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Victory! Urban Outfitters Becomes Fur-Free

Written by PETA | March 23, 2009
110livingston / CC
Urban Outfitters

Just a stone’s throw away from my favorite New York City restaurant is an Urban Outfitters store, whose aisles I’ve been known to peruse after a hearty meal of soul “chicken” and homemade “ice cream” (all vegan, of course!). Imagine my shock when, during a recent visit, I spotted fur in Urban Outfitters. Not acceptable. It’s 2009, and with major retailers such as Calvin Klein, Liz Claiborne, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gap, Nike, JCPenney—and just about everyone else under the sun—going fur-free, Urban Outfitters should have known better. But we all make mistakes … unfortunately.

Well, after several personal e-mails to Urban Outfitters’ CEO followed by a PETA action alert, I’m happy to report that just a few months—and a few thousand e-mails—later, Urban Outfitters has become fur-free! In an e-mail I received from the company late last week, a representative wrote, “[T]here is no fur in our stores, and this will continue to be the case.”

Kudos to Urban Outfitters for making this compassionate decision, and kudos to all our great supporters who help us win victories for animals by participating in campaigns like this one.

Unfortunately, not all companies are as easily convinced. We sure could use your help persuading Macy’s to go fur-free.

Written by Matt Prescott

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  • Rosie says:

    I love how you’re all celebrating the fact that they no longer sell FUR when you have no idea what the company’s labour standards are.

  • Sarah says:

    Yay!! Go Urban Outfitters!

  • Saucy says:

    Great! Great! Need some new cloths. Need to know where to go. Thanks PETA.

  • Barbara says:

    Good job UO! Now I can start shopping there again.

  • lynda says:

    Kudos Peta and Urban Outfitters. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I sign the petitions lately I’m not getting a confirmationsend to a friend just bouncing back to sign the petition page.

  • Nick says:

    In Canada I haven’t seen any fur at their store since I go there lots. Thx sooooooooo much because now I feel completely safe going there

  • Cat! =^-^= says:

    First of YAY for Urban Outfitters! I knew I loved them for a reason… 333 And now…OMG! As a soontobe former Macy’s employee I cannot tell you how much it absolutely outrages me that a department store company as large as that could still indulge in such dirty business. Macy’s really needs to hold itself to higher standards or else it will be laying off another 7000 employess very soon and hopefully Terry Bloodgren will be one of them!

  • Bailey says:

    they actually didn’t sell fur before either i don’t think… its one of my favorite stores and i am always checking to make sure the “fur” coats are faux..WOO!

  • mariah barnes says:

    Finally I love that store. Knowing it doesnt sell fur there now actually makes it so much easier to shop at.