hell are you always on the website. i’m sick of your idiotic comments!!! at least peta is doing something to help stop the cruelty. what are you doing? sitting on your arse putting people down. easy to make all these comments when your not the one witnessing these cruel acts first hand i’m reffering to the peta undercover investigators… have you even watched any of these videos???. i recommend you get off your high horse

  • Amanda says:

    Way to go PETA. As a pit bull owner i am sick of the sterotype of pits. Thanks to verizon for pulling the add

  • kelly says:

    Rosy I am appalled that Univision showed this. Thank you for speaking up!!! You can send reports of incidents like this to Peta at

  • sundance says:

    Is there a difference between showing chained pitbull dogs and a shark with a leg in it’s mouth?

  • Judith FFFA says:

    After I sent off PETA’S letter my husband called them and told them that we pay for 10 people as a Christmas gift for the next 3 years and that we would be switching to another provider. My husband said he looked up our account and said OK thanks. LOL This just shows what happens when we get those alerts from you PETA. YOU RULE!!!!! Peace for all animals! Most of my heroes wear masks!

  • Rosy Saucedo says:

    I just saw a program called QUIEN TIENE LA RAZON on channel KTFN 65. This program has three people in addition to the Host giving suggestions on problems. The one airing today had some kittens a lady rescued her sister didn’t want her to keep them. The female archiinvitada that’s what they call the 3 giving suggestions told the lady to go buy it was simple just go buy poison which is sold in pharmacies. I was disgusted when I heard this. I called 3058687550 the voice box is full. Then I called 3058836704 until I got through. I told them about the poison comment requested the name of the woman that said that which they refused to do. It shows it at the end but it is hard to read looked like Ana Vicky Arriesta. I know it is a program in spanish but I would like for other people to call voice their disagreement on suggesting the poisoning of the kittens. Their email is Their address is 7321 NW 75 Street Medley FL 33166 What can be done? I am always rescuing animals trying to help out to hear comments like these just kills me!!!!! It was aired today 72908 from 23pm

  • Carla says:

    Some companies and most people just need to be trained!! I always thought how does a dog that is chained going to be able to protect you anyway DUH!! Way to go Peta!!