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Victory: Nike Suspends Vick Contract

Written by PETA | July 27, 2007

PETA_Nike_demonstration_NYC.jpgFollowing PETA protests outside Niketown stores and countless calls and emails to the company asking that they cut ties with Michael Vick in light of horrific allegations of his involvement with dogfighting rings, Nike has released the following statement:

“Nike has suspended Michael Vick’s contract without pay, and will not sell any more Michael Vick product at Nike-owned retail at this time.”

As a result, we have called off our planned protests outside Nike stores around the country. Thanks to everyone who wrote to the company about this issue or attended the demonstrations, and thanks to Nike for doing the right thing by ending its association with someone accused of torture.

Reebok has also made the decision to stop sales of Michael Vick apparel, stating:

“While we respect the legal process we find the allegations against Mr. Vick too disturbing to ignore, therefore, we have decided to immediately suspend selling Vick NFL product, both at retail and online through the Reebok website.”

This is great news for anyone who is concerned about cruelty to animals, and we hope that it sends a strong message to the NFL that they need to do the same thing and suspend Michael Vick immediately, pending the outcome of this case. To send a message to the NFL asking them to get on with that, please click here.

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  • Nicole Barill says:

    You know what they say the NFL stands for now and days National Felony League! Let him rot in jail! Too many of these football players get off way too easy on their crimes! It makes me sick to sit here and read people pulling out the race card it’s not about race! I seriously hope justice is served and Vick gets all he deserves and more! Keep up the good work you do PETA!

  • sharon says:

    I read today that the Southern Christina Leadership conference is honoring Dr. King Obama and Micheal Vick. What an insult!!!! That should cost Obama a few votes. I have the utmost respect for Dr. King and Obama. How can they be mentioned together with Vick. Do they approve of dogfighting??? What has he done to bring honor to his race. He isn’t even in the ballgame compared to those two. I guess this means that even if he is guilty he will get off just like OJ and not because he is innocent This is sad. Dr. King was such a wonderful man and di so many good things and to honor him and Micheal Vick is sickening!!!!!

  • toopersnickety says:

    Are people really saying “innocent until proven guilty” These dogs were found on his property??? Do you really think someone doesn’t know what is going on with their property? That’s just a cop out and it’s ignorant. Racism has also been going on for years should we “get used to it” and accept that as well? Should we have done that with slavery? It’s our responsibility as human beings to protect those that can’t protect themselves. That goes for children dogs wildlife.

  • Anna says:

    If a person kills another person and goes to prison why doesn’t a person who kills an animal in dogfights go to jail? Who cares if he is “famous”. To tell you the truth i’ve never heard of him and i’m a big NFL fan until now. They are both God’s creatures and deserve to be treated the same. P.S Did you all hear Vick’s speech he made during his trial? He said something like “God will watch over me” or something. I don’t remember what he said exactly Ummm…God doesn’t watch over someone who kills innocent creatures human or animal. Someone needs to tell Vick that.

  • Rachel says:

    SCLC President Charles Steele announced Thursday during a news conference that the group will find a way to honor Vick during its national convention that began Friday. “We will recognize Vick for being an outstanding human being” said Steele. “We will work with anyone who opens their heart and arms to us.” Steele said he did not know if Vick will attend any of the events at the conference. Former President Bill Clinton is a scheduled speaker and will cut the ribbon of the SCLC’s new headquarters. Presidential candidates Sen. Hillary Clinton DN.Y. Sen. Barack Obama DIll. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are also expected to attend.

  • Genna Patterson says:

    Dog fighting is absolutely disgusting and anyone who joins in with this awful act which inflicts such pain on these poor dogs should be prosecuted!! Michael Vick is an absolute scumbag and so is everyone else associated with this act of cruetly. Where on earth is the enjoyment in watching two dogs rip each other apart. It absolutely makes me sick Genna

  • Jake says:

    For the people that think there is some fine distinction between people that are cruel to animals and cruel to people “It’s an unsavory crowd that participates whether as trainer or spectator in the blood sport says ASPCA humanelawenforcement officer George Watford. “The trainers preparing a pit bull for a fight throw a rope over a branch with a bag tied at the end inside the bag will be a live cat” Watford explains. “You’ll see a dog hanging from the bag and it’ll be a cat he’s killing inside it giving the pit bull the taste for blood.” The spectators are just as bad Watford says “When we raid a ring not only will there be shotgunarmed lookouts but we’ll search people and find drugs and weapons and we’ll always find people wanted for rape murder robbery charges.” So enforcing laws against dogfighting and raiding dog fights not only prevents cruelty to animals but removes many vicious human predators from our society as well. Encourage your local authorities to aggressively go after the dogfighting crowd and your neighborhoods will be safer and the world a better place.

  • Jake says:

    For those of you that STILL don’t get what this is all about check out this video. WARNING the first part is pretty gruesome though there are some sweet pictures from the middle to the end. A Pit Bull can be a loyal and lovable family dog but I wouldn’t leave any dog alone with an infant as the video seems to imply is OK. Also I wouldn’t rescue a fighting Pit Bull from the SPCA best to let them be put to sleep. By the time they go into the fighting pit or a street fight. they have been brutalized and trained by killing things like kittens puppies toy poodles and chihuahuas and might think of an infant or small child as just another training toy. Even if you don’t have small children for some reason neighbors tend to get upset and file nasty lawsuits when your dogs chew up their children. When a Pit Bull does bite they tend to hold on though it is a myth that they have extrapowerful bites compared to say a Rottweiler or Mastiff and certainly a myth that they have compound or locking jaws. Pit Bulls are famousinfamous for their “gameness” once they engage they tend not to back off or let go of their bite. For more info not myths about Pit Bulls httpdogs.about.comoddogbreedsapitbullfaq.htm httpwww.realpitbull.commyths.html httpwww.pbrc.netmediacentermediaqa.html Any dog can be trained to be mean and vicious basically the same methods as abusing a child to create a sociopath will work equally well with a dog. Pit Bulls are just the current fad for the sick sadistic types that teach dogs to fight.

  • Elway says:

    The only ones defending Vick and his actions coincidently are BLACK this isn’t racist it’s true. Even ‘hiphop culture’ has sadly influenced dogfighting. For example DMX an admitted dogfighter in his autobiography has an album called ‘Grand Champ’. That isn’t about Champion Pedigree Bloodlines it’s sadly about the undefeated ‘title’ of Grand Champion in Dogfighting. Those of you defending Vick are low… and stupid. Even his agents and other NFL Players know full well he is into dogfighting. Even Nazi Germany had Animal Welfare laws…

  • B-Man says:

    I smile because J.D. Power is going straight to hell! And he can polish Vick’s toes while he’s there too!

  • Hope says:

    I do not know what America you live in but the one I live in does not have due process and all humans are not treated equal. On that notealthough racism does exist today I do not think by any means that this has anything to do with a “black man’s success and Peta wanting to see him fail” as someone put it above. Wake up! Since 911 every brown person with a head scarf beard foreign name etc is treated like a terrorist when going to an airport. Anytime any type of disaster happensexample the tragic bridge collapse in Minneapolis yesterdaymy prayers are with those peopleautomatically “ooohit must be a terrorist!” So to suddenly want to believe that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty is kind of humorous to me especially in this situation. To believe he is and that he truly knew nothing of ityou are an absolutely crazy football fan or complete idiot. However I do agree that some of the steps that this organization takes are drastic and negativity is then associated with it. For example your website is blocked at my company for this reason. I do find the accusations against Michael Vick to be horrendous. I think death is better than torture. Howevernot the death that these specific dogs were subject to. Although all life will eventually come to an endI do not think any of us regardless of our believes would wish to be hung shot drowned or electrocuted. Dont even make comments about slaves being hungbecause I think if anything we should have learned that such actions against any living creature is wrong. This is not a black and white issue. It is not racism as so many people seem to be making out to be. Yesthere is dogfighting out there and there is not anything being done about it. However the light has now been shed on the issue thanks to Vick and hopefully the issue can now be addressed. Any “celebrity” is subject to different treatment and that is just the way it is….the good with the bad. When they follow the rulesthey live the high life. Endorsements 1st class lifestyle VIP etc. So why risk it by doing stupid things like DogfightingVick DUIslist too long to namedrugsagaintoo long of a list murder or murder accusationsOJBlake etc etc etc etc. Hello?!!?! The world will find out! The more you havethe more you have to lose. That is life. Deal with it. I just simply cannot understand why so many people defend this aspect of this topic bc before this happened the same people would be hatin’ on that type of preferential treatment that celebs get. Personallyif I had a $130 million + contract I think I would play by the rules. Now to all you animal haters and only people loversI dont know about everyone else but here is my 2 cents. Peta’s purpose is animalsnot people. So why would they be fighting for the inhumane treatment of people as someone mentioned above? Yesthat occurs today all over this world. However that is not the objective of this organization. If some other organization wants to fight for thatso be it. Yesthere are murders child abuse blah blah blah…but as someone mentioned above animals do not have someone we humans have A VOICE. Just as child abuse or elderly abuse is always a more sensitive topic when it comes to human issues since they have “no voice”…neither do animals. Please notewhen a dog simply BITES a human the dog is often destroyed. Neglect of any kind whether it be food shelter love time beating hanging dog fighting torturing the list can go on and on and on….it is all cruelty. I hate all people who treat animals in such a way whether they are black white green purple christian muslim jewish atheist..they all are in the same category. In realitythe guy did itget over it. He need rot in jail but never will. There is no justice for animal cruelty of any kind. It is a slap on the hand but you can get 10 years for viewing some kiddie porn like the guy on the news I was just watching did. Drug dealers get more and I think they should get less bc people are WILLINGLY buying drugs whereas cruelty to animals is not giving animals any freaking choice. Every Vick and dog fighting supporter on this website is of one race and you are making it a racial issue. It’s always a racial issue. I hate myself for stereotyping bc then I am no better. The world is apparently out to get most of you and most of you lash out at anyone who makes any type of negative comment to someone of your race and take it personally when it is not so the case. Brush that chip of your shoulder and open your eyes. If the world is as hard for you as you are making it out to bethen why would someone as successful as your boy Vick throw it all away. Would you? p.s. Did you guys hear about that woman who left her kids in the car and they died? She put them in trash bags and placed them under her sink like garbage. She is black. I hate her for what she did too. I guess Im a racist…sarcasm please noteim not white or black

  • Brigette says:

    Here it is!!!! Most NFL Stars get away with things that are against the law. So take action now if he is innocent then we are sorry. I am 100 vegan. What happen to that Dog is so sad! NO FootBAll for Vick !!!!!!

  • Loba says:

    To “peta luvs the cock” Ok obviously we have another one of those “little” minds who don’t have a life of their own and are “horny” for Michael Vick and once again the “little” mind here who makes this comment sounds like they have no morals is very unhappy with their life maybe trying to live vicariously through Michael Vick so it doesn’t surprise me that you would make such a foolish comment yes big corporations do listen when the people and investors speak out but who cares if they don’t listen they don’t write the laws as long as the government is listening we are progressing and since you don’t know your history the “people” have spoken on animal rights for over 150 and laws to protect animals have been legislated because of HUMANE GROUPS.

  • Darcy says:

    Carla…no we will not pay his pay but we will help you learn how to spell. But then again it is a sign of ignorance…just like dogfighting is ignorant.

  • Lysa Carter says:

    Personally in addition to Nike pulling supportcontracts like drug dealers his property and personal effects should be sold. Those monies should be distributed to “nokill” shelters in Virginia and Georgia. Falcolns ballgames should be boycotted any product in which he has contracts with should be avoided. Legislation should be changed. and just because “dogfighting” has been around for years doesn’t make it right. Just because it is difficult to find and convict doen’t mean we should stop fighting for the rights of those dogs. send me info on who i need to contact i will be happy to generate petitions write letters and boycott whomever decides to support mr. vick or offer him money to continue his comfortable lifestyle. Lysa

  • lynn says:

    Thanks to Michael Vick people can see that this not a poor mans sport but the act of someone who sacrifices animals for their own statistic pleasures. The NFL has the means to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves don’t allow the message that the Falcons don’t care …The Falcon’s are an icon for our children to look up to and admire please make your voice heard that the NFL will not condone support or alllow such behaviour from anyone……..Sunday afternoon football and Sunday dinners has long been our family day its been such a major part of our family ….I can’t imagine the NFL not supporting our family values or standing up for a person because of his value to your team is money the main issue I would truly hope and pray that you stand for so much more ….Remember the NFL is not only speaking for the animals but our children too……Thanks Lynn

  • GothChick says:

    The NFL should not just suspend his contract but have him thrown in prison for these horriable dog fights. Animals can’t talk like humans can but the look in their eyes will tell a story about how they are treated and how they act around others. Its not the dogs fault how they act ITS THE OWNERS FAULT FOR HOW THEY TREAT THE ANIMALS AND FORSE THEM TO FIGHT. ITs not right. So Vick you don’t deserve to play for the NFL and get paid the money you do. You will understand how cruel you really are someday.

  • RC says:

    innocent until proven guilty? Of course that’s what our country supposedly believes but time and time again judgement has been made on a person before a trial and this is usually because the evidence against the defendant is overwhelming which is the case here. The physical evidence found and the indictment itself is proof enough to me that Vick is completely guilty and it should be proof enough for everyone. I don’t understand Vick supporters. Our country’s judicial system has let murderers go free and sentenced innocent people to life in prison. So I say again innocent until proven guilty?!?! I think not I make my own decisions. I don’t let our twisted court system decide my opinion. I direct this to Vick supporters please explain to me how you think Michael Vick can be innocent based off of the overwhelming evidence against him the numerous people set to testify against him one of his partners pleading guilty and considering his past history of animal abuse explain to me how you think this pathetic psychotic lying excuse of a man could possibly be innocent?? And if you still think he might be innocent then obviously that means that you just don’t care about animal abuse. Yes it’s been going on for a long time in our country and in others but Michael Vick was our countries largest dog fighting business. Peta would make just as big of a deal of it even if he wasn’t a celebrity only you wouldn’t hear it on the news because the media doesn’t usually broadcast what Peta is doing. Dog fighting has always been we can’t stop it we can’t stop smugglers or murderers or other criminals. They will always be there. Whoever said “get used to it” was partially right but also wrong in thinking that we can’t at least TRY to make things better. Nobody ever said convicting Vick would stop dog fighting but at least it saved the dogs he would torture in the future. That to me is worth it. Vick supporters you make me almost as sick as he does.

  • H says:

    Good work PETA.. Dog fighting is cruel.. How would all these idiots that agree with it like to be put in a cage and fight till the end well my guesses is that they wouldn’t like it so why should they subject poor defenceless dogs to do it.. Sorry for the ramble..


    Why post messages from people who have no regard for animals lives??People like this is the reason we have problems now.

  • Luna says:

    The dog is my favorite animal and I hate football sooo I’m happy

  • peta luvs the cock says:

    by the waythe feds can’t do any thingits called freedom of speechu guys r so stupidits not a crime to speak your mind….pit bull fighting forever!

  • PETA sucks the cock says:

    peta sucks the big cocks and should not even call thereselves an organization. vick is the shit and u cock suckers need to quit before u get a bigger cock in your ass. u guys r stupid for going on about the same shit everyday.DO YOU THINK BIG COORPORATIONS LISTEN TO YOUR BULLSHIT. IT MAKES NO SENSE WHY YOU GUYS ARE GIVING EACH OTHER ‘ONLINE HIGH FIVES’. YOU REALLY THINK YOU DID SOMETHING AND THATS THE FUNNY PART!

  • SuzyQ says:

    To All the Michael Vicks and SelfProfessed Dogfighters on this Blog You really don’t have to give your street address just keep on blogging and your IP address can be traced. Soon the Feds will come knocking on your door. I and the dogs will have the last laugh.

  • loba says:

    Josh T…Ditto! Thanks for posting your comment…you didn’t even know Michael Vick but it didn’t matter…and you make a point that it doesn’t matter if he is a celebrity…what matters is the criminal acts…and he will be judged on that! Unfortunately our court system listens to highpriced lawyers who too many times have let criminals go…if we had a criminal justice system similar to some other countries…we wouldn’t be having this discussion…people commit all kinds of horrendous crimes towards children towards teachers towards animals…in our country because they think they can get away with it…the fact that Michael Vick pleaded not guilty is because Michael Vick thinks he can get away with it…also his laywer knows he has a good chance of finding a loophole “playing” the system and getting Michael Vick off. Doesn’t matter Michael Vick has to face God and God said let vengence be mine.

  • loba says:

    DeAnna you really would make anyone embarrased to be called or socalled black. What is black anyway? Evolution is a racist philosophy if you want to talk about racism. The truth is everyone has the same coloring pigment in their skin melan. The Bible says God has made of “one blood” all nations of men. There are different people groups not race groups and scientifically everyone came from the same color… You have been duped by evolution classifying socalled blacks and trying to categorize whites as hillbilly…we will always have racial issues if people dont start talking scientifically and biblically correct! I have a mixed ethnic background and there are no hillbillies in my family. First you misspelled the word. You probably dont even know what is a Hillbilly or did you mean hillbilly with a small h which means unsophisticated person. PETA is a sophisticated organization and have far more class than you are displaying. DeAnna what is the intelligent reason to be hateful towards a HUMANE GROUP? What would be the justification? Hate towards a humane groupa humane organizationhumane peoplehumane supportershumane volunteershumane animals advocatesreceiving hateful commentsWHY? Because we dont want to tolerate inhumane acts? Because we want to educate people how to treat animals humanely? Why are you so angry? Since you know so much DeAnna what has been YOUR not someone else YOUR personal experience with HUMANE GROUPS like PETA? I have worked with local shelters various humane groups PETA supporters of all races and there is no racism. Do you need to ask any BLACK Russell Simmons? I assume you listen to rap music and I would think Russell Simmons would have some credibility. Well he supports PETA. Why dont you tell him PETA is racist. PETA wouldnt be PETA without its supportersit is like churchthe people are the churchthe people are PETAand they are of all races You sound uneducated and someone with mental constipation who has been fed those hateful words because you can’t think for yourself. To be an individual means to be able to think for yourself. I hope one day you can experience what it means to be an individual. PETA does not have to apologize for putting down cats and dogs because of OTHERS irresponsibility. Of course PETA has put down dogs but why wouldn’t your hateful comments be for the IRRESPONSIBLE DOG OWNERS WHO PUT THEIR DOGS IN THAT SITUATION? Why not start a hate campaign for irresponsible dog owners? PETA doesn’t have to take a single dog! But they do. And they take on so much of course they have to humanely put down cats and dogs. That is why other humane groups encourage people to fix their animals. DeAnna you have chosen to play the race card hoping people wont focus on the real issue. The LAW WAS BROKEN or do you care? DOGS were inhumanely killed. Or do you care? It is a shame you have any dogs. It is a real shame. DeAnna your hate should be directed at Michael Vick for living an inhumane lifestyle. You should blame his parents since you are playing the race card let me say BLACK parents for not teaching Vick about humanity. Too bad it is a BLACK issue for you. It is obvious you are doing the BLACK thing and cussin and making ignorant comments about an organization you know NOTHING about. Your hate should go to that BLACK football player Michael Vick. He knows how hard it is for BLACKS in the NFL yes it has been really hard with a $130 million dollar has been really hardonly had $3000 to bet on a dogfight…yes it is a tough lifehe can only afford real diamondshow ridiculous you choose to beyes Vick should have been more careful to be a better representative of the BLACK peopleDeAnnaI am sorry that you are another duped suckered fan. Stop living for Vick and start living for yourselfstart living for a higher purposemay God forgive you for being so hatefulyou really have to hate yourself to hate othersget some help

  • Vicki says:

    I can’t believe some people still actually believe that this is a race issue. I’m sorry but because the people involved in the crime WERE black does not mean we are racist. That’s their problem for getting involved in such a horrible act. What does that have to do with us? If they were white I would still want them in jail and losing their career. A person is a person and if they do something as terrible as this they all deserve to be punished.

  • Sean says:

    Oops i spoke too soon. When i said “i’m not American so therefore haven’t heard of Michael Vick before this”…well millions in my countryAustralia now have as it’s in today’s newspaper. The guy is lucky he is in America because when animal cruelty happens here the criminals need police protection or the media have to pixelise their image because of threats. Even farmers who think “muelsing” is OK to protect sheep are scared to reveal where their farms are publicly. Animalcruelty scum often have to move from where they live just like paedophiles. And the threats aren’t from “animal righst extremists” but regular people. Our version of PETA “Animals Australia”started by an excop and Peter Singer and “NSW Animal Liberation” often have to tell regular people to keep calm and not seek vengeance when it exposes cruelty…in many cases they won’t reveal the location on police advice. But in my opinion someone who engages in animalcruelty has forfeited their human rights and shouldn’t get police protection. And cruelty to dogs an animal that has been bred to be loyal is one of the greatest crimes and treason against nature possible. If you don’t value their lives your life shouldn’t be valued by society.

  • loba says:

    I am embarrassed to be human after reading some of the comments people have made. I am reminded of a favorite quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay “I love humanity but I hate people.” Sometimes the feeling is mutual. If you read some of the foolish ignorant sadistic comments here maybe you would feel the same way. God reminds me to hate the behavior and NOT the person. So I hate Michael Vick’s behavior and I don’t hate Michael Vick. God blessed Michael Vick with talents and he chose to squander them. He chose to abuse his celebrity status and he chose to abuse his power over animals. What a shame. Sure he deserves a chance to change if he has any “human” left in him. Poetic justice would be to use all of his money to help end dogfighting. Please stop it with this “oh he is innocent until proven guilty.” These are the same people who will believe the first rumor in a church or gossip in an office. Then apply your principle to your own life! To those of you who justify Michael Vicks behavior because dogfighting has been around forever. That is your argument? Again I am embarrassed to be human. Ok so has polygamy which is still in this country and a way of life in other countries. Great lets have our men have as many wives as possible right? I meanlike you argueit has been around forever. Does that make it right? Child molestation has been around forever. Racism has been around forever? Does that make it right? Based on your rationale I guess it makes it right! To those who argue there will always be dogfighting well we know it has been around since ancient Rome when people and animals were killed for entertainment and we know it was really ghastly what went on in the Coliseum. Just like it is ghastly what is going on to so many animals today. The same sicko minds in the Coliseum are still around today and have kept dogfighting alive even though it was made illegal in the 1800s and is a felony in most states. Thanks to humane groups I am CONFIDENT we will see an end to dogfighting. Of course we will see a whole lot of felony prosecutions first. And I dont feel sorry for the small population of people who cant get an honest job! We all know the dogfighting money isnt being used to make this world a better place. Even if it was I wouldnt tolerate that sport! I remember another favorite quote by Mahatma Ghandi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treatedI hold that the more helpless a creature the more entitled it is to protection by people from the cruelty of human kind” to those who made foolish comments might not understand what Ghandi was saying and I will not translate for you. Figure it out yourself. Before I conclude I have to say how sorry I am for all Michael Vicks fans who wont be able to see him play for a few gamesit is funny because you Fans are also suckers suckers of the NFL suckers of the game and suckers of Michael Vick. Do you actually think Michael Vick cares about you? You have women and socalled men horny for this guy…this very guy…Michale Vick who could care less about THEM. To Michael Vick I forgive you and may God have mercy on your soul. To all the dogfighters which I know some of them have made comments here because their sadistic nature wreaks a stench may God have mercy on your soul too.

  • Michelle Pierce says:

    I support PETA all the way to the end and if you can’t appricate people who care then don’t waste your time writing how bad they are go support people like Mike who don’t give two shts about you. I truly beleive that for the ones who can’t see nothing wrong with this probably had a family member who had owed slaves. Because if here weren’t people that cared we still would have slaves today. So KEEP that in mind….GOOD work PETA….

  • Sean says:

    I note also that some people here are using the predictable “racism” charge to defend this trash then go on to use racial epithets against white people. This is the typical low IQ logic of proanimal cruelty “people”. Even if it was “racist” which it clearly isn’t “racism” is a lesser evil than the horric torture endured by these dogs. What is “racism” in this context hurt feelings? If I advocated black people fighting to the death for my amusement like these people did to dogs maybe you would have a point. But you don’t. Boohoo for your conveniant defenceforeverything “racism”. I’d rather be an imaginary “racist” than an animal cruelty apologist.

  • Hillary says:

    to those of you who believe dog fighting is a sport and it should be legalised.. just wait. one day a cop is gonna take your dogs that u “are so proud of because u raised them to kill” away. and your going to get so many charges of animal cruilty amongst other charges and you will be in prison for a long long LONG long time. and i hope you’ll remember how great it was on the outside when you have a 500 lb skinhead porking u in the bum. 3 and those who think this is just “racist” because Michael Vick happens to be african american… if he was white. you’d be like “ARREST HIS CRACKER ASS AND FEED HIM TO THE DOGS!!!” the man did something WRONG! and deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. DONT DO THE CRIME IF YOU CANT PAY THE TIME. black white red yellow dosnt matter what color you are. Animal abuse is WRONG! and if u do abuse animals. Your time will come too where u will be judged and punished.

  • Sean says:

    I see some of the comments are all about defending this degenerate Michael Vick. As I’m not an American I’ve never heard of the guy but his disgusting crimes are truly worthy of capital punishment. The attitudes of “why are you worried about animals when Vick’s life is ruined” or “why worry about animals when there’s human suffering” is indicative of the reason why animal cruelty happens. These defeners of the indefensible are on a moral level with supporters or paedophiles. In light of such human degeneracy it really makes me even more determined to work for animal rights. Animals truly have more integrity and worth than humans like this. Animal suffering far outweighs human suffering in this world. And if you people think “PETA is too extreme” for ruining his contract you have no idea what millions of people like me REALLY want to happen to scum like this “Michael Vick” character.

  • Josh T says:

    Cheryl Do you realise how ignorant your post is? Do you even read a post before you reply or do you just spam ignorant sentences with senseless banter and even worse spelling and grammar? As far as what I do I am a volunteer at my local animal shelter and both of the animals that are living in my house have been rescued from abandonment and abuse. When I got my collie the prior owner had broke his back leg and had beat him. It has taken a lot of work to get him to where he trusts humans again. If PETA really wants to get involved in my community and help out at our animal shelter I’ll be glad to get them in contact with the people I work with at the shelter. Lord knows we could use the help. My whole point of my post which somehow you managed to miss after reading your post I can not imagine why.. end sarcasm Someone can do more than hold up signs insulting Nike and Reebok at the Virginia Courthouse where Vick went to his hearing and get involved in their local community. The media is doing a fine enough job of exposing how inhumane and horrible of a crime this is boycotting the Falcons and the NFL when they have already administered punishment to Vick is an act of futility in my opinion. By the way I understand the word “awareness”… but my question to you is… do you understand the word “activist”? Maybe instead of insulting people on a blog you should go down to your local shelter and attempt to help out for a change?

  • Sharon says:

    I hope Michael Vick and anyone else that thinks this act is right rots in hell. It’s disgusting. I have a pitbull mix that I adopted and she is the best thing to come into my life in the longest time. I have a great idea let’s put Vick in the ring with the pitbulls he’s been putting in there and see what happens to the precious NFL piece of sh!t!!

  • Sondra says:

    What is wrong with these people talking about due process? There were abused and dead dogs found on his property HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE DO YOU NEED? THANK YOU PETA NIKE AND REEBOK! You are all doing a great thing and I support you all the way!

  • Michele says:

    I have a comment for all of you “why is PETA not doing anything for the war abused children world hunger etc” kind of people. Although PETA’s primary reason for trying to get people to go vegetarian is to save animals they also have many large sections on their site devoted to human health issues as they relate to diet. So by promoting a vegetarian diet for health reasons IS going to help prevent HUMANS from getting horrible diseases like diabetes cancer and heart disease. Also PETA has many sections devoted to the environmental issues related to eating meat. If any of you antiPETA people took the time to read through it you would realize that if everyone was vegetarian there would be almost NO world hunger hmmm that’s a pretty serious global issue isn’t it? and global warming would slow down significantly the methane gases and pollution from factory farming are actually more harmful than emissions from SUVs and other vehicles and therefore HUMANS would benefit. And to all of you claiming that PETA is “making money” off of the antiVick merchandise you may want to know that PETA is NONPROFIT that means that they DO NOT “make money” at all. Any revenue whether from donations or from selling animal rights merchandise goes almost directly toward helping animals. PETA has a financial statement on their website so take the time to look at it before shooting off your mouths.

  • patti says:

    It is true Michael Vick is innocent until proven guilty..but only in a court of law…this rule doesn’t apply when it comes to his job or his business ventures….sponsors are dropping him because his image has been tarnished… one but Michael Vick is to blame for that..If he wants a job he can try applying to McDonalds….all he had to do was keep his nose clean and sit back and collect the millions from his football and endorsement contracts…but he could not do that either by choice or by ignorance….even if he goes to jail he will still be alive still be famous look at OJ Simpson and still can live a productive life…his dogs are not so lucky…I applaud PETA in its efforts to boycot VIck sponsors…I just hope I dont have to spend the next few months listening to Rev. Sharpton blaming the public outcry on a race thing!

  • Michele says:

    To the “You Know Who It Is” who keeps saying that PETA is deliberately posting different things under his or her name did you not realize that anyone can put whatever “name” they want in the “name” section so someone else is probably using the same “name” as you. PETA is not out to get you…

  • ann says:

    Human Socity for SeattleKing county offer a $5000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone organizes dog fights participates in dog fightspromote dog fightting or officiates at dog fights. go to http://www.seattlehumane.orgpr0772007michaelvick.shtml to read or donate. if this link doesn’t work just go to thank u. p.s. i hope all the humane societypeta has a cash reward program and a hotline nationwide.

  • ann says:

    Josh T Do u know what does ” awareness” mean? If u don’t want to join up then u better shut up. PETA is doing everything they can to help the helplessvoiceless animals avoid this kind of crime ever happen again in our country what hv u done for those dogs may i ask? GOD can not be with everyone on earth so he created DOG to loveto guardto adimre their keepersbut look at what their keepers do to them?! Our federal agency is not going to put a 18 pages indictment to charge michael vick unless they have solid eveidenceif u bother to spen sometime to read it. and for those claim this is a RACE issue u are just cry babies always someone else’s fauts right? Shame on those monster i’d like to see the FED bulldoze his house. Burn in hell michael vick!!!!!!!!!

  • cheryl says:

    Vick is going down in a ball of his own flames!!! he has done and had done awful things to dogs and god only know what other animals for his own satisfaction. He’ll get his in the end!! Yahoo………….

  • Alex E. says:

    Thank you Peta and Nike for taking care of this awful crime michael Vick has commited he’s guilty and everyone should understand that justice has been served!

  • Debra says:

    Thank you PETA for all the hard work and dedication for helping those poor animals. This country must set an example of what happens when animals are abused. What is happening is downright cruel and satanic. I only pray that this is the beginning of the end of this horrific torture.

  • Josh T says:

    Its people like Danielle and Wendy that make me sick when I visit sites like this. A site dedicated to the protection of animals but could care less about the humans they trample in the process. Michael Vick has a lot of evidence against him and if he is found guilty he deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. Dog Fighting is inhumane and I think if people do participate in this and are convicted by our justice system they should truely be punished to the full extent of the law. The thing is he hasn’t been found guilty of these charges. The trial hasn’t even gone full circle. Yet it blows my mind that you people have so much time on your hand that instead of helping your local community to make it a better place for humanityor animals to live in you go down to a courthouse or a practice field and hold up signs and protest someone who is already going to be judged by our justice system. How does protesting Michael Vick help peopleor animals in any sense of the word. Michael Vick is already scheduled a court hearing and is possibly going to be facing heavy fines and jail time for his involvement in the dog fighting. I don’t think that PETA is truly out for the well being of animals. Instead of Educating and trying to change the way animals are treated you go down to a courthouse and show up for free media coverage and a way to toot your own home. I never see PETA active at the animal shelters near me. I can understand saving animals and treating them fair. I have two animals at my home and both are like my children and are a very important part of my life but fighting to protect animals and protesting a guy who is already going to trial for these charges as well as being barred from training camp and the NFL season is a bit extreme. I honestly could think of better things PETA could do with their time than stand outside training camp or a court house holding up signs protesting Nike Reebok Rawlings etc.. Such as going down and helping at your local animal shelter. Trying to familiarize people with their local kennels and how they can save an animals life by adopting a pet as opposed to letting them be youthanized due to the ever growing pet populations and overflowing animal shelters. PETA needs to worry less about making money off the fame of a celebrity’s dog fighting case and worry more about doing things in their local community and being active in things beyond holding up protesting signs for the TV cameras.

  • Geoff says:

    “PETA Please pull all “Vick” related merchandise from your web site including “Dogfighters are Cowardly Scum” products.” Nice one KD you fucking idiot. Go back to your afterschool debate club and try again. There’s a difference between making millions of dollars from proVick gear when the guy is accused of outrageous cruelty and selling antiVick gear to raise awareness about the issue and drum up support for a campaign. Do you honestly think PETA is making bank out of these Tshirts? And even if they were do you think the money would be going anywhere other than to programs that combat dogfighting? Moron.

  • Anne says:

    We have won the battle but not the war. Vicks belongs in jail let us all hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!

  • I B Dumber says:

    You guys at PETA should really look at what you’re doing. You guys have done the right thing in your protest. Dogfighting is something that has been America for years and is on its way out. In other words KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MICHAEL VICK WILL BURN BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You Know Who It Is says:

    Why must you continue to post others comment under my handle. I support Vick and those antivick comments under my handle is soooooo wrong but you call Vick a criminal. I know you are going to do it again as you want to show the vast majority of people on this site support your efforts.

  • Shalona says:

    NEWS FLASH White man leads police on high speed chase killing 4 PEOPLE in helicopter crash all while trying to save his DEAD cat.Later his home was searched only to find 11 dogs and over 43 cats living in poor conditions and lets not forget about the DEAD CATS they found in the refridgerator. WILL YOU PETA PEOPLE BE THERE TO PROTEST AT HIS TRIAL AND RUIN HIS LIFE? I doubt it…You all only go after celebrities so that you can get media attention…YOU ALL ARE SO FAKE!!! It’s all about the media with you all.